Busting Sexual Myths: The Truth About Size And How It Matters (Or Doesn’t)

It’s time to debunk one of the most persistent myths about sexuality and relationships: the idea that penis size is worth worrying about!

It’s time to debunk one of the most persistent myths about sexuality and relationships: the idea that penis size is worth worrying about!

In this article, we’ll explore why this notion has persisted for so long and discuss the factors that truly contribute to a satisfying sexual experience. Read on to learn more about what’s fact and fiction when it comes to size. Prepare to be amazed!

Myth: Size Matters!

Fact: While size may be a personal preference, it does not determine the quality of the sexual experience. Communication, trust, and technique are essential in ensuring a pleasurable and satisfying sexual encounter. The vaginal canal is demonstrably short in female anatomy, and unless a woman has paraphilia for the size of your genitals, it’s actually very very low on the list of sexual priorities!

The Size Myth Explained: The belief that bigger is always better when it comes to sexual organs has been ingrained in our culture for centuries. This misconception is often perpetuated by unrealistic portrayals in pornography, media, and society as a whole. However, numerous studies have shown that size is not the most critical factor in sexual satisfaction or even fertility! (1)

The Female Perspective: When it comes to the size of a woman’s vagina and a man’s penis, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The average size of a woman’s vagina when not aroused is approximately 3 inches, and it can expand to around 5 inches when she is turned on (2). This flexibility allows the vagina to comfortably accommodate a wide range of penis sizes.

Moreover, the most sensitive areas for women, such as the clitoris and the first few inches of the vaginal opening, can be stimulated effectively regardless of penis size (3).

The Male Perspective: The people who actually care MOST about penis size are men! This is also true, believe it or not, for many physical features, like muscularity, fitness, and other traits we have been trained to assume are important for women, culturally. For many women, emotional connection, trust, and feeling desired play a much more significant role in their sexual satisfaction, making the size of a man’s penis far less critical than important topics like communication, touch, and desire. Don’t let your insecurity make you vulnerable to aggressive marketing that tries to capitalize on the fears generated by this myth.

The Sexual Perspective: A prodigious penis can sometimes cause discomfort or pain during intercourse. Larger-sized male genitalia can bruise, tear, or even prolapse the female anatomy. In these cases, open communication between partners, proper lubrication, and finding comfortable positions for both parties become even more crucial (4). Learning about and communicating the types of sensations, positions, and stimulation that makes your partner get focused on pleasure is all about honesty and creating healthy context for listening.

The True Keys to Sexual Satisfaction: Focus on size can create unnecessary anxiety and insecurity for both men and women. It’s essential to remember that pleasure and satisfaction in a sexual relationship come from more than just physical attributes. Good communication, trust, and the willingness to explore and adapt to each other’s needs are the genuine keys to a fulfilling sexual experience (5). Willingness to explore, fail, and put effort into quality feedback and receptivity to feedback mean far far more to your potential partners.

Knowledge is power, and debunking these common sex myths can pave the way for a more open, honest, and healthy approach to sexuality and relationships. By focusing on communication, trust, and technique, we can all enjoy more satisfying and pleasurable sexual experiences. Where you can go with your imagination, your words, your touch, and your sensitivity to the experiences of your partner will ALWAYS play a bigger role than a number on a ruler.

Sources: (1) Frederick, D. A., Lever, J., & Peplau, L. A. (2007). Interest in cosmetic surgery and body image: Views of men and women across the lifespan. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 120(5), 1407-1415.

(2) Pendergrass, P. B., Reeves, C. A., Belovicz, M. W., Molter, D. J., & White, J. H. (2003). Surface area of the human vagina as measured from vinyl polysiloxane casts. Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation, 55(2), 110-113.

(3) Herbenick, D., Fu, T. C., Arter, J., Sanders, S. A., & Dodge, B. (2018). Women’s experiences with genital touching, sexual pleasure, and orgasm: Results from a U.S. probability sample of women ages 18 to 94. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 44(2), 201-212.

Hannah Foxx

Worried you might not connect with a woman if her brain isn’t as sexy as her body? You found the right lady! I’m Hannah, a luxury companion here at the BunnyRanch and a specialist in bringing intimacy back into your life. I’m a sweet Georgia Peach, standing 5’8”. As a former nurse, EMT, model, and sex educator, I’m so much more than the girl next door! Join me for the perfect date. Let’s explore Nevada together and then venture back to my suite to explore one another. Want to try something new? I’ll show you the ropes, and the knots to go with them! I’ve taught individuals and couples how to better express themselves in the bedroom, and I’ve helped individuals with disabilities and other unique challenges discover their sexual identity for the first time. Are you kinky? We’re going to get along fine! As an active member of the sex education and kink community, I’m the right lady to take you on your first adventure trying something new. I won’t get shy when you tell me EXACTLY what you want. I love communication. I’m very outgoing, don’t worry if you’re shy! I’d love to get to know you better and plan our date. An evening with me is sure to be memorable. During our time together we will get to relax, indulge our desires, and enjoy each other without staring at the clock. An encounter with me is always a quality one; I focus 100% of my attention on you and the things you’ve most wanted to experience. After you make an appointment with me, you’ll get my phone number and we can spend some time texting back and forth and getting to know one another so I can not only make you more comfortable but take the time to learn more about what’s going to make this into a real adventure for you. The best way to make sure we’ll see one another is to email me! I’ll have time set aside just for you and you’ll have my smiling face ready to greet you when you enter. The process is simple and I can’t wait to help you through it. What visitors are saying… “I was a first-timer and I picked Hannah because she has a great smile (even though she was wearing a dress that conceals her smoking hot body!). This beautiful young woman is the total package, brains, beauty, and skill. Negotiation was fair and well worth it. She aims to give you the best experience you could possibly have. Always attentive, great conversation, excellent bedroom skills, and never rushed. You couldn’t have a better party with anyone anywhere.” -Bunny Board Reviewer ==Frequently Asked Questions== “I’m a first-timer, are you the right choice for me?” As a first-timer here at the Nevada Brothels, it can be a little overwhelming. I’m here to be your personal tour guide and help answer all your questions! From helping you find great deals on hotels in Nevada to arranging our complimentary driver service to and from the ranch, I’ll take the stress out of your first visit! “Do you see older men?” The answer is yes! I love having a seasoned man visit me. Older gentlemen always know how to treat a lady with respect. I’m sapiosexual and I really don’t care about what package you come in. I’d feel so lucky to help you rediscover intimacy, or be that young, sexy, and intelligent woman on your arm who reminds you of what it feels like to be wanted. “What about if this is really my first time?” Your first time should be the night you remember, let me ease your nerves and make this experience special. As a virgin, it can feel embarrassing to talk about having your first experience. I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone! I can help you become a confident lover and settle your nerves with women in and out of the bedroom! I even offer free dating advice and, if you’d like, we could go out for a night on the town, either to get to know one another first so you don’t feel like you’re having an experience with a stranger, or to give you the practice you’ll need to have confidence the next time you want to approach a woman who makes you smile. “Do you work with couples?” Come and have a fantastic time with a real professional who will respect the boundaries of your relationship. Tell me about your fantasies and preferences regarding adding another lover to the bedroom. I’ll work with you to make them a reality and take away the stress of meeting a stranger at some random club. Whether it’s spicing up your sex life, learning sex education topics with a hands-on demonstration, giving that special anniversary or birthday present to someone special, or making that fantasy you’ve always shared come true, I’m here to make the experience safe, fun, informative, and stress-free so you can both lean into what makes your relationship shine, one another! You’ll be able to message me individually or together leading up to your time together, whatever makes you both most comfortable! Have another question? Email me at [email protected]

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Death Grip Syndrome, What is it & How to Treat it by Air Force Amy

Death grip syndrome or porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) is often caused by the excessive use of pornography or masturbation to achieve sexual arousal.

Death Grip Syndrome, also known as porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED), is a condition where a person becomes unable to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual activity due to excessive or prolonged use of pornography or masturbation. This condition can have a negative impact on a person’s sexual relationships and overall quality of life.

The treatment for death grip syndrome involves several approaches, including:

1.    Abstinence: Stopping or reducing the use of pornography and masturbation is often the first step in treating death grip syndrome.

2.    Counseling: Talking to a therapist can help a person address any underlying psychological or emotional issues that may be contributing to their use of pornography or their difficulty achieving an erection.

3.    Medications: In some cases, medications such as Viagra or Cialis may be prescribed to help a person achieve and maintain an erection.

4.    Lifestyle changes: Adopting a healthier lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, can also help improve sexual function.

5.    Support groups: Joining a support group can provide a person with a supportive community of individuals who are also struggling with death grip syndrome and can offer advice and encouragement.

6.    Re-sensitize: Re-Introduction to various sexual stimulations void the visual porn.

It is important to note that death grip syndrome can be a complex condition, and treatment may require a combination of these approaches. Consulting with a healthcare provider, therapist, sex therapist, and /or qualified sex professionals  can help a person determine the best course of action for their specific needs.

Is PIED caused by the need for visual stimulation?

Yes, death grip syndrome or porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) is often caused by the excessive use of pornography or masturbation to achieve sexual arousal. This can lead to a desensitization to natural sexual stimuli such as touch, smell, and sound, and a dependence on visual stimulation to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual activity. Over time, this can result in difficulty achieving an erection or reaching orgasm during sexual activity with a partner.

The treatment for death grip syndrome usually involves reducing or stopping the use of pornography and masturbation, and focusing on other forms of sexual stimulation and intimacy with a partner to re-sensitize oneself to natural sexual stimuli. Counseling or therapy may also be helpful to address any underlying psychological or emotional issues that may be contributing to the reliance on pornography or masturbation for sexual arousal.

The length of time it takes to re-sensitize oneself to natural sexual stimuli and recover from death grip syndrome or porn-induced erectile dysfunction can vary depending on the severity of the condition and the individual’s personal circumstances. Re-sensitization involves gradually reducing or eliminating the use of pornography and masturbation and focusing on other forms of sexual stimulation, such as intimacy with a partner or self-stimulation without visual aids. This process may take weeks or months, and it is important to be patient and persistent in making changes.

Working with a therapist or counselor can be helpful in addressing any underlying psychological or emotional issues that may be contributing to the reliance on pornography or masturbation for sexual arousal. Therapy may involve exploring and resolving past trauma, addressing anxiety or depression, or improving communication and intimacy in relationships.

It is important to note that recovery from death grip syndrome is possible, but it may take time and a willingness to make changes in one’s behavior and thought patterns.

Would ED pills help to return normal sexual function.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) pills, such as Viagra or Cialis, can be helpful in restoring normal sexual function in men who are experiencing ED due to physical causes, such as poor blood flow to the penis. However, ED pills may not be effective in treating porn-induced erectile dysfunction, also known as death grip syndrome, which is caused by the excessive use of pornography or masturbation.

Death grip syndrome is often related to psychological factors, such as desensitization to natural sexual stimuli or anxiety related to sexual performance. In these cases, the use of ED pills alone may not address the underlying psychological causes of the condition.

If a person is experiencing porn-induced erectile dysfunction, treatment may involve reducing or eliminating the use of pornography and masturbation, as well as addressing any underlying psychological or emotional issues that may be contributing to the reliance on these behaviors for sexual arousal. In some cases, therapy or counseling may be helpful in addressing these underlying issues.

It is important to consult with a healthcare provider to determine the best course of treatment for ED or porn-induced erectile dysfunction, as the appropriate treatment will depend on the underlying causes of the condition.

My advice and reason for writing this article is of course to bring awareness to this condition but to also offer our services as sex workers and myself as a certified sex therapist at the Bunnyranch.  We can and I, in particular, can re-introduce a person with death grip syndrome back to normalization and stimulation without the visualization of pornography and without shame or judgement.

We are compassionate gals that just want you to have the most fulfilling sex lives possible. We have an arsenal of tips and tricks up our sleeves to help improve performance and overcome anxiety and fear based sexual tension and issues.

If you or someone you know can relate to the symptoms in this article Please Do Not Hesitate to Email Myself or your favorite Bunny to begin your super fun journey to recovery!



Air Force Amy

[email protected]

Air Force Amy

Star of HBO's 'Cathouse' and a living legend in the world of sex, Air Force Amy is the world's most famous legal prostitute. Known for her beauty, humor, and unrelenting love of life, Amy is the most sought after sex partner in the world.

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What is Your Love Language?

What is Your Love Language ?

Love is a universal feeling that we all experience in our lives. However, the way we express and receive love can differ from person to person.  That’s where the concept of love languages comes in.

What do love languages and brothel visits have in common ?  While the concept of love languages may not be directly related to visiting a brothel, there is a potential overlap in terms of how you choose to pursue your experience of love and intimacy


#1 Words of Affirmation

People who experience or express love through words of affirmation value verbal recognition and appreciation from their loved ones.

If you love showering your companion with compliments and praise or enjoy sending or receiving cute texts, then words of affirmation is your love language.


#2 Acts of Service


Imagine that you come home exhausted from a never-ending day at work to find that your partner has been so thoughtful to cook you dinner, do the dishes and clean the house.  If you get the ultimate feeling of love from acts of service, then this is your love language.

#3 Gifts


Gift giving doesn’t have to mean giving large or expensive gifts. The thought behind the gift is what is important. Picking up your partner’s favorite dessert from the store, sending them flowers or getting your partner a gift certificate to a new restaurant they are wanting to try are all ways of thoughtful gift giving.


#4 Quality Time


Spending quality time with someone special is my primary love language.  I love getting to know someone on a personal level and learn new things about that person. My focus is to carve out a dedicated time for shared experiences and meaningful conversation. By spending time in a focused and intentional way, you can deepen your connection and show your loved one how much you care.



#5 Physical Touch


Behind quality time, physical touch is my secondary love language.  I absolutely adore showing affection to that special someone and admire receiving physical affection back.

Physical touch can be as simple as holding hands or as imaginative as a sensual massage.  It is important to recognize your partner’s boundaries and be respectful of them.



Understanding and speaking your partner’s love language is essential for a healthy and happy relationship. By showing love in a way that resonates with your partner,  you can

strengthen your bond and create a deeper connection.  Take the time to learn your companion’s  love language and make sure to express your love in a way that speaks to them.

Autumn Verlot

[email protected]

Autumn Verlot

Hey there, love! I’m Autumn, a friendly, easy-going sweetheart , who adores pampering you with affection and intimacy. I love to be in the kitchen creating new dishes or outside exploring the area. Let’s indulge in a relaxing bubble bath and share a bottle of wine or enjoy a grand night on the town and enjoy each other’s company. I have a very exclusive secret that I love to share with my special companions. Once we spend some time together, you won’t be able to get enough of me…

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Sexual Destiny vs Sexual Growth

Sexual Destiny vs. Sexual Growth: The Philosophy of Sex and How It Can Help You

Sex is awesome – it physically makes us feel good (obviously). But for many, sex creates a deep connection on a mental, emotional, and often spiritual level. Sex can bring people closer together and create feelings never before experienced. It can enhance our minds, bodies, and souls to a plane of existence never before realized. As creatures who always thirst for knowledge, it’s no surprise that people want to learn how to take those feelings and enhance them, making the experience better for their partners and themselves.

This is where sex becomes more philosophical; what exactly do we want to achieve in our sexual lives? With this comes two popular schools of thought: sexual destiny, and sexual growth. Read on to learn the differences between the two, some examples of each, and how they can help you achieve a level of intimacy you may have never felt before.

What is sexual destiny?

What is the concept of soulmates? It’s the idea that somewhere out in this big wide world, there is one person who has been made for you to meet and spend the rest of your life with. It’s the idea that there is someone who will connect with you on all levels you need and is ideally the perfect match for you.

Now – take this concept and apply it to sex, and you have sexual destiny. There is someone who will match and complement your sexual satisfaction. It heavily implies that that same soulmate described above will present you with your sexual destiny.

People who believe in the philosophy of sexual destiny tend to use it as a barometer for judging whether their relationship is healthy or not. While a good sexual relationship is important, this way of thinking could be detrimental. Say you found someone who you connect with deeply and who “ticks all the boxes” per-say, yet your time in the bedroom isn’t mind-blowingly amazing. If you believed in sexual destiny, you would use this opinion as a reason to break up, even though you two have an otherwise strong and healthy relationship.

Sexual destiny does not really allow room for the idea of improvement; it’s your destiny to be with an awesome sex partner. If they don’t fit the bill, they’re out – end of discussion.

What is sexual growth?

Sexual growth, on the other hand, is more forgiving. Sexual growth allows room for improvement and heavily favors communication between two partners when it comes to satisfaction. Let’s take that same scenario from above; rather than breaking up, if you believed in sexual growth, you would sit down with your partner and talk to them about how you feel your sexual lives could improve, and you would offer each other tips on how to truly make the other feel good. There would be no fear of confrontation and no judgement.

You two would also realize that even if the sex doesn’t improve as quickly as you’d like, it’s not a deal-breaker. You don’t let whatever issues in the bedroom affect other aspects of your relationship outside of it.

Sexual growth is a much healthier philosophy than its overly starry-eyed counterpart. Studies have shown that couples who think more in the sexual growth realm have stronger romantic gains in romantic satisfaction than those who let sex dictate the rest of their feelings in the relationship.

How to Harness the Philosophy of Sexual Growth

So, how can we improve our mindset to be more geared towards sexual growth?

Firstly, you will want to come to terms and peace with the fact that sexual growth is about the journey – not the destination. This is a time when you want to become introspective; really look inside yourself and be humble about how you perform in the bedroom. Be kind to yourself as you admit you may have some things to work on. By being able to admit your own faults, you’re maturing to the idea that your experience and technique has room to grow – and growth is exactly what you want!

If you are stubborn about this, you’re essentially putting up a wall or a finish line; when you get there, you’re basically admitting, “Well, my sex can’t get any better than this.”

Why would you want to set limits for yourself? Sex is all about exploring hidden needs, desires, and sensations – by cutting yourself off too soon, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Once you have made peace with yourself, your technique, and your performance, it’s now time to examine how it can improve. You’ll want to really explore and determine your emotional needs and your motivations for sex. What drives you to have sex with someone? What type of satisfaction are you looking for, besides physical? By answering these questions, you’re allowing yourself to find a sexual partner who is more compatible from the beginning and who is also willing to grow along with you.

Don’t think you have to have these conversations alone. While self-reflection is very important for mental health, it’s also a good idea to talk about these topics with your partner. Perhaps they also want to go through a journey of sexual growth. By doing this together, you’re giving yourselves something else to bond over, along with a common goal.

While exploring this with your partner, this is also the perfect time for you two to discuss what specifically turns you on. Why does it turn you on? Why does it turn you on with this specific person? Have you been turned on by these things before? Why is it different now? Sexual growth is all about asking questions – no question is off limits, and there is no such thing as too many.

It can be intimidating to admit that your sex life needs room to grow, but if you and your partner are open to taking the journey, it can bring feelings never felt before, and hell – it can even be fun! You two are on completely even playing grounds with no judgement and no limits.

Have you ever had a “sexual destiny” mindset? Have you tried talking about the idea of “sexual growth” with you partner? I would love to hear your experiences – tell me about them in the comments!

Wouldn’t you like to know if you are operating in “sexual destiny” or sexual growth mode?

Are you interested in sexual growth?  Email me to start planning your journey to sexual growth with me at the Bunnyranch.  [email protected]

Read more interesting articles and view my pics, videos etc… at www.airforceamy.com

JerkMate Review 2021

Jerkmate is one of those up-and coming cam sites where adults can meet, greet, and do more! Models vary to suit whichever taste you have. The point is that you have model-type chatmates on the other side of the camera.

You’re getting the hottest cam models on the internet. Whether cam girls, cam boys, or transsexual cams , Jerkmate has got you covered!

It’s more than just your typical sex cam site. The focus is to connect the best performers with the best online partners. The important thing is you find a partner that you’ll surely come back to every time you log onto the site.

What makes JerkMate so special?

Why jerk off alone to pre-made porn videos when you can do it spontaneously with a partner? Like the site’s slogan is, “you’ll never jerk off alone.”

True enough, Jerkmate.com lives up to it all. Feeling horny and alone? Why not take that boredom to Jerkmate where you’re getting more than just entertainment. It feels like the performance part of each model is a mere bonus.

“I feel lonely,” says no Jerkmate user ever. That’s because they enjoy the fact that they have a connection with each sexy performer they choose. Who else offers interactive cam sex like this site does?

Some may have come first, some might have copied but Jerkmate is where the future seems clear as the HD cameras streaming live.

Meet Jerky

It seems catchy whenever a porn site has a mascot. Jerkmate has the same in the form of “Jerky,” a robot that does Cupid’s job online. No need for arrows pointing. Just internet connecting.

Jerky is responsible for making sure your preferences are what show on your suggested feed. That’s how smart and sophisticated the site’s machine learning is. Its advanced algorithm will make sure you jerk off to someone who will like you back.

Even in diversity you can find surprising gems. Thanks to Jerky, you can even connect with international cam girls and guys in your quest for new flavors.

The conditions are simple. Just tell Jerky a bit about you and what you want in a date and you’re all set!

Why you need to sign up right now.

Jerky is glad to hook you up. In fact, Jerky loves doing its job so much that you’re guaranteed to find a perfect masturbation partner which has the chance to turn into hookups if you play your cards right.

Signing up is quick and easy. It’s a matter of a few seconds away from setting you up with your virtual fuck buddy.
Jermate also has a healthy sexual community. You can read some of their blogs to help boost your chances of sealing the deal whenever you join private shows, gold shows and cam-2-cams.

Why deprive yourself of pleasure? Jerkmate.com is here to make sure you are covered with all the horny stuff you and your potential cam buddy have in common.

Let Me Show You How to Have a Rewarding Sex Life After Injuries, Aging, and Limited Mobility – Liberator Sex Furniture

Hi everyone! I’m Air Force Amy – one of the most popular, highly sought-after courtesans of all time! After being in the military, I joined up with Dennis Hof, proprietor of the Moonlite BunnyRanch and throughout my award winning career at the BunnyRanch, I became a certified Clinical Sexologist, Sex Educator, Loveologist and Sex Therapist. In fact – I’m the only courtesan with these accolades in any legal brothel in Nevada!

My products of choice throughout my career have been those offered by Liberator.  The first and foremost product of my choice is the Esse Chaise II – and I chose to elaborate on why they can be beneficial for people with injuries, aging bodies and otherwise limited mobility to get back in the saddle, so to speak.

When something traumatizing happens to you in your life, it can really put a damper on your ego in many ways. Depending on what happened, and even just the aging process, you may feel as though you have to rely on others for emotional support, or you feel discomfort in leaving your home. It’s also important to address the physical issues and injuries that can arise during traumatizing experiences or just as a part of the aging process, and what assistance you may need after the fact. It may become difficult to do daily tasks, hobbies, cleaning, or even showering, and this can make anyone feel depressed and frustrated due to the fact that they can no longer do all the things they could do in their 20’s or even 30’s 40’s and 50’s..

A less addressed way an injury can affect our ego is in the bedroom. Depending on the injury, sex can become difficult, painful, or just downright impossible. It can be incredibly bruising to the ego to go from someone who actively participated in and enjoyed sex (and was, depending on who’s talking, good at it *wink*) to someone who can’t even get out of bed without assistance, let alone romp around in it.

Naturally, this can cause feelings of shame, depression, and dejection. It can also, unsurprisingly, cause intimacy issues in a relationship. Your partner may be trying everything they can to help you, but because you are too ashamed to even try, it can make your partner distant or unsure of how to help. This of course doesn’t help intimacy, but rather perpetuates a feeling of disconnect between two people over an uncontrollable circumstance.

The first step to overcoming and improving injury is to know that you aren’t any less of the person you were pre-injury. If it’s temporary, know that you will soon be back to the person you were before, with the same mind, soul, emotions, and sex drive you had before. If it’s permanent, you can still have this mindset. You may walk a little differently, or your shoulder may ache from time to time, but – neither of these things will prevent you from having sex in the future, and it doesn’t take away from your attractiveness or prowess in the sheets.

The second step is to research – and do -exercises and stretches that can help you heal quicker and make sexual activities more comfortable for you while you’re recovering or rediscovering your body. If you have a major injury, you most likely are working with a physical therapist – don’t be afraid to ask them about what you can do to make sex more comfortable! They are there to help you heal and regain your strength, along with how to do normal everyday activities easy again. Guess what? Sex is one of those everyday activities!

The third step is to look into other options that can help you with sex while you recover or settle in to your mature years. This is where you can have fun a make the healing process more enjoyable!

So – I’m going to be candid with you right now and skip the fluff. For this step, I highly recommend checking out Liberator. They are one of the best brands for sex toys out there, specializing in “bedroom adventure gear” and furniture. Started 15 years ago in Atlanta, Liberator wants people to use their products to inspire creativity and imagination in the bedroom – nothing is off limits with Liberator. I love when clients of mine tell me they have heard of and even use Liberator products in their own sexual encounters – and of course, I just love and enjoy their products myself, in my professional work as well as in my own personal life.

Depending on what you’re looking for, they have something for everyone – pillows, blankets, mounts, bondage products – there is something for someone of every kink. And, of course, we can’t talk about Liberator without talking about their furniture. Possibly their claim to fame, Liberator has taken furniture and turned it into a concept of “how can we make this the most comfortable and most pleasurable piece of furniture possible?” What in turn was created was, and they quote, “The best invention for sex since the bed.”

Their furniture is specifically designed to help with position aid and work in tandem with intimate accessories that help increase mobility, stamina, and of course pleasure. Their furniture also works for any couples of any body type and size – while one size may fit all, you are guaranteed to have a personalized experience with their equipment, no matter what you buy.

They’re also great with adding extra support for positions you know and love, as well as help you and your partner discover new positions. Liberator takes pride in crafting their furniture to make sure every angle, curve, and elevation will heighten the sexual experience for each and every person involved.

“Ok,” you say, nodding and possibly getting a little turned on at the idea of having furniture and accessories specifically designed for awesome, mind-blowing sex. “But – how can Liberator and their furniture help me with sex when I have an injury?”

That, my dear, is where the Esse Chaise II comes in.

Esse Chaise II

So, what even is an Esse Chaise, and why is there two of them? The Esse Chaise started as a chaise lounge specifically designed for sex; it has the right curves and humps to make sure any position you use on it is as comfortable and sensual as possible. Esse Chaise II takes it up a notch by having a longer and narrower body, making it easier to straddle and get creative. Every position will provide you proper comfort and cradling because of how accurate the changes are to the curves and angles. It even comes with a headrest, offering 5-inches of height for straddling or kneeling. The synthetic leather cover is removable, making it easy to wash between sessions.

Why do I love this product? Liberator took the time to take a product that was already seen as perfection and expand on it. They took the reviews of their customers and edited every detail to take an already erotic and unique experience and make it even better. I use it personally for my own sex life and with my clients – and clients always say their best intimate experiences with me have been when we’ve incorporated the Esse Chaise II. While the Esse Chaise is still available for purchase, I highly recommend skipping it and going for the Esse Chaise II.

How is it good for injuries? Imagine if you have a back or neck injury, and you’re lying on a flat bed trying to have sex and also be comfortable. Lying in bed without the sex aspect is already so uncomfortable with those injuries, right? So how could you be comfortable with sex thrown into the equation!? Esse Chaise II is designed to offer support for the back, neck, and hips. The curves align perfectly with the natural contour of the body, meaning you will have the perfect amount of support for your lower back. Using the removable headrest can ensure neck stability, giving you comfort while giving you pleasure. Stand behind it and place your hands on the higher hump for added standing support. Be able to straddle the longue easier due to its decrease in width from the first iteration.

“…the Esse Chaise II reinterprets the unique interplay between the Kama Sutra and Tantric Sex – enabling couples to enjoy lovemaking without compromises.”

This means, whether you’re physically having sex, enjoying a mind-body connection, or delving into any kink you may be into, the Esse Chaise II can support you in all your and your lover’s needs.

While having sex or intimate relationships with an injury may seem impossible at first, it definitely doesn’t have to be. This is a great time to do research into sex props and products and think about they may help you outside of enhancing pleasure. If you’re suffering from an injury and are looking for hope, I highly recommend Liberator’s Esse Chaise II.

I have personally been using the Esse Chaise, and now, Esse Chaise II at the Bunnyranch for over ten years now.  I’ve had major success in creating super imaginative and new experiences as well as incorporating it’s use for overcoming physical limitations tpo.

If you’re someone who has had difficulty with exotic sex positions in the past, or you are experiencing difficulty in basic bedroom positions now, you could benefit greatly from using the Essse II that I have available for your use with me at the Bunnyranch. Due to the multitude of adjustable angles, it’s easy to find a position that’s comfortable on the hips, knees, and wrists. You can have the man on the bottom, or the woman on the bottom depending on which one of the hundreds of positions you indulge in. Even traditional positions take on a unique, erotic edge! There are countless possible ways to use the Esse II. My guests with mobility differences have  found great benefit from having the Esse and Esse II available, as it allows them to experience sex positions their bodies otherwise wouldn’t be able to handle.

Are you ready for me, the consummate professional, to personally guide you through a variety of fun and fulfilling intimate positions to regain or even create for the first time, super satisfying sexual experiences that you will treasure for a long time coming by incorporating Liberator products and especially the Esse and Esse II Chaise?

You can absolutely do exactly that and a whole lot more in a perfectly safe, legal and 100% discreet adult entertainment playground, world renown for it’s customer satisfaction and impeccable reputation made famous by the late great Dennis Hof and me, his #1 gal and America’s Sweetheart & Living Legend in the World of Sex the BunnyRanch.


Air Force Amy is the most experienced legal courtesan in the entirety of Nevada. She is the ONLY certified Clinical Sexologist, Sex Educator, Loveologist, and Sex Therapist in any legal Nevada brothels. With over 25 years of experience, Amy is your number one choice at the Bunny Ranch for physical, spiritual, or emotional connection and healing. Email [email protected] 

See her Profile BunnyRanch.com/Air-Force-Amy

Visit the Official Air force Amy website www.airforceamy.com,

Email her directly [email protected]

Visit www.liberator.com for more of the best intimate products on the market and in the world.

Bring your Liberator products with you and get professional instruction and a 20% discount on any activity Only with Air Force Amy at the BunnyRanch.

Air Force Amy

Star of HBO's 'Cathouse' and a living legend in the world of sex, Air Force Amy is the world's most famous legal prostitute. Known for her beauty, humor, and unrelenting love of life, Amy is the most sought after sex partner in the world.

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3rd Party Relationships For Caregivers Of Early On Dementia

I was compelled to write this article because I’ve had the pleasure of being the 3rd party relationship to several gentlemen in this very same situation that I shall shed even more light upon today.

I did not realize the prevalence of  said situations until I saw a gentleman on  GMA discussing this same sort of “movement” arising throughout America.  That is, men seeking 3rd party relationships while caring for their wife or significant other with early on and end stage dementia.

International experts predict that by the year 2040 we will have over 81 million people with dementia.

We barely know the struggles of dementia patients and the situations they go through while dealing with this condition. Early-on dementia, especially in younger individuals, is one of the most saddening and depressing cases. You can see their self-esteem wither away gradually while the disease gnaws at their brain from within.

People do sympathize with and understand the concerns of dementia patients. However, the same attention and consideration is hardly extended to their caretakers which, in most cases, is the spouse.

Husbands of women with dementia have a tough time watching their spouse succumb slowly and steadily to the condition. They have a hard time meeting their emotional and physical needs from elsewhere while their wife is battling with this disorder.

Intimacy is a major component and it is foundational to a happy marriage and a happy life.  And the husbands of women with early-on dementia need to find a channel to release their sexual desires somewhere.

Let’s find out how they can do so.

How does having a spouse with dementia influence one’s way of life?

One of the most primary expectations people have from their spouses is sexual intimacy and satisfaction. Sure, your spouse needs to be understanding and both parties need to be compatible as a couple.

However, one cannot shy away from the fact that sexual tendencies cannot be fully ignored, especially if you’re still well into your peak adulthood phase. This is quite common in people with early-on dementia. They have sexually unsatisfied spouses who are looking for a way to channel their pent-up sexual energy.

Having said that, most people don’t go down the road of dating and relationships since they want to stay true to their commitment to marriage.

In addition to that, approaching sex workers for one-time needs can be a little daunting and risky as per the history of the individual and the vulnerability to STDs and all the vast dangers and consequences that committing a crime entails.


The spouse of a dementia patient can fulfill his or her mental and emotional needs from the people around them. There are friends, family, and social groups to help them interact with the outside world and forget their problems for a while. But the same cannot be said about sexual needs too.

Here is where I step in. You can reach out to me and I’ll definitely take care of your sexual needs and preferences with absolute consideration and respect for your privacy so that you go home a happier man!

How can caretakers of dementia patients look after their own sexual needs?

Being a caretaker of a dementia patient is no joke. There are multiple aspects to look after regarding their lifestyle and health. Having said that, it is important that the caretaker also look after their own needs equally well.

Looking after an ill individual over a long period of time and watching their illness becoming worse takes a huge toll on one’s mental and physical health. This experience becomes excruciatingly worse if it’s a person you love, moreover your spouse.   It is especially horrific if your spouse or significant other no longer even recognizes you.

There are multiple ways to ensure that you keep your mind healthy despite the circumstances. One can try talk therapy, exercise, psychotherapy, journaling, and other therapies to ensure that your mind stays healthy.

As far as sexual needs are concerned, the best alternative in this regard would be to seek the services of a renowned and reliable sex worker. Getting into extra-marital affairs or one-night stands can be quite tricky and is full of risk factors which cannot be overlooked.

Having said that, such experiences are not feasible for the long-term. Your best bet is to seek the services of someone like myself, Air Force Amy at the Bunnyranch, so that you gain maximum benefit with no risk.  There is a host of services to choose from and you can book my services for as long as you like and whatever you fancy!

How is it safe to consider a professional sex worker to meet one’s physical needs instead of getting into extra-marital affairs?

Extra-marital affairs can be quite messy. First and foremost, it is morally and ethically incorrect to cheat on your spouse under any circumstances. Dementia cannot be blamed for this and held as a good enough reason for anyone to get away with extra-marital affairs.

The fact that you’re still in the marriage to your spouse with dementia is reason by itself that you are willing to make it work. And this won’t be possible if you get into an extra-marital affair. The woman you turn to fulfill your sexual desires may want you to leave aside your marriage to spend the rest of your life with her. I doubt you want that, do you?

Moreover, it is just too much commitment to woo a girl and carry this relationship forward to be able to fulfill your own sexual desires without giving anything in return.

Fancy dinners, expensive gifts, and luxury hotels will soon become a norm draining you of your hard-earned money. Even then, there is a high chance you will have your reputation ruined in society if this information leaks out.

As a sex worker, I can assure you that you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket by hiring my services. It can be for as long as you like catered to your needs and tailored to perfection to suit your personal, exclusive demands.

In addition to that, my medical record is perfectly fit and safe and checked weekly. All you need to do is sit back and relax while I give you the best time of your life!

What makes me the best alternative in this regard?

I am the most reliable, experienced and formally educated (in the fields of human sexuality) legal courtesan in any of the NV legal brothels. Years of expertise and professionalism:

I have been living in Nevada for about 30 years now, most of which I have spent providing my service at Bunny Ranch. With me, there is an aura of professionalism even when we are most intimately involved. This is what makes me stand out from any other sex worker.

Since I have ample years of experience providing services to men deprived of sexual needs, I know very well what men need in a wide variety of circumstances. I know exactly what you want and what you’d like given your desires.

My work experience has also polished the quality of my services over the years. I provide specific advantages to my clients without beating around the bush. This ensures that you gain maximum comfort and benefit regardless your level in the bedroom.


  • There’s more than just sex!

Unlike other sex workers,  just about pleasuring you physically. In addition to sex, I intend on providing you with a good time. All my commitment will be to you, my client, for the time you have hired my services.

You can talk your heart out, seek solace in my company, go on long walks, on a swim, or long drives, and dinner dates, whatever you fancy. As long as all our activities are well within the rules of confinement, I will be more than glad to be of service to you.

Not only that, you can even decide the duration of time you’d like to be with me as per your budget allowance. I understand that spouses of dementia patients are mostly looking for a getaway to unwind and relax, and I can be the source of happiness during your vacation time with you.

  • Various packages to choose from:

With me, you have a vast range of options to choose from all of which include amenities, upscale travel, dining, entertainment, sightseeing and all my vast and unequaled experience. You can decide the rate based on the services you’d like to avail and the other add-ons you need.

You can rest assured that your privacy will not be violated and you can enjoy your time with me quite discreetly and openly at the same time. Doesn’t that sound fun and exciting?

There is something for everyone. Baby boomers, experimentation, role play, first-timers, and people coming from sexless marriages can all avail my services as per needed.

  • Extraordinary and discreet treatment:

My services are quite popular in the whole of Nevada. In fact, I am almost a small celebrity in this state wherein people are drawn to Bunny Ranch just to avail my services. The treatment in Bunny Ranch is extraordinary and discreet since we respect and consider your privacy above everything else.

The company’s care will look after your transport so that your privacy is not compromised. You’ll have a vehicle to drive you through the Bunny Ranch so that you can have a good look at the place and remain as discreet and under-the-covers as ever.

The workplace is clean and hygienic:

Bunny Ranch has quite a solid reputation for being one of the most clean and hygienic places for sex workers and clients to be able to do their job discreetly and smoothly without the fear of dirt and grime.

Any sex worker in Bunny Ranch is also quite serious when it comes to maintaining personal and professional hygiene. Not only that, I sport clean medical records when it comes to transferring any sort of disorder via sexual activity. You can rest assured on this front that you are in completely safe hands as far as your health is concerned.


  • An experience to cherish and remember:

Your experience with me is only for a short while compared to the relationship you have with your spouse. Your spouse is ailing and needs your care.

After spending time with me, you are better, fitter, happier and healthier to go back to caring for your spouse ridden with dementia. In other words, I can be your comfort companion wherein you seek happiness and joy along with a place to release your sexual energy through me.

In addition to that, the experience of availing my services is one of the most joyful aspects of being sexually involved. You will always keep wanting for more and keep coming back to Bunny Ranch looking for Air Force Amy.

  • Wide range of services:

Be it vaginal, anal, role play, hardcore, fetish, or experimentation, I’m up for anything and everything. I understand that different men have different needs and I’m willing to accommodate as much as I can so that you go have satisfied and happy.

Moreover, I am educated and experienced enough to tell which client is looking for what kind of services even if they themselves cannot pinpoint it the best manner.

Summing it up:

Being the caretaker of a dementia patient is not a small feat. It takes plenty of love, care, affection, compassion, and consideration to live out such a disorder with the patient even when it is not you who is directly undergoing it.

Moreover, spouses of people with dementia choose to spend all their financial gains on this condition leaving next to nothing for their own selves. Buying my services will give you a reason to use some of that money for your own happiness and contentment too.

Add to it the fact that the individual with dementia is, in fact, your spouse who you love. It can get a little overwhelming and difficult to cope with it especially when you have no one to fall back onto.

I may not be able to meet your deep emotional needs but can assure you that your physical needs will be given a definite getaway. You’ll feel a lot better and relaxed after a couple of hours or days by my side ready to go on and face the challenges of the world as a stronger and happier man!

You can read in detail all about me and my services here: https://www.airforceamy.com/sex-menu/

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to me, Amy, today through Bunny Ranch and get ready to unwind your stress and have the best time of your life!

Air Force Amy

Star of HBO's 'Cathouse' and a living legend in the world of sex, Air Force Amy is the world's most famous legal prostitute. Known for her beauty, humor, and unrelenting love of life, Amy is the most sought after sex partner in the world.

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What Do Courtesans Fantasize About?


It’s true that professional sex workers, due to the nature of our business, have engaged in a very wide variety of erotic activities with many clients, male and female, gay, straight, and transgendered, and with people who range in age from 18 to 70+. Whatever activity a customer requests, as long as it is nonviolent and adheres to the strict standards of sexual safety we follow, like barrier methods involving condoms and latex gloves for manual stimulation, we will provide the utmost satisfaction.

Our range of client experiences is vast and often unusual. We’ve made love with people in their full-dress military uniforms (although they were wearing only the top halves). I once finger-banged a lady Marine who had fought in some of the world’s most dangerous places, and was bi-curious for a woman’s touch. I enjoyed helping her release her tension by stroking areas of her inner reaches that she never had known were so sensitive. I thanked her for her service by giving her several shaking orgasms. She was a sweetie, and I was glad to help her broaden her sexual tastes.

Some of us have had the fun of fucking Furries. (Say that five times fast!) Who, or what, are Furries? They’re people who like to dress up in oversized cartoon-animal costumes, like the ones you see sports team mascots wearing when they’re encouraging crowds to cheer. Their costumes have openings at the crotches, so that a male furry bear can penetrate a female furry squirrel’s pussy. I guess I’m one of the few courtesans who can say that I’ve been fucked by a man in a furry raccoon suit!

A cynical person might carp that your average courtesan has seen everything that the human sexual imagination has to offer. Nothing can be truly “new” to her, right? I disagree—there is infinite variety to be found throughout humanity. And if you like to fantasize like I do, the actual sex acts feel even more pleasurable.

Even courtesans who have had hundreds of lovers cross their sheets still engage in sex dreams. While we work to help keep the legend of our late founder, Dennis Hof, rolling along, we have personal goals like he did, and told us to seek, too. He taught us to save and invest the money you, our clients, so generously provide for our expert services. Some of us may want to open restaurants or hotels of our own, or car dealerships, or even build a real estate development. Some of the ladies think about where they’d like to travel for their next vacation.

As for me, I’d like to build a clientele numerous enough to enable me to afford to keep my own all-male harem in a big ranch house. Of course, I’d pay them very well, treat them beautifully, but they’d “belong” to me. What woman wouldn’t want to get home after a few days on her back grinding her hips to help multiple males spill their seed to be met at her front door by a naked, toned, pretty hunk o’ man holding a tray with a glass of Champagne freshly poured and bubbling? And his cock rising to salute her?

Behind him would be the rest of the gang, a diverse group of hotties of all colors and ages, all waiting to serve me. Two of them would gently help me out of my clothing and into my PJs, because I crave a refreshing nap after a work week of making the beast with two backs, as Shakespeare wrote of sex. Another would carry me to my sofa and lay me gently down on the deep, giving cushions. Yet another would slip off my socks and gently massage my feet to relax my body into slumber. While I slept, I’d dream of living the exciting life of Queen Cleopatra, who took as her lovers two of the most important men of the Roman world, the handsome young warrior and would-be emperor Marc Antony and the older, balding but still immensely powerful Julius Caesar.

When I awakened, the smell of good food cooking would be wafting in from the kitchen—among my hired hands would be those of an expert chef, of course. After being served a beautifully prepared and presented French meal, my servants would peel off my jammies and panty so that I could make my way to a warm bath waiting in my old-fashioned, deep clawfoot tub, where I’d soak up comfort as one of my house-men sat in a chair, reading poetry to me in a deep, mellifluous voice. Afterwards, two naked men would dry me off with plush, soft towels.

Then, I’d adjourn to my bedroom where, depending on my mood, I’d ask a couple of my guys to snuggle with me under the covers, or have a man fire up my electric wand massager and trace it lightly over my body—just about a quarter-inch above my skin so the vibrations feel teasing and exquisite, halting at the split of my cunny and circling the massager around my mound of Venus until Venus is singing with fiery pleasure.

Either from the warm presence of my snuggle-bunnies or the stimulation of the magic wand, I’d be soaking wet between my legs and horny again although I’d been working hard fucking all week. (We courtesans have great powers of recovery.) I’d dismiss the wand-wielder with a soft kiss, and instruct the two men to glove up their stiff dicks, cover the condoms with my favorite fruity edible lubricant, and present themselves for a double BJ-at-my-bedside, one cock per hand. Then I’d suck their socks off, getting myself even wetter, leaving a fragrant spot of dampness on the sheet where I sat.

After I satisfied myself that those two cocksmen were ready for sex, I’d go into full command mode, ordering them to freshen up the lube on their spears. “You,” I’d say to the first, “lay down on your back, and hold up that meat for me to mount.” And I’d climb aboard him, thrilling at the sensation of his firm flesh uniting with mine. Then I’d snap my fingers at the one waiting. “Get behind me, and stick that thing up my ass!” I’d demand. Oh, yeah, double penetration—double the fun. When a girl has got one cock in her puss, and then feels another one sliding up her bum, you can imagine her eyes rolling back in her head from the overwhelming ecstasy. (Mine do.) I like my lovers to get as noisy as possible during sex because I delight in the lion-like grunts and groans and roars men make as they near climax. When their hardness breaks and they gasp as they fill those rubbers with white lightning, I’m in Heaven. (Those magnificent roaring orgasms would be only one of the perks of working for me. And I would tip well too!)

In my personal frat house, every man would have his own luxury room equipped with exercise equipment and private bath. Of course, part of the deal would be that if the boss, she being me, should mosey into one of those private bathrooms while one of my personal fuckboys is taking a shower, and wants to wash his cock and hairy balls, then soap up his shaft and stroke out some warm jets of cum, that’s my prerogative. And part of the job description.

I don’t know how many guys I’d keep as lovers—maybe eight or 10. With that many men, several would always be ready to get it up for Mama or to populate a midnight fuck party. A lot of girls have daydreamed about having cock on call. I would simply be reversing the roles that have defined men’s and women’s relationships. An in-house dick squadron would answer to my needs and wants—and cook and clean and shop, too! During my working times, I do my best to give my clients the pleasure and satisfaction they deserve. But at home, I’d be getting the personal attention I deserve. To paraphrase the great Mae West, who would invite groups of bodybuilders to her home for discreet sex parties, “A few men in the house is worth two in the street!”

Would you—or you and some of your buddies—like to help me realize my fantasy? I’m always available to audition new talent.


Contact me at [email protected] 







Remy Martin

Charming and beautiful, Remy Martin from Dennis Hof's BunnyRanch is the loyal, respectful, and highly erotic woman of your fantasies. Remy adores traveling, sailing, swimming, dancing, and cooking -- let her fix you something succulent to eat during your time together.

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Making Love with Me is Like a Waking Dream

Endless surveys have shown that people daydream about sex for several hours each day. Often the fantasies involve taking total sexual possession of someone at your job, or in your class at college, or even your best friend’s spouse. When you allow yourself complete freedom of imagination to contemplate coupling with anyone who catches your fancy, you can picture yourself doing anything you want with anyone you desire, with no real-world consequences because it’s all in your mind.

Do you have a boss, male or female, with a smart-ass attitude, who typically gives you instructions on a project, then changes them arbitrarily or capriciously, and tries to blame you for distracting him or her when you know you’re being mind-fucked and abused? Maybe you’ve gone to sleep and dreamed of catching such a supervisor alone in his or her office at the end of the day when everyone else has gone home. You close the office door for privacy and tell, no, command your boss to come out from behind that desk. If your boss is a man and you’re a woman, you’re no longer the meek, compliant employee; now you are in charge. “Unzip your pants and pull out your cock, now,” you snarl with authority and confidence. Your reversal of roles causes the boss to pop a rod that’s impressively massive. You always knew your boss was a dick, but his real dick is a big one. He starts to say something, but you quickly put a finger to your lips and snap “Shut up and do as I say!” You flop down in the leather-covered chair behind the desk, telling Bosso to stand beside you.

You wrap your fingers around his schlong and lock eyes with him. “I am going to jerk you off until you shoot all over the fucking paperwork on this desk,” you instruct. Then you start stroking his nasty knob very slowly, but with a firm grip, stretching the skin of his shaft until it’s taut. You’re determined to make this jack-off last achingly long. You’re loving the control you’re exerting over the situation. You gradually increase the speed of your stroking until the head of his cock is purple and straining to cum. He begs you to let him ejaculate, but you make him wait and wait until he’s nearly crying for relief. Then you point his cock over the desktop. The cum pours out of him, stream after gushing stream, because this is a sex dream and things are more exaggerated than real time. “Uh, uuuhhh!” is all your daytime master can muster as his man-milk soaks all the folders, reports, and letters strewn across the desk.

When you wake up the next morning, you’re filled with flaming confidence. Although your adventure with Mr. Big Dick was only a dream, you know your relationship will never be the same. No matter how he acts in the future, you’ll always have your secret fantasy of having milked his cock until it spewed all over his desk. Every time you meet with him now, you visualize all that white sticky stuff on that desk. Best of all, your greatly increased sense of self-respect permanently changes your working relationship so that the former bully-boy boss stops making you a target of his manipulation because he knows you’re a woman he can no longer dominate.

Now let’s say you’re a guy who has a snippy bitch for a boss, but one with a body that won’t quit: a tight, rounded, gym-firmed fanny; pert tits; legs toned and long-muscled from jogging; hair that is as dark as her eyes are blue, with pinpoint pupils that make her eyes look otherworldly. She treats all her workers with such contempt that the secret nickname she’s been given among the staff is “Dom.” This is a woman that you think needs to be fucked and tamed.

When you go to bed that night, the last thoughts you have as you drift into slumber are fantasies about this woman. The next thing you know, you’re in dreamland, and the setting is a luxury hotel where you and your boss and other staffers are staying on a business trip. It’s late at night, and you should be crawling under the covers in your room because you’ve had such a long day of client meetings. But, typical of her, your boss calls your room and orders you to come to hers so you both can discuss the day’s events. You’re exhausted, but you go before you must.

You’re startled when she opens the door after you knock. She’s standing there wearing nothing but a negligee. Vaguely, you think to yourself, “This can’t be real,” and, of course, it isn’t; it’s a dream. And in a dream, the impossible becomes possible.

You look up and down at her, and instantly your exhaustion fades and your excitement builds. She’s saying something about business, but fuck that, you’re not listening. You observe the sharp points of her nipples pressing against the bra of her sleepwear—“fuck-her wear” is what you think. She keeps yammering, but you give her a hard look and say something you never would in real life: “Shut up, Sonia. First, I’m going to kiss you and grab your ass, then I’m going to stick my dick in your pussy. Got it?”

Once again, the roles are reversed. Sonia goes silent, obeying you, turning her head upward to receive your kiss. You draw her close, planting your mouth on hers, sticking your tongues wrapping around each other. You reach around, slipping your hands inside her panties, cupping her buttocks and squeezing them tight. This causes her to press her pussy area against your hardening cock-bulge. She is surrendering herself to you.

“Get up on that bed and assume the position,” you say, wondering whether she’ll lay on her back or get up on all fours. She chooses doggie style. You take a condom that’s sitting in a foil wrapper on the bedside table—things like that always appear magically in dreams—tear it open and apply it to your cock. (Again, this being a dream, your pants and underwear have disappeared, leaving your rock-hard member standing erect.)

You get up behind Sonia on the bed, tearing the crotch of her panties wide open, which causes her to gasp in surprise and eager anticipation. Her pussy is swollen and ready to be penetrated. Her pubic hair is thick and as dark as her hair; the carpet matches the drapes, as they say. You know she’s wet because you can smell her moist girl-scent, and a two-finger probe of her vagina confirms she’s slick and ready and elicits a deep moan from her lovely swanlike throat. “Please, please put it in me,” she asks. “I can’t wait any longer.” And that’s what you do: slide your torpedo deep inside her tube, feeling her pussy hair softly rustling against the base of your meat stick. “You’re gonna get fucked like this every time you keep me late for overtime, boss lady,” you growl. Then you stop, aware that you would never say such a thing to your superior—but then, you’d never be balls-deep inside her sugar walls, either. “I must be dreaming,” you realize, and bingo, you’re now doing lucid dreaming. But the muscles of Sonia’s pussy hold your dick in a tight, palpable grip, and soon you’re filling Sonia with cum (contained in the condom). When you wake up, you feel as depleted as if you really had fucked your lady boss.

Lucid dreaming is the best kind. You’re aware that you’re in an alternate universe where you can fly at greet speed or just hover a thousand feet in the air; jump off a cliff and float to earth without a parachute; walk through walls; and ask any dream figure that appears what it means in your subconscious mind, and it must answer. And, heh heh, you can fuck anyone from your waking life without consequences, because everything that occurs is all in your mind. (Too bad that teenage boys—and girls—can’t yet be taught to dream lucidly. Millions of girls could, in their dreams, ride the cocks of any guys they secretly desired without getting a “bad” reputation. And millions of boys could forego sore hands and raw penises from daily masturbation while their hormones raged. They could look forward to meeting and screwing the cheerleaders of their dirtiest dreams in their dreams. They could fuck as many pussies as they wanted, spurt in them time after time, and not wake up with cum-dampened underpants.)

I am here to make your wildest dreams come true. Let me be your creative power in planning and carrying out your wettest dreams. Maybe I can act the part of the mysterious spirit girl who awakens you with a sudden blow job? Maybe you want to dream of finding yourself blindfolded and naked in a strange place, where you hear a woman’s soft steps entering the room, then feel your cock being mounted by a girl who uses your tool to fuck herself silly to orgasm. Let me be your weaver of dirty dreams.

Contact me at [email protected] to make an appointment.

Cumisha Amado

I am Cumisha Amado, Adult Film Star featured in over 300 Adult Films and various Men’s Magazines: Playboy Int’l, Oriental Dolls, Penthouse Int’l etc. I’ve produced a Series of Swingers Videos: American Connection 1- 3 and a Featured Film. I am a graduate of San Francisco State as a Registered Nurse (OB/GYN) and had 2 scholarships to Julliard School of Music for Piano in Classical Music. I speak English, Some Spanish, Tagalog, Elocano, little French. My special talents and skills: Was a Registered Nurse, Love giving massages, I accommodate to everybody’s fantasies and needs especially the Handicap and Couples. I will negotiate to whatever budget the Clients feels appropriate to their needs or Fantasies. I aim to please and make the Client satisfied. I very open-minded, outgoing, smart, sensual, romantic, Bi-Sexual, and love to make a person feel “Special”. I also love Fetishes and B&D.

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Won’t You Be My Footman?


A man I once dated told me about a new neighbor he fancied. Not only was she a pretty, long-haired strawberry blonde with full breasts and a nice, round tushy, but she was friendly and approachable—easy to get to know. Her conversations with him were pleasantly teasing and flirtatious, and he felt he had a good chance to land in bed with her.

In the wintertime, she always wore a black faux-fur overcoat that complemented her shapely dimensions, matching it with a pair of brown leather knee-high boots with heels. The boots were shiny and sexily caressed her slim legs. One day, while they were chatting in her driveway, he said he liked her boots. “Thank you,” she answered, sweetly. “A girl has to have nice footwear.” Then she leaned back against the trunk of her dark-colored BMW, arching her back seductively and extending her boot-clad legs one at a time.

Her movements, especially those of her lower extremities, sent a thrill up his spine and strong signals to his cock, which shot up hard so fast he thought he heard the sound of a whip cracking, though it was only in his fevered imagination. He was wearing sweatpants without underwear, so he knew she could see his bulge. He clumsily tried to conceal it by turning slightly to the side but doing so only exposed more of his lance. He was embarrassed but also wildly excited. He made a quick and obvious excuse about having “something to do,” and quickly returned to his residence.

As soon as he closed his front door, his rapidly beating heart and quickened breathing—and the rock-hard tool in his pants—told him all he needed to know: His sexy neighbor, especially her boots, had set the sex-center of his brain on max, and he leaned against the wall of his foyer, threw down his sweatpants, and grabbed his raging cock in his right hand.

He tried to start his jacking motions off at a slow pace, to savor the feeling she aroused in him, but his hand began stroking faster and faster as he rose to a furious, spouting climax that shot cum against the opposite wall. His only regret, as he sagged, exhausted, almost tripping over the sweatpants gathered at his ankles, was that his spume hadn’t been splattered on her boots.

Oh, my God, he realized. I’m a foot fetishist—and I love it!

Women’s bodies, as men and bisexual or gay women all know, have been equipped with a cornucopia of erotic zones and parts. In fact, across the wondrous landscape of the female form, there is no place that cannot be eroticized. None. Nature formed us that way in far ancient times to attract male mates, who would offer food and protection and, of course, generous hot beef injections of caveman cock. (We girls hear the echo of those primitive times when men grunt and gibber like apes as they pump our pussies full of cum.)

Some men are known for favoring certain areas; you can call a guy an “ass man” or a “breast man,” but men who sexually crave and fantasize about women’s feet and legs are a special subculture of fetishists. They’re highly imaginative and can think of so many ways to derive extreme sexual joy from the delicate toes, the smooth soles, the well-trimmed toenails, the elegant arches, and the well-turned ankles of women’s feet. For this fetish, size really doesn’t matter; small and large feet are both favored.

Foot fetishism was probably at its height during the Victorian Age, a time of public shame about sexual expression but hypersexual activities in private. (For example, in one major city, there reportedly was a brothel that for women only. Very privileged women, who would be brought inside via a hidden private entrance. Instead of the traditional lineup, in which the sex workers parade themselves before clients who select the girl or girls they favor, the women would be guided upstairs to a bedroom kept in total darkness to mask the woman’s identity from the male sex worker who would service her needs. Their encounter would take place in total silence so that even the woman’s voice, which might be well-known if she was socially prominent, would remain secret.)

 The moral repressiveness of the period has been attributed to Queen Victoria’s alleged sexual conservatism, but the true culprit for the priggishness of the time was her stern husband, the German-born Prince Albert. Her views about sex are unknown, but as a feisty and spirted young wife, she had eight children with her beloved husband, so he certainly aroused her passions.

Embarrassment about sexual matters grew to be ridiculous. The term “legs” became almost a dirty word because legs (usually, just the bare ankles, which became highly erotically charged in the male imagination) were all that men got to see of women’s bodies, covered, even in humid summers, by layers of clothing, unless they frequented brothels, were married, or were fortunate enough to find adventurous, artistic, rebellious feminist lovers. Even the legs of pianos were cloaked in lace because looking at those lifeless wooden supports might tempt a young man into lustful thoughts!

You can well imagine how much sexual curiosity was provoked by all this “no-no” advice: lots. During the 19th century, women of means wore calf-length dress shoes with many buttons winding all the way up. It could take two to three minutes to button up—or unbutton—that elegant footwear, so flattering to a woman’s feet and legs.

A man in the company of an experienced period courtesan—or lucky enough to have a passionate lover in the everyday world—could sit comfortably in a chair, languidly puffing on a cigar while his lady friend stripped down to her high-button shoes, then took her sweet time seductively unfastening each button of a shoe before slipping it off, slowly, revealing a naked foot. The gentleman of leisure would rise to his feet, remove his clothing, fold them neatly, and turn to face her with a stiff rod saluting her beauty.

But instead of gripping his rod with her hand or taking it into her mouth or pussy, she would apply cream to her toes and feet, then reach with her legs until her toes wrapped themselves around his shaft, caressing it gently and skillfully, “playing” it like a snake charmer until the “snake” spit out its white goo all along the lady’s feet and legs.

History shows that forbidden things become more and more attractive over time. Pretty soon cowgirl boots, riding boots, hiking boots, slippers, ballet shoes, stockings, socks, sneakers, and even pantyhose would join the assortment of costumes favored by foot lovers. As dresses began to shorten in the early 20th century, exposing more of the legs, foot men rejoiced. Now they would have a clear route to the delicious vagina, their journey beginning at a lady’s big toe and traveling on up her leg until they met her oval of delight.

If you’d like to schedule a meeting, be sure to ask me to show you how you can give me an orgasm just by massaging the ball of my foot. It may be an unusual way to begin foreplay for you, but everyone can benefit from learning new sexual skills. You can quote me on that! Contact me at [email protected] 

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