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Brothel Owner Offers “Free Sex For Life” To the Person Who Can Prove Melania Trump was a Prostitute

While First Lady Melania Trump files her third defamation suit against the Mail Online over ...
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Lickable As Ice Cream!

Nothing goes with summer like ice cream! Well, “Summer” is my name and if there’s ...
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To Shave or Not to Shave (Down There)

Its been an ongoing question consistently asked by women to men. Do men want the ...
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Porn Legend Taryn Thomas In Residency At Love Ranch Vegas

If you’ve watched porn in the last decade, and you have, you’ve probably seen me ...
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Tips for Dominating Your BDSM Sex Slave

With the release of Fifty Shades Darker this week, America’s interest in BDSM is at ...
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Sports and Sex

There are many men today who can watch professional sports on TV and think back ...
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Sex and Married Men: Unhappily ever after?

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, gentlemen are often at their romantic best as chocolates, lingerie, ...
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Curious about Prostate Massage?

Growing numbers of both men and women are becoming intrigued by the possibilities of pleasuring ...
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Neapolitan – Variety is the Spice of Vice

Nothing makes you feel alive more than sex! Sex is an irresistible driving force of ...
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