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5 Reasons Married Men Should Visit Legal Prostitutes

So you have binge-watched Cathouse on HBO. You have joined the Bunny Ranch message board ...
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There’s Just Something About Redheads

The ladies here at America’s Red Light District encounter a lot of different men with ...
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Sex Worker Reminds Us Why Yoga is Sexy

Hey Babes! I’m Mercedes, and I’m going to rock your world. I want to show ...
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Silicon Valley Call Girl Goes Legit

When I decided to go into sex work about five years ago to make some ...
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Sex-Shaming and President-Elect Donald Trump

There’s an old saying in the kink world: “Your Kink is not my Kink, and ...
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Good Riddance! You Were the Fuel That Helped to Make the Sex Trafficking Machine Run, the number one resource in America that facilitates hookups between unscreened customers and illegal ...
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The World’s Most Successful Prostitutes 2017

You can easily find lists of the world’s most successful athletes, highest paid celebrities, or ...
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My Gaming PC Was Funded by Sex Work

2016 has been one of the best years of my life. I met several of ...
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Illegal Las Vegas Escorts Vs. Licensed Nevada Brothel Courtesans: It’s NO CONTEST!

It's a temptation that greets every horny tourist who visits Las Vegas--street flyers, newspaper listings, ...
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