To Faithful Men Who Chose Monogamy, But Not Celibacy

She’s the love of your life. She’s beautiful, and you always want her. But, lately, something has been missing… As much as you’d like to fulfill all your intimate desires with only her, and as much as she’d love to reciprocate, it’s just not possible right now. You’ve tried everything, and it’s not working. A part of you is slowly suffocating; you signed up for monogamy, not celibacy.

The physical repression has begun to take a toll on the rest of your relationship and your ability to care for her. You still have every intention to stay by her side to the very end, just as you always vowed, but you know that if you don’t start taking care of yourself, you won’t be able to continue being the partner she deserves. If only there were some way to seek the relief and comfort that you need to stay strong and supportive for her when she needs it most…

Amelia Heart from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada

I’ve recently encountered several clients who are happily married, in love and lust with their spouses, but, due to physical, neurological, or mental health limitations, their wives are unable to continue intimacy at the level they desire (if at all). Some prognoses are only temporary, while others may be permanent or terminal. These clients find that the inability to continue to express themselves in intimate ways leads to a core part of themselves becoming deprived, which is damaging the relationship and inhibits their ability to live up to what they promised as a faithful spouse.

I’d personally like to commend those who dig deep to consider what they were really committing to when it came to choosing to love and support one person for the rest of their lives — those who can think about what it means to “put your own oxygen mask on first” in order to take care of another. We all have needs as human beings, and sometimes truly caring for someone else means rethinking superficial constraints and choosing to transcend the physical boundaries that were enacted under different circumstances, when there were no limits on fulfilling intimate desires between partners.

I have to express great admiration for those clients who have reached out under these circumstances, because it goes against a lot of traditional understanding of what it means to be married and faithful to one’s partner. But, when intimacy isn’t possible with the one you love most in the world, the psychological devastation of denying that part of yourself altogether can undermine all other efforts to care for them.

Fortunately, a solution exists: we, the courtesans at the legal brothels in Nevada, are experienced in surrogate intimacy and can help to bridge this gap. We are here for emotional support, physical closeness, and friendship through these difficult times. While what sets us apart from other platonic support structures is the physical connection we provide, the psychological side effects of reconnecting with this part of oneself can be even more profound. One recent client stated to me in a private message, quoted with his permission:

“Within hours of calling the Bunny Ranch to book that first party […], I experienced a change in attitude, outlook, and the way I interacted with my family and friends. That is, just knowing relief was on the way precipitated a profoundly positive change, a few weeks ahead of my actually being at the ranches.”

If you are struggling with the challenges of being in a loving, committed relationship that no longer provides an outlet for sexual release, I invite you to consider the opportunity to find that outlet here in a safe, discreet way that supports your desire to care for your partner in all other ways. Remind yourself what it was like to experience all the physical pleasures; I promise I won’t take offense if you find yourself thinking about her the whole time you are with me. In fact, I hope that you do.

Amelia Heart

Amelia Heart

A slender, all-natural brunette, Amelia Heart is a confident, compassionate, and open-minded woman seeking to share all the vitality and spirit of life, of which sensuality and sexuality are such important components. She is currently seeing clients at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat brothel near Reno, Nevada.

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Let’s Fall for Each Other this Autumn

Autumn is my favorite time of the year! The air is crisp and the trees are brightly colored. Pumpkins adorn patios, and Halloween is just around the corner! I find fall to also be the most romantic time of the year.

As a licensed courtesan at Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch, I specialize in substantive and meaningful girlfriend experiences — and I’m always searching for ways that my lover and I can immerse ourselves in the most romantic scenarios imaginable, so that we can both indulge in all of the wonderful aspects of our ongoing relationship. Here are my top 5 suggestions on how we can fall for each other this autumn!

1. Ghost Town Adventure

Let’s get away from the city and take a trip to a little town called Rhyolite! Once a famous mining town, this area is now home to only ghosts and abandoned buildings. Just you, me, and the scenic mountains behind us! I can’t think of a better place to get away for a romantic picnic.

2. A Walk in a Park

Arm in arm, let’s go for a stroll! We can walk along the riverside and skip rocks, chatting while we comfortably stroll along. The wind in our hair and sun on our faces sounds like heaven on earth. Let’s share our favorite stories, and get to know each other better.

3. Pajama Sleepover

The nights are getting cold and long- the perfect time of year for a sleepover party! Let’s wear pajamas and curl up together in front of the fireplace with a warm cup of tea. I’ll keep you warm all night long! In the morning we’ll have maple syrup pancakes- nothing’s better than breakfast in bed!

4. Halloween Spooktacular Ghost Hunting

No where is more haunted then Virginia City! Let me take you to my favorite haunted bar, where we can go on a world famous ghost hunt! When we’re done we can settle into Nevada’s oldest operating hotel, The Gold Hill Hotel, and have a bite to eat. With so many activities and sights to see, we can make a whole weekend adventure of our fall date!

5. Pumpkin Spice Everything!

PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) is the reason for the season — and it’s personally my favorite beverage! Pumpkin Spice everything is in this year. We can enjoy each other’s company over a hot, soothing beverage, and have some fun discovering what unique flavored products we can find! Bonus points for Pumpkin Spice flavored lube…

Alice Little

Alice Little

Alice Little is a 4’8” red-headed cutie with a super-fit, all-natural body -- but don’t let her small stature deceive you. This friendly firebox is a pocket-sized sexual powerhouse with unparalleled lovemaking skills. A part-time girlfriend coveted by both men and women, Alice will make you feel right at home at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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Couples — Let Me Be Your Sex Teacher!

There are many kinds of therapists. Some provide emotional support, some physical therapy, some instruct you in the positions of yoga, and so forth. I am what you might call an Intimacy Therapist. I will show you, as well as your wife or girlfriend, together or separately, how to add so much more affinity and affection to your sex life. No matter how long you’ve been lovers, and how successful and satisfying your love life has been, I can help you make it even better than you thought it could be.

Let’s start with foreplay. Simply put, it takes a woman’s body longer to get fully ready for sex. And some men have considered that fact to be a hindrance or an inconvenience. They get hard and horny fast, and a man can barely wait to penetrate his lady’s tight pussy and start stroking away madly. And it’s true that sometimes this method works for women too; it’s called “surprise sex,” and you often see it depicted in movies, with the amorous couple tearing themselves out of their clothing and flopping wildly on a bed. The woman’s head jerks back passionately as the man opens her legs and rams himself right in. They grunt and groan until their climaxes shake them. But the key to understanding how surprise sex works is that, usually, there has been a tremendous buildup of sexual tension between the couple beforehand. Their hearts are pounding, their blood is up, he’s rock-hard and she’s soaking wet where it counts. Surprise sex can be dirty fun, but it’s not always the way to go.

Randy Ryder from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Anyway, back to foreplay. It should be part of a man’s sexual education to learn how to tenderly handle a woman’s body, but although some men do very well at stimulating a woman’s sexuality, other men may lack knowledge of what to do, or need a refresher course. That’s where I come in—or, should I say, cum in. I have the experience of hundreds of sexual encounters with men and women. I can serve as your go-between to bring you together for astounding sex.

Our session will begin with disrobing. As we stand there naked, you, the man, will live the dream: two beautiful women, their breasts rising and falling with each breath, waiting for you to caress them all over. You can start with me or your lady friend, and I’ll show you tricks like how gently tickling a girl’s rib cage can make her nipples stiff, and how gently rubbing your palms over her erect nips can make her groan, her back arch, and her buttocks tighten. Your penis will rise like the sun in the morning. I’ll position you behind her body or mine, your dick resting in the crack of the ass. I’ll tell you to draw her or me close to you, close your eyes, and let your hands—and imagination—wander over the smooth, sensuous peaks and valleys of the female body. Think the pussy is the only sexual part? Think again. Draw in the scents of hair and skin. Stroke and kiss the neck. Run your fingers down the arms to the delicate hands. Cup and massage the boobies. Let them down gently and stroke the belly and circle the navel with a fingertip. Travel further south and pet the pubic hair. Feel its softness? Just below is the flower of desire. Stroke its lips, and let your middle finger find the clitoris. Gently massage it. It’s every woman’s hot button, her sex trigger. But it’s delicate, so don’t be rough.

I’ll ask you to perform these caresses on me and your lover. Neither of you should worry about jealousy. I’m here to bring you closer together, not drive you apart. After we complete the first part, I’ll get us girls up on the bed, on our backs or doggie style, but either way our pussies will be open and ready for finger-banging. I’ll be wet by now, but if your girl is still a little nervous and needs some help, I’ve got plenty of slippery lubricant for you to use on her. You’ll kneel between us, and slowly insert your middle and ring fingers into our pussies (that’s because those two fingers equal the size of most men’s cock shafts). We’ll all get a thrill, because when a woman’s getting ready for sex, her vaginal canal will lengthen and relax, ready to receive the penis. Sensing that lengthening—the pussy silently saying, “I want cock,” is one of the biggest thrills a man can experience.

Now, explore inside us with your fingers. There used to be a silly argument among doctors about whether clitoral or vaginal stimulation was more important to a woman’s pleasure and orgasm. The answer: They both work. A well-fingered box is the best sex toy you’ll ever experience. If you take the time to “really love that pussy,” you’ll see the erotic transformation that good men hope for—a woman gone crazy with lust, and eager to jack, lick, and deeply suck your cock like mad.

Maybe your girl will go first, gripping your joint and vacuuming it with her mouth, cock-hungry as hell. She’ll do amazing things with her lips and tongue, giving you so much pleasure you’ll think your eyes will roll back in your head. Or maybe I’ll go first, because I have learned enough oral techniques to bring a guy as close to shooting his load as possible, and ready to fuck. Your lady friend will watch as I service you, slurping your shaft greedily, getting that glazed look in the eyes of overwhelming horniness. Maybe she’ll join me in cock-worship, and you’ll feel like a king.

Then it will be time to fuck. When two well-prepared women take control of your dick, you’ll think you’ve come under the spell of goddesses drunk with erotic power. We will ride you hard, pumping our pussies up and down wildly; we will get up on all fours, beg you to stick it inside us balls-deep and ram away like a man-machine; and, when you’re ready, your lady will gasp, “Cum in me! Cum in me now!” and you’ll feel the most incredible buildup of preorgasmic tension until you suddenly ejaculate so much cum your anus will contract, your cock will pump stream after stream—You will be completely drained, sweaty, and faint with happy exhaustion.

I’ve given so many of my clients memories like this to share, and new sex skills to enjoy at home. I’m Randy Ryder—why not make me part of your Wild West experience?

Randy Ryder

Randy Ryder

A sexy, blue-eyed, big-booty brunette with a great smile and a warm personality, Randy Ryder is the VIP companion who specializes in being your secret girlfriend. Randy is currently a full-time dream-maker at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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The Pleasure of Pegging


Do you know what it means?! If you do — yay! if not, no worries! Any place surrounding me counts as a safe space and ya girl here is here to help! No such thing as judgement or shame here with li’l Doomy!

Pegging is the term for when a woman uses a strap-on to indulge a man anally, stimulating and pleasing his mythical and also very real, prostate gland.

Now ya girl doesn’t wanna get too medical, but I have to for just a hot second — then it’ll get real sexy, I promise!

Draven Star from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada

So — are you a touch nervous about taking it up the butt? SAME. Same with a lot of people! Trust me when I tell you that with enough time, patience, lube and trust – it can be and is amazing. Remember the first time with vajay sexings? Kiiiiind of like that, but for some people it takes longer – boys and girls! Here, we’re talking about the boys, though…

Hear me out – I know I can be the “wild child” porn star but I will let y’all in on a secret. The very first time I had a P in my B was ON CAMERA (Joanna’s Angels 3) so I might be a little crazy but I feel that my experience helps with providing a safe environment, as well as giving some advice for preparation. if you touch the stove, you can get burned – you feel me? Trust and believe that your fav goth slut has all the knowledge you want!

So! Boring stuff first (I think the boring stuff is hot buuuuut that isn’t everyone)! Basics, safety, logistics and prep – in no particular order cause I tend to bounce around…

First off – CONSENT! Make sure everyone is down for the butt party or things get real un-fun real quick.

ALSO – before I get too into prep and stretching I want y’all to know that spit and lube are all that should be going in ya buttholes. Coconut oil clogs pores, and anal numbing creams are a real easy way to get hurt or torn. Getting torn in the b-hole takes a very long and un-fun length of time to heal. Just go slow. Please please please. I care so much about your b-hole even if you don’t! You only get one! Be sweet to it!

Consider this – if you are numbed, you don’t know if you are experiencing pleasure — or pain! Sooo just invest in lube and some grown and sexy tunes. Like, who doesn’t love long sexy sessions? Something about a tortoise and a hare? Finishing is cool but the run is where all the fun lives!

Logistics! Done!

Prep! Go!

So! Your body is yours and boys are fancy but this is what has worked for me!

If I know Im gonna get weird in the butt, the day beforehand, I pay a lot of attention to what I eat. I try to stay away from anything too fatty or drink too much; I also keep my portions to the size of my palm and stop eating solid foods around 5-6 PM.


Enemas aren’t scary! Just PLEASE DUMP OUT THE SALINE AND REFILL THAT THANG WITH WATER. The fluid that comes in enemas is designed to make you wanna, ya know….mondo duke. NOW!!!!! If your butt plans are a surprise and you wake up early but aren’t getting weird until the evening – maybe don’t dump the saline haha! It all depends on how YOUUU and your sweet sweet b hole are feeling.

NOW ITS TIME TO GET WEIRD AND SEXY. (About fucking time, right? Jesus Draven, maybe stop talking about how much you care about my butthole for like 30 seconds?!)


Since you’ve gotten this far in my li’l tale, I will take this moment to say that there is nothing ‘queer’ or ‘homo’ or ‘faggy’  or any other slur about wanting an internal orgasm as a man. AND I AM QUEER SO Y’ALL CAN BELIEVE ME.

Do what feels good – and boys, this feels reaalllll good.

So, like I mentioned before, the prostate gland is how dudes can have internal orgasms. This. Shit. Is. Lit. Not all women can have internal orgasms, but as one that can – trust me when I tell you that you want one. Or five.

Lube is fun and important! Showers are cool but water isn’t lube. Take the plastic curtain off of your ish, lay it on your bed and that is a KILLER start.

I usually tell girls to play with their pussies or clits but y’all have different parts! Jerking off in that sweet way that keeps you hard but not cumming (you fucking know!) is the best way to loosen ya’self up. Personally, I adore watching a dude jerk off so please make sure you ain’t being shy.

Breathe deep and go slow. Put on your favorite jam and let passion take over. Sooner than you know it, you’ll be feeling some shit you never thought you’d feel before and taking more than you thought you ever could.

When you start to feel funny, don’t hold back. When women are fitting to have g-spot orgasms, they low key feel like they are gonna pee. When they don’t hold back, squirting happens. Y’all love squirting. We love watching y’all cum real hard. It’s all relative and beautiful.

You will probably have one of the most intense orgasms as well as one of the biggest loads of your life — who doesn’t want that? I want that! I love pleasing a man and watching the different faces he can make – to see how much I can make him sweat and beg for me to do more for him. Have him grinding against me, aching for me to grind against and eventually penetrate to please him. Make him chant my name, the name of his chosen deity and then in turn make me never forget his. This is my goal in every party, but something about a man being this vulnerable and open makes me drip so much more (though I tend to get extraordinarily wet as it is…).

Sound interesting? Feel free to come visit me at the Sagebrush Ranch, or email me for more info! I love humans and all of their different facets and shapes and smells — and questions!

Draven Star

Draven Star

Also known as the "Doom Doll," AVN and Inked award-winning porn star Draven Star is the kinky Girl Next Door you’ve been lusting after all your life. She currently offers the finest in Girlfriend, Porn Star, and Kink experiences at Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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I’m a Fitness and Fornication Fanatic

I love inspiring people and making them feel great. You might call me a sexual life coach, because I believe that good sex and good health are perfect together. All my life, I’ve felt that exercise is good for mind and body, because the combination of the two—a naughty imagination and a fit, toned body—makes for the best, happiest sex. Good sex is as necessary to a well-lived life as healthy eating, and it’s made me a firecracker in the bedroom. Whether you engage me at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch for afternoon delight or an erotic evening, take me for an outdate at a fine area restaurant (I’m a major foodie), or engage my company for a week’s worth of sex, fun, fascinating conversation, and adventure, you’ll enjoy an experience that you’ll remember forever.

Lana West from Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch
Lana West from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Have a look at my pictures and let your mind wander. Wouldn’t you like to play a few sets of tennis with a strong and confident New York City girl standing there in her flouncy skirt, coyly blowing bubble gum while she checks you out? You’ve watched lots of hot women tennis stars chasing balls around clay or grass courts on TV, and you’ve wondered, What would it be like to feel those muscular legs and arms wrapped around me while I plunge my cock deep into that tight, toned pussy? Well, that girl in the picture is going to make your daydream come true. Maybe she doesn’t have panties on under that short skirt that she’s teasingly lifting just a bit. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of her pretty bush as you play your game.


What she does have is a strong serve. She whacks that ball across to you, making you work up a good sweat as you and she hit back and forth, scrambling all over the court to catch and return that ball. You notice something happening to your body; you’re not growing tired from all the exercise, you’re getting more and more horny. It’s that agile beauty across the court from you. After you finish your tennis game, the sex games will begin. You hurry to complete the last set because it’s a little difficult chasing around with a stiff erection bouncing around your shorts. And then you get hornier, because that brunette partner of yours can see your bulge, and she likes it.


When you end your game, she crosses over to you, towels off your sweat and hers, and gives your bulge a gentle but definite squeeze. “I think we need to take a shower,” she coos, and you nod. After a short walk, you’re in her room, both of you tossing off your clothes on the floor, and entering the walk-in shower. You’ve still got your hard-on, because I, Lana, have a beautiful hard body—not an ounce of fat anywhere. “Looks like your buddy needs a good soaping-up,” I say, enjoying your penile praise of my nakedness.


I turn on the warm water, grab the handheld sprayer, adjust the flow to a fine mist, and aim it straight at your cock, running the water up the shaft, and soaking your pubic hair. Hanging up the sprayer, I squeeze some liquid soap into my palms, and slowly massage your tool from head to base. While it’s still soapy, I hug you close and French-kiss you deeply. You can feel my pussy rubbing your dick. You want to stick it in me so much—but not yet. I step back, rinse off your cock and balls, then bend down and slide your cock into my mouth for a deep-throat experience like you’ve never had in your life.


After a few minutes, I pop you out of my mouth, turn around, grab a wall handle, and bend forward. My pussy is spread wide open and ready for you. You clutch my thighs, aim, and slip that bad boy into me, to the hilt. So what’s it like to fuck a girl who keeps herself in excellent shape? Better than you ever imagined. My pussy is so fucking tight, and so supple that I’m able to massage the full length of your cock with its muscles. After a few minutes’ ecstatic pumping, I tell you to stick a thumb in my ass “because that makes my pussy grind on you even more.” You’ve never been fucked like this ever, have you?


Your howls of delight echo off the walls of the shower, and I’m screaming, too, as our climaxes approach critical point. Seconds before you shoot, I pull your raging member out of me, and jack you off all over my breasts. “Game, set, match, honey,” I say. “OOOOHHH,” is all you can manage to answer.


But don’t worry. Your time with me is just beginning, and there will be many more pleasures to follow, because I’ve got the stamina that a lifetime of sex and sports have given me. One thing’s for sure: You’ll never think of tennis the same way again.

Lana West

Lana West

A hot New York City babe with class and sass, Lana West is the sex goddess that will take you beyond even your wildest wet dream. Miss West is currently a premier GFE companion at Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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Most Common Sex Worker Stereotypes

In mid-August I was randomly checking my Twitter feed and I noticed a significant amount of my brothel colleagues enraged over a recent episode of the Showtime series, Ray Donovan. In the episode titled “Las Vegas” some of the main characters find themselves headed to a legal Nevada brothel after one of the characters had an encounter with a prostitute who ended up stealing a precious ring from him. Two of the main characters pose as a couple who are wanting BDSM services from said prostitute. They end up tying the working girl to a chair and threatening her with extreme violence if she does not return the ring. The working girl tells them where the ring is and the two characters leave the brothel. Many of my fellow coworkers in the Nevada brothels were discussing how the episode was not an accurate portrayal of first, working girls in brothels, and second, what the brothel experience is like when a client comes here. I, myself, was also enraged and disappointed in the show’s writers for representing sex workers as thieves and dishonest human beings.

Negative or inaccurate portrayals of sex workers and sex work are not new in the entertainment business. I’ve taken the time here to go through what other tropes Hollywood likes to put on sex workers and why these tropes are a problem to us and our industry.

"Pretty Woman" Ruby Rae from Dennis Hof's Love Ranch North near Reno, Nevada
“Pretty Woman” Ruby Rae from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North near Reno, Nevada

Damsel in Distress or Needing to be “Saved”

(Examples – Pretty Woman, Moulin Rouge!, or really any sex worker character in a movie that does not have feminist ideals)

The damsel in distress trope is often put on women in Hollywood movies. Women in most societies are seen as the “weaker” sex and “need” strong, brave men to save them from the struggles of life. Unfortunately, our society also sees sex workers, especially prostitutes, as the ultimate damsel in distress situation. This is because there are many people who don’t believe that sex work is an occupational choice that women can make with a sane mind. We are labeled as women who choose sex work because we are damaged, weak, or desperate. This is certainly not the case at all for many women who work in the Nevada legal brothels. I personally chose this job because it allowed me to fund my undergraduate education without working a 40-hour work week in an office. Now, I have stayed in the business for going on five years while currently pursuing graduate school because it gives me the flexibility I need. I have also learned through this work that I adore and appreciate all the connections and intimate moments I share with my clients. There are so many women who love their sex work occupations, and Hollywood has a hard time showing that with any prostitute character. A lot of us don’t need or want to be saved at all.


Hooker with the Heart of Gold or “Tart with a Heart”

(Examples – Pretty Woman, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Moulin Rouge!)

Sure, we all like movies where the characters are lovable and charismatic, but the problem with movies that portray a prostitute as being the Hooker with the Heart of Gold is that it sometimes comes across as a perspective of sex work that has been shown through rose colored glasses. Whether it’s because the main character falls in love with the client, or there is never a hard day at work, or the work is all glitz and glamour, this is not always the case for sex workers. Furthermore, the characters are shown as soft and good-natured women, but not necessarily strong women. They are often times shown as not being able to defend or take care of themselves. Most women I have met through this business are very liberated and self-sufficient women – that’s why we like this job because it allows us to be independent contractors. Hollywood depicting female sex workers as only having those stereotypical female characteristics (such as nice, kind, soft, warm), is a disservice to all the strong and independent female sex workers in the real world.


On Drugs or Sells Services for Drugs

(Examples – Requiem for a Dream, The Basketball Diaries)

Drug addiction is a serious problem all over the world, but there are many Hollywood movies that showcase sex workers having a drug problem, whether they are main characters in the movie, or just background characters. It’s a nasty stereotype that drug addiction and sex work go hand in hand. I am not trying to claim that there are not women (and men) in this industry who have addiction problems, but most research that is done on drug use in relation to sex work is done using data collected from street work prostitution, which only makes up about 10% of all types of prostitution (others being brothels, agencies, independent escorts, etc.). The drug addicted sex worker trope is not only disrespectful, but Hollywood should aim to break away from something that is terribly overused.


Sex Trafficking or Sex Slaves or Underage Sex Workers

(Examples – Taken, Taxi Driver, Blue Velvet)

There is a moral panic about sex trafficking in the United States right now. While sex trafficking has always been an issue, there is a societal focus on it currently because of media attention. While I and many other sex workers care about this issue deeply (I participated in anti-sex trafficking movements and organizations for a whole year in 2016), many feminists, media outlets, and anti-prostitution activists do not differentiate between forced entry into prostitution and women who have chosen this line of work with complete autonomy.

Unfortunately, Hollywood has followed this path in the past by choosing to focus on women characters who are either forced into prostitution by being kidnapped, women who are actual “sex slaves” not by choice, or under-aged girls who are engaged in prostitution. In a Nevada legal brothel, the ladies have to be over the age of eighteen, and in some counties twenty-one. We are only sex slaves if that is a part of a specific roleplay fantasy that is agreed upon by both lady and client, and we are certainly not forced into doing this by anyone, since we are the ones who have to sign the paperwork with our own signatures. Furthermore, there are many documentaries about sex trafficking that is happening all around the world, and while I agree that we should all be educated on what’s going on around us, even when we are not affected directly by it, I wish there were more documentaries on the positive side of sex work. Instead of showcasing prostitution as only something ugly, bad, and evil, there should be equal amounts shown that tell the stories of the women, and men, who thrive in this line of work.

Ruby Rae

Ruby Rae

Graduate student and luxury companion Ruby Rae is a lovely and sophisticated young woman with a passion for film, yoga, reading, and traveling. Her favorite type of encounter is one that includes dinner, dessert, and time beneath the sheets.

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 The Risky Business of Sugar Dating Websites

I was fairly new to the sex industry when I started at the Bunny Ranch in 2010. I had worked as a webcam model for about a year before working up the nerve to email Madam Suzette, the legal brothel’s general manager, and do my first tour as a licensed sex worker. Webcam model being a clever euphemism for “girl who will get naked and do what you ask of her” on the internet. That’s the thing about euphemisms; they’re used to soften a term that would generally be considered embarrassing or harsh. There are a lot of euphemisms for prostitutes: call girl, courtesan, working girl, escort, etc. Even though it may be a controversial position to take, I’d add another term to that list: sugar baby.

I spent over four years at the Bunny Ranch before I decided to sign up on a popular sugar dating website. Although I loved working at the ranch, I found it increasingly difficult to explain the long periods of time that I was spending away from my home in the Midwest. The idea of maintaining a good income locally while continuing to work in an ostensibly legal manner appealed to me. My work as a legal prostitute caused me to approach the sugar baby game with a skeptical but open mind. I’m a girl who likes her research so I read a lot of the rhetoric arguing that being a sugar baby isn’t the same as prostitution. Every single argument made me a little angry as they all revolved around total misconceptions of sex workers; i.e. we’re uneducated, have no goals or other options, and the one that bothered me the most: that, unlike sugar babies, we don’t have real affection for our clients. I have a number of long-term clients that I care very much for.

All of that aside, I was willing to see for myself if being a sugar baby felt any different. The reality was simply that it didn’t. Another supposed distinction that I had read was that sugar relationships aren’t transactional, but from the very start that wasn’t my experience. Each conversation with prospective sugar daddies took the same predictable course. After taking a little time to get to know each other the talk would always lead to a negotiation of what my “allowance” would be and how much time my suitor would get in return. Every single man I spoke with made sure to inquire if sex was part of the equation. If that’s not transactional then I literally don’t know the meaning of that word.

Alex Page from Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch
Alex Page from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

While my experience in both worlds left me feeling like there was little distinction between the two, there is one fundamental area where they differ, and that is safety. The single most dangerous propaganda that sugar sites use to convince women that this isn’t prostitution is telling them that sugar daddies understand that sex isn’t a guarantee. I learned the hard way that this isn’t so. The man I eventually met with lived in a small town about thirty minutes away from me. After a few phone calls I decided that I would drive out and meet him for dinner. It was an odd experience. I love to laugh, and he was pretty humorless. His secretary was with him, and he explained this by stating that she would be who I would contact if I ever needed a dress for an event or reservations for travel. Halfway through dinner his pastor joined us, and I sat there uncomfortably while they discussed a charity run they were organizing. I left the dinner thinking he seemed like an eccentric but decent guy who I wasn’t sure I’d want to enter into a long-term arrangement with. I did agree to meet him once more the following week.

When it came time for our second date I tried to call and cancel because my car was in the shop. Against my better judgement, I agreed to let him pick me up with the caveat that I would not be staying with him. When he picked me up he handed me a reloadable AmEx card and said he’d put half of the weekly amount I expected onto it. I told him that it wasn’t necessary as we were still getting to know each other. He insisted and said to keep it just for having dinner with him. He ended up taking me to the same restaurant, and afterwards he said he wanted to stop by his house to check on his dogs. It made me nervous, but when he asked if I wanted to come in and see them I said that I did. I guess I let my guard down when I was greeted by two little teacup yorkies. After I sat on his couch and started playing with them, he came and sat next to me. I didn’t think anything of it until he started rubbing my shoulders.

I tensed up and told him that I should be getting home. When he didn’t stop I moved to get up, and that’s when he grabbed me roughly by the hair and pulled me towards him. I yelled for him to stop. He reminded me of the AmEx card and told me he was going to get what he paid for. In the end, he did. After he dragged me to his bedroom, he took what he wanted, and when it was all over he went to sleep. I spent the rest of the night on his couch cursing myself for being so stupid. In the end, I knew what happened wasn’t my fault, but it’s also fair to say that I had made some crucial mistakes. After an excruciating ride home with him the following morning, I immediately deleted my profile on the website, and blocked his number. The AmEx card didn’t make me feel any better about what had happened, but I did feel even worse when I found out that the balance on it was zero.

People who know me and what I went through were concerned when I decided to come back to the Bunny Ranch. They wondered how I could return to this line of work after what I had gone through. For me, the answer is simple. I love men, and I love sex. I’ve always been passionate about and enjoyed the services I provide, and one awful encounter hasn’t changed that. In fact, it’s only made me a stronger advocate for practicing sex work in a safe and legal environment. And that goes both ways. For every horror story of women seeking sugar, there are just as many for the men providing the sweets. If a sugar daddy is married, he has no way of knowing if he’s embarking on an arrangement that will lead him to bringing a sexually transmitted disease home to his wife. Speaking of wives, I had a conversation with a potential sugar daddy who was wary of meeting because his previous baby contacted his spouse when he ended her allowance. The worst story of all made national news when a Google executive was murdered by a sugar baby he met on a sugar dating website.

In telling my story, it’s not my intention to put down or to terrify the numerous women who, like me, gravitated to sugar dating in an attempt to make better lives for themselves. I know that there are many women who have had positive experiences as independent escorts, call girls, or as sugar babies — and that there are a lot of online resources to help connect potential clients and illegal prostitutes, like sugar dating websites. But, as I mentioned earlier, the bottom line is that “sugar dating” is a euphemism for “prostitution,” and prostitution is an unregulated and illegal industry throughout most of the United States. Unlike in a licensed Nevada brothel, there is no legislation ensuring for the safety and health of the young women and men who connect via sugar dating websites. I learned the hard way that no one had my back as a sugar baby, and that I was totally alone and vulnerable with out any industry standards or practices to support me.

It’s unfortunate that Nevada is currently the only State where sex workers can practice their profession in a safe, discreet, healthy, and regulated environment. If a Bunny Ranch was located just outside my Midwest home, I would have avoided one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Alex Page

Alex Page

A sophisticated companion from the American Midwest offering an exquisite Girlfriend Experience to discerning men, women, and couples; Alex Page is a licensed courtesan currently available at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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The Sexiest Secretary You’ll Ever Meet!

I really love men and women who work in executive positions. They’re ambitious, dynamic people, they’re confident, and they’re worldly and sophisticated like me. I love to offer them my special fantasy role-play: the Sexy Secretary.

Before I came to the Love Ranch, I worked as an executive assistant. I was young, beautiful, and smart (still am!) and these qualities won me opportunities to work for—and sleep with—some outstanding businesspeople. With more women now in positions of authority, life was great for a bisexual woman like me. When you swing both ways, pleasing clients means more than merely taking notes at meetings. It means the joy of licking or finger-banging another woman to a back-arching, screaming orgasm, as well as sucking a man to his maximum stiffness, then raising my skirt, laying across a desk, feeling my wet panties slipped off by eager male hands, and being deeply penetrated by a rock-hard cock that won’t quit until it fills me up with warm jets of cum. (Yes, folks, I take dick-tation!)

Farrah Banks from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada

If you ask to “take a meeting” with me at the Love Ranch, or take me out for an evening or overnight date, we can collaborate on a sexy-secretary fantasy together, because I’ve had lots of real-life, work-related sexual experiences to inspire our creativity. Here’s one particularly memorable episode from my “resume” that should tickle your fancy:

As an EA, I got so busy that I needed my own helper to keep up with paperwork and filing, so my boss approved a new hire. I chose a girl named Shari who was bright, organized, and very sociable, which helped a lot when we were scheduling travel and conferences for the very demanding doctors and lawyers who used our meeting-planning company. One day, I discovered to my everlasting delight that Shari’s special social skills would lead to one of the most spectacular nooners I’ve ever enjoyed—and a threesome, too!


We had a lunch date with an attorney named William who needed help planning travel and accommodations for a series of lectures. I was looking forward to meeting him. On the phone, he had a deep, resonant voice, like an expert speechmaker would, and I wondered if a handsome face matched that beautiful voice.


It did. He was very good-looking, fit, in his mid-40s, with a large, luxurious corner office in his law firm. Shari and I were supposed to meet with him there, with a catered lunch sent in. When we arrived, he asked me to close his office door, and shut the blinds on his windows, “So we won’t be disturbed.” This request gave me a strange thrill. Clients didn’t usually ask for that much privacy. I could see something “interesting” might develop, because Shari gave me a knowing wink. We completed our business with William rather quickly. I learned that Shari knew him from an earlier job. Just how well, I would shortly find out.

We made small talk as we ate lunch. When we finished, Shari stood up, collected our food containers, placed them in the trash, and then sat down on one side of the office’s large leather couch—big enough for three people. She patted the place next to her, and said, “C’mon, Billy, time for some fun now.”


“Billy”? That seemed pretty casual, but William rose to his feet, smiling broadly, saying to me, “I hope you’ll join Shari and me as we, ah, seal the deal.” He removed his shoes and his dress shirt, tie, pants, and underwear, while Shari slipped off her spike-heeled pumps—“Fuck me” pumps—wriggled out of her tight, dressy jeans—she wasn’t wearing underwear—and slipped off her blouse and bra. She had the cutest bottom, her pussy hair was shaved, and her breasts were like ripe fruit.

I was still dressed, but not because I was opposed to joining their nakedness. I was staring, stunned, at the MMO (magnificent male organ), hard, steady, and strong, that Billy was displaying. He sat down next to Shari, and they kissed, her hand stroking his handsome cock, while I stripped down as fast as I could. “We’re here to please the client, right?” Shari asked. “Definitely!” I responded, adding “Why don’t you do Billy while I do you?” She nodded, slipped off the couch to her knees, gripped Billy’s shaft and started sucking him, offering her bare cunny to me. I got behind her, spread her pussy lips gently, and started licking her. The harder I tongued her, the harder she sucked him. I was sure anyone passing by in the hall could hear their loud moaning, but I didn’t care. This was our party.


Shari asked me to get a condom out of her purse. Ripping off the foil, she rolled it over Bill’s cockhead with her fingers, then used her mouth to finish applying it. She positioned herself over his lap, facing me, grasped and aimed his cock, and let it slide deep inside her pussy. They fucked that way for a while, rocking back and forth. “Thanks for getting me so wet!” Shari told me. I gently pinched her nipples, shaping them into swollen, pretty points. “Oh, shit! You’re making her pussy grip me so tight!” Billy gasped. Shari’s eyes rolled in ecstasy as she absorbed his powerful thrusts.


After a while, Shari lifted herself off Bill’s billy club (that’s how big it was). And I leaned in and sucked her sweet juices off his sheathed shaft. Then I got down on all fours, doggie-style, and asked Billy to ride me. He got down behind me, placed his cockhead at my pussy’s mouth, and slid himself ever so slowly into me. My body shook as he filled me up with every inch of his manhood. “OOOOHH!” I groaned as he snaked deep inside. “Sometimes the legal process just crawls along, like this, Farrah,” Billy said as he fucked me with exquisite smooth, slow strokes. “But then, it suddenly gets faster and faster, until a decision comes.” With that, he pumped me with gradually increasing speed until he was ramming himself rapidly in my puss, and both of us were approaching climax.

I felt his cock pulsate as he spurted inside me. When he was finished, he sat back on the floor, panting, his still-stiff dick still jerking with excitement, the condom full of his cum. “I think I need to have you two back for lunch often,” he smiled. And he did, several times.

All names in this post have been changed for confidentiality.

Farrah Banks

Farrah Banks

Sexy bombshell Farrah Banks is an erotic entertainer of mixed French and Mexican ancestry. An exotic companion for discerning gentlemen and couples, Farrah is currently a featured courtesan at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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The Cure for Curry Fever

Sex is one of the most enjoyable experiences we could engage in with one another. The radiating warmth of your body as we draw each other close. The soft touch of your lips as we kiss, our tongues dancing as your hands caress and squeeze my plump, firm bottom. The thrill of feeling your engorged member unfold out of your pants as I take you into my mouth and suck you until you’re good and ready for my hot, moist box. Getting my pussy pounded mercilessly by your throbbing shaft as you take me hard and we lose all sense of time and space in the raw rhythm of our fleshy friction, orgasms marvelously rolling one after another until you explode inside me and we settle into a lazy embrace. Oh yes, sex is a lot of fun!

But, for many people, sex can be more than simply an erotic spree or a stress relieving diversion. It can even have meaning beyond being the act through which we bring life into the world. For me, sex is an expression of defiance against personal repression and a rebellion against the cultural mores that have held me down for many years. For me, sex is freedom.

If you saw me when I was a young woman growing up in the Western United States, strolling through the neighborhood with my blue jeans and Chuck Taylors, you wouldn’t have thought me to be anything other than a typical American girl on her way home to enjoy a fridge full of hot pockets and the latest episode of Gilmore Girls. But my home life was quite different than the image I would publicly portray.

Aisha Shah from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Like many other full-blooded Pakistani-Americans, I grew up in an restrictive environment rife with traditional values and strict rules. Immediately upon arriving home from school, I would put on my shalwar kameez, covering me from ankle to wrist, and I would be immersed in a world of confining formality, where women are second class citizens and female bodies are considered a vulgar distraction.

Sex was confusing for me growing up. At school, I would hang out with the grandchildren of hippie baby boomers, who grew up in homes where smoking pot was the norm and adolescent sex was “no big deal.” In my household, sex was perceived as taboo, mysterious, even dangerous.

I looked different than most of the other girls in my high school. My brown skin and pure-blooded South Asian features made me stand out and many of the boys found me exotic and attractive. I had a lot of options for sex and, shortly after I turned 18, I took the opportunity to satisfy my urges and experiment. My boyfriends were always very respectful and generous. As my sex life blossomed, I learned to love my body and enjoy myself during sex. For me, having sex was the opposite of everything I was taught at home. It was beautiful and healthy and something to be celebrated rather than suppressed. 

After graduating high school, and as my relationship with my parents grew more and more strained, I left home and worked as a resume writer for a local job placement agency. I noticed that a strip club outside of my hometown would post openings on our job board every day, and I eventually became curious and titillated enough to audition for a position as an exotic dancer. I was hired on the spot. Shortly thereafter, I quit my job at the agency and began my career as a sex worker.


My time as an exotic dancer taught me that I had something that was very desirable. The manager called it “curry fever,” a fascination with women of Eastern descent shared by many men. I was the forbidden fruit, the alluring otherworldly sex object that men secretly lusted after. I discovered that I could use the sexual taboos of my culture to my advantage, and offer a naughty taste of a mystifying realm. My suiters were countless and my tips were considerable. 

Today, I’m a licensed courtesan at the Love Ranch North in Northern Nevada, offering the finest in sensual companionship to men, women, and couples seeking a sexually proficient and emotionally sympathetic lover. I love myself and I have no shame about what I do. I lust openly and I love freely. I also continue to use my ethnicity to my advantage in my work, and happily provide the cure for “curry fever.” But, more importantly, I understand what it’s like to have sexual hangups and to grow up in an environment that could lead to sexual insecurity. During my time in legal brothels, I’ve seen many clients that are dealing with deep-seated sex and relationship issues caused by a variety of social or cultural circumstances — issues that have prevented them from loving their bodies and truly enjoying a rich and fulfilling sex life. It’s my mission to help bring these clients out of their shell, and introduce them to an erotic world that really isn’t that mysterious or exotic…It’s just an open-minded, un-restraining, and non-judgmental place where people are allowed to be who they truly are.

Aisha Shah

Aisha Shah

A highly coveted sex goddess of South Asian descent, Aisha Shah is a premier companion at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch North near Reno, Nevada and Love Ranch South near Las Vegas.

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How Becoming a Working Girl Improved My Body Image

I consider myself a person of high self esteem with a very positive body image. I love my curvaceous figure and my soft, supple skin. I am an athletic, healthy, and shapely young woman with a great attitude, a lust for life, and an eagerness to explore what the future has to offer. Also, I’m sexy as hell and I know how to work my voluptuous body to amply and utterly please my numerous lovers.

However, I didn’t always feel this way about myself and my body. As an average, middle class girl growing up in the Western United States, I was subjected to the usual trials and tribulations of an American teenager. Being a little on the curvy side, I quickly noticed that I looked very different from the vast majority of girls portrayed on television, online, and in fashion magazines. I remember being in my early teens and picking up an issue of Teen Vogue with a picture of Emma Watson on the cover and a headline that said something like “Tips on what to wear if you’re curvy, short, thin, etc.” I remember paging through the magazine and getting very depressed because I realized that I wanted to be the lithe, slender Emma Watson type that’s pretty enough for the cover of the magazine and not the full-figured model in the middle of the book showing off the merits of fit and flare dresses.

Amber Adams from Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada
Amber Adams from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Like many young women, I became obsessed with my appearance and I spent more time than I should’ve looking at myself in front of a mirror and obsessing over every bulge and valley of my body — to the point where my “flaws” became exaggerated in my mind, and began to affect the way I perceived myself. When you’re young and susceptible to the pressures of society, a negative body image can make you feel as if you’re less than worthy of certain things because you can’t see yourself in empowering roles that are almost always portrayed in the media by women that don’t look like you. I began to have thoughts like, “Well, I should settle for this unfulfilling relationship or this crappy part-time job — after all, what more should a girl like me expect out of life.” I could never be “the star,” because women that look like me are the supporting characters.

Of course, you would never know that I had these hangups if you met me in high school. I had a bubbly personality, I received decent grades, I had healthy friendships, I dated, and I had the usual amount of moderately enjoyable sex. But there was always a barrier, an invisible and imaginary limitation that I put on myself no matter what I did in life. Like too many teenaged women on the cusp of adulthood, these negative thoughts about my body eventually got situated into my subconscious and became a part of me that was always present but barely perceptible, limiting my potential in every aspect of my life. 

Amber Adams Blue split

After high school I moved to the Pacific Northwest and I had my first taste of independence, which meant that I was dead broke and had to find a job to pay the bills ASAP. Although being a barista in several of the the seemingly unlimited coffee shops Seattle has to offer was a lot of fun and a great way to make new friends, it wasn’t long before I realized that I needed to get a higher paying job if I wanted to stay on my feet and save some money.

Several of the women I met at the coffee shop were sex workers of one sort or another, and they suggested I get involved in adult entertainment. At first I thought that this was something I could never do. I mean, I could never be a sex symbol. That role was for the girls who were on the magazine’s cover, not the fit and flare dress girls.

Fortunately, the need for cash superseded my personal hangups and I got involved with exotic dancing and adult videos. As I experimented more and delved deeper into the world of adult entertainment, something began to happen. People began to treat me like I was something extraordinary. I began to make more and more money and I received sexual offers from men and women alike. I was desired — someone to be exalted and revered. Someone that people would pay to experience an evening with. People wanted me — wanted my body. Slowly but steadily, the barriers that were preventing me from seeing myself as a beautiful, amazing, and absolutely worthy person were beginning to crumble.

AMBER (16)

By the time I decided to become a legal working girl at Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch in Nevada, so that I could offer intimacy and sensuality to my newfound suitors, the wall impeding me from loving myself was all but shattered. Through my work as a licensed courtesan, I learned that people lust after and crave a variety of body types — and I learned that what people see in magazines and what people long for and fantasize about when they close their eyes at night are often two very different things. I learned that we all have hangups of various sorts, and that it’s important to have someone in your life to be intimate with and to talk to about the things that prevent us from being the best people we could be and enjoying life to the fullest.

I’m having the time of my life (and the best sex of my life) and I never felt livelier or more desired. I feel like I’m on the cover of a magazine every day, and I can’t wait to make you feel that way too.

Amber Adams

Amber Adams

A curvy redheaded seductress, Amber Adams is the girl next door you just can't get enough of. This sexy Seattle native is currently entertaining clients at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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