Nevada and the State of Freedom — “No Little Girl’s” Attack On Legal Brothels

What makes Nevada special? I discovered the answer to that question a few years back when I met with a young documentary filmmaker at a watering hole on the outskirts of the dusty town of Pahrump in Nye County. The filmmaker was making a documentary for CMT.

Over a beer, I asked the filmmaker, “So, what exactly is the topic of this movie you’re making?”

“Freedom,” he answered. 

“Freedom? What does that have to do with this far-off Nevada town?”

He looked at me perplexed, as if, as a resident of the Silver State, I should have already known the answer.

“In this town you can buy fireworks, open carry a firearm, keep exotic pets, gamble to your heart’s content, and…well look around,” he replied, motioning to our surroundings.

“I guess you have a point,” I said, as I gazed at the dozens of sex workers strutting their negligee-clad stuff and chatting up their goggling clientele in the saloon— a saloon that just happened to be connected to a 20-acre legal brothel. 

“This is what the freedom looks like,” he said.

As I fulfilled my duties as a communications rep for the licensed bordello that day, I realized that what I was a part of was very precious and unique, and, like the concept of freedom itself, something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Chanel, Tiara Tae, and Lana West from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

The State of Nevada is now at a crossroads. Petitioners in Lyon and Nye Counties are organizing an attempt to end legal prostitution in those areas. The women of Nevada’s brothels are under attack, and their freedom to lawfully practice sex work is threatened.

Why? Why does a group called “No Little Girl” want to close the brothels? 

If their website is any indication, the group says it wants to ban legal bordellos to end trafficking in these establishments, support the women who were forced into this life of “sexual slavery,” and create a more prosperous economy for the community.

But, the women working in Nevada’s legal brothels are not coerced, trafficked, or enslaved — there are certainly no records of such crimes occurring in these bordellos. The women all undergo a strict federal background check through the sheriff’s office, and every sex worker voluntarily operates in a regulated, safe, well-maintained, and disease-free environment. Many of these women have been willingly working in the legal brothels for years and are thriving financially as the breadwinners of their households. Scores of Nevada’s legal sex workers have passionately spoken out against No Little Girl on social media and in blogs and podcasts, making it clear that the sex workers did not ask for, and do not need, No Little Girl’s support. 

As far as economic development in these counties, the largest industrial park in the world, hosting some of the planet’s top companies, is located just a few miles from a legal brothel — so legal prostitution is unquestionably not an impediment to a Nevada community’s potential for economic growth. 

If No Little Girl’s website doesn’t offer a legitimate argument for their position, why does this group really want to close the brothels and take away one of Nevada’s unique freedoms?

KnowMe from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Lyon County, Nevada

No Little Girl was formed by faith-based activists with a strong opinion of what is morally right, and they believe compensating someone for sexual services, legal or otherwise, is morally wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with having a moral position based on one’s religion. I grew up Catholic and, prior to entering college, experienced twelve years of parochial schooling, so I’m well aware of my church’s current position on sex work. I’ve had many spirited discussions about legal prostitution with relatives that chose the priesthood as their vocation, and I fully accept their right to have a point of view I disagree with.  

We each see the world, our nation, and the people in our local community, through our individual moral lens — and that’s OK. Every one of us has the right to disapprove of another person’s life choices based on our moral perspective. What’s not OK, and what No Little Girl endeavors to do, is to impose a specific moral or spiritual belief system onto the entirety of a community, and take away the freedom to make personal choices from members of that community.

I get it: There are some people that consider legalized prostitution sinful. There are also people that abhor gambling, firearms, liquor, and marijuana, but that definitely doesn’t mean Nevada communities are going to vote to abolish these freedoms.

Part of living in a free American society is accepting the fact that we’re sharing our space with people whose moral compass may not align with our own. What makes many of Nevada’s communities among the freest in the nation is our deep understanding of this “live free and let live” viewpoint. 

If No Little Girl gets its way, and we let Nevada’s legal brothels go, what freedoms will be taken away next?

Jeremy Lemur

Jeremy Lemur

Jeremy is Communications Director for Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the world’s top sex destination and Nevada's most successful legal brothel, offering safe, discreet, and thoroughly exquisite erotic experiences with the most beautiful courtesans on the planet.

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Legal Prostitution in Lyon County

Prostitution has been legal in Lyon County, Nevada for over forty years. In that time, the Nevada model for licensed and regulated prostitution has proven to be a time-tested and remarkably successful social experiment, where, under an umbrella of strict legislation, sex workers operating out of rurally-located brothels thrive harmoniously with their Lyon County neighbors. Now, after all these years, a small group of Lyon County residents have decided that they have a beef with the bordellos.

The group calling itself “No Little Girl” is petitioning to close the legal brothels in Lyon County, and remove the livelihood of hundreds of women who have made an informed choice to work in these establishments. On the “Issues” page of this group’s website, they make claims that the legality of brothels does nothing to make women any safer, and that prostitution is inherently violence against women. However, the page cites data that either has been debunked or has nothing to do with legal prostitution. The handful of individuals that submitted the petition represent faith-based organizations, and seem to be more concerned with pushing their specific moral agenda onto the whole of Lyon County than with the actual safety of the women in the brothels. Let’s take a closer look at the information on the group’s website

Christina Parreira is a legal sex worker and PhD student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The group suggests that large tech companies won’t move to the county and boost the local economy because of the existence of legal brothels, but they neglect to mention that Lance Gilman, owner of the Mustang Ranch brothel, helped bring Tesla to Nevada. The massive Tesla Gigafactory is located seven miles from the Mustang Ranch, proving that tax incentives and smart dealmaking are what bring big name tech companies into an area. Brothels are clearly not a factor in the decision making, especially when one considers that a brothel owner played a key role in convincing a tech giant to choose Nevada for its factory location.

Concerning the safety of women in the brothels, the website cites Melissa Farley, a researcher whose work was debunked years ago. Farley claims to have interviewed 45 women in the Nevada brothels but discounts their comments in her 2007 book, writing “I knew that they would minimize how bad it was” (p. 22). Farley writes that her data does not support her conclusions because women “ignore bad things or they pretended that unpleasantness will go away, or they call the degrading abuse of prostitution by another name that sounds better” (p. 22). Farley did not listen to the women and instead formed her conclusions based on her own moral agenda. In 2011 Dr. Calum Bennachie, a gender studies scholar, sent a 115 page formal complaint to the American Psychological Association requesting that Farley be disqualified for professional misconduct. In his complaint he detailed evidence to show that “Dr. Farley is repeating unsubstantiated rumour as fact” and “is deliberately misleading people” (2011). Farley has a long and well-known history of discounting the voices of sex workers in an effort to push her ideological agenda. The website also cites a 2004 study by Potterat, but the sample is from women working independently in Colorado; a very different group of women with work conditions that are nothing like those in the legal Nevada brothels. Women who work illegally are subject to rape and assault because they do not have protections under the law. Criminalization forces them to work in unsafe settings and unlike in the legal Nevada brothels, they cannot call for help when they are raped or assaulted. This speaks to the harms of criminalization, not of prostitution.

Chance Monet and Tiara Tae from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Lyon County

On the FAQ page, it states that women are often raped in the legal brothels. This is grossly inaccurate. In my own doctoral research of 53 women working in 5 Nevada brothels, I did not encounter a single woman who had reported being raped by a client in the brothel, and I was certainly never raped during my years working in the brothels. Perhaps the most inflammatory claim on the FAQ portion of the website is that most of the women in the brothels are under the control of pimps. This is simply not true. Of the 53 women I interviewed, 5 reported that they had pimps BEFORE they worked in the brothels but since coming to work legally were able to escape this coercion and freely offer intimate services. One worker told me of the horrific abuse she endured at the hands of a pimp, and she was grateful to have escaped him and be in a place where she could work safely and legally. She credited her newfound safety and freedom to the brothel. She feared that if she went back to her home state, her former pimp would find her, kidnap her, and force her back on the streets.

Roxanne Price from the Love Ranch in Lyon County

The FAQ section claims that legalization does not improve conditions for prostitutes or women in the community. We can look to Rhode Island as a case study: In Rhode Island prostitution was decriminalized from 2003-2009. A study done by Cunningham & Shah (2014) shows that rates of rape and gonorrhea plummeted with decriminalization; 824 fewer rape offenses (31 percent decrease) and 1035 fewer cases of female gonorrhea (39 percent decrease) from 2004-2009.

The FAQ section also asks the question “has anyone asked the women what they want?” My fellow workers and I have reached out to this organization over the past 2 weeks, desperately trying to make our voices heard. We tell them that we are happy with our chosen careers and that we do not want to lose our jobs, but they are not listening, and continue to push their moral agenda onto us.

As a licensed prostitute and PhD student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, I can tell you that what I want is to continue to have the freedom to choose to work in a safe environment, where I can practice a trade that I love, lawfully and prosperously. Sex work is definitely not my last resort or my only option — it is my choice. I’d like to continue to have the opportunity to make that choice legally.

If you really care about us, just listen to us.

Christina Parreira

Christina Parreira

Christina Parreira, M.A., is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In addition to being an instructor and researcher, she is a proud legal Harlot.

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The Benefits of Nye County Brothels

Despite the fact that brothels have been open in Nye County for over 40 years, a county commissioner is now questioning whether they should continue to exist. In a county meeting last week, commissioner Lorinda Wichman stated “Staff is looking into what it is costing the taxpayer to have legalized prostitution in Nye County. I asked them to compare what it is costing us to what we receive. My curiosity is to whether or not taxpayers of Nye County are subsidizing the brothel industry.” This was in the wake of the reinstatement of Dennis Hof’s license for Love Ranch which was wrongfully removed almost a month ago over a supposed violation which the state fire department ruled was non-existent. Love Ranch is back open for business, but now the very existence of the brothels is under fire. Has Wichman considered what will happen to the county without the brothels and all of the revenue that they bring in, and what about the working women and their families who will be out of a job? Has she considered the toll the illegal prostitution may take on her community, or the welfare and safety of women who may have no option but to turn to the street to work? Does the commissioner even care, or is this part of a political vendetta against Dennis Hof who is seeking the Republican nomination for Assembly District 36?

Christina Parreira is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a licensed sex worker

Since Wichman is curious about the numbers, here are some numbers she should take into consideration: In Nye County the brothels bring in approximately $140,000 per year just from the license fees and work cards. A substantial portion of this goes to the veteran’s association as well as local EMT services. While Clark County is losing money and resources by trying to combat illegal prostitution, counties where prostitution is legal are reaping the benefits. Brothels in Nevada serve approximately 400,000 clients a year and generate a profit of $35-50 million (Hausbeck, Brents & Jackson, 2006).

What about illegal prostitution, how does Nye County stack up to Clark County? An estimated 300-400 prostitutes are arrested each month in Las Vegas (Flowers, 1998). In 2009 there were 4484 arrests for prostitution in Clark County where it is illegal versus 1 in Nye county where prostitution is legal. Illegal prostitution in Las Vegas grosses approximately $5 billion per year versus the $35-50 million generated from the legal brothels (Flowers, 2011). It is estimated that up to 3,500 prostitutes are working unlawfully in the Las Vegas area at any given time (Brents & Hausbeck, 2007). The majority of arrests for sex offenses in Nevada, 77%, involve prostitution (Ruggieri et al 2007). In 2010 Nevada had the highest proportion of prostitution-related arrests in the entire US at 0.1384% with second being California at a significantly lower 0.0376% (Federal Bureau Investigation 2010). This is not the case in Nye County where prostitution is legal. However, if the brothels close, what does Wichman think will happen to the working women? Will they go on welfare? Will they begin working illegally?

Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch legal brothel in Nye County

The brothels also make great community partners. Every year the Nye County brothels take part in the “Bordello Poker Run” motorcycle event, and the brothels frequently take part in charitable events like the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

If Wichman wants to test all of this with a vote, I urge her to do so; historically the people of Nye County have been supportive of the brothels, and Nevada voters in general are overall in favor of legal prostitution; they understand the benefit to the community. A 2011 poll conducted by Public Policy Polling found that the majority of registered voters in Nevada believe that prostitution should be legalized throughout the state, including 65% of Independents, 56% Democrats, and 51% of Republicans (PPP Report 2012).

Wichman is not only playing with peoples’ livelihoods but with their safety and welfare, and considering the numbers are not in her favor, I have to wonder what the true source of her curiosity springs from.

Christina Parreira

Christina Parreira

Christina Parreira, M.A., is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In addition to being an instructor and researcher, she is a proud legal Harlot.

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“Hapa Toki,” Celebrating My Korean Heritage and Sex Work Through My Music

Blackpink, Twice, EXO, 2NE1, BTS, Big Bang, and HyunA, this is just a short list of the incredibly popular Korean Pop (KPop) solo artists and girl / boy bands that have captured the hearts of Koreans and the world over. One could suspect the worldwide KPop fanbase grew exponentially over the course of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, as many figure skaters’ routines incorporated several popular KPop songs, and the closing ceremony featured thrilling performances by EXO and 2NE1.

Undeniably, KPop has adopted much of the Western pop / hip-hop / dance / rap / R&B sound. However, KPop is all about highlighting Korean’s pop culture, which is indeed a world all its own. KPop artists and their music videos emphasize a distinct Korean style that showcase bold, bright, and dramatic makeup, fashion, hairstyles, and design choices. Some artists even pay homage to Korean culture by including traditional instruments and dance in their videos.

Ava Carter from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Here at the Moonlite Bunnyranch, I take immense pride in both my half-Korean American heritage and profession as a courtesan. However, as is the case with most things worth taking pride in, one can experience intense frustration and immense self-doubt before the eternal glimmer of hope might eventually flourish, and thus establish self-acceptance and confidence.

Growing up half-Korean wasn’t entirely easy. During my formative years, peers consistently pointed out elements of my culture and aesthetics that made me ‘different.’ I was too skinny, short, flat-chested; Korean food or candy I’d attempt to unabashedly share looked or tasted ‘weird’ or ‘gross’; my choice in Korean clothing and accessories were balked; and because Korean was my first language, there were moments of intense ridicule dare I ask the meaning behind an English word with which I was unfamiliar.

Korean American and legal Sex Worker Ava Carter

It was a frustrating and sometimes deeply depressing part of my life. Not to mention, it was also during this time that I began to blossom into a young lady, and therefore sex and my sexuality became of great interest to me. It wasn’t long until I was told that, too, wasn’t ‘normal’. As a result, I withdrew, considering myself an outlier without much possibility of acceptance. I’m grateful, however, that I was able to find solace in my favorite form of self-expression at the time: music.

Over the years, I began to write my own songs and explore various styles and genres, including KPop. As I listened to and performed my songs, I gradually felt a sense of pride for each piece. Since I found happiness in this form of expression, I could no longer deny the desire to explore and express my sexuality with others, as well. As I did, I could sense a significant and incredibly impactful turning point in my life. It was time I embrace my culture, share and express my impassioned sexual appetite; time to find courage from deep within to challenge and overcome the social stigmas of sex work; and, finally, time I celebrate my truest self. Thus, I became a courtesan at the Moonlite BunnyRanch, and ‘Hapa Toki’ was created.

The term ‘Hapa’ is a Hawaiian word that has been adopted nationwide, as it means half-asian / Pacific Islander, and ‘Toki,’ means bunny rabbit in Korean. As a half-Korean American BunnyBabe at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, I couldn’t think of a more perfect title for a song that would represent all that I am!

‘Hapa Toki’ not only provides insight into some of the fun I offer as a KPop musician and courtesan, it’s a means of celebrating my culture while encouraging self-acceptance and sexual exploration. It’s fun, energetic, sexy, and sweet, just like me!

Having been impacted so greatly by social stigmas, I know what it’s like to feel ‘different’ or ashamed of who you are, so I encourage you to reach out and share your journey of sexual exploration (or even your musical talent) with me. Let’s celebrate music, culture, SEX, and be proud of who we are, together!

Ava Carter

Ava Carter

A petite half-Korean / American beauty who absolutely loves to enjoy life – and sex – to the fullest! Beautiful Ava Carter is currently a featured entertainer offering the very finest in girlfriend experiences at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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How Sugar Dating Introduced Me to Prostitution

I’m a romantic. I am also a millennial. So when I decided I wanted to get married as a single, 20-something living in Los Angeles, I did what any good millennial would do and took to the internet. Surely I’d find my husband on one of these social dating apps: Tinder, Bumble, PlentyofFish. Recent research revealed that 19% of brides-to-be met their husbands online, so I figured my odds were good! Ah yes, soon I’d be jetting off to Bora Bora with my new hubby on our tropical honeymoon feeling exhilarated, secure, and totally in love.

Lana West from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

I chose Tinder and started swiping. What would ensue were the single worst five dates of my entire life. It was like Tinder had recruited all the biggest assholes and crammed them into one tight space called the Tinderverse, aka My Nightmare. One guy invited me on a date to play pool, to which I arrived to find was actually a date with him and 10 of his closest friends. Once in a while, he’d remember I was there and would turn to me and whisper sweet nothings in my ear such as, “Do you have money for beer?” My tummy grumbling, he made up for his less-than-stellar start by inviting me to his house to share his homemade leftovers. How nice, I thought. He hopped into our Uber with a warm smile–that was directed at his friends because I was not inside the vehicle! He had unwittingly left without me while I took a short trip to the ladies room. Needless to say, he never got another date with me, although I don’t think he was interested in dating anyone but himself. The following four—and final—dates with different Tinderers were even worse. 

Lamenting my troubles to a gal pal, she told me of a magical place on the internet where the men were handsome, polite, successful, and no-nonsense. “Join a sugar dating site–you’ll definitely have better luck,” she cooed. I made my sugar dating profile the next day, and soon I was getting tons of messages from seemingly great guys: doctors, lawyers, and businessmen with hair that smelled of rosewater and sandalwood, and strong bodies fed exclusively by Whole Foods. I chose the moniker, “IdealWifey,” because I am, in that I’m nice, driven, and sexual; I will always be a team player, I’ll always make money for us, and I’ll always have a very healthy sexual appetite.  One of the greatest parts about these great guys was how great their pocket books were. I got caught up in the flash and the show of it all. One guy took me to the top of a skyscraper to a 4-star restaurant overlooking the entire city, feeding me hamachi crudo and foie gras terrine over our second glass of Duckhorn Cabernet 2014. Luxurious dinners were a regular affair, as were lavish shopping trips, fun vacations, and many exorbitant gifts. One even helped me buy a car.

I enjoyed the stimulating conversation and found their stories inspiring for my own business aspirations. I was offered business connections and future startup money. These guys believed in me! I was continuously impressed by the knowledge, power, and presence all these guys seemed to have in common; I definitely wasn’t in Tinder-land anymore. Soon I was flying all over the country to New York, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, going on vacations with my suitors, all expenses paid plus plenty of spending money, of course. 

All the men I met on sugar dating websites just wanted to treat me nicely, fuck my brains out and give me all their money. It was too good to be true. It seemed that I had opened a Pandora’s Box that I could not un-open. I was drawn like a drug. After a few months, it was clear to me that there lied a direct relationship between money and sex. I’d meet a guy, and if we had chemistry and I was horny, we’d have sex. I’m pretty much always horny, so this outcome was common.  Upon our goodbye kiss, he’d hand me a stack of cash and tell me to go pamper myself. If we didn’t have chemistry, I wouldn’t have sex and I’d leave empty-handed. It boggled my mind that normal guys, total law-abiding citizens with prominence in their communities, were totally okay with this. 

“Yes,” I realized, “all this ‘arrangement’ jargon is just a euphemism for ‘prostitution’.” My experiences were that of deep emotional connection, quality memories, great sex, and lots of money—some of my favorite things! I decided that if this is prostitution, then prostitution is awesome and I’m 100% for it. If these men that I respected and revered approved of prostitution, I reasoned, then I do too! Being the fiercely independent woman that I am, I wanted to go make my own money instead of waiting on a sugar daddy to give it to me. I also wanted to ensure my safety, as my trusting attitude could have gotten me into trouble if I had continued to meet strangers online. 

I wanted see what else this money/sex adventure had in store for my life. I called Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada and applied for a courtesan position, a move I was a little apprehensive about because of the social stigma. What would my friends think? There is not a social stigma for sugar baby prostitution, but for some beguiling reason unbeknownst to me, as soon as you go legal and safe within the confines of a licensed brothel, society balks. I really hope I can help get the message out there that sugar dating IS prostitution, and also that prostitution really isn’t a big deal.  It can be fun if you have the personality for it, as well provide an invaluable opportunity that will serve as a springboard towards future successes.

So yes, sugar dating introduced me to prostitution, and now I’m one of the top earners at the most famous legal brothel in the world. Thanks sugar dating!

With the financial freedom I have garnered from sex work, I’ll be able to pay off my college loans and start a business next year, goals that would have been 10+ years away from feasibility if I hadn’t accidentally discovered sex work. I enjoy emotional connection, great conversation, and sex, and I get all of this at work. As a sexually progressive person, I assign no morality to the number of sexual partners one has; I think people should do what they want with their own bodies and be happy. I looked inside myself and found that Bunny Ranch makes perfect sense for me at this point in my life. It’s a personal choice that aligns with my morals, values, and goals. For now, I have put off the mission of meeting The One so that I can achieve my goals, but there’s ample time for love later, and I’ll be better equipped to start a family post-Bunny Ranch because I already have a nest egg.

The future looks so bright! I wouldn’t change a thing about the way things unfurled. Sometimes life is strange, but you just have to follow your heart and everything else will work itself out!

Lana West

Lana West

A hot Los Angeles babe with class and sass, Lana West is the sex goddess that will take you beyond even your wildest wet dream. Miss West is currently a premier GFE companion at Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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“Madam On The Menu” Prostitution’s Positive Impact On My Sexuality

My formative sexuality was forged after the “free love” movement changed the rules of romantic engagement.  Some people say, “You can’t miss what you never had.”  In a way, that’s true.  We accept the world as it’s presented to us without too much questioning.  The world presented to me encouraged sexual experimentation and shunned the “uptight”.   Numerous boys skipped the whole dinner and a movie starter dates and went straight to a flask of booze and “This spot looks like a good place to park.” When I committed to marriage, my fiancé gave me an ultimatum; I had to take other partners and bring women into our bed, before he would sign on the dotted line. He explained, “I am emotionally monogamous but sexually plural.”  So cutting edge!  From that point on, I was an active swinger and was routinely expected to be his pussy-bait or “take it for the team” when there was a woman he wanted to fuck.  I became cynical about men and sexually jaded.  Copulation became perfunctory.  I’m positive that, because of my perceptions, I was a terrible lover.

Flash forward to my decision to work in a brothel.  I’d seen made for TV shows depicting heartless businessmen preying on sobbing teenagers.  I’d seen news stories about politicians & ministers losing their careers over encounters with street walkers.  I’d seen movies depicting prostitutes as low functioning victims of society.  The few times I saw women depicted in art as successful sex workers, they also were sociopaths & criminals. I really had no idea what a brothel would be like but I faintly imagined it was something like a dairy, only full of men, & it would be my job to milk them, one after the other after the other….into infinity.   

Sonja is the madam of Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South near Las Vegas, Nevada

The reality was so much sweeter than anything I could even imagine.  First, the line-up.  What looks impersonal to a lot of men is a sweet compliment to a woman.  He is paying so he absolutely gets what he wants.  He has all these ladies to choose from, and he chooses ME.  Even when we didn’t come to an agreement, the fact that I was favorited was a slow working aphrodisiac that stayed with me.   The negotiations were terrifying at first.  In swinging, there is an undercurrent of social manipulation as a man pretends to be interested in you in hopes you’ll decide to bed him.  In the brothel, it’s all upfront.  He comes right out and says what his fantasies are and I accept or reject that.  I come right out and tell him the value I put on myself and that experience.  He comes right out and accepts or rejects that.  When we come to an agreement that works for us both, there is no pretense.  And the fact that this man treasured an experience with me so much that he made such a generous offering is irresistibly charming…and yes, romantic.   That was the thing I’d missed out on my entire life.  The ritual of making an offering to a lady you are sweet on.  The ritual of a lady accepting those gifts & picking and choosing suitors.  When that happened it cracked me open and the hardness fell away. The image I had of men and their motivations was changed forever.  They were not sexually predatorily Neanderthals, capable of only thinking with their “little heads”.  They were boys in grown up bodies.  Boys who needed love and comfort, who needed the balance of a woman in their life, and who were starving for TLC and intimate attention.  In spite of mass media’s constant depiction of men as being more shallow than women, I’ve actually concluded that they are (on the whole) the most romantic & sensitive of the sexes.

It’s actually pretty easy to physically stimulate a man to orgasm.  Women are more complicated, and I was no exception.   The testosterone level in most men creates a lot of their foreplay via a constant stream of sexual thoughts.  The opposite is true for women who tend to have brains more prone to overthinking.  We are vulnerable to pleasure inhibiting thoughts and beliefs.  The body may be willing but the female brain can be a relentless cock blocker.   That’s when the second brothel epiphany freed my mind so I could become multi-orgasmic. 

Remember that milking machine expectation I had?  Well imagine my surprise when I learned that over 90% of the men who chose to be with me,  and who were paying to get whatever gave them pleasure, wanted MY pleasure over their own.  I could not have believed any man from the swinger lifestyle who said that.  I would assume it was a line to get me into bed.  But THESE men were paying for what they wanted.  There were no games being played, and no ruses.  THESE men I believed, as one after the other made themselves vulnerable in my arms and got “helper’s highs” every time they evoked a storm of pleasure from me.   My cynicism about men evaporated and my cock blocking mind got out of my body’s way.   It became easy for me to trust, to let myself go, & to enjoy the ministrations of my lovers.  Because I didn’t have to struggle against interfering thoughts, I was able to cum more easily & often.   Those orgasms have powered my transformation.  Copulation has evolved to lovemaking and my interactions are almost always instantly intimate now.  My experiences working in a brothel have truly been life expanding.  



Author, ordained minister, porn star, Reiki Master, nudist, post-humanist, and former school teacher -- experienced "sex warrior" Sonja is the current madam at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch South near Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Visiting a Legal Sex Worker for the First Time

Do you want to visit a Nevada brothel but don’t know where to begin? Feeling nervous because there can be a lot of unknowns? Fear not! I am going to provide you with a brief beginner’s guide on how to start planning your first brothel trip! Here you will learn the steps on how to become a client of mine, or any other amazing lady at the Bunny RanchLove RanchKit Kat Ranch, or Sagebrush Ranch – all legal brothels that are absolutely discreet, safe, healthy, and a lot of fun! It’s really quite simple and much easier than you might think… 

Ruby Rae from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada
Decide whether you want to see a legal provider or an illegal provider

Here are some important reasons why coming to a legal Nevada brothel is a better option than seeing an unlicensed, illegal prostitute. One, it’s legal! For those of you who don’t want to worry or stress about getting caught by law enforcement, whether it be because of a sting operation, or the wrong information getting in the hands of law enforcement, a legal brothel is the best way to ensure that definitely will not happen. Two, the ladies here are tested for STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and HIV on a regular basis and we must have a clean bill of health in order to work, per state law. We are also required by law to use condoms during oral and intercourse activities. Third, you will be coming to a safe environment. No sneaking around in hotel rooms, or having a lady’s pimp waiting inside the room, or outside of the door. You are entering a relaxing and safe environment from the moment you park your car.

Determine your needs, wants, and desires

Before diving into this world of lust, intimacy, and sexual pleasure, it’s always best to pinpoint the “why” you want to come to a brothel in the first place! Are you wanting to fulfill a sexual need or desire that you may not be getting in your personal life, whether from your significant other, or from being single? Are you looking for intimacy and a deep connection with your lady of choice? Do you want to check something off your bucket list, such as a threesome? Do you just want to explore your sexuality more and maybe learn your likes and dislikes? Your needs and wants can expand over multiple areas and that’s okay – you can always come back for more after your first visit! But knowing “why” you want to come to a brothel will make it much easier to choose lady or ladies to see while you’re here.

 Use online resources to research the lovely ladies

Make sure to peruse the websites of the individual ranches to see what ladies are available and whose photos visually stimulate you or grab your attention, AND what bios stimulate your mind! You can find my bio here! Who are you attracted to? Does she seem to offer the kind of experience you are looking for, whether that be Girlfriend Experience (more sensual, intimate, and a longer date), or Porn Star Experience (a little more wild and hardcore experience), or any specific interests such as roleplay, fetish, etc? Or maybe you’re looking for a two-girl party where you pick two girls to play with each other and you? Some ladies are also very skilled in providing services for couples, if you are looking to bring your significant other along. Either way, make sure to spend some time looking through the variety of ladies and choosing a few that you think would best suit your needs and desires. You can also sign up for our message board where us ladies spend our time advertising and conversing with you all! You can really get a feel for a lady’s personality and vibe from exploring her posts, responses, and photos there as well.

Reach out to your dream girl, or multiple dream girls! Then make a choice!

After your period fun “research”, reach out to your lady or ladies of choice! Strike up a conversation! Most ladies prefer email as a way of correspondence, but you can always ask to make sure. Let her know what kind of experience you’re wanting and see if that’s something she would be able to deliver. Then think about what date you would like to set up an appointment with her and see if she’s available. Or, if you’d like to forgo the appointment route, you can always just show up at your chosen brothel (or multiple brothels!) and request a lineup or request a certain lady to meet you at the bar if she’s available. However, I always suggest setting up an appointment with your dream girl so you are guaranteed to meet her and that she’s waiting for you, and only you. 

Arrive at the brothel and negotiate a price and experience

Once you arrive at the brothel and are with your chosen lady, or ladies, you will then go to her room to negotiate the price for your experience. Due to Nevada law, us ladies are not allowed to quote or discuss pricing off of brothel property. That means all negotiations have to be done once you get here in our suites. But fear not! Most of us will work with any reasonable budget and our goal is to make it work! My best advice on this front is to determine what is most comfortable for you and your personal finances and we will try our best to work within your means. If you are looking for an experience that is more in depth, more time, or more activities such as an outdate or overnight, then that will take a more generous budget. Many ladies offer specials or packages that will make your budget go further, so don’t be shy to ask about this when you arrive. Just relax and enjoy your sex vacation! We are all very nice and just want to make this a great time with you! 

Experience pure bliss

Now comes the part you’ve been waiting, dreaming, envisoning, and lusting about….so just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Ruby Rae

Ruby Rae

Graduate student and luxury companion Ruby Rae is a lovely and sophisticated young woman with a passion for film, yoga, reading, and traveling. Her favorite type of encounter is one that includes dinner, dessert, and time beneath the sheets.

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Sugar Dating: Let’s Stop Sugar-Coating Prostitution

Is being a sugar baby on a sugar dating site the same as being a prostitute? The short and most honest answer is absolutely, yes. Some sugar babies might circumvent this fact by saying that they are merely compensated for their time and companionship and not sex. I know this is true because in the past I, too, have confidently argued the same.

I am a sex worker, and now a legal prostitute at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Mound House, Nevada. Formerly, however, I have identified as a “sugar baby,” and I was a highly successful one at that. Through my sugar lifestyle, I could pay for college and further studies, travel the world and experience luxuries. I embodied and reveled in being a spoiled-rotten sugar baby, and thus I do not make my claim from ignorance but rather from several years of experience.

Yes, there are some sugar relationships that are not based upon sex; the same is true for some relationships with legal prostitutes and their clients. As legal prostitutes, all things that we do, or do not do, are declared and negotiated. As a legal prostitute, I have been paid to share in an innocuous bubble bath session with a man, and then take a nap—no sex, just “time and companionship.” We are not always compensated for sex, just like sugar babies are not. Thankfully, my sugar experiences were mostly all positive but that is not a presumption that I am at all smarter, nor necessarily took better precautions, than others with unfortunate experiences; I was just lucky.

Bobbi Besos from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

While I am grateful and privileged to have had many positive sugar experiences, the unfortunate reality is that not all aspiring sugar babies do. Negative sugaring-related scenarios such as the tragic death of murdered Google executive Forrest Hayes seem rare, but only because the disheartening experiences many sugar daddies and sugar babies have had are often not publicized. Few people are as brave as my Bunny Ranch colleague Alex, who revealed her sugar-dating horror story this past September. 

Online platforms such as Seeking Arrangement, which host millions of eager sugar babies and sugar daddies/mommies, are simply pimping schemes that admit no responsibility for their users’ safety. The legal distinctions that separate sugar babies and illegal prostitutes are flimsy, and sugar websites get away with offering what they do by promoting the fantasy that sugaring is so entirely different from prostitution when it is exactly that—prostitution. Further, the way such websites market their quasi-innocence is the same way an illegal escorting service or company works: if the “Daddy” takes the “baby” on a “date” for an “agreed upon” “allowance”, then whatever “adult activities” that occur afterwards in the bedroom between consenting adults is their own business—which is indeed true. My intent is not at all to judge what is normal and natural for us all. EVERYBODY has sex, and someone is always paying for it in some way. I get it; sugaring is an enticing route for young women, particularly students like me, and I have done it. The distinct problem with sugar websites is that they overtly promote a farce and take no responsibility when things go awry, consequently rendering all parties involved infinitely vulnerable.

Former sugar baby Bobbi Besos

Perhaps the reason why sugar dating websites are so popular is because people are more comfortable with euphemistic terms such as “sugar” instead of “transaction,” and “sugar baby” instead of “prostitute.” The legal Nevada brothel system, conversely, is designed for everybody’s safety: sex workers are tested weekly for diseases, and must identify as legal prostitutes and obtain a sheriff’s card within their working county. Equally, legal prostitutes work in a safe environment and may choose to turn away absolutely any client they do not wish to entertain. Everything is unequivocally transparent for both legal sex workers and clients. Legal prostitution—besides being legal—is structured, regulated, and the wholly empowering option for young women and their clients, and keeps us all safer.

Maybe the phenomenon of sugar dating speaks to a larger issue about society’s lack of acceptance of prostitution, an inevitable social situation that permeates every city in the world and will never go away. Because prostitution is scorned by the status quo, despite being ubiquitous, it allows savvy but morally questionable business persons to take advantage of ways to sugar-coat the unlawful sex industry and shrewdly dodge law enforcement. If people just accepted sex-for-money as a social norm, prostitution would be legal everywhere in the USA and brothels wouldn’t be limited to the rural areas of Nevada — and there would be no need for sugar dating. 

When I realized and accepted the truth of exactly what I was doing, I delighted in my own self-honesty and self-discovery and admitted to myself exactly who I am: an intelligent, well-travelled, and well-educated young woman who happens to work as a prostitute. I decided my safety is paramount. Regarding my work, I chose to proceed in a legal and safe direction to continue to be successful. I am much happier working legally in a Nevada brothel than navigating the grey sugar world. Most importantly, I no longer lie to myself and I take greater pride in everything I do and represent, with a complete understanding of myself, my goals, and the clients I see.

Bobbi Besos

Bobbi Besos

University of Nevada, Reno graduate student Bobbi Besos is a self-described "natural nymphomaniac." A highly coveted VIP companion sought after by men, women, and couples, Bobbi is currently taking bookings as a premier companion at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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Your First Brothel Visit — A Few Things to Know

Welcome to America’s Red Light District! If you’re someone who is visiting a legal brothel for the first time, it would be my pleasure to explain how it all works! To start with- we aren’t just one brothel, but several neighboring establishments throughout Nevada, all owned by respected sex entrepreneur Dennis Hof. This way, you have not just a wide selection of ladies, but a vast choice of facilities too! We have the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the Sagebrush Ranch, the Kit Kat Ranch, and the Love Ranch. Down south near Las Vegas we have the Love Ranch South and the Alien Cathouse. Each location has its own unique decor, themed rooms, and amenities.

Alice Little is one of the hundreds of legal prostitutes available at America’s Red Light District…

We’re incredibly proud to offer a diverse group of ladies from around the world. With hundreds of licensed and legal courtesans available, you will have no problems finding your perfect match! We have ladies that specialize in a wide range of activities: Couples, Virgins, The Girlfriend Experience, and BDSM are all common party requests that our ladies can fulfill with ease. From fetish to fantasy- we’ve got it all! This is your chance to cut loose, fulfill some bucket list items, and have a new sexual encounter. Our ladies are licensed professionals- as part of the process to be employed at the ranch, we must visit the doctor each week, to ensure that we are free from any and all sexually transmitted diseases. All available ladies must be cleared by the doctor as std/sti-free before being allowed to work. Additionally we must submit our information to a background check in order to receive our legal license to work. You can relax, knowing that our ladies are healthy, safe, and eager to spend time with you!

The Girlfriend Experience, or GFE, is a romantic rendezvous with a sex worker in which the courtesan provides companionship on a deeper, emotionally intimate level. Often, the client and courtesan get to know one another through dating and extended vacationing throughout Nevada.

When you first enter one of our brothels, you’ll be greeted by a Line Up. This is your opportunity to see the currently available ladies, and choose one to spend time with! From there, you’ll get a tour of the location so you can see all the fun amenities available for our pleasure. Did you know that you can mix and match ladies from different ranches? You can always create a custom threesome by choosing 2 ladies from different locations to party together in your location of choice! We have made it comfortable and easy for you to explore, enjoy, and indulge. Be sure to ask your lady about threesome options while on your tour! The final stop on your tour will be the ladies bedroom. Each lady has a personal room, which she is able to decorate to suit her own style. You’ll get a great sense of the girls personality based on her room decor.

A Line Up at a brothel is when all of the available courtesans literally line up in front of a customer, so that the potential client can choose the lady that he or she would like to speak with.

The next step is the Negotiation. Since all of us ladies are independent contractors, you won’t find a list of prices. Instead you’ll get to have a conversation with the lady in regards to the services you’re interested in, how long you’d like to spend with the lady, etc. The sky is the limit! Interested in having a snow bunny to go skiing in Tahoe with? We can talk about an out date and venture off the property together for some recreational fun. Prefer to fall asleep with company, and wake up to breakfast and a blowjob in bed? Done. Each encounter is different, bespoke to your desires. One element to the negotiation to keep in mind is the D.C., or “dick check.” During the D.C., the lady will inspect your genitals to ensure that you’re healthy and ready to play! Once you’ve come to an agreement and passed the D.C., you’ll then head to our booking office.

The booking office is where all financial transactions are handled. We use a discrete billing system out of respect for your privacy. Cash, Debit, and Credit are all available options. Each location also has an ATM available if needed! Your information will be protected and kept secure, so you can focus on all the fun you’re going to have! The lady will also get sheets for the bed, and towels for the shower. After that, you’re off on an adventure! Feel free to stop at the bar on the way back to the bedroom to pick up a cold beverage to enjoy.

A “party” is an all-encompassing term that describes a negotiated experience shared by client and courtesan.

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch and it’s sister locations are the perfect place for an all-American sex vacation. It’s legal, safe, and incredibly fun! We invite you to join us for your first adventure, and make memories with us that will last a lifetime. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, age, or sexual experience. Our goal is to make all of our guests feel welcome and comfortable in our home. After your party, please feel free to relax in the parlor and mingle with the ladies. Throughout the week we have various activities you can participate in, such as our famous karaoke night! Be sure to check our message boards for upcoming events and parties. We look forward to having you as our guest, and helping to fulfill your desires!

Alice Little

Alice Little

Alice Little is a 4’8” red-headed cutie with a super-fit, all-natural body -- but don’t let her small stature deceive you. This friendly firebox is a pocket-sized sexual powerhouse with unparalleled lovemaking skills. A part-time girlfriend coveted by both men and women, Alice will make you feel right at home at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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To Faithful Men Who Chose Monogamy, But Not Celibacy

She’s the love of your life. She’s beautiful, and you always want her. But, lately, something has been missing… As much as you’d like to fulfill all your intimate desires with only her, and as much as she’d love to reciprocate, it’s just not possible right now. You’ve tried everything, and it’s not working. A part of you is slowly suffocating; you signed up for monogamy, not celibacy.

The physical repression has begun to take a toll on the rest of your relationship and your ability to care for her. You still have every intention to stay by her side to the very end, just as you always vowed, but you know that if you don’t start taking care of yourself, you won’t be able to continue being the partner she deserves. If only there were some way to seek the relief and comfort that you need to stay strong and supportive for her when she needs it most…

Amelia Heart from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada

I’ve recently encountered several clients who are happily married, in love and lust with their spouses, but, due to physical, neurological, or mental health limitations, their wives are unable to continue intimacy at the level they desire (if at all). Some prognoses are only temporary, while others may be permanent or terminal. These clients find that the inability to continue to express themselves in intimate ways leads to a core part of themselves becoming deprived, which is damaging the relationship and inhibits their ability to live up to what they promised as a faithful spouse.

I’d personally like to commend those who dig deep to consider what they were really committing to when it came to choosing to love and support one person for the rest of their lives — those who can think about what it means to “put your own oxygen mask on first” in order to take care of another. We all have needs as human beings, and sometimes truly caring for someone else means rethinking superficial constraints and choosing to transcend the physical boundaries that were enacted under different circumstances, when there were no limits on fulfilling intimate desires between partners.

I have to express great admiration for those clients who have reached out under these circumstances, because it goes against a lot of traditional understanding of what it means to be married and faithful to one’s partner. But, when intimacy isn’t possible with the one you love most in the world, the psychological devastation of denying that part of yourself altogether can undermine all other efforts to care for them.

Fortunately, a solution exists: we, the courtesans at the legal brothels in Nevada, are experienced in surrogate intimacy and can help to bridge this gap. We are here for emotional support, physical closeness, and friendship through these difficult times. While what sets us apart from other platonic support structures is the physical connection we provide, the psychological side effects of reconnecting with this part of oneself can be even more profound. One recent client stated to me in a private message, quoted with his permission:

“Within hours of calling the Bunny Ranch to book that first party […], I experienced a change in attitude, outlook, and the way I interacted with my family and friends. That is, just knowing relief was on the way precipitated a profoundly positive change, a few weeks ahead of my actually being at the ranches.”

If you are struggling with the challenges of being in a loving, committed relationship that no longer provides an outlet for sexual release, I invite you to consider the opportunity to find that outlet here in a safe, discreet way that supports your desire to care for your partner in all other ways. Remind yourself what it was like to experience all the physical pleasures; I promise I won’t take offense if you find yourself thinking about her the whole time you are with me. In fact, I hope that you do.

Amelia Heart

Amelia Heart

A slender, all-natural brunette, Amelia Heart is a confident, compassionate, and open-minded woman seeking to share all the vitality and spirit of life, of which sensuality and sexuality are such important components. She is currently seeing clients at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat brothel near Reno, Nevada.

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