Size Matters – Less is More!

I have always secretly preferred small penises because they look cute, they’re easier to play with and they are a better fit for my petite body.  Now my secret is out.

I count myself as a pretty lucky girl because an average penis is just over 5 inches when hard. This means a 5 incher is the most “normal” type of penis to have.  In fact, there is no biological advantage for penises to be bigger. When it comes to function, smaller is better.  So here are some of my reasons for believing less is more when it comes to penis size.

The orgasm-inducing part of my vagina is the first 2-3 inches into it.  My clit and the soft, warm tissue leading to and just inside my opening have the highest number of pleasure-receptors.   That’s why typically mouth, tongue, & fingers can make a woman cum more easily than a penis can.  But with your fun-sized penis, you don’t need to penetrate deeper to give me orgasms if you know how to use your little guy.  The same principle applies to anal sex. Smaller simply fits better and is less likely to create pain during penetration.  The sexiest thing of all to me is cumming with your penis inside me which is more possible because you are built for me.

Call me selfish, but I know you are more likely to go out of your way to please me in bed.  You probably worried a lot that your penis couldn’t satisfy a woman so you compensated by developing other talents in the bedroom to distract from what you thought was a weakness. I have news for you.  About 75% of women cannot climax by penile penetration alone.  And that’s a big reason you are ahead of the game when it cums to pleasing me in bed.  Unlike the well-endowed guys who assumed they were pleasing the girl, you actually worked at it and cultivated skills.

And don’t even get me started on blowjobs!  On second thought, please do.  I’m just going to call it like it is.  A smaller penis equals better blowjobs.  If you go by most of the porn films out there, it’s fair to say most people think it looks sexy to see a small woman nibble on big hulking cocks.  How do you think it feels to the nibbled on, though? No matter how good any girl is at giving a blow-job, a guy with a giant schlong will never get to see her best work. Even if she has the talents of a sword swallower, her teeth will likely scrape the shaft. I’ve actually met “well-hung” men who felt frustrated and deprived of ever getting a satisfying blowjob because their partners couldn’t go down far enough before gagging or couldn’t sustain long enough without getting TMJ.  Forget about being able find out how it feels to get your whole package gobbled up.

There are other downsides for men who have plus-sized organs.  It’s not as easy to get a condom that fits, they have to have specially tailored pants, and their penis hits the water when they sit on the toilet.  But, I have good news for you if you are one of the unfortunate over-endowed. As you get older, it’s normal for your penis size to decrease. By the time you’re in your 60s to 70s you will likely lose over a half an inch in penis size.  And that is a good thing.

And it’s not just with me that you smaller guys have an advantage.  Men with 5 inches or less can literally copulate with anyone for successful penetrating sex.  Your penis was designed to easily insert into the greatest number of women.  Yours fits comfortably into a woman’s vagina not to mention her anus.  Best of all, because it’s smaller, you can maneuver it better and deliver the stimulation right where your partner needs it.  This means you have a much broader range of women you can have sex with. And, lots of women prefer smaller penises. You read that right. There’s lots to love about a guy with an average or below average sized penis.  This is probably the exact opposite of what you grew up believing and your first response might be to assume I’m making this up. But ponder this: some men love women with big asses, some men love women with small titties, some men love skinny, or curvy, or small, or tall, or dark, or fair women. Your preferences for physical traits in the opposite sex can vary wildly.  Why should women be any different? Just as you do, I like what I like.  And, if you have a fun-sized mini-schlong – I like what you’ve got.

As a matter of fact, I like it so much I am offering a “Less Means More Special”.  Mention this blog when you come to see me and if you measure 5” or less & will give you extra time with me at no extra charge.

Jade Monroe

Jade Monroe

I have a broad base of interests and enjoy the fine art of verbal intercourse. I am drawn to the Geisha model of providing whole quality encounters rather than slutting my stuff. I am told that I provide a calming influence and I’ve been described as smooth and soothing. This may be true but my chill exterior is the tip of the iceberg. Explore below my surface and you will discover a profound sexuality that will make your imagination feel small.

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Sex Work for Health and Wellness

Seeing a sex worker is a personal choice- one that someone could make based off a variety of factors. Perhaps they’ve never had sex, and are seeking to lose their virginity. Maybe they’ve recently experienced the loss of a partner through death or divorce, or instead they simply want to increase their confidence in the bedroom. Would you believe that all of those people are seeing a sex worker for the same overarching reason? The medical benefits of sex work aren’t often discussed openly, yet they’re happening every day here at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. As we are a licensed, legal, and regulated business- there is no place on earth better equipped to provide sex for therapeutic benefit. Curious about how your next orgasm at the bunny ranch could improve your mental, physical, and emotional health?

Decreased Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Anxiety Disorders are the most prevalent mental health condition in America, affecting 18% of the population! That equals 40 million adults, an alarmingly high number if you ask me! It’s well documented that having anxiety can affect your sexual performance, but less discussed is how beneficial sex can be for treating anxiety! Give those worried thoughts a breather through a healthy dose of natural oxytocin, which is released throughout intercourse. Sex naturally reduces the body’s stress load. Anxiety often is the number one contributor to stress for those with anxiety conditions, so getting those brain chemicals under control with some feel-good hormones is massively beneficial.


Sex literally makes your brain grow.

Seriously! One study found that sexual experiences daily over a two week period stimulated cell production in the hippocampus region on the brain. Remember the earlier point about anxiety? This is the section of your brain that keeps stress under control and it also deals with memory! Have an incredible orgasm, increase brain productivity, and decrease overall stress- sounds like a win-win to me! 😉


Regular cardio is a part of a healthy lifestyle; why not make exercise into sexercise? It sure beats going to the gym, and you get intimately familiar with your fitness partner! When measured as part of an extensive study, researchers found the average healthy individual burns between 3-4 calories per minute during sexual activities. That sure beats the pants off of 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill if you ask me!

 Improved Immunity

Not only are you going to build a healthier body from the cardio benefits of sex, you’re also going to be healthier overall too! That’s right- sex improves your immunity! Immunoglobulin A (IgA) is found in significantly higher quantities in the saliva of those who have sex 2-3+ times per week. This means that sex is pretty much the wellspring of eternal life! Okay, not really- but you get my point. Sex causes incredible biochemical change in our bodies that simply can’t be denied.

Sex pretty much should be your cure-all go to, even before you reach for a painkiller (sex also can help headaches)! Having sex regularly is clearly beneficial, and might be my favorite form of health care! Having been an EMT, a massage therapist, and now a legal sex worker- I can say that all three of my favorite careers have been in the medical field! Helping people improve their health and happiness has always been my primary motivation, and sex work is the most incredible way that I can give back to others. Seeking some Sexual Healing? Perhaps I could be of some assistance!


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Alice Little

Alice Little

Alice Little is a 4’8” red-headed cutie with a super-fit, all-natural body -- but don’t let her small stature deceive you. This friendly firebox is a pocket-sized sexual powerhouse with unparalleled lovemaking skills. A part-time girlfriend coveted by both men and women, Alice will make you feel right at home at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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PIED: Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

What is PIED? 

PIED stands for “Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction,” a condition that is only now being understood. For years, sex workers have noticed an ever-increasing trend in sexual dysfunction in younger men, who were otherwise perfectly healthy and lacked a cause for their ED. These men shared similar stories- a lack of interest in their real life encounters, their bodies not responding normally to stimuli, and disappointing orgasms. In addition to those tales, the men all shared something else in common, a mutual interest in online pornography. Through a combination of physical and mental overstimulation they accidentally had trained their bodies to stop responding to genuine, physical encounters- thus resulting in the inability to achieve an erection with a partner.

Alice Little is a sex coach and licensed courtesan at Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Reno, Nevada

How Does Porn Cause PIED?

Porn in of itself doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction- it’s how we use porn that causes the problem. Unfortunately in our society, we suffer from a gross lack of sexual education in school. Young boys aren’t taught how to masturbate, and have to learn as they go. So what do you do? You try something… and it feels good. So you do it again, and it feels almost as good as the first time. Then you increase the stimulation until it feels just as good as that first time. At a certain point in their teenage years, many men begin to include pornography in their masturbation routines. Much like how when they were just learning how to masturbate and it didn’t take much stimuli to orgasm, it initially won’t take much in the way of hard-core porn to achieve an orgasm. As time goes on, the dial on the intensity goes up. It requires more porn, more hardcore actions, etc. This leads to a dangerously unhealthy cycle of marathon masturbation sessions that leave one feeling sexually frustrated and disappointed.

PIED is a physiological rather than psychological condition. By this, I mean that there isn’t a mental condition that is causing the problem. On a scientific level, when you masturbate and orgasm your body produces a chemical called Dopamine. Dopamine is the feel-good drug that our brain rewards us when it’s positively stimulated. Remember that saying that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing? That is what happens when you overindulge in porn-fueled masturbation. Your body requires more and more physical stimuli before it produces dopamine. This problem is further perpetuated a Dopamine is involved in the processes that create an erection. No dopamine, no erection.

Alice demonstrates how to spice things up in the bedroom.

So How Do We Cure PIED?

Much in the same way that one trains their body into PIED, you also have to train yourself out of it. Of course, going ‘cold turkey’ is an option- but who really wants to go completely sexless for months on end? Instead, I’ve put together a specific routine that men can follow to put themselves back on track. There isn’t a quick fix, and each body will respond different to the recovery process. It’s important that you remain patient with yourself, because the results aren’t instantaneous. It’s important to be emotionally invested in the process, as that will keep you motivated throughout your recovery. PIED is reversible, but isn’t fixed overnight,

First, you have to retrain your body to become aroused by healthy stimuli. A frequent problem with masturbation is that men tend to grip themselves too tightly, and manipulate their bodies aggressively. This leads to a physical sensation problem, where less extreme sensations no longer feel pleasurable. To combat this, I often will blindfold my partners suffering from PIED so they stop looking for the visual stimuli like porn, and instead focus on the sensations I’m creating with my hands. I’ll often use different sensory experiences such as cold ice cubes, soft rabbit fur, etc. The unexpected sensations will be new and exciting, triggering your body to produce Dopamine in response.

The second step towards recovery is to get your body engaged in real-life sex encounters. One of the problems frequently reported by men with PIED is that sex no longer feels fulfilling when compared to porn. It can be incredibly difficult to cease watching porn all together, so instead I advocate for the healthy inclusion of porn in the bedroom. This looks like having the movie on in the background as a secondary stimuli that enhances the experience, rather than being the entire experience. Watching porn with your partner encourages spontaneous, healthy sex encounters!

The third and final step to reversing the condition is to develop and establish appropriate porn watching behaviors. If you’ve already been through a bout with PIED, it is twice as likely to happen again. We are creatures of habit, and so it becomes very important to consciously alter our behavioral patterns. Using a Fleshlight while watching porn once a week is a healthy way to enjoy porn without overindulging. Choosing to only enjoy porn with a partner and using mental-imagery only during masturbation is another healthy alternative.

As a sex worker, many men recovering from PIED seek out my services as part of their recovery process. Having an erectile dysfunction condition can be embarrassing, and cause someone to be self conscious. As a professional there is never any judgment about your situation, only a willingness and desire to help. I have over two years of experience helping men overcome PIED, and other E.D. related conditions. My experiences have given me great insight as to how addictive porn can be, and how difficult it can be to avoid. However I’m glad to report that most men are able to overcome their PIED through hard work, effort, and my services.

Alice Little

Alice Little

Alice Little is a 4’8” red-headed cutie with a super-fit, all-natural body -- but don’t let her small stature deceive you. This friendly firebox is a pocket-sized sexual powerhouse with unparalleled lovemaking skills. A part-time girlfriend coveted by both men and women, Alice will make you feel right at home at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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To Love Well, You Have To Lube Well

People commonly believe that only middle-aged, postmenopausal women need to use lubricants for sex. Well, just as that belief is not always true—older women can do female ejaculation, for instance, which makes them as thoroughly wet and ready to be fucked as anyone could desire—I strongly believe that the liberal and creative use of sexual lubricants will improve the sex life of lovers of any age. It certainly has mine—and the lives of the sexy people that use my services as a courtesan.

Before I get to the several ways you and I can erotically enhance your sexual enjoyment with the slippery stuff, I should say that it’s important to select a lubricant that contains aloe vera and vitamin E, which are soothing no matter where they’re used, whether it’s with two slickened fingers—traditionally, the middle and ring fingers—plunging deeply into a wide-open pussy or up a sweet lady’s bum—like mine, which is big, soft, and bootilicious. It’s what men and women who savor well-formed fannies call a real tushy. It’s supplemented by a pair of lush and sensuous thighs that teasingly conceal a deep, cherry-red pussy that aches to be penetrated by the slickened fingers of a man or woman, a hard cock, a woman’s tongue, even a strap-on dildo wielded by a woman who has dreamed of riding another lady’s vagina. (You need a handful of lube for a dildo, because if she’s being fucked right, a horny woman’s cunt will milk all the lube off, so you’ll need to relubricate periodically. Bonus thrill for her gasp of pleasure as the dildo pops out of her [or me].)

Veronica Lovewell from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Aloe vera is also recommended not only because it’s soothing to some of the body’s most sensitive tissues, but because it doesn’t contain oil, making it compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms (it won’t cause them to break down the way oils do).

Now I’m going to demonstrate the several ways that incorporating lube into your sex play can make your day a whole lot better. Imagine you’ve come to the Bunny Ranch to cum with me, and we’re sitting together on the bed in my room. We’ve stripped down to mutual nakedness, and we’re getting acquainted.

So, what’s the best way to slide into a new relationship with a woman like me? Letting your moistened fingers do some eager exploring of my body. I’ve turned to face you, my legs parted, my breasts presented, ready for your touch. Where on me would you like to start? Take some lube, spread it over your fingers, and maybe begin by rolling my nipples into erect points. The lube will give you a fluidity of motion that enables you to sculpt my nips without concern that you’re being too rough. If you gently massage both nipples with both hands, you’ll feel me getting tuned up sexually as my eyes mist over with pleasure and my titties rise and fall as my breathing quickens. Let me lean over to give you a grateful kiss, baby.

That tasted nice. Hey, Mr. Slickfingers, I feel you drawing circles and tracing the shapes of my boobs… And now your fingers are tracing freestyle snail-trails down my sides and over my belly button. I like the way you’re keeping eye contact with me while your mischievous digits are traveling ever southward. Let me get you some fresh lubrication.

Now I feel you caressing my inner thighs. Let those fingers swim back and forth, honey. Stroke my pubic hair with your wet fingers before you go for the vaginal goldmine. OH! You rascal! One of your wandering explorers is tracing the shape of my pussy lips, and teasing my clit. Every time your fingertip passes over my clit, I feel a delicious electric tickle. I’m opening myself to you.

Yeah! The lube allowed you to sneak a finger into my pussy. Can you feel how my natural wetness combines with the lubricant to create that unique warm flow that means this courtesan is ready to be fucked? But first, baby, slip two fingers into me and give me a little finger-bang, please? It feels so good. Push those fingers all the way in. Feel how my vaginal canal has lengthened to accept your fingers now, and your cock later? Your hardfella tells me how you feel. Let me get up and put my hands on the bed so you can finger-fuck me doggie style. Hear those wet, popping, kissy noises as you work those fingers deep in me? Those are the sounds of a happy pussy!

Veronica Lovewell

Lay back on the bed. It’s your turn now to learn the joys of getting lubed up. (And I’ve got a special surprise, too.) There’s a stiff rod sticking up from your crotch. Let me get some lube in my palms and rub them together. I’m going to stroke your shaft the two-handed way: one after the other, first really slow, my hands gripping your cock lightly, skimming over the tight, smooth penis skin, from the head to the balls. The lube feels really creamy and ticklish, right? Maybe I’ll increase the speed a little. (Some guys can’t stand the extreme pleasure and they suddenly spurt, but that’s OK. A little rest and a little more lube is all it takes to coax a new hard-on to stand up and take a bow.)

And now for the surprise. I take a towel and carefully wipe off the lube. Why? Because I’m going to replace it with a condom covered with edible flavored lubricant so I can suck that pretty dick. Let me just roll on the love-glove… Gosh, you’re hard. Didn’t know that flavored lube exists, did you? Surprise! And there are so many flavors available. Here’s a sampling: Aqua Mocha Java (Wicked); mint, grape, and strawberry (Liquid Sex); raspberry, pomegranate, and kiwi strawberry (Wet); pina colada (Aloe Cadabra); watermelon (Passing Licks); and cherry vanilla (Sliquid).

I like to distribute soft kisses all over that sleeved cockshaft, then lick and suck that sweet candy-flavored lube off. I get to the sucking part pretty quickly, because I love controlling a man’s pleasure with my mouth. Maybe it’s the sugar kick from the sweet, edible lube coating the condom, but I get so turned on I’m liable to grasp your dick and suck all the lube off the rubber. This may happen several times while I’m blowing you, meaning I have to replace the lube each time. It’s fun for me and I’m sure you won’t mind an extended BJ session.

After I’ve completed my cock-tasting, I apply a fresh coating of lube over and inside my cunt, smear that condom on your cock with mucho lube, and it’s time to fuck, and fuck hard, honey. Using lube transforms the experience of sex: It enables you slip inside me effortlessly and swiftly—all the way, balls-deep. The lube makes our genitalia more sensitive to touch. And you gain maneuverability for your cock: You can fuck me with several pile driving thrusts, or pull back so that just the tip of your cock is inside, and then slide the rest of that big snake in s-l-o-w-l-y, inch by delicious inch, or push in way deep and wriggle that Johnson around until you’re ready to cum (me too!).

And, if anal sex is your preference, a gob of lube will grease my back entrance, enabling you to slip your dick into my tight asshole and pump away until you’re ready to fill up that condom.

That satisfied smile on your face shows me that you’re the latest convert to my testament on the ability of lubricants to ensure the happy ending to any sex act, from a creative handjob to a sloppy, sexy BJ, and to the smoothest of pussy rides or ass plunges.

I’m Veronica Lovewell, your lubricious, delicious mistress of liquidity. Looking forward to seeing you at the Bunny Ranch!

Veronica Lovewell

Veronica Lovewell

With a genuine desire to please and be pleased, Veronica Lovewell is the perfect companion to enhance your love life. A fun, honest, and sincere woman with a diverse sexual skill set, Veronica is a courtesan of choice at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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Why I Love to Cater to the Introverted and Antisocial 

Do you find social groups to be emotionally draining? Do you feel like you require extended time by yourself to feel recharged and refreshed? Well, you’re not alone—one third of our population feels exactly the same way. Would your electricity being cut off end your sex life? Let me plug you in, and we’ll make our own sparks, alone together, in comfortable privacy. Allow me to be your keyboard—stroke me till you find the answer to your desires. I guarantee the answers to your emotional and erotic needs can be found in my hands holding yours, my arms hugging you, my thighs welcoming you. I will never make you feel embarrassed, but will thrill you beyond anything you have ever imagined. 

As an introvert myself, it has always been a struggle to socialize and open myself to others, but my lifestyle and career as a legal sex worker has brought me in touch with other anxious and shy people who have taught me how to be more open, and how to reveal the hidden sexual talents we all possess. All it takes is a kind, patient, and understanding person to bring a new lover out of his or her reticent state. I have taught myself to be that person. I want to show you the path to a thriving and stimulated social and sexual life.

Caressa Kisses from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

I flourish on growing with you and helping you dive into your passion. I find the balance of privacy and participation to be alluring. I start by taking you from masturbation to stimulation and slowly but firmly sliding you out of your shell. Let my soft sensual approach disarm you and be your guide. I take great pleasure in helping you explore the possibilities of sensual touch. As an introvert, your thoughts are always racing away and trying to analyze and improve your environment; knowing that, I can lay you in the lap of relaxation and tailor-fit your psychic settings to whatever your needs and desires may be.

I’ve made it my personal mission to give my fellow introverts, who are highly intelligent and emotionally advanced individuals, the opportunity to live beyond your screens and keys. To use me as your personal muse to create the intimate experience of a lifetime. 

We are not limited to just the confides of my bedroom. We can engage in a romantic dinner and dancing, take in a movie, go bowling, or enjoy a picnic in the Sierra Nevada Mountains — Taking our time to become thoroughly comfortable with one another before walking  you back to my room, hand-in-hand, to establish the beginning of our bond. After we get to my private suite at the Bunny Ranch, I will gently undress you, then ask you to undress me. That gets us used to each other’s touch, physical presence, body scents—anything that creates that sweet sense of trusting intimacy. We won’t hurry; I want to savor the sight of your nakedness being revealed, and I’m sure you’ll want to see my bare, beautiful body emerging before your eyes. You needn’t worry if you feel butterflies in your stomach—yes, you’re feeling nervous, but it’s the glow before the lovemaking. 

After we’re both completely naked, we’ll sit and chat casually. Perhaps I’ll take your hand and place it on one of my breasts, and show you how to stroke it to make the nipple erect (and start turning me on, and you too). Being shy, you may feel weird about asking “permission” to touch my body, and my gentle action will make no permission necessary.

But, wait. We introverts fancy anticipation—that period of building up, feeling your breathing quicken and your imagination dance, knowing that you are indeed going to unite sexually with another person. For shy people who can struggle just working up the courage to ask someone on a date, the situation we’re in now will be a dream coming true. That electric thrill running up your spine is from my hand stroking you for the first time. All this anticipation will go on as long as we want it to. No hurry, no rush.

The feeling of freeing a man of their insecurity about sex is so wonderful. If the person is shy and particularly sweet, I may find myself later on laying in bed and touching myself to the memory of the encounter. 

So, if you’re a shy violet like me, contact me so we can help each other sweep away all doubt about the wonders of sex. Allow yourself to be pleased and to please another. You deserve it! 

Caressa Kisses

Caressa Kisses

Legendary courtesan Caressa Kisses is a perfectionist in everything she does, and that includes all things sensual. Internationally renowned for her sexual prowess and flawless body, an encounter with Caressa Kisses is sure to be the apex of your sex life.

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I’m the Hottest Sex Teacher You Will Ever Meet!

When I applied for a job at the Sagebrush Ranch, I asked, “Does age matter, because I’m not 20 years old anymore.” I just turned 44, and it’s been the best job I could ever imagine, and I’ve done things I never could imagine, outdates and overnights. I could be working on site for awhile, and then I get an email to go to Vegas, and off I go. I don’t know from day to day what I’m doing. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve been asked out for overnights and outdates because of my age. If you want to sit down and have dinner with a woman, well, what are you gonna talk about with an 18-year-old? I’ve had girls who have been here 10 years, and they ask me, “Why haven’t I gotten an outdate?” Well, you are the image that you project.

When the driver picked me up at the airport, I told myself, This is crazy, what am I doing? And I thought, this is going to be the best or the worst thing I’ve done, but my first two weeks, I did five figures’ worth of business! The first 4 years that I was here, I worked on my computer for 8 hours straight every day to build the name that I have.

Shelby Star from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada,.

I do like my parties because they’re different. I tell the guys what I want; I mean, I ask them what they want, but I tell them what I like to do. I get a lot of mature, sexually experienced men, and they want to please me. I feel you always have to find a connection with a client. My mom was a teacher when I grew up, and we visited every single state in the United States. That really helps me in relating to a client because, if they bring up a state or a town, most likely I’ve been there.

I’m a very sexual person, but I’m relaxed, I like to crack jokes. I’m on a mission to make clients feel confident to be sexual. Maybe they’ve had a partner in the past who sucked in bed. It’s about a healing process. Every client that comes in here has a want or a need. There’s a reason why they’re here. Like, married men, their wives won’t get on top anymore, won’t give them a blow job anymore. They’re here to fulfill the things the wife won’t do.

One of my clients is from Asia. He didn’t like to make eye contact with a woman because the women in his country shamed him. He would lose his erection. So I tried something different: I blindfolded him. And I was able to give him a blowjob and have sex with him successfully. I’ve been seeing him about two years now, and he’s become very self-confident sexually. He even learned to do cunnilingus. I sent him DVDs on how to do it. And I told him to study them, and that the next time I saw him, we’d try it.

I think that conversation is No. 1 before anything else. I ask questions of a guy, like, What are your hobbies, where are you from, what do you like to do? It builds a relationship with this person to be a regular and come back and see me. I keep a book. When a customer is a first-time client, I write down his name, and something about him, like, does he like country-western music? So the next time he visits, I have country-western music playing in my room. They remember and appreciate stuff like that.

Sometimes I think I have more fun than my clients! They tell me that they can see that I love what I do. I love sex. You think that all these women come into this profession, that they know all these different sexual positions? I learned so much from my clients. They’ll come up with some off-the-wall position that’s really good! It works both ways: They learn something from us, and we learn something from them.

I think the best thing about coming here is you’re going to unleash your inhibitions the first time. I have clients who are transvestites, and they want me to make them up as women. They know that I’m older, and what they say is not going to shock me. I don’t think they’re weirdos. A married guy will say to me, how did my sex life go so wrong?” It’s because you haven’t explained what you want to your wife. If you come to me, and I suck your cock in a way that you don’t like, you’re gonna tell me want you want. I think when a man comes here, he can communicate because I’m a professional, and I’ve done everything. If you walk out of here unsatisfied, it’s because you didn’t communicate with me. Because I’m pretty much open to whatever you want to do. You want to role-play? I do role-play parts all the time. Like, you’re the “boss,” and I need a job really bad, and I fuck you to get it. It excites me to role-play; it’s fun. Playing a teacher is a favorite: you’re the teacher or I’m the teacher, and they’re a student hitting on a hot teacher. Or a cheerleader with football players. I even had one client that wanted me to be a slave on a pirate ship! Sometimes people want me to be a submissive or dominatrix.

I do a lot of couples. I’m into women too sexually, and when a couple comes in, I always negotiate what we’re gonna do with the female. I don’t want to do anything that the woman doesn’t want to do. We need to talk about what the boundaries are. I don’t want the couple fighting over whether he’s going to fuck me or not. I’ve learned to get her permission, her agreement about what kind of sex will happen. And some of the wives have watched me fuck their husbands and have learned something new that they want to try later at home. I have one guy whose wife has cancer and can’t have sex anymore, and she wanted him to be safe and be happy. He’s been seeing me for five years. Her only condition was that she wanted him to pick one girl and stay with her. That made it okay.

I get a lot of virgins, and virgins are fun because they don’t really know what they’re doing, and I get to show them what to do for the first time. I not only have sex with them, but after I’m done having sex, I say to them, “I’m going to show you exactly what a woman does when she’s building up to orgasm.” For men, the best part of the whole party is to watch me orgasm, because I’ll tell them, “Watch my breathing.” My breathing is going to go a little different, I’ll start moving my pelvis up, and when I get close to cumming, my body is gonna start to spasm, and I cannot control it—it’s going to do what it wants to do. They love it, and they walk out like they’re on Cloud Nine. Now they know if a woman is faking it or not. And they can say to a woman they’re with, “What can I do to make you orgasm?” And I show them all the tricks: touch here, do that, use this sex toy, don’t use that toy. (I love my Hitachi Magic Wand! I have the original one, and one I can travel with.)

Foreplay to me is everything; if I had to choose between fucking or foreplay, I’d choose foreplay, although I love sex too. Sometimes it depends on the guy’s health, like if he’s had prostate cancer or is diabetic. If someone has diabetes, there needs to be a lot of foreplay, a lot of buildup, and it takes a while sometimes for a guy to cum. I really want to please him, with him feeling that he’s gotten what he paid for. I don’t want for this to be a party of “Hurry up and cum.” That’s not fine for either one of us. I had a guy say, “I can’t cum twice during a party.” Well, I made him shoot twice, and he left happy. saying, “Oh my God, how did you do it?” Well, there’s a time frame. After he’s cum the first time, I give him a back rub, then a blowjob. He’ll be ready to cum again, no problem.

The whole point of what I do is I really like people. I like smiling at them, making them feel special, showing them sexual things to do that they never did before. I inherited my instructional skills from my mom, and over the years, I’ve become a really hot teacher! Cum one, cum all! I’ve got a heart as big as Texas, my home state, and I’ll show you the time of your life!

Shelby Star

Shelby Star

Shelby Star is the quintessential girl next door. A Texas native with a heart as big as The Lone Star State, her infectious personality and charming demeanor will instantly enchant you.

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To Faithful Men Who Chose Monogamy, But Not Celibacy

She’s the love of your life. She’s beautiful, and you always want her. But, lately, something has been missing… As much as you’d like to fulfill all your intimate desires with only her, and as much as she’d love to reciprocate, it’s just not possible right now. You’ve tried everything, and it’s not working. A part of you is slowly suffocating; you signed up for monogamy, not celibacy.

The physical repression has begun to take a toll on the rest of your relationship and your ability to care for her. You still have every intention to stay by her side to the very end, just as you always vowed, but you know that if you don’t start taking care of yourself, you won’t be able to continue being the partner she deserves. If only there were some way to seek the relief and comfort that you need to stay strong and supportive for her when she needs it most…

Amelia Heart from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada

I’ve recently encountered several clients who are happily married, in love and lust with their spouses, but, due to physical, neurological, or mental health limitations, their wives are unable to continue intimacy at the level they desire (if at all). Some prognoses are only temporary, while others may be permanent or terminal. These clients find that the inability to continue to express themselves in intimate ways leads to a core part of themselves becoming deprived, which is damaging the relationship and inhibits their ability to live up to what they promised as a faithful spouse.

I’d personally like to commend those who dig deep to consider what they were really committing to when it came to choosing to love and support one person for the rest of their lives — those who can think about what it means to “put your own oxygen mask on first” in order to take care of another. We all have needs as human beings, and sometimes truly caring for someone else means rethinking superficial constraints and choosing to transcend the physical boundaries that were enacted under different circumstances, when there were no limits on fulfilling intimate desires between partners.

I have to express great admiration for those clients who have reached out under these circumstances, because it goes against a lot of traditional understanding of what it means to be married and faithful to one’s partner. But, when intimacy isn’t possible with the one you love most in the world, the psychological devastation of denying that part of yourself altogether can undermine all other efforts to care for them.

Fortunately, a solution exists: we, the courtesans at the legal brothels in Nevada, are experienced in surrogate intimacy and can help to bridge this gap. We are here for emotional support, physical closeness, and friendship through these difficult times. While what sets us apart from other platonic support structures is the physical connection we provide, the psychological side effects of reconnecting with this part of oneself can be even more profound. One recent client stated to me in a private message, quoted with his permission:

“Within hours of calling the Bunny Ranch to book that first party […], I experienced a change in attitude, outlook, and the way I interacted with my family and friends. That is, just knowing relief was on the way precipitated a profoundly positive change, a few weeks ahead of my actually being at the ranches.”

If you are struggling with the challenges of being in a loving, committed relationship that no longer provides an outlet for sexual release, I invite you to consider the opportunity to find that outlet here in a safe, discreet way that supports your desire to care for your partner in all other ways. Remind yourself what it was like to experience all the physical pleasures; I promise I won’t take offense if you find yourself thinking about her the whole time you are with me. In fact, I hope that you do.

Amelia Heart

Amelia Heart

A slender, all-natural brunette, Amelia Heart is a confident, compassionate, and open-minded woman seeking to share all the vitality and spirit of life, of which sensuality and sexuality are such important components. She is currently seeing clients at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat brothel near Reno, Nevada.

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Couples — Let Me Be Your Sex Teacher!

There are many kinds of therapists. Some provide emotional support, some physical therapy, some instruct you in the positions of yoga, and so forth. I am what you might call an Intimacy Therapist. I will show you, as well as your wife or girlfriend, together or separately, how to add so much more affinity and affection to your sex life. No matter how long you’ve been lovers, and how successful and satisfying your love life has been, I can help you make it even better than you thought it could be.

Let’s start with foreplay. Simply put, it takes a woman’s body longer to get fully ready for sex. And some men have considered that fact to be a hindrance or an inconvenience. They get hard and horny fast, and a man can barely wait to penetrate his lady’s tight pussy and start stroking away madly. And it’s true that sometimes this method works for women too; it’s called “surprise sex,” and you often see it depicted in movies, with the amorous couple tearing themselves out of their clothing and flopping wildly on a bed. The woman’s head jerks back passionately as the man opens her legs and rams himself right in. They grunt and groan until their climaxes shake them. But the key to understanding how surprise sex works is that, usually, there has been a tremendous buildup of sexual tension between the couple beforehand. Their hearts are pounding, their blood is up, he’s rock-hard and she’s soaking wet where it counts. Surprise sex can be dirty fun, but it’s not always the way to go.

Randy Ryder from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Anyway, back to foreplay. It should be part of a man’s sexual education to learn how to tenderly handle a woman’s body, but although some men do very well at stimulating a woman’s sexuality, other men may lack knowledge of what to do, or need a refresher course. That’s where I come in—or, should I say, cum in. I have the experience of hundreds of sexual encounters with men and women. I can serve as your go-between to bring you together for astounding sex.

Our session will begin with disrobing. As we stand there naked, you, the man, will live the dream: two beautiful women, their breasts rising and falling with each breath, waiting for you to caress them all over. You can start with me or your lady friend, and I’ll show you tricks like how gently tickling a girl’s rib cage can make her nipples stiff, and how gently rubbing your palms over her erect nips can make her groan, her back arch, and her buttocks tighten. Your penis will rise like the sun in the morning. I’ll position you behind her body or mine, your dick resting in the crack of the ass. I’ll tell you to draw her or me close to you, close your eyes, and let your hands—and imagination—wander over the smooth, sensuous peaks and valleys of the female body. Think the pussy is the only sexual part? Think again. Draw in the scents of hair and skin. Stroke and kiss the neck. Run your fingers down the arms to the delicate hands. Cup and massage the boobies. Let them down gently and stroke the belly and circle the navel with a fingertip. Travel further south and pet the pubic hair. Feel its softness? Just below is the flower of desire. Stroke its lips, and let your middle finger find the clitoris. Gently massage it. It’s every woman’s hot button, her sex trigger. But it’s delicate, so don’t be rough.

I’ll ask you to perform these caresses on me and your lover. Neither of you should worry about jealousy. I’m here to bring you closer together, not drive you apart. After we complete the first part, I’ll get us girls up on the bed, on our backs or doggie style, but either way our pussies will be open and ready for finger-banging. I’ll be wet by now, but if your girl is still a little nervous and needs some help, I’ve got plenty of slippery lubricant for you to use on her. You’ll kneel between us, and slowly insert your middle and ring fingers into our pussies (that’s because those two fingers equal the size of most men’s cock shafts). We’ll all get a thrill, because when a woman’s getting ready for sex, her vaginal canal will lengthen and relax, ready to receive the penis. Sensing that lengthening—the pussy silently saying, “I want cock,” is one of the biggest thrills a man can experience.

Now, explore inside us with your fingers. There used to be a silly argument among doctors about whether clitoral or vaginal stimulation was more important to a woman’s pleasure and orgasm. The answer: They both work. A well-fingered box is the best sex toy you’ll ever experience. If you take the time to “really love that pussy,” you’ll see the erotic transformation that good men hope for—a woman gone crazy with lust, and eager to jack, lick, and deeply suck your cock like mad.

Maybe your girl will go first, gripping your joint and vacuuming it with her mouth, cock-hungry as hell. She’ll do amazing things with her lips and tongue, giving you so much pleasure you’ll think your eyes will roll back in your head. Or maybe I’ll go first, because I have learned enough oral techniques to bring a guy as close to shooting his load as possible, and ready to fuck. Your lady friend will watch as I service you, slurping your shaft greedily, getting that glazed look in the eyes of overwhelming horniness. Maybe she’ll join me in cock-worship, and you’ll feel like a king.

Then it will be time to fuck. When two well-prepared women take control of your dick, you’ll think you’ve come under the spell of goddesses drunk with erotic power. We will ride you hard, pumping our pussies up and down wildly; we will get up on all fours, beg you to stick it inside us balls-deep and ram away like a man-machine; and, when you’re ready, your lady will gasp, “Cum in me! Cum in me now!” and you’ll feel the most incredible buildup of preorgasmic tension until you suddenly ejaculate so much cum your anus will contract, your cock will pump stream after stream—You will be completely drained, sweaty, and faint with happy exhaustion.

I’ve given so many of my clients memories like this to share, and new sex skills to enjoy at home. I’m Randy Ryder—why not make me part of your Wild West experience?

Randy Ryder

Randy Ryder

A sexy, blue-eyed, big-booty brunette with a great smile and a warm personality, Randy Ryder is the VIP companion who specializes in being your secret girlfriend. Randy is currently a full-time dream-maker at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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The Pleasure of Pegging


Do you know what it means?! If you do — yay! if not, no worries! Any place surrounding me counts as a safe space and ya girl here is here to help! No such thing as judgement or shame here with li’l Doomy!

Pegging is the term for when a woman uses a strap-on to indulge a man anally, stimulating and pleasing his mythical and also very real, prostate gland.

Now ya girl doesn’t wanna get too medical, but I have to for just a hot second — then it’ll get real sexy, I promise!

Draven Star from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada

So — are you a touch nervous about taking it up the butt? SAME. Same with a lot of people! Trust me when I tell you that with enough time, patience, lube and trust – it can be and is amazing. Remember the first time with vajay sexings? Kiiiiind of like that, but for some people it takes longer – boys and girls! Here, we’re talking about the boys, though…

Hear me out – I know I can be the “wild child” porn star but I will let y’all in on a secret. The very first time I had a P in my B was ON CAMERA (Joanna’s Angels 3) so I might be a little crazy but I feel that my experience helps with providing a safe environment, as well as giving some advice for preparation. if you touch the stove, you can get burned – you feel me? Trust and believe that your fav goth slut has all the knowledge you want!

So! Boring stuff first (I think the boring stuff is hot buuuuut that isn’t everyone)! Basics, safety, logistics and prep – in no particular order cause I tend to bounce around…

First off – CONSENT! Make sure everyone is down for the butt party or things get real un-fun real quick.

ALSO – before I get too into prep and stretching I want y’all to know that spit and lube are all that should be going in ya buttholes. Coconut oil clogs pores, and anal numbing creams are a real easy way to get hurt or torn. Getting torn in the b-hole takes a very long and un-fun length of time to heal. Just go slow. Please please please. I care so much about your b-hole even if you don’t! You only get one! Be sweet to it!

Consider this – if you are numbed, you don’t know if you are experiencing pleasure — or pain! Sooo just invest in lube and some grown and sexy tunes. Like, who doesn’t love long sexy sessions? Something about a tortoise and a hare? Finishing is cool but the run is where all the fun lives!

Logistics! Done!

Prep! Go!

So! Your body is yours and boys are fancy but this is what has worked for me!

If I know Im gonna get weird in the butt, the day beforehand, I pay a lot of attention to what I eat. I try to stay away from anything too fatty or drink too much; I also keep my portions to the size of my palm and stop eating solid foods around 5-6 PM.


Enemas aren’t scary! Just PLEASE DUMP OUT THE SALINE AND REFILL THAT THANG WITH WATER. The fluid that comes in enemas is designed to make you wanna, ya know….mondo duke. NOW!!!!! If your butt plans are a surprise and you wake up early but aren’t getting weird until the evening – maybe don’t dump the saline haha! It all depends on how YOUUU and your sweet sweet b hole are feeling.

NOW ITS TIME TO GET WEIRD AND SEXY. (About fucking time, right? Jesus Draven, maybe stop talking about how much you care about my butthole for like 30 seconds?!)


Since you’ve gotten this far in my li’l tale, I will take this moment to say that there is nothing ‘queer’ or ‘homo’ or ‘faggy’  or any other slur about wanting an internal orgasm as a man. AND I AM QUEER SO Y’ALL CAN BELIEVE ME.

Do what feels good – and boys, this feels reaalllll good.

So, like I mentioned before, the prostate gland is how dudes can have internal orgasms. This. Shit. Is. Lit. Not all women can have internal orgasms, but as one that can – trust me when I tell you that you want one. Or five.

Lube is fun and important! Showers are cool but water isn’t lube. Take the plastic curtain off of your ish, lay it on your bed and that is a KILLER start.

I usually tell girls to play with their pussies or clits but y’all have different parts! Jerking off in that sweet way that keeps you hard but not cumming (you fucking know!) is the best way to loosen ya’self up. Personally, I adore watching a dude jerk off so please make sure you ain’t being shy.

Breathe deep and go slow. Put on your favorite jam and let passion take over. Sooner than you know it, you’ll be feeling some shit you never thought you’d feel before and taking more than you thought you ever could.

When you start to feel funny, don’t hold back. When women are fitting to have g-spot orgasms, they low key feel like they are gonna pee. When they don’t hold back, squirting happens. Y’all love squirting. We love watching y’all cum real hard. It’s all relative and beautiful.

You will probably have one of the most intense orgasms as well as one of the biggest loads of your life — who doesn’t want that? I want that! I love pleasing a man and watching the different faces he can make – to see how much I can make him sweat and beg for me to do more for him. Have him grinding against me, aching for me to grind against and eventually penetrate to please him. Make him chant my name, the name of his chosen deity and then in turn make me never forget his. This is my goal in every party, but something about a man being this vulnerable and open makes me drip so much more (though I tend to get extraordinarily wet as it is…).

Sound interesting? Feel free to come visit me at the Sagebrush Ranch, or email me for more info! I love humans and all of their different facets and shapes and smells — and questions!

Draven Star

Draven Star

Also known as the "Doom Doll," AVN and Inked award-winning porn star Draven Star is the kinky Girl Next Door you’ve been lusting after all your life. She currently offers the finest in Girlfriend, Porn Star, and Kink experiences at Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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Deep Throating — Taking You All In

The act of deepthroating, or taking the full length and girth of your partner while giving oral sex, can be an intensely romantic and sexual experience if done properly. With a partner you trust and have good communication with, along with an adventurous attitude and a willingness to relax, it can be one of the most deeply fulfilling sexual acts you can perform for the pleasure of another person; it will set you apart from any other experience your partner has ever had and leave them fantasizing about you whenever you aren’t around. Done properly, it can even arouse you as intensely as it does your lover. Below are a few key points I’ve come to respect as a woman who sincerely enjoys performing deep throat blow jobs.


The first step of any new sexual act is trusting in your partner. You will have to leave your comfort zone when deepthroating, and that is easiest to do with a person you trust, as they are literally depriving you of air and you are relying on them to pay attention to your silent communication so that they know when you need to breathe. You will be making your partner feel amazing, and possibly in a more intense way than they’ve ever felt before, so it’s easy for someone to be distracted enough to forget to let you breathe!

Make sure to communicate beforehand about what kinds of silent signals you’ll be relying on so that the act itself is effortless and smooth. Usually a simple push with the hands is enough to communicate that it’s time to take a breath, but if your partner is distracted, don’t be afraid to be more aggressive with your hands. You’ll also need to pay attention to the rhythm and speed your partner needs to edge closer to orgasm. If you’re able to reach under the scrotum to the perineum and apply light pressure with your fingers, you’ll feel when you’re arousing your partner and when they are getting close to orgasm. This will also help you time your breathing so that you aren’t in the middle of trying to take a respiration break when your partner is close.


Surrender is crucial to the deepthroating experience. You must allow all of your muscles to relax and only focus on three things, (1) when to take your next breath,(2) the rhythm of your partner’s thrusts (or the movement of your head), and (3) relaxing your throat so that there is no pain or tension. Depending on the size of your partner, you may need them to give you a little pressure with their hands to completely take all of them, so make sure you discuss your comfort level with your partner beforehand. Some people enjoy hands in their hair or a more aggressive partner during oral sex, and some people enjoy a slower and more sensual oral sex sensation, or are just getting the hang of deepthroating. Make sure to communicate these expectations to your partner beforehand for a seamlessly enjoyable experience.

Hannah Foxx from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Ranch near Carson City, Nevada


Breath control is not difficult to master. As a competitive swimmer, I have had lots of practice holding my breath, but anyone can develop the same skills with practice. Breathing a little more frequently before holding your breath can put more oxygen in your bloodstream, but it can also cause you to hyperventilate or black-out, so I recommend learning your limits in a safe environment with a safety buddy before moving onto techniques in the bedroom, especially if you’ll be dangling your head off the edge of the bed, which can give you a little more room to take all of him without extra work but requires them to know when to back off and let you breathe.


Gagging is a part of deepthroating. Some people are able to completely suppress their gag reflex, others embrace it, using the muscular action of gagging to heighten their partner’s pleasure and taking advantage of the additional lubrication it usually encourages. As long as you practice at suppressing your vomit reflex, you can even add additional techniques to heighten their pleasure as you gag, such as humming to cause your throat to vibrate, or extending your tongue to lick and massage his testicles and scrotum and edge him even closer to orgasm.


For me, there is almost nothing sexier than a man holding me down with strong hands grasping my hair, gagging on his cock while tears come out of my eyes and make my mascara run. I love the weight of my partner’s hands on my head, and the look of shock and surprise as their entire length disappears down my throat and they begin to feel my muscles closing down on them. Enthusiasm is incredibly important during oral sex. You want your partner to feel incredibly wanted from the moment you first start teasing them with your tongue to the last moment before their orgasm, where you pull them in as deep as you possibly can and let the muscles in your throat close in on them and make them unable to stop themselves from tumbling over the edge.


For many, oral sex is an exchange of power, and for those seeking a feeling of control or domination in the bedroom oral sex can be the gateway to an immensely satisfying sexual experience. For others, it’s a way to connect to your partner and show them that their pleasure can be the focus of a lovemaking session. One thing is undeniable, having a woman on her knees worshipping your cock can make you feel invincible, and having a woman take all of you in her mouth as she lowers herself onto you in the 69 position can be just as memorable and impossible to resist. There are even women like me, who have their gagging reflex force them closer and closer to orgasm. Communicating with your partner will control your expectations as well as theirs and allow you to focus on the pleasure instead of boundaries, limits, and discomfort.


Deepthroating is an intense oral sex experience, and not one that everyone is comfortable with. I specialize in this technique, as well as teaching others to deepthroat. One of my most popular booking requests with couples is an instructional session where we take turns polishing your partner’s deepthroat skills; having two women focusing for one or two hours on giving you the perfect blowjob doesn’t hurt either. As with all sexual acts, good communication and enthusiasm are things you’ll need to bring to every session, but the potential reward is a sexual encounter that literally blows away everything else you’ve ever experienced.

Hannah Foxx

Hannah Foxx

A sexual maelstrom with an impressive resume in the erotic arts, Hannah Foxx provides the finest in romance and risque. Hailing from the deep American South, Hannah is currently a premier companion at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat Ranch near Carson City, Nevada.

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