The Pleasure of Pegging


Do you know what it means?! If you do — yay! if not, no worries! Any place surrounding me counts as a safe space and ya girl here is here to help! No such thing as judgement or shame here with li’l Doomy!

Pegging is the term for when a woman uses a strap-on to indulge a man anally, stimulating and pleasing his mythical and also very real, prostate gland.

Now ya girl doesn’t wanna get too medical, but I have to for just a hot second — then it’ll get real sexy, I promise!

Draven Star from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada

So — are you a touch nervous about taking it up the butt? SAME. Same with a lot of people! Trust me when I tell you that with enough time, patience, lube and trust – it can be and is amazing. Remember the first time with vajay sexings? Kiiiiind of like that, but for some people it takes longer – boys and girls! Here, we’re talking about the boys, though…

Hear me out – I know I can be the “wild child” porn star but I will let y’all in on a secret. The very first time I had a P in my B was ON CAMERA (Joanna’s Angels 3) so I might be a little crazy but I feel that my experience helps with providing a safe environment, as well as giving some advice for preparation. if you touch the stove, you can get burned – you feel me? Trust and believe that your fav goth slut has all the knowledge you want!

So! Boring stuff first (I think the boring stuff is hot buuuuut that isn’t everyone)! Basics, safety, logistics and prep – in no particular order cause I tend to bounce around…

First off – CONSENT! Make sure everyone is down for the butt party or things get real un-fun real quick.

ALSO – before I get too into prep and stretching I want y’all to know that spit and lube are all that should be going in ya buttholes. Coconut oil clogs pores, and anal numbing creams are a real easy way to get hurt or torn. Getting torn in the b-hole takes a very long and un-fun length of time to heal. Just go slow. Please please please. I care so much about your b-hole even if you don’t! You only get one! Be sweet to it!

Consider this – if you are numbed, you don’t know if you are experiencing pleasure — or pain! Sooo just invest in lube and some grown and sexy tunes. Like, who doesn’t love long sexy sessions? Something about a tortoise and a hare? Finishing is cool but the run is where all the fun lives!

Logistics! Done!

Prep! Go!

So! Your body is yours and boys are fancy but this is what has worked for me!

If I know Im gonna get weird in the butt, the day beforehand, I pay a lot of attention to what I eat. I try to stay away from anything too fatty or drink too much; I also keep my portions to the size of my palm and stop eating solid foods around 5-6 PM.


Enemas aren’t scary! Just PLEASE DUMP OUT THE SALINE AND REFILL THAT THANG WITH WATER. The fluid that comes in enemas is designed to make you wanna, ya know….mondo duke. NOW!!!!! If your butt plans are a surprise and you wake up early but aren’t getting weird until the evening – maybe don’t dump the saline haha! It all depends on how YOUUU and your sweet sweet b hole are feeling.

NOW ITS TIME TO GET WEIRD AND SEXY. (About fucking time, right? Jesus Draven, maybe stop talking about how much you care about my butthole for like 30 seconds?!)


Since you’ve gotten this far in my li’l tale, I will take this moment to say that there is nothing ‘queer’ or ‘homo’ or ‘faggy’  or any other slur about wanting an internal orgasm as a man. AND I AM QUEER SO Y’ALL CAN BELIEVE ME.

Do what feels good – and boys, this feels reaalllll good.

So, like I mentioned before, the prostate gland is how dudes can have internal orgasms. This. Shit. Is. Lit. Not all women can have internal orgasms, but as one that can – trust me when I tell you that you want one. Or five.

Lube is fun and important! Showers are cool but water isn’t lube. Take the plastic curtain off of your ish, lay it on your bed and that is a KILLER start.

I usually tell girls to play with their pussies or clits but y’all have different parts! Jerking off in that sweet way that keeps you hard but not cumming (you fucking know!) is the best way to loosen ya’self up. Personally, I adore watching a dude jerk off so please make sure you ain’t being shy.

Breathe deep and go slow. Put on your favorite jam and let passion take over. Sooner than you know it, you’ll be feeling some shit you never thought you’d feel before and taking more than you thought you ever could.

When you start to feel funny, don’t hold back. When women are fitting to have g-spot orgasms, they low key feel like they are gonna pee. When they don’t hold back, squirting happens. Y’all love squirting. We love watching y’all cum real hard. It’s all relative and beautiful.

You will probably have one of the most intense orgasms as well as one of the biggest loads of your life — who doesn’t want that? I want that! I love pleasing a man and watching the different faces he can make – to see how much I can make him sweat and beg for me to do more for him. Have him grinding against me, aching for me to grind against and eventually penetrate to please him. Make him chant my name, the name of his chosen deity and then in turn make me never forget his. This is my goal in every party, but something about a man being this vulnerable and open makes me drip so much more (though I tend to get extraordinarily wet as it is…).

Sound interesting? Feel free to come visit me at the Sagebrush Ranch, or email me for more info! I love humans and all of their different facets and shapes and smells — and questions!

Draven Star

Draven Star

Also known as the "Doom Doll," AVN and Inked award-winning porn star Draven Star is the kinky Girl Next Door you’ve been lusting after all your life. She currently offers the finest in Girlfriend, Porn Star, and Kink experiences at Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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Deep Throating — Taking You All In

The act of deepthroating, or taking the full length and girth of your partner while giving oral sex, can be an intensely romantic and sexual experience if done properly. With a partner you trust and have good communication with, along with an adventurous attitude and a willingness to relax, it can be one of the most deeply fulfilling sexual acts you can perform for the pleasure of another person; it will set you apart from any other experience your partner has ever had and leave them fantasizing about you whenever you aren’t around. Done properly, it can even arouse you as intensely as it does your lover. Below are a few key points I’ve come to respect as a woman who sincerely enjoys performing deep throat blow jobs.


The first step of any new sexual act is trusting in your partner. You will have to leave your comfort zone when deepthroating, and that is easiest to do with a person you trust, as they are literally depriving you of air and you are relying on them to pay attention to your silent communication so that they know when you need to breathe. You will be making your partner feel amazing, and possibly in a more intense way than they’ve ever felt before, so it’s easy for someone to be distracted enough to forget to let you breathe!

Make sure to communicate beforehand about what kinds of silent signals you’ll be relying on so that the act itself is effortless and smooth. Usually a simple push with the hands is enough to communicate that it’s time to take a breath, but if your partner is distracted, don’t be afraid to be more aggressive with your hands. You’ll also need to pay attention to the rhythm and speed your partner needs to edge closer to orgasm. If you’re able to reach under the scrotum to the perineum and apply light pressure with your fingers, you’ll feel when you’re arousing your partner and when they are getting close to orgasm. This will also help you time your breathing so that you aren’t in the middle of trying to take a respiration break when your partner is close.


Surrender is crucial to the deepthroating experience. You must allow all of your muscles to relax and only focus on three things, (1) when to take your next breath,(2) the rhythm of your partner’s thrusts (or the movement of your head), and (3) relaxing your throat so that there is no pain or tension. Depending on the size of your partner, you may need them to give you a little pressure with their hands to completely take all of them, so make sure you discuss your comfort level with your partner beforehand. Some people enjoy hands in their hair or a more aggressive partner during oral sex, and some people enjoy a slower and more sensual oral sex sensation, or are just getting the hang of deepthroating. Make sure to communicate these expectations to your partner beforehand for a seamlessly enjoyable experience.

Hannah Foxx from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Ranch near Carson City, Nevada


Breath control is not difficult to master. As a competitive swimmer, I have had lots of practice holding my breath, but anyone can develop the same skills with practice. Breathing a little more frequently before holding your breath can put more oxygen in your bloodstream, but it can also cause you to hyperventilate or black-out, so I recommend learning your limits in a safe environment with a safety buddy before moving onto techniques in the bedroom, especially if you’ll be dangling your head off the edge of the bed, which can give you a little more room to take all of him without extra work but requires them to know when to back off and let you breathe.


Gagging is a part of deepthroating. Some people are able to completely suppress their gag reflex, others embrace it, using the muscular action of gagging to heighten their partner’s pleasure and taking advantage of the additional lubrication it usually encourages. As long as you practice at suppressing your vomit reflex, you can even add additional techniques to heighten their pleasure as you gag, such as humming to cause your throat to vibrate, or extending your tongue to lick and massage his testicles and scrotum and edge him even closer to orgasm.


For me, there is almost nothing sexier than a man holding me down with strong hands grasping my hair, gagging on his cock while tears come out of my eyes and make my mascara run. I love the weight of my partner’s hands on my head, and the look of shock and surprise as their entire length disappears down my throat and they begin to feel my muscles closing down on them. Enthusiasm is incredibly important during oral sex. You want your partner to feel incredibly wanted from the moment you first start teasing them with your tongue to the last moment before their orgasm, where you pull them in as deep as you possibly can and let the muscles in your throat close in on them and make them unable to stop themselves from tumbling over the edge.


For many, oral sex is an exchange of power, and for those seeking a feeling of control or domination in the bedroom oral sex can be the gateway to an immensely satisfying sexual experience. For others, it’s a way to connect to your partner and show them that their pleasure can be the focus of a lovemaking session. One thing is undeniable, having a woman on her knees worshipping your cock can make you feel invincible, and having a woman take all of you in her mouth as she lowers herself onto you in the 69 position can be just as memorable and impossible to resist. There are even women like me, who have their gagging reflex force them closer and closer to orgasm. Communicating with your partner will control your expectations as well as theirs and allow you to focus on the pleasure instead of boundaries, limits, and discomfort.


Deepthroating is an intense oral sex experience, and not one that everyone is comfortable with. I specialize in this technique, as well as teaching others to deepthroat. One of my most popular booking requests with couples is an instructional session where we take turns polishing your partner’s deepthroat skills; having two women focusing for one or two hours on giving you the perfect blowjob doesn’t hurt either. As with all sexual acts, good communication and enthusiasm are things you’ll need to bring to every session, but the potential reward is a sexual encounter that literally blows away everything else you’ve ever experienced.

Hannah Foxx

Hannah Foxx

A sexual maelstrom with an impressive resume in the erotic arts, Hannah Foxx provides the finest in romance and risque. Hailing from the deep American South, Hannah is currently a premier companion at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat Ranch near Carson City, Nevada.

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Does size matter?

Hi! I’m Sable Renae and I am a legal courtesan at the Sagebrush Ranch in Carson City, Nevada. I’m also an adult film performer, so I have had my fair share of Mother Nature’s plethora of penis sizes and shapes. I get missives and pictures from all over. On the Bunny Ranch Message board, Twitter, Facebook, ect. Pictures of all sorts of “equipment.” Big ones, little ones, circumcised, un-circumcised, every color, every race, every creed, and all these penises belong to men who all with the same question…”Is it big enough?”

So, in order to put your mind at ease, here are some things you should know. Most males, at some time in their lives, worry about whether they are “big enough.” Many women also wonder whether bigger is better.

Dr. David Buss and his colleague Dr. Cindy Meston wrote a wonderful book called Why Women Have Sex. In it, they discuss penis size and sexual satisfaction. Their results may surprise you.

Sable Renee is a veteran porn star and sex expert at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch
Sable Renee is a veteran porn star and sex expert at Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch
First, some penis facts…

The average penis ranges from 5 to 6 inches in length when erect.The penis averages 3 to 4 inches in length when flaccid, or non-erect. Contrary to popular belief, penis length is not closely related to height. In a study of over three hundred flaccid penises, the largest was 5.5 inches long (about the size of a bratwurst sausage) and belonged to a

5’7-inch tall man. The smallest non-erect penis was 2.25 inches long (about the size of a breakfast sausage) and attached to a stocky 5’1-inch tall man.

Does size really matter to women? More Importantly…does it matter to us working girls?

When people talk about penis size, they are usually referring to penis length. But according to one study, penis width is more important in determining if a potential mate “measures up.”

Psychologist Russell Eisenman and his fellow researchers at the University of Texas in Edinburg asked 50 sexually active university women whether penis length or penis width was more important for their sexual satisfaction. 45 out of 50 women said that width was more important. Only five said length felt better and none said they were unable to tell the difference.

Now that being said. I know for me there is “Everyday Cock”, “Special Occasion Cock”, and “Once in a lifetime Cock.” If you fall into the ranges of the Average Male which is 5 to 6 inches, honey I want to see you everyday! We are going to have a LOT of fun!! If you are 6 and 1/2 to 8 inches well then you are that “Special Occasion” for me… lots of foreplay and lube and ……OH MY that was a grand time that I will cherish on those nights when I haven’t had any and really need that naughty fantasy to take the edge off. Now if you are bigger than 8 inches….you my friend are that ONCE IN A LIFETIME!

A Rollicking good time…BUT I may need some prep work for this one.

LOTS and LOTS of foreplay and toys and LUBE on my the LUBE!! I-am-not-going-to-be-walking-normal-for-a-while LUBE!

Sable Renee has seen her share of penises
Sable Renee has seen her share of penises

“But,” you say, “I’m not any of those things” with a frown. Never fear my sweet. See, while everyone out there is focused on length, they forget girth is also a factor. Studies have shown that a wider penis provides greater clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse as well as more stimulation of the outer, most sensitive portion of the vagina. So smaller but with more girth is actually more fun. So although you may, and I state may not be John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Peter North, Even Stone, or any of the other male actors out there in the adult industry…if it is wider than a sausage, we are going to have a TERRIFIC TIME!

“BUT, BUT SABLE,” you say with a blush and a tear, “I don’t have even that!” Never fear sweetheart. I have the knowledge and the desire for “not even that.” See, I know ways to compensate for “not even that,” and I will teach you everything you need to know. You, my dear sweet embarrassed darling, can pleasure yourself and me with positions and techniques you’ve probably never thought of, and I am more than happy to show them to you. As they said in that T.V. show: “We have the tools, We have the Technology” — and because I am a professional, I invest heavily and wholeheartedly in learning about all of the different ways to please YOU. (Which, consequently, pleases me.)

SO…….NO MATTER THE SIZE, the girth, the color, ect…we are going to have a GOOD time. That I promise!

Sable Renae

Sable Renae

Sable is a courtesan of vast experience and incomparable grace. Whether you seek tender intimacy or hardcore discipline, Sable is able to satisfy the deepest desires of your body and mind.

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Sex and Married Men: Unhappily ever after?

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, gentlemen are often at their romantic best as chocolates, lingerie, impromptu vacations, and other glamorous gifts are showered upon their ladies. This isn’t an exclusively February occurrence however. I see plenty of men all year round that are madly in love with their wives, gushing as they speak about their soulmate and mother of their children, and yet many of these men consider themselves unhappily married. They feel that sexual communication in their marriage is limited or they cannot express their true erotic desires to their wives. This leads to a lot of sexual as well as emotional frustration. If you cannot be open up with your life partner, who can you be open with?

While many would say you can share everything with your spouse but keep it professional with a prostitute, it is often quite the opposite. I have had my fair share of sex parties that were truly about a married man exploring his kinks with a nonjudgemental professional. I see many recent divorcees as well, whose marriages have not been successful because of a lack of communication or an unwillingness to try new things in bed. It’s stunning how many sexual secrets lovers hide from one another, for fear that their partner will harshly judge their “deviant” sexual inclinations. Whether it be foot fetishism, anal play, cross-dressing, or even dirty talk, many men only reveal their true sexual selves to working girls like me.

Lexi James from Dennis Hof's Love Ranch
Lexie James from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch

In my personal life, I am married, but lead an open polyamorous lifestyle. My husband and I attend orgies and parties, but we also date others and are allowed to pursue sexual relationships on our own. I can have boyfriends and lovers as well as pursue this line of work because I truly love what I do — and I do it with the full trust and blessing of my husband. It is what makes the relationship between my spouse and I strong. I wonder: If my gentlemen clients had an open dialogue in their home and a partner willing to explore new things with them sexually, maybe their marriages would be more successful and complete. For the time being, it stands unanswered, and that’s where sexually open women like me can truly provide a service to the frustrated men who seek our company.

As a married man or divorcee, when you come into a Nevada brothel, no judgement is passed. We understand the bitter reality of unhappy marriage. You will be welcomed with open arms and an open line of communication, in a highly discreet and private environment. You will be given an opportunity to share what exactly it is you would like from our experience — no fetish is shunned here. We can also serve as emotional support by providing a sincere and genuinely compassionate listener, if that is what you need. The ladies truly enjoy giving you this experience and, if this post strikes you, we hope to be able to do so for you soon.

Lexi James
Lexie James

I have found the perfect lovers for me because I always was, and continue to be, open about my personal and sexual feelings. It’s a fearlessness that I’m proud of and that serves me well in my relationships and in my role as a sex worker. Without fail, honesty is the best path to not only a happy life, but also a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

Lexie James

Lexie James

Lexie is a featured courtesan at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch North and comes from Huntington Beach, California. She prides herself on always saying YES and trying new things, making your every dream come true.

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Curious about Prostate Massage?

Growing numbers of both men and women are becoming intrigued by the possibilities of pleasuring the prostate gland. As a legal Nevada sex worker, I’ve been performing prostate massages for about 5 years. A percent of my clients request or are intrigued by prostate stimulation. I’m quite skilled at it and know how to do it safely. Now, it’s important for me to state that this activity is done for pleasure! Prostate massage opens up a whole new door to sexual satisfaction. Unfortunately, many men feel awkward or uncomfortable about requesting a prostate massage when they visit a sex worker, thinking that the simple fact of practicing it will make them feel less masculine, or even homosexual. But the truth of the matter is, the prostate, also called the “Male G-Spot”, is accessible only via the anus (which is itself an erogenous zone, by the way). If you’ve never experienced prostate massage, you should try it at least once! It’s the only way for you to know if it’s something you enjoy or not. The important thing to keep in mind is that both the giver and receiver must be into it. Then the rewards will be tremendous! When you have a willing, sexually creative partner, the most intense orgasms and the highest level of sensual bliss can be achieved.

It’s been known for a long time that women can have intense pleasure with anal stimulation. Now it’s time for you, the man, to learn what this anal play is all about it and why it feels so good! Sexual curiosity has always been part of the human mind — it’s what many people find so enticing about sex. I know you’re curious, so don’t pretend like I’m not talking to you. I will show you how to safely find and stimulate this little love marvel that is the prostate.

Know that us ladies will not find you less of a man for letting us touch and explore areas of your body. I can honestly say that I get very aroused by doing it. 

Locating your “Male G Spot”

Every man has a “male G spot”. The prostate lies just beneath the bladder and is easily reached by the insertion of a finger into the canal (see diagram below). The prostate’s normal function is to secrete a milk, alkaline fluid that protects sperm once semen has been ejaculated. It surrounds the top portion of the tube that carries urine out of the bladder (the urethra). The prostate is about the size of a walnut and actually changes in hardness just before and last during the orgasm. The whole canal up to the prostate is also full of nerve endings, making for a very pleasurable experience when massaged with the finger or a male toy. 


Before Starting 

Before you begin, it’s important to make sure you are ready. It takes a huge level of trust and intimacy between two people to do this right! Be gentle and careful when testing both your limits and the recipient’s limits as well. First, make sure you’ve emptied your bladder. Second, the giver must trim the nails well in order to prevent any tearing of the delicate rectal lining. Nails can cause injury even when gloves are worn! Third. make sure your bowels are emptied and your entire rectal area is very clean. I offer showers before and after. That will make us both comfortable about the experience. Fourth, you must be relaxed in order for your body to allow the passage of a finger, making it painless. The session should begin with an external massage. Your partner may touch and press on the gluteus maximus (the butt cheek!) in the direction of the anus. It could also start with a simple back massage. Or oral sex while simultaneously beginning to touch massaging the perineum (the skin between your testicles and anus) or the anal area itself. The whole idea is to arouse you and get you ready. I always encourage my clients to express what feels best when I am doing it. 

Jade Capri from Dennis Hof's Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada
Jade Capri from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Lubrication is essential

Whether a latex glove is used or not (a well-oiled glove will slide more easily than your bare skin), make sure the giver’s finger is covered in lubricant. I have my personal favorites and it works wonders for me and my partners. Affectionally and slowly insert one finger. When the time comes, you will feel that the finger is “sucked” in by the anus. Once the finger has been allowed in, hold still and allow the anal sphincter muscles to become accustomed to it’s presence. Do not move fingers in and out unless it’s to add more lubricant. It can become uncomfortable at this stage for the recipient to experience eve subtle moves. 

Finding the “G Spot” 

When your partner is more comfortable. it’s time to go deeper into the anus —about 5 centimeters (2inches). Move your finger in an upward motion against the anterior rectal wall (the side of the rectum that is closest to the recipient’s stomach). Slowly and gently try to find a round, bulb-like mass. This is the prostate. It’s important to breathe and relax the muscles of the whole body as well the anal muscles. If you become tense, you will lessen the probability of pleasure. 

Now that You’ve Found It… 

Once you’ve located the little male love mound, start massaging the prostate very lightly, using the pad at the tip of your finger. (Remember not to use nails!) A toy designed for men can also be introduced into the mix, however, I have learned that it is always better to start with the finger. 

Always ask your partner if he would like a little more or less pressure, or slower or faster motions. You can take breaks until the whole sensation is no longer foreign for the recipient. Depending on your level of intimacy, you can touch with your other hand, lick, stroke the penis in an up-and-down motion, he can stroke it as he pleases, or you can also perform oral sex while massaging the prostate. It may take some coordination on the part of the giver, but you will get the hang of it — and always remember: don’t apply your weight on the hand that you are using to massage the prostate! Once it’s fully aroused, you can begin to rhythmically move the partially inserted finger in and out to stimulate the super-sensitive nerve endings around the anus. I like to do this and reach for the prostate every time my finger slides back in.

During the male orgasm

A combination of events occur simultaneously when a man orgasms. The prostate gland releases prostatic fluid, which makes up about one-third of the total volume of semen and contains various enzymes, zinc and citric acid. I like to apply a firm but gentle pressure rhythmically or irregularly to the prostate before and during orgasm, which increases the duration of those wonderful sensations. I know you are about to cum even before you know it, because your prostate glad inflates and become hard as a rock!

Jade Capri
Jade Capri

Who should learn more about prostate massage 

• Couples interested in new ways to pleasure (yes, I can teach it)

• Adventurous and curious men of any age

• Men over 40

• Men with fetishes 

• Men with performance challenges

• Prostate cancer survivors

• Men with erectile dysfunction

• Seniors

Jade Capri
Jade Capri

Quotes from my clients

“I would agree that men have a genuinely hard time allowing anyone near their butt hole and prostate. I am very clean as a man and also very open and curious. There is a lot to feel and experience, so why not down there.

I went in thinking I would not be as shy compared to if it was a girlfriend.  

The initial play was arousing and really caught me off guard to how my body wanted to keep trying, as though it knew where to go. The feeling quickly vanished from embarrassing to pleasure. I have never felt that kind of pressure build up to the end. It was well worth my trip!” – R.

“If you’ve experienced ED and had prostate surgery, prostrate massage can give you additional stimulation.  It may assist you in keeping and or getting an erection, something prostrate surgery makes difficult “. I would also say the partner is as important as the practice.  It takes skill and patience and trust to make the experience special. I can say “JADE” has those skills” – A.

“I wasn’t sure if I was all in yet, but I did discuss my fantasies with my lover. Then, one night, soon after,  while we were making love and she was getting me hard, she pulled out a rubber glove. I had no idea what was coming. So she proceeded to lube up the glove and insert her finger into my butt hole. I was totally surprised. She slowly moved it deeper and deeper, taking care not to cause any pain. The sensation was very erotic and exciting. It didn’t hurt, but was very pleasurable. Once she had her finger all the way in, she proceeded to give me a prostrate massage. Something I had never experienced before. It felt very pleasurable and I was getting so excited, I chose to started jerk it. She continued to pleasure me and get me more and more excited. Eventually, I jerked my cock so hard with the excitement that I exploded with my cum. It was truly a fun, erotic and pleasurable feeling and experience and I ended with an amazing orgasm. I look forward to the next time my lover and I get to try this.” – R.

“I found out about this during a visit to the medical examiner. My regular doctor wasn’t available, so a female physician took his place. She was attractive and when she started the exam around there. I immediately got an enormous erection which caused her to become embarrassed.  Later I did some research and learned more about what had happened.” – M

Jade Capri

Jade Capri

Jade Capri is a Brazilian bombshell beauty with a to-die-for authentic and exotic body built for pleasure. Her specialties include virgins, GFE (Girl Friend Experience), Couples, 2 Girl Sex Parties, Fetishes, Overnights, Outdates, and Bachelor Parties.

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Sex: Is It Really Better if You’re in Love?

A lot of people will tell you that great sex can only be between two people that are truly in love. And, don’t get me wrong, sex between two people in love can be truly great, however, just because you are in love does not mean you are likely to have great sex…let alone even good sex.

Now you might remember the first time you had sex with a new partner, or even your spouse. You might remember it being the best sex of your life. But if you really think back, how was it a week or a month later? Not as good, was it? In fact, if you are honest, it was boring, plain, uninspired, and probably the worst sex of your life. Why is that? The first time we have sex it is blinded by the excitement of something new, and in some cases it has just been so long that any sex would be better than none! We ignore all the bad things in the excitement of the moment. Eventually, as the novelty wears off, we begin to realize there are more “bad things” than good things and the sex becomes just another activity, if we even continue to have sex at all.

Why are there more “bad things” than “good things” in our sexual activity with someone we love? Simply because most people don’t know how to do sex “right.” They have no real skill in the art of “making love.”  They rush thru every aspect of sex without taking time to enjoy each other or the feelings that are going on within their bodies. They try as many positions as they can think of without knowing why they are trying them or if they actually even feel good.  They just know they saw them somewhere.  They try to seem experienced by what they think they are doing right when in reality they are not. But no one says a thing so nothing changes.

Catrina Costa from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North

How did you find out about sex? Maybe you experimented in the back seat of a car with someone equally inept, repeating what felt good. Is that the best way to learn a new skill? To develop an art? Just fumble along, the blind leading the blind? Think about it how much do you really know about having sex. What do you know about pleasing another person…what do you know about pleasing yourself. Could you help someone learn to please you? No, then how do you expect your sex life to get any better by following the same pattern.

Maybe you read or watch porn. Perhaps you even learned a technique or two that actually work in the real world. Most guys just end up angering, or even hurting, their partner by trying something impractical they saw in porn. Not every position you see in porn is designed to be used during your sexual encounter, they are not what feels best, but are what is best for the camera angle.  Think about it? Men, have you ever had a lady climb on top for sex? How many of them chose to face your feet in the position seen in virtually every porn “Reverse Cowgirl”? I’ll bet none of them (if you have had one choose that position, take that as a hint and check your breath next time!). Why? Why is that position in nearly every porn but never in real life? Because it doesn’t feel as good for the lady, and generally women like to look into your eyes, to see you. So if it doesn’t feel good, doesn’t offer connection why is it in so many porns? Because it looks great on camera. That is right just because it looks good on camera does not mean it feels good in reality. So remember that if you want to make a hot sex tape, but forget that position if you want your lady to enjoy the session! I could go on about other positions in porn’s that are downright awkward and uncomfortable, and even a few that are downright dangerous. I have been in porn films, and if you watch carefully, the non-porn positions are generally the ones in which you’ll see me cumming (over and over and over again!).

With the experience I have had in my private life, in porn, and as a legal licensed courtesan I maintain that the best sex is with someone who is experienced. The one who has practiced the art of making sex enjoyable for both parties. Someone with the skills and knowledge to not only make the current session more fulfilling but to raise your level of knowledge and experience, to make you a better lover in the process.

Catrina Costa, a MILF porn star, chats with fans and prospective clients
Catrina Costa, a MILF porn star, chats with fans and prospective clients

The first thing I have learned as a legal licensed courtesan is that in order to make your fantasies come true I need to truly listen to you and your needs and wants.  I enjoy listening to your stories, ideas, fantasies, and learning what makes you tick.  This gives me an advantage since it allows me to use every skill I have to make you feel good, let you enjoy yourself, and give you the best mind blowing orgasm you have ever had. So the ability to not only make our time together more enjoyable by showing you tricks I have learned in my own life experiences, but also those I have learned on porn sets.  But since I am a life long learner I love to research topics and then thru practice I do my best to perfect those new skills to make you my VIP and fulfill your fantasy.  On top of all that I really enjoy sex and being a courtesan. One of the other important parts of being good at sex is actually enjoying it.  I can honestly say that I do enjoy it and enjoy it even more when I see that you are enjoying yourself as well.

Here at the Love Ranch North, you’ll find ladies that are trained and practiced in the art of sex. Ladies that enjoy sharing their knowledge with you. Ladies that are patient and willing to train you. Ladies that are ready to share that art of sex.

Our ladies enjoy instructing and practicing with both men and women. You could come alone to learn what we have to offer, however consider bringing your lover with you. What better way to add a new thrill to a boring sex life than for both of you to work together, under our guidance, to become great lovers together. We love to work with couples to teach each of you things that you may not know to help you have a better sex life to enjoy a more satisfying and enjoyable orgasm. 

After you have learned from me or one of the other ladies, then you can truly enjoy great sex with the one you love or come to the Love Ranch North and have mind blowing sex with one of us.

Catrina Costa

Catrina Costa

A premier courtesan at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch, Catrina Costa is a porn star and MILF extraordinaire who is well known for her sophisticated yet naughty companionship.

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5 Reasons Married Men Should Visit Legal Prostitutes

So you have bingewatched Cathouse on HBO.  You have joined the Bunny Ranch message board and had fun chatting with all the lovely ladies.  You have completed extensive research on how to make it to the Reno area without raising any eyebrows.  All this and you still haven’t pulled the trigger and made it out to see us.  What is holding you back?  You may have some lingering questions in the back of your mind.  You say to yourself “Maybe this isn’t right for a married guy like me?”  Well, I am here to console your fears and put the doubt out of your mind.  I have compiled the most compelling reasons you should come see me (or one of my friends) at Dennis Hof’s Red Light District.

River Song from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch Near Reno, Nevada

1. Monogamy isn’t natural for men

Our society has rules to ensure the fringe stays in line with what comes natural to the majority of us.  We don’t murder, we don’t steal, we don’t assault, because not doing these things comes as natural to us as breathing or blinking.  However, monogamy doesn’t seem to come so easy.  Why?  Because it’s NOT NATURAL!  One day our society will catch up and this whole thing will pass.  Until then you will need a discreet partner to help you live more naturally.  Come see me, I can be your secret partner.

2. Your marriage has become a friendship

Many years ago you had a best friend and a lover.  As the years and your relationship have progressed, it seems you have a best friend who occasionally allows you access to “the goods.”  While you love your wife and have no intention of living without her, you don’t want a sterile mechanical sexual relationship.  You want that willing participant that rocked your world so many years ago.  Come see me, I will rock you.

3. A non-judgmental ear

You have spent a lifetime working to make yourself the best you can be.  Some days were smooth as silk.  Some days, however — some days felt like the weight of the world was sitting on your shoulders.  Those stressful days are hard to deal with.  Sometimes you need someone who listens to you, someone who won’t judge you for being vulnerable and having doubts.  I absolutely love to hear about you and what makes you tick. I also love getting naked and showing you what makes me tick.

River Song is a legal working girl in Nevada
River Song is a mistress and confidante to several married men

4. Kinky secrets

You have sex regularly and she does her best to please.  However, you have a kinky side and want to try new things.  The problem is you don’t want to ask your wife, the mother of your children, to do those things.  Ask me to do them instead.  I specialize in “those things.”

5. Adventure

Probably the reason mentioned most often.  Sometimes you just feel the daily grind has extinguished any excitement in your life.  If you want the adventure back, come see me and the ladies of Nevada’s sex dens. I will make your sex life adventurous once again.

River Song

River Song

River is a vibrant, thirty-something, southern belle excited to make your acquaintance. This Simply Extraordinary legal courtesan, exclusive to The Sagebrush Ranch, will take you on a sexy trip through space and time.

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Sex Worker Reminds Us Why Yoga is Sexy

Hey Babes! I’m Mercedes, and I’m going to rock your world.

I want to show you a few basic yoga poses and the benefits they have to offer. Originating in ancient India as a physical, mental, and spiritual practice; Yoga has more recently traveled to the western world to take our physical drive up a notch. So, what do we know about sex and yoga?

From banging it downward doggy-style to reveling in the sex-friendliness of a flexible yogini, Yoga has increasingly become a popular influence in sexploration between starry-eyed lovers, and here’s why.

A regular yoga practice will:

  • tone the body
  • increase alertness and energy levels
  • Enhance libido, performance, and sexual satisfaction

Practicing yoga can support a rich, full and dynamic sex life. The poses featured here work directly to increase your circulation of blood flow to the pelvic area, and with this, energy and vitality follow. Circulation and increased blood flow are directly linked to level of arousal. Start using these poses in the bedroom today!


Bridge Pose- Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Why this pose is great:

• Stretches the chest, neck, and spine

• Stimulates abdominal organs, lungs, and thyroid

• Therapeutic and calming for the brain

• Energizing to the nervous system

Great for Sex Because:

Bridge pose activates ‘Mula Bandha’, the pelvic floor muscles-tightening and toning much like a Kegel exercise would. To find an optimal rhythm, I would suggest your partner start by gently thrusting in and out. As you both become comfortable, he can grab your waist or thighs and start pulling you towards him with each thrust.

His extra hand can be used to stimulate your clitoris. Try variating this pose by throwing one leg up against his shoulder to enjoy deeper penetration.

How to do it:

1. Begin by lying on your back, with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor hip width apart.

2. Arms are placed alongside the body with palms facing down. Fingertips lightly touching the heels.

3. Press the feet into the floor, inhale to raise the hips up.

4. Lightly squeeze the knees together. Press down into the arms and shoulders to lift the chest up.

Engage the legs, buttocks and mula bandha to lift the hips higher.


Puppy Pose- Uttana Shishosana

Why this pose is great:

• Stretches the spine and shoulders

• This pose increases flexibility in the spine

• As an inversion, more blood is available to the heart and head

• Opens the back and chest to feel emotionally buoyant and physically energized

Great for Sex Because:

Who doesn’t love doggie style? Puppy pose calms the mind while invigorating the body. This sex position creates deeper penetration. You can variate by using a hand to stimulate the clit… or lightly grasp his balls (I find that most men love this!). Or… You can prop yourself up with a pillow to relax and enjoy the ride!

How to do it:

1. From Table position, tuck the toes under and walk your hands forward.

2. Spread the fingers wide apart.

3. Lift up through the tailbone to keep the spine straight and long.

4. Pull the shoulder blades together and down the back.


Cobra- Bhujangasana

Why this pose is great:

• Strengthens the spine

• Stretches chest and lungs, shoulders, and abdomen

• Firms the buttocks

• Stimulates abdominal organs

• Relieves stress and fatigue

• Opens the heart and lungs

• Builds heat

Great for sex because:

Bhujangasana is said to awaken the raw life force energy of the kundalini.

This sex position creates a snug fit for your guy’s penis and he will feel even larger.

How to do it:

1. Lie on your belly with palms flat on the floor and elbows underneath shoulders.

4. Use your hands to pull your chest forward.

5. Shoulder blades should be pressing together and sliding down the back.

6. Legs together, thighs activated and abdomen should engage.


Wide-Legged Forward Fold: Prasarita Padottanasana

Why this pose is great:

• Lengthens your hamstrings, calves, spinal column and core

• Strengthens feet, ankles, and legs

• Stimulates digestive, uro-genital, nervous and endocrine systems

• The inverted shape and the forward fold promotes a feeling of calmness

Great for Sex Because:

This sex position tightens the vaginal walls tighter and increases the intensity of the friction.

While supporting you with one hand, your partner can use the other to tickle your clitoris. If you want to play around with some light bondage, loosely have him tie your hands together with a silky scarf.

How to do it:

1. Your forward fold should come from hinging at the hips.

2. Engage the low abdomen to gently pull the belly up and in.

3. Palms can be flat to the floor or grasping the ankles.

4. Use the strength in your upper body to pull yourself deeper into the pose.

Recap: Yoga tones and strengthens your body in all of the right ways. It energizes the body from the inside out; sharpening your focus and improving your stamina. Yoga promotes deep and powerful breathing, which in turn will increase your oxygen intake and result in a sexy, confident state of being.

My favorite benefit from yoga, and the inspiration for my daily practice is the reward of enhanced awareness. Yoga allows us to harnesses our innate ability to live in the present moment. Imagine how our lives could be changed for the better by the simple act of allowing ourselves to become more aligned and in sync with our senses.

Wishing you totally paramount and liberating love-fueled experiences!



Sexy and fit, Mercedes is the luxury companion with a body that can do things you won't believe. A headliner at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Mercedes looks forward to turning every single one of your sexual fantasies into sweet memories.

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How To Have Great Sex With Erectile Dysfunction

According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, 52% of men ages 40 to 70 years reported some form of ED.  Of the 52%, 17% had mild symptoms, 25% moderate, and 10% severe.   Erectile Dysfunction is much more common than we think. 

Short or long term ED (Erectile Dysfunction) brought about by meds, health or aging, can be a feared source of embarrassment to many men who fear they will now be unable to please their partner, and having ED will mean the loss of their sex life.  They feel emasculated, impotent and less of a man.  And while intercourse may no longer be possible, you can still have a great and satisfying sex life by learning new ways to give and receive pleasure. 

Intercourse is only a small part of the countless avenues to give and receive pleasure, and studies show that a large portion of women do not orgasm this way.  Plus as people get older they find that orgasm is not the big goal it once was.  In fact it becomes less and less important, and what becomes more gratifying is connecting, sharing of intimacy, touching, romance, kissing, feeling close, loved.   


We mostly have the mindset that fucking is the destination and all other things are foreplay leading up to that.  But what if fucking is the foreplay and the real objective is experiencing one another, sharing intimacy, sensuality and connection, and all else is just a byproduct.

With this mindset, having ED can open up a whole new world of exploration in touching, kissing, intimacy, closeness and sensuality between you and your partner, that’s not just physical, but mental and emotional as well.

On the physical front, studies have shown it’s easier for women to orgasm from oral sex or the use of a toy, such as a vibrator, than to cum from vaginal sex.  When a guy knows how to lick pussy really well, it’s a very good thing.   Too often men want to zero in on the sex organs in an attempt to please their partner, and don’t think of giving full body, mind pleasure.  There’s ways to touch that are so erotic, so sensual, and feel so amazingly good.  And there’s ways to kiss the mouth and body that are so damn sexy, so damn arousing.   

Remember the entire body is an erogenous zone, with the mind being the greatest of them all.   Learn to stimulate your partner and turn them on mentally and emotionally, as well as physically.   Foreplay isn’t just sexual, nor is it just the physical stuff before sex.  Foreplay is also a series of emotional events used throughout the day and week to turn your partner on, emotionally and mentally, by making them feel special, validated, appreciated and noticed.   Ways to do this could be as simple as making a point daily to look for the good in them, and express appreciation for the things they do. 


A great form of emotional foreplay is that of impeccable listening skills. If you want your partner to feel really special, try looking at them as they speak, and hanging on their every word as though they are of life and death importance to you.  Hear what they’re saying, and what they mean.  Good listening skills in a man are very, very sexy.  Having someone focus all their attention upon you, and take a genuine interest in you is a very potent kind of foreplay.   It should be taught as part of foreplay 101. Another sexy turn on for women is a man who repairs things around the house for her, carries things for her, does chores and helps with kids. 

Make the time you spend together fun.  Have interesting things to talk about.  It’s also a good idea to ask one’s mate what makes them feel special.  Because what makes one person feel special is different from what makes another feel special.

I think most women would agree that good emotional and mental foreplay is much more satisfying and arousing than intercourse.  And if you pair that with stellar pussy licking skills, plus knowing how to touch and kiss for maximum pleasure, your sex life can metamorphose into a richly satisfying and rewarding experience for both you and your partner.   Knowing how to kiss and touch is very important.    Give more time for slow, voluptuous kisses all over your lover’s body, from head to toe; also in cuddling and caressing.

When touching, don’t just go for the genitals.  That’s boring.   Let these be the least of your focus, and touch her everywhere but there.   The same rule applies for pussy licking.  Don’t zero in on the clit and forget the rest.  Do the entire pussy as your main focus.  You can give a woman G-spot orgasms, clitoral orgasms and more, with skillful use of your tongue. 

A lot of women have stronger orgasms from being held close with lots of kissing, and use of a vibrator than from standard coitus.   


Explore going into sex with no agenda or destination other than the giving and receiving of pleasure.  This tiny adjustment can work wonders for one’s sex life.  It also takes the pressure off of having to perform.   

Erectile Dysfunction need not be the end of your sex life.  Whether or not you’re in a relationship you can have a truly rich and rewarding sex life with ED.  In my ED parties we connect and share intimacy on a deep level, while sharing intensely pleasurable ways of touching, kissing, and of giving and receiving pleasure. 

Don’t let ED keep you from experiencing deep levels of intimacy and pleasure.  If you don’t have a sex partner, you can make the most out of your ED by visiting a sex provider at the Nevada brothels who is specialized with ED.    Who knows, your ED could be a blessing in disguise that leads to new sensual and sexual horizons. 

Bryce Stevens

Bryce Stevens

Bryce is an elegant, sophisticated, full service courtesan who is specialized in Erectile Dysfunction (ED), GFE (the Girlfriend Experience) and Role-Playing. Bryce Stevens caters to upscale, distinguished gentlemen who seek deeply satisfying, intimate encounters.

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What Makes a Great Blow job?

Let’s face it. Sex workers have seen more penises than just about any other demographic, including physicians. As a licensed prostitute in a Nevada brothel, I’ve seen and serviced at least 1,000 men, and I’ve given blow jobs to most of them. To say that I’m a blow job expert is an understatement.

In my profession, fellatio is one of the most important skills a woman can have in her repertoire. Possessing the ability to give a client unforgettable head could mean the difference between a repeat customer and a man I’ll never see again. It is absolutely crucial to my profession that I’m the best cocksucker you’ve ever had, and that when you’re not with me, you’re dreaming of having my lips wrapped around your throbbing, raging member, sucking you fiercely as the erotic tension builds to an eruptive climax. 

But what makes a blow job truly great? After all, to paraphrase David Lynch, “A bad blow job is better than no blow job at all,” right? Well, sure. But what makes a blow job worth paying for? Why is a blow job from a woman like me better than just about any blow job any man will ever have?


What separates a spectacular blow job from a mediocre blow job?

She’s gotta be into it!

The first step to a great blow job, or great sex of any kind, is for both participants to be enthusiastic about it. So many women approach a blow job as something to “get it over with,” which is why so many men come to sex workers like me to experience a real blow job. If you’re with a woman who thinks that oral sex is disgusting or demeaning, or thinks that dick-sucking is an act designed only to give the receiver pleasure, you’re not going to get a good blow job.

During a truly sensational blow job, both the receiver and the giver should be enjoying themselves. I love cock. I love to touch it, lick it, and suck it. I love that your dick is hard because of what I’m doing to it, and that I’m so good at what I do that I’m going to give you an amazing orgasm. It makes me feel beautiful and sexy and powerful. I’m totally into your dick!

Don’t rush!

Every woman knows that they have the power to get a guy off quick, but rushing through a blow job is really doing a disservice to men. Good fellatio is slow and sensual, beginning with the slightest touch of my lips and tongue as my hot breath teases and tingles. When you’re rock hard and moaning for it, I’ll take your rigid cock into my mouth and start sucking and bobbing, first just with the head of your penis and then gradually taking in your entire shaft. I’m careful to not go too hard, too fast. It’s important to take breaks from the wet hot friction of my mouth and the tantalizing flicking of my tongue, so that I can let you savor your erection while I kiss and lick your shaft and balls. As you squirm with pleasure from my teasing and denial, and bask in the prolonged bliss of having your dick sucked deeply and thoroughly, I’m gauging your level of readiness to orgasm, and paying close attention to your verbal and nonverbal cues. When it’s time, I go hardcore on your cock. Taking you in deep and wet, faster and faster, as I finally release you. Your orgasm is intense and you come hard because I took the time to build up a truly climactic experience.


More than just a tactile sex act

A blow job doesn’t just involve the sense of touch. When my lips are wrapped around your dick, I want your eyes to see my tight body posed subserviently as my heart shaped ass moves up and down in tandem with my mouth. I want you to hear me moaning and gurgling in ecstasy as you pound my sweet throat. The sexy scent of the candles in my room. The taste of me,  should you decide to reciprocate by burying your face between my legs.

A blow job is an all-encompassing experience that operates on the psychical level as well. It’s important to understand the psychology of a blow job in order to make it truly engrossing. Men need to feel like they are the kings of their domain, like they are the masters of their destiny. A blow job is one way that men gauge their manliness. Every man wants to be in a true position of power, and nothing says “power” like having a beautiful woman kneeling before you with your dick in her mouth. A lot of women don’t understand that there’s a lot of role play involved in cocksucking. Some women don’t feel comfortable playing the submissive. A truly strong, sexually confident person like myself has no trouble begging for dick and being your mouth-slave when we’re together.    

These are just a few elements that separate a run-of-the-mill blow job from an oral adventure. Ultimately, a great blow job is all about being into it, savoring it, and making oral sex as engrossing an experience as possible so that the two of us can enter our own private world of naughty fun. No one gives a blow job as good as an expert, so if your cock finds itself longing for a wet and wild mouth, maybe it’s time to drop me a line…

Magenta Rose

Magenta Rose

A country gal looking for adventure, Magenta is a small town girl who understands the value of genuine companionship. With her unmatched sexual enthusiasm, Magenta is up for a wide variety of sexual escapades, including the Girlfriend Experience, Porn Star Experience, fantasy role-play, fetishes, threesomes, and all manner of naughty fun!

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