Nuru Massage

Invented by the Japanese, nuru massage involves not only the hands but the entire body. Both you and your courtesan-masseuse get naked, and she covers your and her body with an odorless and tasteless massage gel derived from seaweed leaves. (In Japanese, “nuru” means “slippery/smooth.”) Then she slips and slides all over you with her beautiful, shapely body; you feel her breasts, hands, tummy, pussy, fanny, thighs, and feet pressing so intimately against you lubriciously and luxuriously. Nuru massage is designed to maximize tactile sensations and relieve stress. Considering how sexy so many areas of a woman’s body are, you may find yourself experiencing the kundalini; that is, the feeling of extreme sexual ecstasy that begins at the base of the spine and shoots upward to the top of the back—a whole-body orgasm.