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To Faithful Men Who Chose Monogamy, But Not Celibacy

She's the love of your life. She's beautiful, and you always want her. But, lately, ...
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Let’s Fall for Each Other this Autumn

Autumn is my favorite time of the year! The air is crisp and the trees ...
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Couples — Let Me Be Your Sex Teacher!

There are many kinds of therapists. Some provide emotional support, some physical therapy, some instruct ...
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The Pleasure of Pegging

Pegging! Do you know what it means?! If you do -- yay! if not, no ...
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I’m a Fitness and Fornication Fanatic

I love inspiring people and making them feel great. You might call me a sexual ...
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Most Common Sex Worker Stereotypes

In mid-August I was randomly checking my Twitter feed and I noticed a significant amount ...
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 The Risky Business of Sugar Dating Websites

I was fairly new to the sex industry when I started at the Bunny Ranch ...
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The Sexiest Secretary You’ll Ever Meet!

I really love men and women who work in executive positions. They’re ambitious, dynamic people, ...
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The Cure for Curry Fever

Sex is one of the most enjoyable experiences we could engage in with one another ...
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