Hannah Foxx

Hannah Foxx


Weight: 140lbs / 65kg
Bust: 34C
Eye Color: Green
Body Type: Athletic
Shoe Size: 9
Height: 5’8″ / 173cm (Without Heels)
Bisexual: Yes
Kiss/GFE: Yes
Overnight/Outdate: Yes
Fetish/Kink: Yes
Roleplay/Cosplay: Yes
Couples: Yes
Sex Education: Yes
Virgins: Yes
Disabilities: Yes
Experienced with Autism: Yes
Erectile Dysfunction: Yes… and more, make sure to ask!Instagram: @hannahwfoxx
Twitter: @_hannah_foxx
TikTok: @hannahwhitmorefoxxEmail: [email protected]


Worried you might not connect with a woman if her brain isn’t as sexy as her body?

You found the right lady!

I’m Hannah, a sweet Georgia Peach with green eyes, standing tall at 5’8”.

I grew up a small town country girl, but I left to see the world when I discovered my passion for helping others and decided to change my life and become a nurse.

In college, I developed a burning passion for learning that’s stayed with me ever since.

I went into the medical field to help others, but I found that social taboos about sexual intimacy and our bodies have left a wider gap than any of us realize, not just in relationships but in personal identity for much of the world.

There’s endless evidence that both loneliness and lack of personal connection have become a source of secret pain and misery for so many of us hiding in plain sight, whether it’s from today’s rapidly evolving world, careers that give us no free time to connect with others, or even the grief of investing in connections only to lose them on our journey through life, leaving us feeling the incredible challenge of starting all over and having no idea where to start.

The first step to solving a problem is to really understand it.

I decided to leave my career and follow my passion to a new one, to fight society’s silent taboo on human sexuality. I became an educator, teaching individuals and couples at events across the country what they’d never been taught about their own bodies and helping them connect with one another.

There’s a secret truth about the human condition and it starts with an overwhelming need, not just for touch, but to feel the acceptance and passion that’s missing from our lives.

As a former nurse and EMT, my perspective on the human equation has continually evolved.

I was featured in a photoshoot with MAXIM magazine, where I used the attention to talk about how issues like autism and other disabilities can have a hidden cost, the need to connect to others and how difficult that struggle can be when you’re different.

As a model, sex educator, and former nurse and EMT, I’m so much more than the girl next door!

Join me for the perfect date. Let’s explore Nevada together and then venture back to my suite to explore one another. If you have a challenge, share it, and we’ll overcome it together!

Want to try something new, but feel afraid to bring it up? I’ll show you the ropes, and the knots to go with them!

I’ve taught both individuals and couples how to better express themselves in the bedroom and I’ve helped individuals with disabilities and other unique challenges discover the breadth of their sexual identity for the first time.

If you’re here visiting as a couple, see the bottom of my profile for more details!

Are you kinky? We’re going to get along just fine.

As an active member of the adult education and kink community, I’m the right lady to take you on your first adventure trying something new. I won’t get shy when you tell me EXACTLY what you want. I love communication. It all starts with honesty!

I travel and tour here at the ranch multiple months of the year and plan my availability around our adventure. After you set up an appointment with me, you’ll get my phone number so we can spend time texting back and forth and getting to know one another.

The first step is sending me an email at mailto:[email protected]

Let’s make memories you’ll treasure forever. I can’t wait to hear from you!

== For Couples ==

If you’re looking to find someone safe to share a fantasy with your partner, celebrate a milestone, or try something new together for the first time, look no further!

Making the most out of your visit as a couple just requires a little forethought, and it’s important to talk with one another about what you want out of this experience and have an open and honest discussion about your boundaries and fantasies.

Remember, I’m not just a courtesan, I’ve been teaching intimacy education at adult events for the better part of a decade, and you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from that experience!

Believe it or not, a visit with me may very well teach you both new things about one another’s bodies, help you iron out some of the common communication problems that can happen in the bedroom that can keep you from really expressing yourselves, and it’s an opportunity to add a new experience, for both of you, that can help you change and develop intimately together.

If you’re both interested in trying something new for the first time, I can help you understand how to play safely, and answer any questions on topics you may have felt intimidated or difficult to ask.

When you contact me and set up an appointment, I’ll join a group conversation with both of you, unless it’s a surprise, and you’ll both have the opportunity to explore all the amazing options we have for our time with one another. I can even provide a helpful couples’ guide for visiting a legal brothel for the first time and give you some important things to think about when planning your time together.

It all starts with writing me and introducing yourselves! Email me at [email protected]



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