Autumn Verlot’s Favorite Sex Positions

Sex and intimacy are essential parts of human connection.Exploring different positions with your sex partner or partners can awaken desires that are begging to be unleashed.

Hey Everyone, I am here to tell you about my Three Favorite Sex Positions and why I love them! 

Sex and intimacy are essential parts of human connection.Exploring different positions with your sex partner or partners can awaken desires that are begging to be unleashed.

My ABSOLUTE favorite position is Doggy Style

Doggy Style may seem so traditional and overdone, but I truly enjoy this position.  There are so many variations to this position.  You can take control while you rub your hands all over my body and even give me a smack on the ass or tug on my hair.


2nd favorite is a Double Cowgirl
(threesome position)

This is where You pleasure Both of Your female partners at the same time while your female partners are free to share an intimate embrace.
(Trust me this is fantastic, a must try with me)

3rd position is Against The Wall
(I haven’t experienced this one yet)


This is where You pick me up and I wrap my legs around you as you push me against the wall. We are face to face, the perfect position for kissing.  This is amazing and a great time for both partners.



We can experience these new positions together.  Check out my thread on the Bunny Ranch Message Board where I give My Positions of the Week!

Autumn Verlot

Hey there, love! I’m Autumn, a friendly, easy-going sweetheart , who adores pampering you with affection and intimacy. I love to be in the kitchen creating new dishes or outside exploring the area. Let’s indulge in a relaxing bubble bath and share a bottle of wine or enjoy a grand night on the town and enjoy each other’s company. I have a very exclusive secret that I love to share with my special companions. Once we spend some time together, you won’t be able to get enough of me…

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JerkMate Review 2021

Jerkmate is one of those up-and coming cam sites where adults can meet, greet, and do more! Models vary to suit whichever taste you have. The point is that you have model-type chatmates on the other side of the camera.

You’re getting the hottest cam models on the internet. Whether cam girls, cam boys, or transsexual cams , Jerkmate has got you covered!

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What makes JerkMate so special?

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Some may have come first, some might have copied but Jerkmate is where the future seems clear as the HD cameras streaming live.

Meet Jerky

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Jerky is responsible for making sure your preferences are what show on your suggested feed. That’s how smart and sophisticated the site’s machine learning is. Its advanced algorithm will make sure you jerk off to someone who will like you back.

Even in diversity you can find surprising gems. Thanks to Jerky, you can even connect with international cam girls and guys in your quest for new flavors.

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Red Light District Cooks! Island Starr Lamb by LoveRanch’s Destini Starr

In this Episode we have Destini Starr from the LoveRanch making her Island Starr Lamb Recipe that she has been cooking at night at the LoveRanch.
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 Title: Island Starr Lamb
Prep Time: 20 Minutes
Cooking Time: 2 Hours & 15 Minutes
1. Lamb (Loin Chops)
2. 1 Potato
3. 2 Teaspoon Cooking Oil
4. Half Onion (White)
5. Garlic (Minced) 2 Tablespoon
6. Garam Masala 1 1/2 Teaspoon
7. Turmeric 1 1/2 Teaspoon
8. Crushed Red Peppers (Optional)
9. Cilantro Chopped (1 Cup)
10. Salt To Taste
Cooking Instructions
Step 1
Cut Lamb in cube size pieces (And for extra flavor leave bone chunks aside with the cut lamb)
Peel the skin of the potato
Cut potato into big chunks
Dice half of the onions
Chop 1 cup of cilantro
Step 2
Grab a big cooking pot and Add 2 Teaspoon of cooking oil set burners on Medium/Low heat.
Let the oil heat up and then add onions into it
Cook the onions until light golden brown.
After they are light brown add 2 Tablespoon of minced garlic with 1 1/2 Teaspoon of Garam masala and 1/2 Teaspoon of Turmeric.
Add Lamb into the pot. (Remember bone chunks are optional) Mix well for 20 minutes.
Step 3
Add 3/4 Cup of water into the Lamb and add the Potatoes to the pot
Mix potatoes with the Lamb very well
Let everything cook for 25 minutes.
Make sure you Stir occasionally
Step 4
If water gets low add more water into the pot until meat gets tender and potatoes are soft. Keep repeating this process for the meat. Make sure to stir occasionally so the food does not burn.
Step 5
Once meat is tender add Salt to your taste.
Then add Crushed red peppers remember peppers are(Optional)
Add Cilantro Mix well cook for 2 minutes.
Step 6
Grab a plate and Serve over Rice
Garnish the dish with Cilantro.


James is the Sr. Media Director for the World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch. In addition, James creates the profile videos for the Company and productions in addition to social media and media relations. See all the videos created at along with the productions on Follow Twitter @BunnyRanch Email [email protected]

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Nevada Brothels Confront, Tackle Virus Dangers

(Chuck Muth) – Nevada’s legal brothels – like every other business in the state, especially service businesses – are experiencing challenges posed by the continued spread of the Wuhan Virus.

But unlike most other businesses, brothels already have extensive experience in minimizing health risks to their workers, their clients and the public.

“The women working in our ranches are already subjected to weekly health tests,” noted Suzette Cole, owner of four brothels in Lyon County and president of the Nevada Brothel Association PAC.  “And our people have been fully trained to screen clients for potential health risks and take appropriate measures to protect everyone.”

“However,” she continued, “the coronavirus threat is far more serious than what we usually deal with, so we’ve taken a number of additional safety precautions at our properties that are in line with recommendations by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and other health care professionals.”

Among the additional steps detailed by Ms. Cole…

  • Regular staff memos and management reminders on good hygiene practices to all brothel workers, employees and patrons
  • Adding hand sanitizers to all entrances, exits and public areas
  • Enhanced deep-cleaning and sanitizing of high-contact surface areas – including restrooms, ATM machines, bar tops and door handles – every two hours
  • Suspension of all group staff meetings until further notice
  • Suspension of all group events, parties, social gatherings and celebrations until further notice
  • Reducing by half the number of bar stools to increase the space between customers
  • Implementing additional “social distancing” recommendations by the state’s Medical Advisory Team
  • Invoking an indoor smoking and vaping ban in all public areas, including the parlors and bars
  • Prohibiting clients and workers who have been overseas in the previous 14 days
  • Courteously and professionally asking patrons exhibiting signs of illness (coughing, fever or breathing difficulties) to come back at another time
  • Requiring independent contractors who are ill to return home or check into a hotel and self-quarantine until well
  • Sending employees home if sick and requiring a doctor’s note before being allowed to return to work
  • Encouraging “virtual happy hours” with clients and friends to maintain human connections and social interactions during this stressful period of time

Ms. Cole added that she is monitoring press reports and communicating regularly with medical professionals, first responders, law-enforcement and elected officials to keep up-to-date with developments.

“Health and safety is, and always has been, our primary concern,” she concluded. “We’ll continue be vigilant, caring and sensitive in order to safeguard our workers and clients and do our part to bring this national crisis to a close as quickly as possible.”

Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, a limited-government grassroots advocacy organization, and government affairs counsel to the Nevada Brothel Association.  His views are his own.


James is the Sr. Media Director for the World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch. In addition, James creates the profile videos for the Company and productions in addition to social media and media relations. See all the videos created at along with the productions on Follow Twitter @BunnyRanch Email [email protected]

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What is Sensual Domination?

What is Sensual Domination?

By Kimberly Kane

Sensual domination, to me, is domination without painful discipline. However, discipline can be dished out in many different ways and still feel strict to the submissive.  A lot of my fetishes have nothing to do with inflicting pain, cuckolding, for example. The Cuckold gets sexual gratification from their partner having sex with other people. Sometimes behind their back (adultery) or consensually within the boundaries of their relationship.

I see a lot of potential for Cuckold play at the Bunny Ranch. I’d like to have fun with this scenario on a grand scale. I’d like to have a Cuckold “slave” pay for clients to party with me. The humiliation alone would be extremely gratifying for the Cuckold.

Bisexual Encouragement is another fetish near and dear to my heart. A lot of men have bisexual desires, but they are not comfortable exploring them all the way. That’s where I come in. I like to encourage men to take the next step. This fetish can be very erotic, involving role-play scenarios and consensual verbal coercion, which is one of my many talents.

Another example of sensual domination is “the stern girlfriend or mother figure.” When you’re playing in the submissive role, you can let the outside world melt away. In your “normal” life, you might be stressed out at a high-level job, but when you’re with me, you have one task at hand, make mommy happy.

I take my time getting to know my clients. I ask a lot of questions to get down to what turns you on about your particular fetish.  I, unfortunately, do not offer heavy impact BDSM parties at the Bunny Ranch. I feel my interests more aline with sensual domination. That’s why I invite you to tap into your true desires and book an appointment with me, your Mistress, Kimberly Kane.

Photos Curtesy of Kimberly Kane

Kimberly Kane

You might think you know me from my films, but films are fantasy, and while I love fantasy, and making fantasies come true, I’d also like you to get to know the real me on a deeper, more meaningful level. I’d also like to get to know you, and hope we can become friends.

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Porn Sex vs Real Life Sex

Porn Sex vs Real Life Sex

A dive into the misconceptions of pornography by Kimberly Kane

This subject is incredibly important since the rise of free porn on the internet and the fact that anyone of any age can view hardcore pornography. I am just old enough that I didn’t grow up with free porn. When I was young, all porn sites were paywalled. Meaning you wouldn’t see much without throwing down a credit card for a website membership which was around $60 a month.

I remember porn tapes being as valuable as gold. If you had a really good porn tape you could trade it like currency. This might sound unbelievable to folks but the first time I ever saw a DP (double penetration) scene on video, I was 18 and I did not believe it was humanly possible, I thought it was some fancy camera angle trick.

Now a days seeing a DP is one of the least shocking sex acts you can see on the Internet. We have an entire generation that has grown up being able to access hardcore pornography for free and the concept of paywalls to view porn is simply abstract. My question is at what cost is the free porn generation really paying on a psychological level?

I am not a psychologist, I’m a pornographer/sex worker and I’m out here in the world talking to “generation tubesite”  and they tell me sex gives them anxiety. They have watched thousands of hours of porn and instead of it making them feel confident they feel inadequate. They think their penis’ aren’t big enough, if their partners aren’t screaming and squirting during sex they think they’re doing something wrong. There isn’t a lot of foreplay in porn so this very important aspect of intimacy is sometimes skipped over entirely. Because of the lack of access to sex education young people are watching porn to learn about sex. Which is about as warped as looking to social media to learn about inner happiness. Porn is entertainment not educational material.

The best way I can simply explain porn sex vs. real sex is by asking this question, “Do you believe the Superman movies are real? Do you believe Superman is flying around fighting crime? Of course you don’t! We can give superhero movies a suspension of disbelief. Now, try lending the same suspension of disbelief when watching porn.

Porn is a performance. The bigger the dick, the louder the screams, the more effortless position changes the better! Porn performers are simultaneously thinking about lights, body position and our next move. You’re also trying to convey connection and realism for the audience. If the scene is executed well the sex will seem easy but I assure you it is not. A great porn performance is a physical and artistic craft. It should also be noted that there are also camera operators and crew whos experience lends to the creation of great pornography, just like mainstream hollywood movies.

I personally do not have porn style sex at home. In order for me to be in the zone I need to calm my mind, focus on my partner and be in the moment. I want to genuinely please my partner and I want reciprocation in an honest and connected way. Sometimes my real sex is quiet and passionate, giggly and cute or sexually dominate and perverted. Another difference in my real sex is something not often seen in porn. I always incorporate my Doxy vibrator to reach orgasm because I do not climax from penetration alone.

If you take anything away from my post understand that pornstars are not always having crazy sex off camera. Lend some disbelief to the performance as physical acting and find comfort in the fact that even pornstars are having lazy, cuddle sex just like anyone else. Appreciate porn for what it is, entertainment like your favorite superhero movies!

Kimberly Kane Bunny Ranch Profile:
Twitter: @KimberlyKane & @KimberlyKane_BR
Instagram: @KKSHOT
Email: [email protected]

Photos Provided by
Wonder Woman XXX
Vivid Entertainment

Kimberly Kane

You might think you know me from my films, but films are fantasy, and while I love fantasy, and making fantasies come true, I’d also like you to get to know the real me on a deeper, more meaningful level. I’d also like to get to know you, and hope we can become friends.

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BunnyRanch Podcast Episode 11 with Ruby Rae from BunnyRanch


Hosted by Alice

Guest Ruby Rae

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What Do Courtesans Fantasize About?


It’s true that professional sex workers, due to the nature of our business, have engaged in a very wide variety of erotic activities with many clients, male and female, gay, straight, and transgendered, and with people who range in age from 18 to 70+. Whatever activity a customer requests, as long as it is nonviolent and adheres to the strict standards of sexual safety we follow, like barrier methods involving condoms and latex gloves for manual stimulation, we will provide the utmost satisfaction.

Our range of client experiences is vast and often unusual. We’ve made love with people in their full-dress military uniforms (although they were wearing only the top halves). I once finger-banged a lady Marine who had fought in some of the world’s most dangerous places, and was bi-curious for a woman’s touch. I enjoyed helping her release her tension by stroking areas of her inner reaches that she never had known were so sensitive. I thanked her for her service by giving her several shaking orgasms. She was a sweetie, and I was glad to help her broaden her sexual tastes.

Some of us have had the fun of fucking Furries. (Say that five times fast!) Who, or what, are Furries? They’re people who like to dress up in oversized cartoon-animal costumes, like the ones you see sports team mascots wearing when they’re encouraging crowds to cheer. Their costumes have openings at the crotches, so that a male furry bear can penetrate a female furry squirrel’s pussy. I guess I’m one of the few courtesans who can say that I’ve been fucked by a man in a furry raccoon suit!

A cynical person might carp that your average courtesan has seen everything that the human sexual imagination has to offer. Nothing can be truly “new” to her, right? I disagree—there is infinite variety to be found throughout humanity. And if you like to fantasize like I do, the actual sex acts feel even more pleasurable.

Even courtesans who have had hundreds of lovers cross their sheets still engage in sex dreams. While we work to help keep the legend of our late founder, Dennis Hof, rolling along, we have personal goals like he did, and told us to seek, too. He taught us to save and invest the money you, our clients, so generously provide for our expert services. Some of us may want to open restaurants or hotels of our own, or car dealerships, or even build a real estate development. Some of the ladies think about where they’d like to travel for their next vacation.

As for me, I’d like to build a clientele numerous enough to enable me to afford to keep my own all-male harem in a big ranch house. Of course, I’d pay them very well, treat them beautifully, but they’d “belong” to me. What woman wouldn’t want to get home after a few days on her back grinding her hips to help multiple males spill their seed to be met at her front door by a naked, toned, pretty hunk o’ man holding a tray with a glass of Champagne freshly poured and bubbling? And his cock rising to salute her?

Behind him would be the rest of the gang, a diverse group of hotties of all colors and ages, all waiting to serve me. Two of them would gently help me out of my clothing and into my PJs, because I crave a refreshing nap after a work week of making the beast with two backs, as Shakespeare wrote of sex. Another would carry me to my sofa and lay me gently down on the deep, giving cushions. Yet another would slip off my socks and gently massage my feet to relax my body into slumber. While I slept, I’d dream of living the exciting life of Queen Cleopatra, who took as her lovers two of the most important men of the Roman world, the handsome young warrior and would-be emperor Marc Antony and the older, balding but still immensely powerful Julius Caesar.

When I awakened, the smell of good food cooking would be wafting in from the kitchen—among my hired hands would be those of an expert chef, of course. After being served a beautifully prepared and presented French meal, my servants would peel off my jammies and panty so that I could make my way to a warm bath waiting in my old-fashioned, deep clawfoot tub, where I’d soak up comfort as one of my house-men sat in a chair, reading poetry to me in a deep, mellifluous voice. Afterwards, two naked men would dry me off with plush, soft towels.

Then, I’d adjourn to my bedroom where, depending on my mood, I’d ask a couple of my guys to snuggle with me under the covers, or have a man fire up my electric wand massager and trace it lightly over my body—just about a quarter-inch above my skin so the vibrations feel teasing and exquisite, halting at the split of my cunny and circling the massager around my mound of Venus until Venus is singing with fiery pleasure.

Either from the warm presence of my snuggle-bunnies or the stimulation of the magic wand, I’d be soaking wet between my legs and horny again although I’d been working hard fucking all week. (We courtesans have great powers of recovery.) I’d dismiss the wand-wielder with a soft kiss, and instruct the two men to glove up their stiff dicks, cover the condoms with my favorite fruity edible lubricant, and present themselves for a double BJ-at-my-bedside, one cock per hand. Then I’d suck their socks off, getting myself even wetter, leaving a fragrant spot of dampness on the sheet where I sat.

After I satisfied myself that those two cocksmen were ready for sex, I’d go into full command mode, ordering them to freshen up the lube on their spears. “You,” I’d say to the first, “lay down on your back, and hold up that meat for me to mount.” And I’d climb aboard him, thrilling at the sensation of his firm flesh uniting with mine. Then I’d snap my fingers at the one waiting. “Get behind me, and stick that thing up my ass!” I’d demand. Oh, yeah, double penetration—double the fun. When a girl has got one cock in her puss, and then feels another one sliding up her bum, you can imagine her eyes rolling back in her head from the overwhelming ecstasy. (Mine do.) I like my lovers to get as noisy as possible during sex because I delight in the lion-like grunts and groans and roars men make as they near climax. When their hardness breaks and they gasp as they fill those rubbers with white lightning, I’m in Heaven. (Those magnificent roaring orgasms would be only one of the perks of working for me. And I would tip well too!)

In my personal frat house, every man would have his own luxury room equipped with exercise equipment and private bath. Of course, part of the deal would be that if the boss, she being me, should mosey into one of those private bathrooms while one of my personal fuckboys is taking a shower, and wants to wash his cock and hairy balls, then soap up his shaft and stroke out some warm jets of cum, that’s my prerogative. And part of the job description.

I don’t know how many guys I’d keep as lovers—maybe eight or 10. With that many men, several would always be ready to get it up for Mama or to populate a midnight fuck party. A lot of girls have daydreamed about having cock on call. I would simply be reversing the roles that have defined men’s and women’s relationships. An in-house dick squadron would answer to my needs and wants—and cook and clean and shop, too! During my working times, I do my best to give my clients the pleasure and satisfaction they deserve. But at home, I’d be getting the personal attention I deserve. To paraphrase the great Mae West, who would invite groups of bodybuilders to her home for discreet sex parties, “A few men in the house is worth two in the street!”

Would you—or you and some of your buddies—like to help me realize my fantasy? I’m always available to audition new talent.


Contact me at [email protected] 







Remy Martin

Charming and beautiful, Remy Martin from Dennis Hof's BunnyRanch is the loyal, respectful, and highly erotic woman of your fantasies. Remy adores traveling, sailing, swimming, dancing, and cooking -- let her fix you something succulent to eat during your time together.

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Intimacy after Trauma by Sagebrush Starlet Delilah Rae

 There are a lot of things we don’t like to talk about. Sex, sexuality and the experiences that can change or affect our relationship with intimacy are all on top of the list. These subjects are taboo for both men and women. This can often lead to anxiety when discussing past experiences with a partner and can also lead to stunted sex lives or even end sexual exploration- especially when the change is rooted in a sexual trauma. 

Both men and women can be hesitant or even fearful about discussing sexual violence and trauma. This fear of judgement, repercussions or rejection from a partner can leave a person uncertain about their sexuality.

That sounds really depressing and bleak doesn’t it?

Luckily, the fix might not be easy, but it is achievable and is far from impossible. My grandpa used to say anything worth having is worth working for and I personally think a healthy sex life is very much worth working for. 

Like many things the beginning can be the most intimidating. We ask ourselves questions like, will my partner still care about me, will the provider I’m seeing be understanding, am I the only one that’s gone through this?

If you’re a man or a woman or someone outside the gender binary you are not the only person who has experienced sexual trauma, you are not the only person who has had to navigate this, you are not the only person to heal. You are not the only person to go through this, it’s okay to be challenged! Doing something as simple as reading this blog post is already reclaiming power in yourself. You have made the first (and often scariest) step into having the sexual future you want to have- and it’s closer than you might think.

The second step is taking a realistic look at your goals and where you are at right now. What do you want your sexual future to look like? The answer is different for everyone. For some folks they may want to process trauma through BDSM exploration, some may want to be able to be intimate with many partners and jump into hook-up culture, some may want to get to the point that when they find their soulmate they can go forward with no reservations. 

All of those are valid goals. 

As a sex worker, I obviously advocate for going to professional providers as an amazing option for navigating sexual trauma. I see clients from all walks of life and all sorts of sexual histories from virgins, to trauma survivors to BDSM practitioners and so much more. However, finding a provider who can give trauma informed services can be difficult. 

I’m here to help make that path a little easier. 

As we already said the first step is being honest with yourself and your goals. The second step is communicating those to a provider. What does that even look like?

It’s actually much simpler than you may think.

You’ve decided this is something you want to put the work into, you’ve read providers’ websites, profiles, etc. You know how to contact her, you know what you want and need out of the experience. What comes next?

You send that first email, or you even go to send it, but you are staring at a blank information form and you have no idea what to say. Do you want to unpack your trauma over an email to a stranger? What if she responds in a very negative way?

These are super valid and very real questions. They also bring a lot of anxiety that can stop you from sending that email.

Two things- one; your provider can give you better care and service when they have as much information as you’re comfortable giving. The more information, the better service. Two; you have every right to share as much or as little information as you want. However to refer back to point one it can affect the service you receive.

So where is the middle ground? Where is the way for you to only share what you’re comfortable sharing while receiving the best service you can get?

The answer is that first email. Ask your provider if they have experience with clients with a traumatic sexual history, ask if they have any special training with trauma informed service.




A sample message may read something like this-

Hello (providers name)

I saw your profile and I’d love to set an appointment with you. However, I do have a few questions first. I’m new to talking about this but the reason I’m seeking a provider is I had a traumatic experience with sex that I want to work through. I was wondering do you have any experience or special training with sexual trauma? I’m seeking a professional who can understand and help me navigate my relationship with sex. 


(Your name here)

Isn’t that less intimidating than you thought it would be? The initial message doesn’t have to unpack all of your experiences. You are just searching for a provider who has this experience right now. If the provider responds and tells you yes, they have this experience, and these are their qualifications you can dive into your goals and give the provider the information you feel comfortable sharing. 

The path to sexual confidence after trauma starts with an honest conversation with yourself and an email. Two steps to creating the future you want.

Isn’t it worth reaching out and trying?


[email protected] Email me today! 


Delilah Rae

I am Currently a Sagebrush Ranch Starlet. We all have secrets and desires we want to share. Those little things we need in our lives that we haven’t quite found yet. We all want to touch, taste, feel and see all the world has to offer. Sadly, we are often limited in what we can explore in ourselves and others. Luckily all those taboos and limitations fall away when you enter my room. Secrets become shared experiences and every desire is chased after to completion.

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Making Love with Me is Like a Waking Dream

Endless surveys have shown that people daydream about sex for several hours each day. Often the fantasies involve taking total sexual possession of someone at your job, or in your class at college, or even your best friend’s spouse. When you allow yourself complete freedom of imagination to contemplate coupling with anyone who catches your fancy, you can picture yourself doing anything you want with anyone you desire, with no real-world consequences because it’s all in your mind.

Do you have a boss, male or female, with a smart-ass attitude, who typically gives you instructions on a project, then changes them arbitrarily or capriciously, and tries to blame you for distracting him or her when you know you’re being mind-fucked and abused? Maybe you’ve gone to sleep and dreamed of catching such a supervisor alone in his or her office at the end of the day when everyone else has gone home. You close the office door for privacy and tell, no, command your boss to come out from behind that desk. If your boss is a man and you’re a woman, you’re no longer the meek, compliant employee; now you are in charge. “Unzip your pants and pull out your cock, now,” you snarl with authority and confidence. Your reversal of roles causes the boss to pop a rod that’s impressively massive. You always knew your boss was a dick, but his real dick is a big one. He starts to say something, but you quickly put a finger to your lips and snap “Shut up and do as I say!” You flop down in the leather-covered chair behind the desk, telling Bosso to stand beside you.

You wrap your fingers around his schlong and lock eyes with him. “I am going to jerk you off until you shoot all over the fucking paperwork on this desk,” you instruct. Then you start stroking his nasty knob very slowly, but with a firm grip, stretching the skin of his shaft until it’s taut. You’re determined to make this jack-off last achingly long. You’re loving the control you’re exerting over the situation. You gradually increase the speed of your stroking until the head of his cock is purple and straining to cum. He begs you to let him ejaculate, but you make him wait and wait until he’s nearly crying for relief. Then you point his cock over the desktop. The cum pours out of him, stream after gushing stream, because this is a sex dream and things are more exaggerated than real time. “Uh, uuuhhh!” is all your daytime master can muster as his man-milk soaks all the folders, reports, and letters strewn across the desk.

When you wake up the next morning, you’re filled with flaming confidence. Although your adventure with Mr. Big Dick was only a dream, you know your relationship will never be the same. No matter how he acts in the future, you’ll always have your secret fantasy of having milked his cock until it spewed all over his desk. Every time you meet with him now, you visualize all that white sticky stuff on that desk. Best of all, your greatly increased sense of self-respect permanently changes your working relationship so that the former bully-boy boss stops making you a target of his manipulation because he knows you’re a woman he can no longer dominate.

Now let’s say you’re a guy who has a snippy bitch for a boss, but one with a body that won’t quit: a tight, rounded, gym-firmed fanny; pert tits; legs toned and long-muscled from jogging; hair that is as dark as her eyes are blue, with pinpoint pupils that make her eyes look otherworldly. She treats all her workers with such contempt that the secret nickname she’s been given among the staff is “Dom.” This is a woman that you think needs to be fucked and tamed.

When you go to bed that night, the last thoughts you have as you drift into slumber are fantasies about this woman. The next thing you know, you’re in dreamland, and the setting is a luxury hotel where you and your boss and other staffers are staying on a business trip. It’s late at night, and you should be crawling under the covers in your room because you’ve had such a long day of client meetings. But, typical of her, your boss calls your room and orders you to come to hers so you both can discuss the day’s events. You’re exhausted, but you go before you must.

You’re startled when she opens the door after you knock. She’s standing there wearing nothing but a negligee. Vaguely, you think to yourself, “This can’t be real,” and, of course, it isn’t; it’s a dream. And in a dream, the impossible becomes possible.

You look up and down at her, and instantly your exhaustion fades and your excitement builds. She’s saying something about business, but fuck that, you’re not listening. You observe the sharp points of her nipples pressing against the bra of her sleepwear—“fuck-her wear” is what you think. She keeps yammering, but you give her a hard look and say something you never would in real life: “Shut up, Sonia. First, I’m going to kiss you and grab your ass, then I’m going to stick my dick in your pussy. Got it?”

Once again, the roles are reversed. Sonia goes silent, obeying you, turning her head upward to receive your kiss. You draw her close, planting your mouth on hers, sticking your tongues wrapping around each other. You reach around, slipping your hands inside her panties, cupping her buttocks and squeezing them tight. This causes her to press her pussy area against your hardening cock-bulge. She is surrendering herself to you.

“Get up on that bed and assume the position,” you say, wondering whether she’ll lay on her back or get up on all fours. She chooses doggie style. You take a condom that’s sitting in a foil wrapper on the bedside table—things like that always appear magically in dreams—tear it open and apply it to your cock. (Again, this being a dream, your pants and underwear have disappeared, leaving your rock-hard member standing erect.)

You get up behind Sonia on the bed, tearing the crotch of her panties wide open, which causes her to gasp in surprise and eager anticipation. Her pussy is swollen and ready to be penetrated. Her pubic hair is thick and as dark as her hair; the carpet matches the drapes, as they say. You know she’s wet because you can smell her moist girl-scent, and a two-finger probe of her vagina confirms she’s slick and ready and elicits a deep moan from her lovely swanlike throat. “Please, please put it in me,” she asks. “I can’t wait any longer.” And that’s what you do: slide your torpedo deep inside her tube, feeling her pussy hair softly rustling against the base of your meat stick. “You’re gonna get fucked like this every time you keep me late for overtime, boss lady,” you growl. Then you stop, aware that you would never say such a thing to your superior—but then, you’d never be balls-deep inside her sugar walls, either. “I must be dreaming,” you realize, and bingo, you’re now doing lucid dreaming. But the muscles of Sonia’s pussy hold your dick in a tight, palpable grip, and soon you’re filling Sonia with cum (contained in the condom). When you wake up, you feel as depleted as if you really had fucked your lady boss.

Lucid dreaming is the best kind. You’re aware that you’re in an alternate universe where you can fly at greet speed or just hover a thousand feet in the air; jump off a cliff and float to earth without a parachute; walk through walls; and ask any dream figure that appears what it means in your subconscious mind, and it must answer. And, heh heh, you can fuck anyone from your waking life without consequences, because everything that occurs is all in your mind. (Too bad that teenage boys—and girls—can’t yet be taught to dream lucidly. Millions of girls could, in their dreams, ride the cocks of any guys they secretly desired without getting a “bad” reputation. And millions of boys could forego sore hands and raw penises from daily masturbation while their hormones raged. They could look forward to meeting and screwing the cheerleaders of their dirtiest dreams in their dreams. They could fuck as many pussies as they wanted, spurt in them time after time, and not wake up with cum-dampened underpants.)

I am here to make your wildest dreams come true. Let me be your creative power in planning and carrying out your wettest dreams. Maybe I can act the part of the mysterious spirit girl who awakens you with a sudden blow job? Maybe you want to dream of finding yourself blindfolded and naked in a strange place, where you hear a woman’s soft steps entering the room, then feel your cock being mounted by a girl who uses your tool to fuck herself silly to orgasm. Let me be your weaver of dirty dreams.

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Cumisha Amado

I am Cumisha Amado, Adult Film Star featured in over 300 Adult Films and various Men’s Magazines: Playboy Int’l, Oriental Dolls, Penthouse Int’l etc. I’ve produced a Series of Swingers Videos: American Connection 1- 3 and a Featured Film. I am a graduate of San Francisco State as a Registered Nurse (OB/GYN) and had 2 scholarships to Julliard School of Music for Piano in Classical Music. I speak English, Some Spanish, Tagalog, Elocano, little French. My special talents and skills: Was a Registered Nurse, Love giving massages, I accommodate to everybody’s fantasies and needs especially the Handicap and Couples. I will negotiate to whatever budget the Clients feels appropriate to their needs or Fantasies. I aim to please and make the Client satisfied. I very open-minded, outgoing, smart, sensual, romantic, Bi-Sexual, and love to make a person feel “Special”. I also love Fetishes and B&D.

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