Autumn Verlot’s Favorite Sex Positions

Sex and intimacy are essential parts of human connection.Exploring different positions with your sex partner or partners can awaken desires that are begging to be unleashed.

Hey Everyone, I am here to tell you about my Three Favorite Sex Positions and why I love them! 

Sex and intimacy are essential parts of human connection.Exploring different positions with your sex partner or partners can awaken desires that are begging to be unleashed.

My ABSOLUTE favorite position is Doggy Style

Doggy Style may seem so traditional and overdone, but I truly enjoy this position.  There are so many variations to this position.  You can take control while you rub your hands all over my body and even give me a smack on the ass or tug on my hair.


2nd favorite is a Double Cowgirl
(threesome position)

This is where You pleasure Both of Your female partners at the same time while your female partners are free to share an intimate embrace.
(Trust me this is fantastic, a must try with me)

3rd position is Against The Wall
(I haven’t experienced this one yet)


This is where You pick me up and I wrap my legs around you as you push me against the wall. We are face to face, the perfect position for kissing.  This is amazing and a great time for both partners.



We can experience these new positions together.  Check out my thread on the Bunny Ranch Message Board where I give My Positions of the Week!

Autumn Verlot

Hey there, love! I’m Autumn, a friendly, easy-going sweetheart , who adores pampering you with affection and intimacy. I love to be in the kitchen creating new dishes or outside exploring the area. Let’s indulge in a relaxing bubble bath and share a bottle of wine or enjoy a grand night on the town and enjoy each other’s company. I have a very exclusive secret that I love to share with my special companions. Once we spend some time together, you won’t be able to get enough of me…

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Sexual Destiny vs Sexual Growth

Sexual Destiny vs. Sexual Growth: The Philosophy of Sex and How It Can Help You

Sex is awesome – it physically makes us feel good (obviously). But for many, sex creates a deep connection on a mental, emotional, and often spiritual level. Sex can bring people closer together and create feelings never before experienced. It can enhance our minds, bodies, and souls to a plane of existence never before realized. As creatures who always thirst for knowledge, it’s no surprise that people want to learn how to take those feelings and enhance them, making the experience better for their partners and themselves.

This is where sex becomes more philosophical; what exactly do we want to achieve in our sexual lives? With this comes two popular schools of thought: sexual destiny, and sexual growth. Read on to learn the differences between the two, some examples of each, and how they can help you achieve a level of intimacy you may have never felt before.

What is sexual destiny?

What is the concept of soulmates? It’s the idea that somewhere out in this big wide world, there is one person who has been made for you to meet and spend the rest of your life with. It’s the idea that there is someone who will connect with you on all levels you need and is ideally the perfect match for you.

Now – take this concept and apply it to sex, and you have sexual destiny. There is someone who will match and complement your sexual satisfaction. It heavily implies that that same soulmate described above will present you with your sexual destiny.

People who believe in the philosophy of sexual destiny tend to use it as a barometer for judging whether their relationship is healthy or not. While a good sexual relationship is important, this way of thinking could be detrimental. Say you found someone who you connect with deeply and who “ticks all the boxes” per-say, yet your time in the bedroom isn’t mind-blowingly amazing. If you believed in sexual destiny, you would use this opinion as a reason to break up, even though you two have an otherwise strong and healthy relationship.

Sexual destiny does not really allow room for the idea of improvement; it’s your destiny to be with an awesome sex partner. If they don’t fit the bill, they’re out – end of discussion.

What is sexual growth?

Sexual growth, on the other hand, is more forgiving. Sexual growth allows room for improvement and heavily favors communication between two partners when it comes to satisfaction. Let’s take that same scenario from above; rather than breaking up, if you believed in sexual growth, you would sit down with your partner and talk to them about how you feel your sexual lives could improve, and you would offer each other tips on how to truly make the other feel good. There would be no fear of confrontation and no judgement.

You two would also realize that even if the sex doesn’t improve as quickly as you’d like, it’s not a deal-breaker. You don’t let whatever issues in the bedroom affect other aspects of your relationship outside of it.

Sexual growth is a much healthier philosophy than its overly starry-eyed counterpart. Studies have shown that couples who think more in the sexual growth realm have stronger romantic gains in romantic satisfaction than those who let sex dictate the rest of their feelings in the relationship.

How to Harness the Philosophy of Sexual Growth

So, how can we improve our mindset to be more geared towards sexual growth?

Firstly, you will want to come to terms and peace with the fact that sexual growth is about the journey – not the destination. This is a time when you want to become introspective; really look inside yourself and be humble about how you perform in the bedroom. Be kind to yourself as you admit you may have some things to work on. By being able to admit your own faults, you’re maturing to the idea that your experience and technique has room to grow – and growth is exactly what you want!

If you are stubborn about this, you’re essentially putting up a wall or a finish line; when you get there, you’re basically admitting, “Well, my sex can’t get any better than this.”

Why would you want to set limits for yourself? Sex is all about exploring hidden needs, desires, and sensations – by cutting yourself off too soon, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Once you have made peace with yourself, your technique, and your performance, it’s now time to examine how it can improve. You’ll want to really explore and determine your emotional needs and your motivations for sex. What drives you to have sex with someone? What type of satisfaction are you looking for, besides physical? By answering these questions, you’re allowing yourself to find a sexual partner who is more compatible from the beginning and who is also willing to grow along with you.

Don’t think you have to have these conversations alone. While self-reflection is very important for mental health, it’s also a good idea to talk about these topics with your partner. Perhaps they also want to go through a journey of sexual growth. By doing this together, you’re giving yourselves something else to bond over, along with a common goal.

While exploring this with your partner, this is also the perfect time for you two to discuss what specifically turns you on. Why does it turn you on? Why does it turn you on with this specific person? Have you been turned on by these things before? Why is it different now? Sexual growth is all about asking questions – no question is off limits, and there is no such thing as too many.

It can be intimidating to admit that your sex life needs room to grow, but if you and your partner are open to taking the journey, it can bring feelings never felt before, and hell – it can even be fun! You two are on completely even playing grounds with no judgement and no limits.

Have you ever had a “sexual destiny” mindset? Have you tried talking about the idea of “sexual growth” with you partner? I would love to hear your experiences – tell me about them in the comments!

Wouldn’t you like to know if you are operating in “sexual destiny” or sexual growth mode?

Are you interested in sexual growth?  Email me to start planning your journey to sexual growth with me at the Bunnyranch.  [email protected]

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JerkMate Review 2021

Jerkmate is one of those up-and coming cam sites where adults can meet, greet, and do more! Models vary to suit whichever taste you have. The point is that you have model-type chatmates on the other side of the camera.

You’re getting the hottest cam models on the internet. Whether cam girls, cam boys, or transsexual cams , Jerkmate has got you covered!

It’s more than just your typical sex cam site. The focus is to connect the best performers with the best online partners. The important thing is you find a partner that you’ll surely come back to every time you log onto the site.

What makes JerkMate so special?

Why jerk off alone to pre-made porn videos when you can do it spontaneously with a partner? Like the site’s slogan is, “you’ll never jerk off alone.”

True enough, lives up to it all. Feeling horny and alone? Why not take that boredom to Jerkmate where you’re getting more than just entertainment. It feels like the performance part of each model is a mere bonus.

“I feel lonely,” says no Jerkmate user ever. That’s because they enjoy the fact that they have a connection with each sexy performer they choose. Who else offers interactive cam sex like this site does?

Some may have come first, some might have copied but Jerkmate is where the future seems clear as the HD cameras streaming live.

Meet Jerky

It seems catchy whenever a porn site has a mascot. Jerkmate has the same in the form of “Jerky,” a robot that does Cupid’s job online. No need for arrows pointing. Just internet connecting.

Jerky is responsible for making sure your preferences are what show on your suggested feed. That’s how smart and sophisticated the site’s machine learning is. Its advanced algorithm will make sure you jerk off to someone who will like you back.

Even in diversity you can find surprising gems. Thanks to Jerky, you can even connect with international cam girls and guys in your quest for new flavors.

The conditions are simple. Just tell Jerky a bit about you and what you want in a date and you’re all set!

Why you need to sign up right now.

Jerky is glad to hook you up. In fact, Jerky loves doing its job so much that you’re guaranteed to find a perfect masturbation partner which has the chance to turn into hookups if you play your cards right.

Signing up is quick and easy. It’s a matter of a few seconds away from setting you up with your virtual fuck buddy.
Jermate also has a healthy sexual community. You can read some of their blogs to help boost your chances of sealing the deal whenever you join private shows, gold shows and cam-2-cams.

Why deprive yourself of pleasure? is here to make sure you are covered with all the horny stuff you and your potential cam buddy have in common.

Red Light District Cooks! Island Starr Lamb by LoveRanch’s Destini Starr

In this Episode we have Destini Starr from the LoveRanch making her Island Starr Lamb Recipe that she has been cooking at night at the LoveRanch.
Email her Today [email protected]

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 Title: Island Starr Lamb
Prep Time: 20 Minutes
Cooking Time: 2 Hours & 15 Minutes
1. Lamb (Loin Chops)
2. 1 Potato
3. 2 Teaspoon Cooking Oil
4. Half Onion (White)
5. Garlic (Minced) 2 Tablespoon
6. Garam Masala 1 1/2 Teaspoon
7. Turmeric 1 1/2 Teaspoon
8. Crushed Red Peppers (Optional)
9. Cilantro Chopped (1 Cup)
10. Salt To Taste
Cooking Instructions
Step 1
Cut Lamb in cube size pieces (And for extra flavor leave bone chunks aside with the cut lamb)
Peel the skin of the potato
Cut potato into big chunks
Dice half of the onions
Chop 1 cup of cilantro
Step 2
Grab a big cooking pot and Add 2 Teaspoon of cooking oil set burners on Medium/Low heat.
Let the oil heat up and then add onions into it
Cook the onions until light golden brown.
After they are light brown add 2 Tablespoon of minced garlic with 1 1/2 Teaspoon of Garam masala and 1/2 Teaspoon of Turmeric.
Add Lamb into the pot. (Remember bone chunks are optional) Mix well for 20 minutes.
Step 3
Add 3/4 Cup of water into the Lamb and add the Potatoes to the pot
Mix potatoes with the Lamb very well
Let everything cook for 25 minutes.
Make sure you Stir occasionally
Step 4
If water gets low add more water into the pot until meat gets tender and potatoes are soft. Keep repeating this process for the meat. Make sure to stir occasionally so the food does not burn.
Step 5
Once meat is tender add Salt to your taste.
Then add Crushed red peppers remember peppers are(Optional)
Add Cilantro Mix well cook for 2 minutes.
Step 6
Grab a plate and Serve over Rice
Garnish the dish with Cilantro.


James is the Sr. Media Director for the World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch. In addition, James creates the profile videos for the Company and productions in addition to social media and media relations. See all the videos created at along with the productions on Follow Twitter @JamesXtreme Instagram @XtremePufindail Email [email protected]

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Nevada Brothels Confront, Tackle Virus Dangers

(Chuck Muth) – Nevada’s legal brothels – like every other business in the state, especially service businesses – are experiencing challenges posed by the continued spread of the Wuhan Virus.

But unlike most other businesses, brothels already have extensive experience in minimizing health risks to their workers, their clients and the public.

“The women working in our ranches are already subjected to weekly health tests,” noted Suzette Cole, owner of four brothels in Lyon County and president of the Nevada Brothel Association PAC.  “And our people have been fully trained to screen clients for potential health risks and take appropriate measures to protect everyone.”

“However,” she continued, “the coronavirus threat is far more serious than what we usually deal with, so we’ve taken a number of additional safety precautions at our properties that are in line with recommendations by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and other health care professionals.”

Among the additional steps detailed by Ms. Cole…

  • Regular staff memos and management reminders on good hygiene practices to all brothel workers, employees and patrons
  • Adding hand sanitizers to all entrances, exits and public areas
  • Enhanced deep-cleaning and sanitizing of high-contact surface areas – including restrooms, ATM machines, bar tops and door handles – every two hours
  • Suspension of all group staff meetings until further notice
  • Suspension of all group events, parties, social gatherings and celebrations until further notice
  • Reducing by half the number of bar stools to increase the space between customers
  • Implementing additional “social distancing” recommendations by the state’s Medical Advisory Team
  • Invoking an indoor smoking and vaping ban in all public areas, including the parlors and bars
  • Prohibiting clients and workers who have been overseas in the previous 14 days
  • Courteously and professionally asking patrons exhibiting signs of illness (coughing, fever or breathing difficulties) to come back at another time
  • Requiring independent contractors who are ill to return home or check into a hotel and self-quarantine until well
  • Sending employees home if sick and requiring a doctor’s note before being allowed to return to work
  • Encouraging “virtual happy hours” with clients and friends to maintain human connections and social interactions during this stressful period of time

Ms. Cole added that she is monitoring press reports and communicating regularly with medical professionals, first responders, law-enforcement and elected officials to keep up-to-date with developments.

“Health and safety is, and always has been, our primary concern,” she concluded. “We’ll continue be vigilant, caring and sensitive in order to safeguard our workers and clients and do our part to bring this national crisis to a close as quickly as possible.”

Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, a limited-government grassroots advocacy organization, and government affairs counsel to the Nevada Brothel Association.  His views are his own.


James is the Sr. Media Director for the World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch. In addition, James creates the profile videos for the Company and productions in addition to social media and media relations. See all the videos created at along with the productions on Follow Twitter @JamesXtreme Instagram @XtremePufindail Email [email protected]

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Let Me Show You How to Have a Rewarding Sex Life After Injuries, Aging, and Limited Mobility – Liberator Sex Furniture

Hi everyone! I’m Air Force Amy – one of the most popular, highly sought-after courtesans of all time! After being in the military, I joined up with Dennis Hof, proprietor of the Moonlite BunnyRanch and throughout my award winning career at the BunnyRanch, I became a certified Clinical Sexologist, Sex Educator, Loveologist and Sex Therapist. In fact – I’m the only courtesan with these accolades in any legal brothel in Nevada!

My products of choice throughout my career have been those offered by Liberator.  The first and foremost product of my choice is the Esse Chaise II – and I chose to elaborate on why they can be beneficial for people with injuries, aging bodies and otherwise limited mobility to get back in the saddle, so to speak.

When something traumatizing happens to you in your life, it can really put a damper on your ego in many ways. Depending on what happened, and even just the aging process, you may feel as though you have to rely on others for emotional support, or you feel discomfort in leaving your home. It’s also important to address the physical issues and injuries that can arise during traumatizing experiences or just as a part of the aging process, and what assistance you may need after the fact. It may become difficult to do daily tasks, hobbies, cleaning, or even showering, and this can make anyone feel depressed and frustrated due to the fact that they can no longer do all the things they could do in their 20’s or even 30’s 40’s and 50’s..

A less addressed way an injury can affect our ego is in the bedroom. Depending on the injury, sex can become difficult, painful, or just downright impossible. It can be incredibly bruising to the ego to go from someone who actively participated in and enjoyed sex (and was, depending on who’s talking, good at it *wink*) to someone who can’t even get out of bed without assistance, let alone romp around in it.

Naturally, this can cause feelings of shame, depression, and dejection. It can also, unsurprisingly, cause intimacy issues in a relationship. Your partner may be trying everything they can to help you, but because you are too ashamed to even try, it can make your partner distant or unsure of how to help. This of course doesn’t help intimacy, but rather perpetuates a feeling of disconnect between two people over an uncontrollable circumstance.

The first step to overcoming and improving injury is to know that you aren’t any less of the person you were pre-injury. If it’s temporary, know that you will soon be back to the person you were before, with the same mind, soul, emotions, and sex drive you had before. If it’s permanent, you can still have this mindset. You may walk a little differently, or your shoulder may ache from time to time, but – neither of these things will prevent you from having sex in the future, and it doesn’t take away from your attractiveness or prowess in the sheets.

The second step is to research – and do -exercises and stretches that can help you heal quicker and make sexual activities more comfortable for you while you’re recovering or rediscovering your body. If you have a major injury, you most likely are working with a physical therapist – don’t be afraid to ask them about what you can do to make sex more comfortable! They are there to help you heal and regain your strength, along with how to do normal everyday activities easy again. Guess what? Sex is one of those everyday activities!

The third step is to look into other options that can help you with sex while you recover or settle in to your mature years. This is where you can have fun a make the healing process more enjoyable!

So – I’m going to be candid with you right now and skip the fluff. For this step, I highly recommend checking out Liberator. They are one of the best brands for sex toys out there, specializing in “bedroom adventure gear” and furniture. Started 15 years ago in Atlanta, Liberator wants people to use their products to inspire creativity and imagination in the bedroom – nothing is off limits with Liberator. I love when clients of mine tell me they have heard of and even use Liberator products in their own sexual encounters – and of course, I just love and enjoy their products myself, in my professional work as well as in my own personal life.

Depending on what you’re looking for, they have something for everyone – pillows, blankets, mounts, bondage products – there is something for someone of every kink. And, of course, we can’t talk about Liberator without talking about their furniture. Possibly their claim to fame, Liberator has taken furniture and turned it into a concept of “how can we make this the most comfortable and most pleasurable piece of furniture possible?” What in turn was created was, and they quote, “The best invention for sex since the bed.”

Their furniture is specifically designed to help with position aid and work in tandem with intimate accessories that help increase mobility, stamina, and of course pleasure. Their furniture also works for any couples of any body type and size – while one size may fit all, you are guaranteed to have a personalized experience with their equipment, no matter what you buy.

They’re also great with adding extra support for positions you know and love, as well as help you and your partner discover new positions. Liberator takes pride in crafting their furniture to make sure every angle, curve, and elevation will heighten the sexual experience for each and every person involved.

“Ok,” you say, nodding and possibly getting a little turned on at the idea of having furniture and accessories specifically designed for awesome, mind-blowing sex. “But – how can Liberator and their furniture help me with sex when I have an injury?”

That, my dear, is where the Esse Chaise II comes in.

Esse Chaise II

So, what even is an Esse Chaise, and why is there two of them? The Esse Chaise started as a chaise lounge specifically designed for sex; it has the right curves and humps to make sure any position you use on it is as comfortable and sensual as possible. Esse Chaise II takes it up a notch by having a longer and narrower body, making it easier to straddle and get creative. Every position will provide you proper comfort and cradling because of how accurate the changes are to the curves and angles. It even comes with a headrest, offering 5-inches of height for straddling or kneeling. The synthetic leather cover is removable, making it easy to wash between sessions.

Why do I love this product? Liberator took the time to take a product that was already seen as perfection and expand on it. They took the reviews of their customers and edited every detail to take an already erotic and unique experience and make it even better. I use it personally for my own sex life and with my clients – and clients always say their best intimate experiences with me have been when we’ve incorporated the Esse Chaise II. While the Esse Chaise is still available for purchase, I highly recommend skipping it and going for the Esse Chaise II.

How is it good for injuries? Imagine if you have a back or neck injury, and you’re lying on a flat bed trying to have sex and also be comfortable. Lying in bed without the sex aspect is already so uncomfortable with those injuries, right? So how could you be comfortable with sex thrown into the equation!? Esse Chaise II is designed to offer support for the back, neck, and hips. The curves align perfectly with the natural contour of the body, meaning you will have the perfect amount of support for your lower back. Using the removable headrest can ensure neck stability, giving you comfort while giving you pleasure. Stand behind it and place your hands on the higher hump for added standing support. Be able to straddle the longue easier due to its decrease in width from the first iteration.

“…the Esse Chaise II reinterprets the unique interplay between the Kama Sutra and Tantric Sex – enabling couples to enjoy lovemaking without compromises.”

This means, whether you’re physically having sex, enjoying a mind-body connection, or delving into any kink you may be into, the Esse Chaise II can support you in all your and your lover’s needs.

While having sex or intimate relationships with an injury may seem impossible at first, it definitely doesn’t have to be. This is a great time to do research into sex props and products and think about they may help you outside of enhancing pleasure. If you’re suffering from an injury and are looking for hope, I highly recommend Liberator’s Esse Chaise II.

I have personally been using the Esse Chaise, and now, Esse Chaise II at the Bunnyranch for over ten years now.  I’ve had major success in creating super imaginative and new experiences as well as incorporating it’s use for overcoming physical limitations tpo.

If you’re someone who has had difficulty with exotic sex positions in the past, or you are experiencing difficulty in basic bedroom positions now, you could benefit greatly from using the Essse II that I have available for your use with me at the Bunnyranch. Due to the multitude of adjustable angles, it’s easy to find a position that’s comfortable on the hips, knees, and wrists. You can have the man on the bottom, or the woman on the bottom depending on which one of the hundreds of positions you indulge in. Even traditional positions take on a unique, erotic edge! There are countless possible ways to use the Esse II. My guests with mobility differences have  found great benefit from having the Esse and Esse II available, as it allows them to experience sex positions their bodies otherwise wouldn’t be able to handle.

Are you ready for me, the consummate professional, to personally guide you through a variety of fun and fulfilling intimate positions to regain or even create for the first time, super satisfying sexual experiences that you will treasure for a long time coming by incorporating Liberator products and especially the Esse and Esse II Chaise?

You can absolutely do exactly that and a whole lot more in a perfectly safe, legal and 100% discreet adult entertainment playground, world renown for it’s customer satisfaction and impeccable reputation made famous by the late great Dennis Hof and me, his #1 gal and America’s Sweetheart & Living Legend in the World of Sex the BunnyRanch.


Air Force Amy is the most experienced legal courtesan in the entirety of Nevada. She is the ONLY certified Clinical Sexologist, Sex Educator, Loveologist, and Sex Therapist in any legal Nevada brothels. With over 25 years of experience, Amy is your number one choice at the Bunny Ranch for physical, spiritual, or emotional connection and healing. Email [email protected] 

See her Profile

Visit the Official Air force Amy website,

Email her directly [email protected]

Visit for more of the best intimate products on the market and in the world.

Bring your Liberator products with you and get professional instruction and a 20% discount on any activity Only with Air Force Amy at the BunnyRanch.

Air Force Amy

Star of HBO's 'Cathouse' and a living legend in the world of sex, Air Force Amy is the world's most famous legal prostitute. Known for her beauty, humor, and unrelenting love of life, Amy is the most sought after sex partner in the world.

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What is Sensual Domination?

What is Sensual Domination?

By Kimberly Kane

Sensual domination, to me, is domination without painful discipline. However, discipline can be dished out in many different ways and still feel strict to the submissive.  A lot of my fetishes have nothing to do with inflicting pain, cuckolding, for example. The Cuckold gets sexual gratification from their partner having sex with other people. Sometimes behind their back (adultery) or consensually within the boundaries of their relationship.

I see a lot of potential for Cuckold play at the Bunny Ranch. I’d like to have fun with this scenario on a grand scale. I’d like to have a Cuckold “slave” pay for clients to party with me. The humiliation alone would be extremely gratifying for the Cuckold.

Bisexual Encouragement is another fetish near and dear to my heart. A lot of men have bisexual desires, but they are not comfortable exploring them all the way. That’s where I come in. I like to encourage men to take the next step. This fetish can be very erotic, involving role-play scenarios and consensual verbal coercion, which is one of my many talents.

Another example of sensual domination is “the stern girlfriend or mother figure.” When you’re playing in the submissive role, you can let the outside world melt away. In your “normal” life, you might be stressed out at a high-level job, but when you’re with me, you have one task at hand, make mommy happy.

I take my time getting to know my clients. I ask a lot of questions to get down to what turns you on about your particular fetish.  I, unfortunately, do not offer heavy impact BDSM parties at the Bunny Ranch. I feel my interests more aline with sensual domination. That’s why I invite you to tap into your true desires and book an appointment with me, your Mistress, Kimberly Kane.

Photos Curtesy of Kimberly Kane

Kimberly Kane

You might think you know me from my films, but films are fantasy, and while I love fantasy, and making fantasies come true, I’d also like you to get to know the real me on a deeper, more meaningful level. I’d also like to get to know you, and hope we can become friends.

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Porn Sex vs Real Life Sex

Porn Sex vs Real Life Sex

A dive into the misconceptions of pornography by Kimberly Kane

This subject is incredibly important since the rise of free porn on the internet and the fact that anyone of any age can view hardcore pornography. I am just old enough that I didn’t grow up with free porn. When I was young, all porn sites were paywalled. Meaning you wouldn’t see much without throwing down a credit card for a website membership which was around $60 a month.

I remember porn tapes being as valuable as gold. If you had a really good porn tape you could trade it like currency. This might sound unbelievable to folks but the first time I ever saw a DP (double penetration) scene on video, I was 18 and I did not believe it was humanly possible, I thought it was some fancy camera angle trick.

Now a days seeing a DP is one of the least shocking sex acts you can see on the Internet. We have an entire generation that has grown up being able to access hardcore pornography for free and the concept of paywalls to view porn is simply abstract. My question is at what cost is the free porn generation really paying on a psychological level?

I am not a psychologist, I’m a pornographer/sex worker and I’m out here in the world talking to “generation tubesite”  and they tell me sex gives them anxiety. They have watched thousands of hours of porn and instead of it making them feel confident they feel inadequate. They think their penis’ aren’t big enough, if their partners aren’t screaming and squirting during sex they think they’re doing something wrong. There isn’t a lot of foreplay in porn so this very important aspect of intimacy is sometimes skipped over entirely. Because of the lack of access to sex education young people are watching porn to learn about sex. Which is about as warped as looking to social media to learn about inner happiness. Porn is entertainment not educational material.

The best way I can simply explain porn sex vs. real sex is by asking this question, “Do you believe the Superman movies are real? Do you believe Superman is flying around fighting crime? Of course you don’t! We can give superhero movies a suspension of disbelief. Now, try lending the same suspension of disbelief when watching porn.

Porn is a performance. The bigger the dick, the louder the screams, the more effortless position changes the better! Porn performers are simultaneously thinking about lights, body position and our next move. You’re also trying to convey connection and realism for the audience. If the scene is executed well the sex will seem easy but I assure you it is not. A great porn performance is a physical and artistic craft. It should also be noted that there are also camera operators and crew whos experience lends to the creation of great pornography, just like mainstream hollywood movies.

I personally do not have porn style sex at home. In order for me to be in the zone I need to calm my mind, focus on my partner and be in the moment. I want to genuinely please my partner and I want reciprocation in an honest and connected way. Sometimes my real sex is quiet and passionate, giggly and cute or sexually dominate and perverted. Another difference in my real sex is something not often seen in porn. I always incorporate my Doxy vibrator to reach orgasm because I do not climax from penetration alone.

If you take anything away from my post understand that pornstars are not always having crazy sex off camera. Lend some disbelief to the performance as physical acting and find comfort in the fact that even pornstars are having lazy, cuddle sex just like anyone else. Appreciate porn for what it is, entertainment like your favorite superhero movies!

Kimberly Kane Bunny Ranch Profile:
Twitter: @KimberlyKane & @KimberlyKane_BR
Instagram: @KKSHOT
Email: [email protected]

Photos Provided by
Wonder Woman XXX
Vivid Entertainment

Kimberly Kane

You might think you know me from my films, but films are fantasy, and while I love fantasy, and making fantasies come true, I’d also like you to get to know the real me on a deeper, more meaningful level. I’d also like to get to know you, and hope we can become friends.

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3rd Party Relationships For Caregivers Of Early On Dementia

I was compelled to write this article because I’ve had the pleasure of being the 3rd party relationship to several gentlemen in this very same situation that I shall shed even more light upon today.

I did not realize the prevalence of  said situations until I saw a gentleman on  GMA discussing this same sort of “movement” arising throughout America.  That is, men seeking 3rd party relationships while caring for their wife or significant other with early on and end stage dementia.

International experts predict that by the year 2040 we will have over 81 million people with dementia.

We barely know the struggles of dementia patients and the situations they go through while dealing with this condition. Early-on dementia, especially in younger individuals, is one of the most saddening and depressing cases. You can see their self-esteem wither away gradually while the disease gnaws at their brain from within.

People do sympathize with and understand the concerns of dementia patients. However, the same attention and consideration is hardly extended to their caretakers which, in most cases, is the spouse.

Husbands of women with dementia have a tough time watching their spouse succumb slowly and steadily to the condition. They have a hard time meeting their emotional and physical needs from elsewhere while their wife is battling with this disorder.

Intimacy is a major component and it is foundational to a happy marriage and a happy life.  And the husbands of women with early-on dementia need to find a channel to release their sexual desires somewhere.

Let’s find out how they can do so.

How does having a spouse with dementia influence one’s way of life?

One of the most primary expectations people have from their spouses is sexual intimacy and satisfaction. Sure, your spouse needs to be understanding and both parties need to be compatible as a couple.

However, one cannot shy away from the fact that sexual tendencies cannot be fully ignored, especially if you’re still well into your peak adulthood phase. This is quite common in people with early-on dementia. They have sexually unsatisfied spouses who are looking for a way to channel their pent-up sexual energy.

Having said that, most people don’t go down the road of dating and relationships since they want to stay true to their commitment to marriage.

In addition to that, approaching sex workers for one-time needs can be a little daunting and risky as per the history of the individual and the vulnerability to STDs and all the vast dangers and consequences that committing a crime entails.


The spouse of a dementia patient can fulfill his or her mental and emotional needs from the people around them. There are friends, family, and social groups to help them interact with the outside world and forget their problems for a while. But the same cannot be said about sexual needs too.

Here is where I step in. You can reach out to me and I’ll definitely take care of your sexual needs and preferences with absolute consideration and respect for your privacy so that you go home a happier man!

How can caretakers of dementia patients look after their own sexual needs?

Being a caretaker of a dementia patient is no joke. There are multiple aspects to look after regarding their lifestyle and health. Having said that, it is important that the caretaker also look after their own needs equally well.

Looking after an ill individual over a long period of time and watching their illness becoming worse takes a huge toll on one’s mental and physical health. This experience becomes excruciatingly worse if it’s a person you love, moreover your spouse.   It is especially horrific if your spouse or significant other no longer even recognizes you.

There are multiple ways to ensure that you keep your mind healthy despite the circumstances. One can try talk therapy, exercise, psychotherapy, journaling, and other therapies to ensure that your mind stays healthy.

As far as sexual needs are concerned, the best alternative in this regard would be to seek the services of a renowned and reliable sex worker. Getting into extra-marital affairs or one-night stands can be quite tricky and is full of risk factors which cannot be overlooked.

Having said that, such experiences are not feasible for the long-term. Your best bet is to seek the services of someone like myself, Air Force Amy at the Bunnyranch, so that you gain maximum benefit with no risk.  There is a host of services to choose from and you can book my services for as long as you like and whatever you fancy!

How is it safe to consider a professional sex worker to meet one’s physical needs instead of getting into extra-marital affairs?

Extra-marital affairs can be quite messy. First and foremost, it is morally and ethically incorrect to cheat on your spouse under any circumstances. Dementia cannot be blamed for this and held as a good enough reason for anyone to get away with extra-marital affairs.

The fact that you’re still in the marriage to your spouse with dementia is reason by itself that you are willing to make it work. And this won’t be possible if you get into an extra-marital affair. The woman you turn to fulfill your sexual desires may want you to leave aside your marriage to spend the rest of your life with her. I doubt you want that, do you?

Moreover, it is just too much commitment to woo a girl and carry this relationship forward to be able to fulfill your own sexual desires without giving anything in return.

Fancy dinners, expensive gifts, and luxury hotels will soon become a norm draining you of your hard-earned money. Even then, there is a high chance you will have your reputation ruined in society if this information leaks out.

As a sex worker, I can assure you that you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket by hiring my services. It can be for as long as you like catered to your needs and tailored to perfection to suit your personal, exclusive demands.

In addition to that, my medical record is perfectly fit and safe and checked weekly. All you need to do is sit back and relax while I give you the best time of your life!

What makes me the best alternative in this regard?

I am the most reliable, experienced and formally educated (in the fields of human sexuality) legal courtesan in any of the NV legal brothels. Years of expertise and professionalism:

I have been living in Nevada for about 30 years now, most of which I have spent providing my service at Bunny Ranch. With me, there is an aura of professionalism even when we are most intimately involved. This is what makes me stand out from any other sex worker.

Since I have ample years of experience providing services to men deprived of sexual needs, I know very well what men need in a wide variety of circumstances. I know exactly what you want and what you’d like given your desires.

My work experience has also polished the quality of my services over the years. I provide specific advantages to my clients without beating around the bush. This ensures that you gain maximum comfort and benefit regardless your level in the bedroom.


  • There’s more than just sex!

Unlike other sex workers,  just about pleasuring you physically. In addition to sex, I intend on providing you with a good time. All my commitment will be to you, my client, for the time you have hired my services.

You can talk your heart out, seek solace in my company, go on long walks, on a swim, or long drives, and dinner dates, whatever you fancy. As long as all our activities are well within the rules of confinement, I will be more than glad to be of service to you.

Not only that, you can even decide the duration of time you’d like to be with me as per your budget allowance. I understand that spouses of dementia patients are mostly looking for a getaway to unwind and relax, and I can be the source of happiness during your vacation time with you.

  • Various packages to choose from:

With me, you have a vast range of options to choose from all of which include amenities, upscale travel, dining, entertainment, sightseeing and all my vast and unequaled experience. You can decide the rate based on the services you’d like to avail and the other add-ons you need.

You can rest assured that your privacy will not be violated and you can enjoy your time with me quite discreetly and openly at the same time. Doesn’t that sound fun and exciting?

There is something for everyone. Baby boomers, experimentation, role play, first-timers, and people coming from sexless marriages can all avail my services as per needed.

  • Extraordinary and discreet treatment:

My services are quite popular in the whole of Nevada. In fact, I am almost a small celebrity in this state wherein people are drawn to Bunny Ranch just to avail my services. The treatment in Bunny Ranch is extraordinary and discreet since we respect and consider your privacy above everything else.

The company’s care will look after your transport so that your privacy is not compromised. You’ll have a vehicle to drive you through the Bunny Ranch so that you can have a good look at the place and remain as discreet and under-the-covers as ever.

The workplace is clean and hygienic:

Bunny Ranch has quite a solid reputation for being one of the most clean and hygienic places for sex workers and clients to be able to do their job discreetly and smoothly without the fear of dirt and grime.

Any sex worker in Bunny Ranch is also quite serious when it comes to maintaining personal and professional hygiene. Not only that, I sport clean medical records when it comes to transferring any sort of disorder via sexual activity. You can rest assured on this front that you are in completely safe hands as far as your health is concerned.


  • An experience to cherish and remember:

Your experience with me is only for a short while compared to the relationship you have with your spouse. Your spouse is ailing and needs your care.

After spending time with me, you are better, fitter, happier and healthier to go back to caring for your spouse ridden with dementia. In other words, I can be your comfort companion wherein you seek happiness and joy along with a place to release your sexual energy through me.

In addition to that, the experience of availing my services is one of the most joyful aspects of being sexually involved. You will always keep wanting for more and keep coming back to Bunny Ranch looking for Air Force Amy.

  • Wide range of services:

Be it vaginal, anal, role play, hardcore, fetish, or experimentation, I’m up for anything and everything. I understand that different men have different needs and I’m willing to accommodate as much as I can so that you go have satisfied and happy.

Moreover, I am educated and experienced enough to tell which client is looking for what kind of services even if they themselves cannot pinpoint it the best manner.

Summing it up:

Being the caretaker of a dementia patient is not a small feat. It takes plenty of love, care, affection, compassion, and consideration to live out such a disorder with the patient even when it is not you who is directly undergoing it.

Moreover, spouses of people with dementia choose to spend all their financial gains on this condition leaving next to nothing for their own selves. Buying my services will give you a reason to use some of that money for your own happiness and contentment too.

Add to it the fact that the individual with dementia is, in fact, your spouse who you love. It can get a little overwhelming and difficult to cope with it especially when you have no one to fall back onto.

I may not be able to meet your deep emotional needs but can assure you that your physical needs will be given a definite getaway. You’ll feel a lot better and relaxed after a couple of hours or days by my side ready to go on and face the challenges of the world as a stronger and happier man!

You can read in detail all about me and my services here:

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to me, Amy, today through Bunny Ranch and get ready to unwind your stress and have the best time of your life!

Air Force Amy

Star of HBO's 'Cathouse' and a living legend in the world of sex, Air Force Amy is the world's most famous legal prostitute. Known for her beauty, humor, and unrelenting love of life, Amy is the most sought after sex partner in the world.

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