Let’s Replay Your Favorite Porn or Movie Scene

Everyone has favorite mainstream movies like Rocky or Working Girl or Titanic. (Maybe someday some adventurous director will make a movie about us called Legal Sex-Workers). No matter how many times you watch and re-watch your faves, you never get tired of them; there’s always some new feature or detail to spot. Maybe you like them because they remind you of special times when you were young, or holiday memories, or star an actor or actress who’s always been a secret crush of yours.

Smart boyfriends and husbands know that just seeing and hearing a certain film star on screen will get their lady randy and ready to rock and roll. And hey, if she calls out a male celebrity’s name while she’s climaxing, a quick-thinking guy won’t get jealous. He’ll play along with the fantasy because it’s his cock, not the famous guy’s, getting gripped and ridden by his doll’s eager beaver.

As you can see, you can employ mainstream Hollywood films to charge up your lover’s sexual imagination so much she’ll wrap her legs around your back and pump your penis into her honeypot so vigorously that you hardly have to move, just wait for the best time to groan loudly and spurt deeply into her.

But what about her—or with a couple—their favorite fuck scenes from the world of porn? There’s as much variety in porn today as there used to be mainstream entertainment. But that’s its appeal. Every audience—fetishists, swingers, any kind of sexual adventurer (or would-be orgiast) can find satisfaction across the pantheon of video porn.

Innumerable couples like to prep for sex by rerunning their favorite real-sex scenes. One longtime fave is Motel 69 Star, a several-episode series of amateur sex scenes between a really sweet-faced brunette and her unknown male lover (you never see his face), which is also known as “The Girl in the Green Sweater.”

That’s all she’s wearing in the best-known scene of the series, which she plays a secretary getting fucked doggie-style over her desk. The genius of the scene is that that sexual delight is conveyed mainly in her facial expressions as the guy plunges deep into her pussy, and in her body language too. Her back arches as she receives his dick, then her face whips through numerous shades of joy as the guy shifts position and fucks her expertly: her head whips around in ecstasy, her hands slap the desktop as her cocksman goes into a rocking back-and-forth, up-and-down rhythm that makes her cum, then suddenly pulls out. We then see his stiff cock poke in from her left, and she grabs it with her mouth and sucks him dry. All of this takes place within only two minutes’ worth of screen time—probably the hottest time interval you’ll see in many a year.

Another series, this time from Europe, is called Drunk Sex Orgy. In each segment, which can last an hour or more, a cast of hundreds of horny people appear before the camera’s ever-sweeping gaze, coupling and uncoupling and recoupling as trance music plays—a perfect soundtrack for the varieties of sexual contact taking place, shifting dreamily from one passionate fucking or sucking or pussy-licking or –fingering to another. Viewers can almost get dizzy from the circular, ever-undulating, fast-thrusting actions of the participants. It’s a sexual phantasmagoria.

We raunchy ranch ladies love to role-play, so why not re-create your favorite sex scenes with us? We can do a girl-boy, two-girls-and-a-boy, or a threesome with you and your girlfriend, wife, or whomever. A big cast can lead to lots of dramatic and sexual situations. Or, we can do a more intimate encounter. Anything you’d like.

Let me pitch you an idea: A guy sees a girl sitting at a table sipping a wine cooler. She’s gorgeous, striking, smiling, friendly—the kind of astonishingly beautiful girl you could never get in high school—or in college, for that matter. Ever watch a porn where a nerd meets a beauty and, improbably, gets laid like mad because she finds him charming and cute? Ever wanted to play the guy in that scene? Just ask and you will receive, as the book says. We will make your wet dream come to life. Together. I will suck you, gently or roughly, after I’ve fitted you with a condom of a color of your choice. And I will fuck you, like a princess or a whore, whatever character you like. Maybe I can be your sexy angel—or devil?

That’s what adult movies are about, dreams dramatized, played out by actors, and followed by camerawork directed by someone who knows how to keep the sex close, graphic, forbidden, and explicitly erotic.

People taking acting classes for the first time sometimes find themselves growing excited when they do an acting exercise called “mirroring,” which, like it sounds, matches two actors up so they can imitate precisely their partner’s motions and expressions. It’s meant to teach aspiring thespians how to improvise, which involves saying “yes” with your body and your emotions so that your performance with a fellow actor dovetails with what he or she is doing and increases the theatricality.

Let me pitch you another idea: Let’s improvise—let’s invent, move by move, word by word, our loving time together. I’ll grab something from the closet in my room—whatever comes to hand, to make it a surprise for both of us. Maybe I’ll snatch a negligée off the rack, change clothes to put it on, and we can play two people who accidentally meet in a college dorm hallway while the guy searches for a party taking place somewhere in the building. I’ll be the horny girl student in her sleepwear who encounters the guy, entices him into their room, and they make their own sex party.


Bring your Go-Pro or camera phone to our appointment and we can make a video memento of our meeting. If you’d like, I can talk dirty to the camera, describing all the sexy things we’re doing as you play and replay our date at home, closing your eyes and savoring the sweetness and warmth of our meeting. And don’t forget, just like porn videos have multiple chapters, you’re always welcome to return to make Part 2, 3, 4, and so on with me. Yes, it’s true what you’ve always heard about us courtesans—we really love it when you return and cum again with us!


Contact me directly [email protected] or come in to the Sagebrush Ranch!





Misty Lane

Hi there, Im Misty Lane. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my page to learn more about me! I am one of the newest elite courtesans here at Sagebrush Ranch. The first thing you will notice about me are my long, long legs which are always accented by a great pair of heels. I am 5’8″ with a slim frame, blonde hair and big blue eyes. My fun, bubbly, sarcastic personality is something I’m known for. Life is too short to be serious all the time! I currently live in the Midwest but will be spending the first two weeks of each month here at Sagebrush. In my free time I love to be outdoors doing pretty much anything. Boating, riding quads, fishing, skiing and attending concerts are just some of my favorites. A night out for dinner and dancing or sitting by a cozy fire cuddling are also things I really enjoy. I pride myself in being a truly genuine person. I am naturally affectionate and couldn’t be fake if my life depended on it. With me what you see is what you get and I like to think I’m a really cool chick 🙂 I will listen and talk with you about anything and make you feel at ease. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or strike up a conversation with me over chat. Let’s get to know one another. Tell me your fantasies and desires, I will make them come true!

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Keep Calm and Tell Me All Your Secret Sex Thoughts

People keep a lot of secrets to themselves. Sometimes the secrets run deep in their psyches, and they come to professional sex workers like me for help in expressing their “forbidden” erotic fantasies, because you can ask a courtesan for almost anything a horny mind can imagine. That’s why we’re here. Ordinary people just aren’t as experienced, skilled, adventurous, and nonjudgmental as we are.

One of the areas where I excel is in fulfilling my male clients’ fantasies through role-playing. I recently had an encounter with a young man I’ll call Randy, who presented me with an unusual request: He wanted me to employ all my feminine powers of persuasion not just to act out his sex dream, but to first discover the secret he was hiding. I didn’t know what we would ultimately do once I got him to reveal himself, but I appreciated the challenge. It turned me on.

I look good in high-fashion outfits, so I thought I’d dress myself up as the kind of mysterious, alluring female characters that you find in James Bond films. I’ve always liked the fact that Bond Girls are most often not only beautiful, but capable of matching wits with James himself or one of the many villains he faces. (Often, they save 007’s ass from death at the last minute.) Before I began, I opened my dress blouse several buttons down to show some cleavage, and dabbed a bit of scent between my breasts.

I set up a chair in the middle of my room, and ordered Randy to take a seat. I bent down, took him by the chin, and looked mock-sternly into his blue eyes. “This is an interrogation, my young man,” I said, with a forcefulness that surprised even me; I even threw in a kind of foreign accent of my own invention. “I will find out everything inside that handsome head of yours.” I leaned down next to his ear, and whispered, “One way or another,” then flicked my tongue against his earlobe teasingly. He shivered with excitement. I had his undivided attention.

I straightened up, opened my legs, and straddled Randy, settling my soft pussy mound right on his crotch. I felt him grow hard against my body—but I wasn’t ready to admit him to my holiest of holies yet. I rocked my body gently, rubbing myself against him slowly, enjoying our mutual body warmth. I haven’t had a dry hump since I was a teenager, but rubbing my coochie on his cockshaft through our clothing was unexpectedly thrilling. I even gave myself a quick, sharp climax, and had to slow down or I would have soaked my panty and pants with my pussy juice. As for Randy, he was stiff as a power pole.

As I continued doing the rocking-horse thing on Randy’s cock, I took his face

into my hands, drew his mouth to mine and kissed him ardently, holding the

kiss just long enough that when I broke contact, he was breathless. “If you tell

me the truth,” I said, “there will be many more kisses like that. What do you

have to say?”

“I can’t,” he answered, his voice breaking. “I’m too ashamed. And embarrassed. I just can’t tell anyone.” He looked as if he might burst into tears.

“I have seen much of this world, my friend,” I assured him. “Nothing surprises me. I have met many men, and I am here with you now.” I hugged his face into my chest, welcoming him into intimacy. His hot breath was making my nipples hard in my bra. I sensed that it was time to push for his full confession.

“Never fear, my love,” I cooed. “Whatever you have to tell me will never leave this room. You can trust me.”

“I haven’t had sex for two whole years!” he blurted suddenly. “Tons of girls have turned me down! What is wrong with me? I feel so… unmanly.”


I felt a rush of sympathy for him, and took a few seconds to search for comforting words to say to him. “Those girls didn’t know what they were missing. Do you like girls?” I asked quietly.

“I love girls so much,” he said. “The last girl I had sex with was so friendly and affectionate, and she just loved to fuck. Most girls scream when they climax. She would laugh, this big, sexy, womanly laugh,” he explained.

“What happened?” I asked.

“She had to transfer to a college in another state to get her nursing degree. We lost touch…” his voice trailed off sadly.

“Then you need to get back in touch,” I answered immediately. “Let me help.” I slowly dismounted from his lap, and knelt down next to the chair. “I am going to touch you, a little at a time, bit by bit, because you haven’t been touched in a long time.” (I also thought that unless I took special care taking his cock out of his pants that after two years’ frustration, it might go off like a fountain. I wanted to save that pleasure for him later.)

I pulled open his belt, unbuttoned the top of his pants, and, very slowly, drew down the zipper. He was wearing boxer shorts underneath, so it was easy to reach in through the front opening and extract his stunningly erect penis. It really was beautiful (and I see my share of male organs in my work). It had an elegant head, like something on a Greek statue, with a long, healthily veined shaft. I wondered which stupid girls had refused to suck and fuck this outstanding specimen of manhood?

I tore open a condom package, took out a clear rubber, and rolled it down the full length of Randy’s rod. I was about to give him a good, hard sucking, and I wanted to see that pretty dick of his through the latex material.

But first, I held his hard-on in my hand, squeezing it, massaging it, and admiring it. Looking up, I saw Randy crying with joy. Making people happy is the best part of my job.

And nothing makes a man happy like a playful, messy blowjob. I grasped his cock, which he was thrusting toward me hungrily, and slipped almost all of it into my mouth. I nursed at it; I grabbed it and took long, tight sucks, making a popping sound when it left my mouth, then fastening on it strongly again. After more than two years of waiting, I expected him to pump the condom in my mouth full of cum. But he didn’t, though he was moaning and fucking my mouth desperately. I appreciated his control, and decided that it was time to remount him, but this time, sans my dress jeans and panty.

I squirted some lube on the part of the condom fitting around the head of his dick, stood up, dropped my jeans and my panty, threw a leg over his body, aimed his cock at my vagina, and sat down firmly. “Whoop!” I uttered, feeling his formerly frustrated manhood penetrate me deeply.

There was no doubt about one important fact: Even after two years of enforced celibacy, Randy still knew how to fuck. I bounced on him, and he caught me with strong upthrusts as I rose up. We were rockin’ in rhythm. Eventually, we settled into a no-space-between-us method where the base of his cock stroked my clit as we rode back and forth. I squeezed him back with my pussy muscles, which are really responsive.

Just before we came together, we fell into a kind of trance that happens when two people fucking lose track of everything but the sensations their bodies are feeding them. The sexual tension was building up like mad. He was making the monkey face and I was making the cat face as we approached the end zone. Then we were grinding our genitalia together, uttering senseless words, laughing, howling, groaning, and finally, collapsed. My pussy was throbbing. I climbed off Randy, and saw that his condom was filled to be brim, as they say.

“That was some powerful secret you were living with,” I said to him afterwards. “But I hope I’ve helped you bring it out into the open, and relieve your distress.” Randy just smiled, but I knew I had made a new fuck-buddy.

If you’ve been working too hard and doing without sex, I’m here for you. If you’re getting enough sex but need an erotic tune-up, I’m here for you, too. If you’ve been contemplating a fantasy but have never realized it, my pussy is willing co-star with your cock in the hottest sexual drama you can imagine. Like any Bond Girl, I’m beautiful, sexy, smart, resourceful and versatile in bed. Contact me and let’s plan an erotic mission together!

Zoey Cherry

Hey baby, I’m Zoey Cherry. I’m an energetic and easygoing young lady. Working in a place like sagebrush is something I have always wanted to do and I am finally able to live my fantasy.I can’t wait to help you fulfill yours.

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A Timeless Sci-Fi Sex Role Play

I am a Whovian. For those of you that do not know what that means, let me take a minute to explain a little about the British science fiction TV series Doctor Who and how I became a huge fan. The Doctor, the program’s lead character, is an eccentric yet compassionate Time Lord that zips through time and space in his “TARDIS” (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space), solving problems and battling injustice across the universe. The doctors TARDIS is his old and occasionally unreliable spaceship that resembles a blue police phone box and is much, much larger inside than outside. The doctor always has a companion that he relies on to help get him out of, and into, trouble.

I was introduced to this magical series when a girlfriend of mine brought  it over to watch one night, and I have been hooked ever since. As I got into the show more and more and began to read fan fiction and collect Doctor Who paraphernalia, I started to wonder if I can incorporate my love for Doctor Who into my job as a prostitute working in a legal brothel in Nevada. Well, I started to put the word out to my clients — and it turns out that I’m not the only adult with a passion for the popular BBC series. As word of my role play offering spread, I received quite a response from potential suitors just itching to put a naughty twist on the timeless Time Lord.

Desert Rose from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Since The Doctor always has a companion, can be anywhere — or any-when, is always getting into some sort of mishap, and always has fun, this show lends itself perfectly to ongoing sexual role-play scenarios between a sex worker and her repeat clients. Just as the popularity of the show has not waned since Doctor Who’s debut in the early 1960’s, the program’s unique milieu allows me and my lovers to create consistently fresh and engaging sexual scenarios.

The current Doctor is played by a woman, actress Jodie Whittaker, which allows me to lead the role play as the main character and determine what timeline or environment my client and I will end up in each session. This is great fun for my lovers, as they never know what I have planned for them when they arrive at the bordello and enter my boudoir (the door to my room is decorated like the blue TARDIS police box, adding an extra element of fun.)

Have I travelled in time to encounter the Marquis de Sade? Will he teach me carnal pleasures and introduce me to orgasms surpassing even those obtained by my time alone with my sonic screwdriver? Perhaps, my lover plays the role of one of my nemeses, the dreaded Daleks — using his stiff and rigid eyestalk in all manner of ways to fulfill his nefarious objective to “e-jac-u-late, e-JAC-u-late!”

Because Doctor Who is so boundless in its scope and limitless in its settings, the possibilities for sex role play are only restricted by the imagination of my Whovian clients.

Another aspect of Doctor Who that makes for exciting role play is the show’s unique concept of “regeneration.” The Doctor occasionally changes his appearance, allowing another actor to transition into the role. My Doctor Who fans go bonkers when I pull the regeneration-twist on them: We’re enjoying a hot session and I have my lover all sexed up. I tell my companion that I have a surprise for him and I step out of the room for a moment, only to return as an entirely different sex worker playing a new incarnation of the character and continuing our role play, and our steamy sex, without missing a beat. With so many women available at  a Nevada brothel, pulling this stunt or incorporating additional characters into the fantasy is easy, and adds unlimited potential for variety to the experience.

Sexual role play is great fun and it’s always a joy to discover new clients that share a kinky interest. But ultimately, regardless of what leads you to seek out a lover, or what common interest introduces you to a newfound sex partner, I think the Doctor nailed what makes life worth living when he said…

“There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.”

Desert Rose

An extremely open and understanding sex partner, Desert Rose is a companion you can confide in, and explore all of your naughty cravings with. A self-proclaimed "umbrella slut" Desert Rose is up for anything, and down for everything your heart and loins desire.

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The Sexiest Secretary You’ll Ever Meet!

I really love men and women who work in executive positions. They’re ambitious, dynamic people, they’re confident, and they’re worldly and sophisticated like me. I love to offer them my special fantasy role-play: the Sexy Secretary.

Before I came to the Love Ranch, I worked as an executive assistant. I was young, beautiful, and smart (still am!) and these qualities won me opportunities to work for—and sleep with—some outstanding businesspeople. With more women now in positions of authority, life was great for a bisexual woman like me. When you swing both ways, pleasing clients means more than merely taking notes at meetings. It means the joy of licking or finger-banging another woman to a back-arching, screaming orgasm, as well as sucking a man to his maximum stiffness, then raising my skirt, laying across a desk, feeling my wet panties slipped off by eager male hands, and being deeply penetrated by a rock-hard cock that won’t quit until it fills me up with warm jets of cum. (Yes, folks, I take dick-tation!)

Farrah Banks from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada

If you ask to “take a meeting” with me at the Love Ranch, or take me out for an evening or overnight date, we can collaborate on a sexy-secretary fantasy together, because I’ve had lots of real-life, work-related sexual experiences to inspire our creativity. Here’s one particularly memorable episode from my “resume” that should tickle your fancy:

As an EA, I got so busy that I needed my own helper to keep up with paperwork and filing, so my boss approved a new hire. I chose a girl named Shari who was bright, organized, and very sociable, which helped a lot when we were scheduling travel and conferences for the very demanding doctors and lawyers who used our meeting-planning company. One day, I discovered to my everlasting delight that Shari’s special social skills would lead to one of the most spectacular nooners I’ve ever enjoyed—and a threesome, too!


We had a lunch date with an attorney named William who needed help planning travel and accommodations for a series of lectures. I was looking forward to meeting him. On the phone, he had a deep, resonant voice, like an expert speechmaker would, and I wondered if a handsome face matched that beautiful voice.


It did. He was very good-looking, fit, in his mid-40s, with a large, luxurious corner office in his law firm. Shari and I were supposed to meet with him there, with a catered lunch sent in. When we arrived, he asked me to close his office door, and shut the blinds on his windows, “So we won’t be disturbed.” This request gave me a strange thrill. Clients didn’t usually ask for that much privacy. I could see something “interesting” might develop, because Shari gave me a knowing wink. We completed our business with William rather quickly. I learned that Shari knew him from an earlier job. Just how well, I would shortly find out.

We made small talk as we ate lunch. When we finished, Shari stood up, collected our food containers, placed them in the trash, and then sat down on one side of the office’s large leather couch—big enough for three people. She patted the place next to her, and said, “C’mon, Billy, time for some fun now.”


“Billy”? That seemed pretty casual, but William rose to his feet, smiling broadly, saying to me, “I hope you’ll join Shari and me as we, ah, seal the deal.” He removed his shoes and his dress shirt, tie, pants, and underwear, while Shari slipped off her spike-heeled pumps—“Fuck me” pumps—wriggled out of her tight, dressy jeans—she wasn’t wearing underwear—and slipped off her blouse and bra. She had the cutest bottom, her pussy hair was shaved, and her breasts were like ripe fruit.

I was still dressed, but not because I was opposed to joining their nakedness. I was staring, stunned, at the MMO (magnificent male organ), hard, steady, and strong, that Billy was displaying. He sat down next to Shari, and they kissed, her hand stroking his handsome cock, while I stripped down as fast as I could. “We’re here to please the client, right?” Shari asked. “Definitely!” I responded, adding “Why don’t you do Billy while I do you?” She nodded, slipped off the couch to her knees, gripped Billy’s shaft and started sucking him, offering her bare cunny to me. I got behind her, spread her pussy lips gently, and started licking her. The harder I tongued her, the harder she sucked him. I was sure anyone passing by in the hall could hear their loud moaning, but I didn’t care. This was our party.


Shari asked me to get a condom out of her purse. Ripping off the foil, she rolled it over Bill’s cockhead with her fingers, then used her mouth to finish applying it. She positioned herself over his lap, facing me, grasped and aimed his cock, and let it slide deep inside her pussy. They fucked that way for a while, rocking back and forth. “Thanks for getting me so wet!” Shari told me. I gently pinched her nipples, shaping them into swollen, pretty points. “Oh, shit! You’re making her pussy grip me so tight!” Billy gasped. Shari’s eyes rolled in ecstasy as she absorbed his powerful thrusts.


After a while, Shari lifted herself off Bill’s billy club (that’s how big it was). And I leaned in and sucked her sweet juices off his sheathed shaft. Then I got down on all fours, doggie-style, and asked Billy to ride me. He got down behind me, placed his cockhead at my pussy’s mouth, and slid himself ever so slowly into me. My body shook as he filled me up with every inch of his manhood. “OOOOHH!” I groaned as he snaked deep inside. “Sometimes the legal process just crawls along, like this, Farrah,” Billy said as he fucked me with exquisite smooth, slow strokes. “But then, it suddenly gets faster and faster, until a decision comes.” With that, he pumped me with gradually increasing speed until he was ramming himself rapidly in my puss, and both of us were approaching climax.

I felt his cock pulsate as he spurted inside me. When he was finished, he sat back on the floor, panting, his still-stiff dick still jerking with excitement, the condom full of his cum. “I think I need to have you two back for lunch often,” he smiled. And he did, several times.

All names in this post have been changed for confidentiality.

Farrah Banks

Sexy bombshell Farrah Banks is an erotic entertainer of mixed French and Mexican ancestry. An exotic companion for discerning gentlemen and couples, Farrah is currently a featured courtesan at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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Sexual Role Playing with a Working Girl

Have you ever thought about role playing? More than dressing up in a costume, or pretending to have an accent — actual situations you might have read about in a men’s magazine or just let your dirty mind wander into. Scenes that you play over and over in your mind, revising and improving each time you touch yourself, as your fantasies ripen to perfection. With me, you can take your erotic script and turn it into a movie starring the two of us. Your fantasy scenarios will become real in an environment where you can reach out, touch and taste your dream girl, and transform your sex life into the passionate adventure you’ve been yearning for. Here are a few suggestions based on some common sex fantasies that really turn me on…

Roxy Gold from Dennis Hofs Sagebrush Ranch
Roxy Gold from Dennis Hofs Sagebrush Ranch

Strangers At a Bar

You were supposed to meet your buddy for some drinks. He’s running late, you’re going to wait a little bit longer, but if he doesn’t show up soon you’re going to head out. The bartender hands you a drink “from the lady.” You look around and spot her smiling at you from the other end of the bar. She approaches you, and after some small talk, she asks, “So, do you want to get out of here? My hotel room isn’t far…”


The Fitting Room

You’re at a department store looking for some new shirts. A beautiful woman blushingly asks you to do her a favor. Her husband is about your size, could you try on some pants? No problem, you don’t mind at all. She needs to come into the dressing room with you to make sure they fit…


Taking Home a Stripper

You’re at the strip club. While you’re checking out the stage and going back for a lap dance or two, you can’t help but notice one of the girls is checking you out. Hard. You don’t think anything of it, until she whisks you to the secluded VIP area and whispers, “don’t worry about the price. I WANT you!” Things get (maybe more than a little) too hot for the club and you’re both kicked out. Luckily, her apartment is not far away and things can get really wild. Maybe her roommate can even make it a threesome…


The Boss’s Wife

The boss’s wife whose skirts are a little too short and whose sweaters are a little too low cut. You’re always afraid you’ll get caught checking her out. One day, after a conference she corners you in the elevator at the hotel. The boss is passed out drunk and she needs a real man tonight…


The Medical “Assistant”

You’re at the doctor’s office for a routine checkup. The nurse whispers something to the receptionist and they share a sly smile. Your name is called, and the nurse takes you into the exam room. It’s going to be a little while until the doctor is in, but she needs you to take your pants off so she can “check your virility and libido.” Before long, everything checks out satisfactorily and the nurse calls the receptionist in for a “second opinion.”

If you’re interested in exploring more of my favorite fantasies, or if you have another scenario in mind, drop me a line and let’s get our creative juices flowing…

Roxy Gold

A longtime provider of a sacred space for gentlemen, ladies, and couples looking to escape the confines of day-to-day life and explore their secret desires, Roxy Gold is courtesan-in-residence at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV.

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Talk Dirty To Me

Dirty talk is one of the most under-appreciated aspects of a sexual encounter. There’s just something hot about being alone with someone and saying naughty and taboo things that we would never ordinarily say in public. There’s a certain freedom in feeling safe and alone with your lover, so that you can let your sexy side take over and whisper — or scream — nasty utterances to each other. Taking dirty can really intensify a sexual encounter, helping to set the mood and build the excitement so that when our experience reaches a fever pitch, we’re at our raunchy, orgasmic best.

Knowing how to talk dirty to my man is so important because his brain is really his largest and most powerful sex organ… To be able to combine the imagination and anticipation of what I want to do to you with the words that will make you throb is the most powerful tool in my sexual arsenal.

Kendall Fox from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada

When I talk dirty, I whisper in a way that instantly whets your sexual appetite and makes you want to be closer to my lips. As you hear phrases like “I can’t wait to run my juicy lips up and down your neck, while I sit in you lap and tease your cock” you are instantly trying to imagine the way the weight of my soft supple ass feels grinding against your jeans and how silky and warm my lips felt the last time I ran them softly kissing the side of your neck. 

This is just science and human nature. We process information we see and hear, instantly trying to anticipate what the experience will be like. It’s this anticipation that’s so special for me, and I love to use dirty talk as I get you excited…

Sexy Kendall Fox likes to talk dirty to her clients…

So I walk over to you, face you and sit down on your lap, run my hands under his shirt, and start gently kissing your neck all the way up until I reach your ear. Then I lightly run my tongue along the bottom edge to bring the tip of it in between my lips and kiss it gently and ask you, as I slowly start to rock my hips back and forth against you, feeling you start to get hard, “Where else should I let these lips wander to? My mouth is starting to water for you…” I run my hands over your pants and start to undo your belt and run my fingernails softly over the top of your waistline careful to tease but avoid your growing erection.

Licensed working girl Kendall Fox
Licensed working girl Kendall Fox

Then I lean back so you can get a good look at me and so that I can position myself right against you and feel just how hard you are before taking off my top, grabbing your hands, and running them from the top of my juicy thighs up to grip my round ass. All the way up over my luscious breasts to feel my hard nipples, and then I pull you closer and kiss you deeply. Lightly lifting my hips and sitting them back down on your lap to entice you to take me into the bedroom…and once you do, we can talk about all of the filthy things we’re going to do to each other as we proceed to have the time of our lives.

Kendall Fox

A lady in the streets and a freak between the sheets, licensed courtesan Kendall Fox is the professional companion you've been thirsting for. A featured working girl at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat Brothel near Reno, Nevada, Kendall is currently accepting appointments for Girlfriend Experience encounters, fetish parties, and a wide array of other sexual adventures.

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Let’s Make A Sex Tape!

What do Pamela Anderson, Colin Farrell, Dustin Diamond, Hulk Hogan, and Kim Kardashian have in common? The answer, of course, is that they all have made sex tapes. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past thirty years and may not be familiar with these delightfully salacious recordings, a sex tape is an amateur sex video shot by the people participating in the act. Sex tapes are usually not intended to be viewed by anyone except the participants, but it is not uncommon for couples to upload their sex tape to one of the many online porn sites in an effort to share their sexual adroitness with the interwebs.

Sex tapes are not really porn because they’re usually not shot by a third party and they’re almost never created for commercial purposes (even though several of the celebrities mentioned above have capitalized on their sex tapes – Kardashian built an empire on hers). Genuine sex tapes are made for the pleasure of it, by people with a desire to make real their fantasy of being filmed during their most intimate moments.

Tegan Tate from Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch

Why do some people want to make Sex Tapes?

As a young woman who has acted in several adult films (go ahead, Google me), I can tell you that having sex on camera is a huge thrill! For a lot of people, it’s a big turn on to get wild and lose yourself in the throes of pleasure while simultaneously being aware of the camera and playing up to it. Making a sex tape is such a devious and hot activity because the participants are flagrant and shameless exhibitionists, blatantly going against traditional sexual mores and breaking the antiquated rule that sex is meant to be invisible and unseen. Not to mention that everyone, whether they admit it or not, is more than a little curious about what they look like when they’re getting busy.

Do you fantasize about making a Sex Tape?

Are you one of the many men and women with an intense desire to bear it all for the camera and make a bona fide sex tape? Are you itching to indulge in this exhibitionist fantasy but you can’t find a sex partner? Maybe you have a decent sex life but you’re too ashamed to bring up this particular fetish with your lovers, for fear that they may not fully understand your desire and reject you? Or maybe you just can’t trust anyone enough to make a sex tape with you?

Not to worry, I have a proposition for all of the budding sex tape makers out there: Make a sex tape with me!

As a licensed, STD-free, and highly proficient sex worker at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, I provide the safest, most discreet, and most trusted environment for you to satiate your video-centric sexual cravings. Bring your iPhone or camera and leave your worries at the door to my bedroom. You get to keep the only copy of our steamy tryst, and you may do whatever you want with it.

You can finally satisfy your urge to be as naughty as you want, on camera, with a willing and very able porn star. Very little is off limits. As long as it’s legal, we can do it – and film it! No more excuses. You’ve always wanted to make and possess your very own sex tape. Now’s your chance to get down and do your part for posterity. I’m ready for my close up. Are you?

To learn more about making a sex tape with Tegan,  email her at [email protected]

Tegan Tate

At 4'11" and under 100 lbs, Tegan Tate is everyone's favorite pint-sized porn star. Currently retired from adult films, Tegan now regularly tours Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch, where she provides one-on-one intimacy for her distinguished clientele.

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Superhero Craze Has Brothels Buzzing with Sex Role Play

In 2016, the proud nerds and geeks of the world have finally got their revenge – in style! Geek culture dominated film and television screens with a plethora of nerdy treasures including Spider Man being introduced as a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Comics’ building up to Justice League with Batman vs. Superman, Hollywood adaptations of popular video games like Warcraft, spins on childhood classics like Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast, and continuations of nostalgic master works such as Jurassic World from Jurassic Park and the highly anticipated Ghostbusters reboot. In the last year the top grossing films have all been based on a “geeky” property such as the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens last December, the explosive kickoff of the 2016 movie year with the successful R-Rated Deadpool movie, and Marvel’s latest release in their cinematic universe – Captain America: Civil War. The geeks have not only taken over film and pop culture, they also impacted the big business of legal sex with requests for geek-themed cosplay role-play parties pouring in to Dennis Hof’s seven Nevada Brothels.

Deadpool was rated R for the valid reason that it was a raunchy romp filled with tons of sex, violence, and naughty 4th wall humor. Fans have flocked to our bordellos curiously looking to replicate the unconventional sex acts and fetish fantasies portrayed in the movie. (pegging, role-play, and antics involving stuffed animals are just some of the activities highlighted in the film.)

Kitti Minx as Deadpool

At the client’s request, they’re met with beautiful ladies clad head to two in tight, form-fitting, red and black spandex costumes with zippers located in the convenient places for easy access, brandishing whips and floggers not unlike Deadpool’s signature katanas. Flavors of BDSM are often incorporated into the Deadpool experience, leaving customers feeling satiated at having their dreams of a kinky time with their favorite Marvel Comics mercenary come true.

Not only do the Ladies do their homework on these new and enthralling explorations of sexuality, many are proud geek girls themselves, yearning to bring their own comic book fantasies to life. Wonder Woman stole the show when she appeared in DC Comics’ and Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice film earlier this year. Each brothel usually has at least one, if not more, ready and willing ladies to take on the lasso and don their Wonder Woman regalia. Neither Batman nor Superman would be able to resist, as customers are wowed by these strong confident ladies who literally become Wonder Woman the moment they put the cosplay costume on. Bondage is a common theme, with Wonder Woman tying up her client much like the character herself does to a perpetrator before she takes them out. The brothel’s Wonder Woman at least allows her clients to have a safe word before she binds them and has her way…

Kitti Minx as Black Cat

Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films -including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War – has shown to be the object of desire for those who come to the brothel to get a taste of what life would be like to bed the female action superstar. Partly due to the fact that her sexy costume is a tight, shiny, black, full-body cat suit that shows the curves in all the right places. At the brothel, customers find themselves enthralled by being taken captive by their own special Black Widow babe. The courtesan’s bedroom transformed into an Avengers interrogation room. The clients find themselves having their sexual limits tested to the max. As Black Widow parties don’t run light and fluffy, the ladies use their womanly wiles as the famous female superhero to seduce their customer into letting their guard down just enough to ravish them to the point where they’re grateful it’s all just role-play, as the scenes get pretty steamy and intense. The Black Widow definitely has a bite!

Randy Ryder, Willow Love, and Harley Lane await their clients at the Bunny Ranch

These are just a few examples of the countless requests these talented working women get in the world of legal sex and making fantasies come true. As each new film comes out, it’s guaranteed that these Ladies are getting requests to turn it into a Cosplay Role-play Sex Party to bring someone’s dream to life. Geek is now chic and superheroes are the new sexy.

By the way, I personally have a very diverse superhero costume collection…and all of the accessories we’ll need to live out your sexual superhero adventure.

Willow Love and Jenny Jade chat before going into a session as Supergirl and Green Lantern

Kitti Minx

Kitti Minx is an "alternative" courtesan who currently works at Love Ranch Vegas, one of Dennis Hof’s Southern Nevada properties, and enjoys being someone who can really appeal to niches - especially those into “Suicide Girls” types and geeks. As a self-proclaimed proud nerd, she engages in many activities from talking advanced sciences, literature, technology, internet culture, pop culture, and - of course - the art of cosplay. She’s also been a model for the last ten years, working for a variety of people, and loves to prove that geeks can be sexy!

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