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21st Century Brothel: Lisa Ling Investigates the Bunny Ranch

On Sunday, October 23, at 10 p.m. ET., the CNN original series This is life ...
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Why Couples Seek Encounters with Sex Workers

Sex in our society is a taboo subject - especially when it comes to sex ...
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Sex Worker Reflects On Lamar Odom: One Year Later

One year ago this week, my life changed forever. On the afternoon of October 13th, ...
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Sundae Funday: The Ultimate Food Fetish Sex Party

As everyone who’s ever enjoyed my companionship knows, I am Nevada’s “sweetest” legal courtesan at ...
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Legal Brothel Owner Applauds Historic Backpage Busts

I am thrilled to read the announcement from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton regarding yesterday’s ...
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Getting Back Into The Sex Game: Virgins, Widowers, Divorcés, & More

I have been a working girl at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch (located across the street ...
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“Tarts For Trump” Opens Campaign Office At Bunny Ranch Brothel

We have some big political news coming today from the Bunny Ranch--A group of the ...
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Sex Work Attire: What Working Girls Prefer to Wear

Most professions have some sort of associated attire. We expect a big city lawyer to ...
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Threesome: The Most Sought After Sexual Fantasy

When someone visits me in America’s Red Light District for the first time, one of ...
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