Abby Roads

Abby Roads


💋Height: 5”04
💋Weight: 110 pounds
💋Hair Color: Brown
💋Cup Size: 34 B
💋Shoe Size: 8
💋Lingerie Size : Small
💋Cane: Yes 👩🏽‍🦯😘
💋Gifts: Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Dark (no nuts)
Flowers: Red, White or Pink Roses, Plants, Dream Catchers, Massage Gift Cards, Grocery Gift cards
Twitter: @gunzandrosasx
Email: [email protected]



Greetings, divine lovers ♥️

I extend a warm invitation to welcome you in this sacred space, where together we can share an intimate experience entangled with erotic bliss, shared enlightenment & conscious heart to heart transformation.

Here at Moonlight, one of my greatest passions is to serve you as a lover, a practitioner of Tantric Arts as well as a trauma informed intimacy provider, currently studying psychology & somatic healing.

My heritage is of American Indian descent, and ancestry is rooted in the Pima Tribes of Arizona & New Galles Mexico. So don’t let my blonde locks fool ya ! 😉

However, as a Holistic Intimacy Provider who offers a diverse range of services, I am committed to nurturing inclusivity by maintaining active memberships within spiritual & decolonization communities alongside holding certifications in Diversity Awareness, Cultural Sensitivity & Human Rights.

Along with spirituality, music & media are some enduring passions of mine. Before Moonlight, I was as an Actress on Playboy TV’s “News Uncovered” and attended college in San Diego, California to study history, theater & sociology. I absolutely love classic rock, am learning guitar at the moment and truly adore attending rock concerts together .

Some of my personal musical inspirations include: Amy Winehouse, Robert Plant, Tom Chaplin, John Lennon, Natalie Maines, Delores O’Rioardan and David Bowie.

🌿Intimate Offerings & Encounters :

🌹 Girlfriend Experience Encounters

Girlfriend Encounters are for those craving deep intimacy and a wholehearted connections between the two lovers. Together, let’s indulge in lively conversations, kissing, A bath together, touching, sensual play, and shared multi orgasmic intimacy.

🛫👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Outdates, Overnights & Intimate Getaways

Let’s go on an adventure.. Together let’s embark on an intimate evening or weekend filled with intimate moments, passion, and unforgettable experiences. Let’s indulge in the magic of intimate dinner dates, where every dish becomes a shared delight and every moment divine connection. Also, when it comes to adventure, I’m not afraid to embrace the playful side of life – whether it’s enjoying a round of Twilight Mini Golf under the dazzling lights of Las Vegas or soaking in the serene beauty of Lake Tahoe together.

Beautiful Las Vegas also holds a special place in my heart, a city where dreams come alive and timeless memories are made. Together, we’ll wander its vibrant streets, hand in hand, creating forever moments that will last a lifetime.. ♥️

🕊️Intimacy Healing :

The sacred Dhammapada states , “If a person’s mind is sick, wisdom is not yet perfected.” teaching us that inner turmoil obstructs our own personal insights & wisdom which we need to thrive in everyday life. Through Intimate Healing, together we will cultivate feelings of tranquility,by healing inner turmoil with intimacy and the presence of the divine feminine you may have needed at several points in life. Together let’s revel in each other’s bodies, minds, flaws, and souls, uniting as one. Our connection sparking passion, multiple orgasms & freeing us from all performance anxieties, basking in pure magic and bliss of what it means to be human.

* Note, This experience may deeply resonate, particularly for INTJ or INFJ, personalities dealing with analytical burnout / exhaustion. Through shadow work and intimacy healing, we can delve into the depths of your personality and uncover new paths for exploration.

👩‍❤️‍👨 Couples Encounters

This intimate couples’ experience delves deep into each partner’s intimate desires, needs, and fantasies while respecting personal and relationship boundaries. It ignites feelings of passion and playfulness between lovers, fostering deep intimacy by embracing new facets of your partner’s emotional depths, waiting to be explored.

♥️Tantric Encounters &
♥️Couples Tantric Encounters

Are you ready for a Tantric Awakening? While celebrated in Rock & Roll circles and also by popular artists such as Jimmy Page, Sting and even Will Smith. Tantra offers a far deeper experience than commonly perceived.
Rooted in the ancient practices of 6th century India, Tantra is a sacred path to intimacy and enlightenment. It encompasses a rich cultural legacy and provides a profound spiritual journey. Through techniques like conscious breathing, mantras, meditation, and intimacy, we can awaken our life force, nurturing deeper connections with ourselves, our loved ones and those we desire to love. So, if you’re ready for a Tantric Sexual Awakening, let’s embark on this sacred journey together towards passion, inner divinity & enlightenment.

Other Offerings :
* NDA Friendly Yes
* Neurodivergent Yes
* Disabilities Yes
* Fetish Yes
* Role Play Yes
* Nuru Massage Yes
* Yoni Massage Yes
* Kissing Yes
* Saying “I Love You” ♥️Yes
* Oral SX Yes
*Prostate Massage Yes
* Anal No❌
* Pornstar Experience No❌
* Two Girl. Yes
* Multiple Orgasms Yes
* Military Specials Yes
* Quickie No❌
* All Genders/ Identities Welcome
* Cosplay yes (with specific outfits provided by client)

Coming Soon…
💟 Mommy Dom Encounters

To reserve our encounter please message me at:

[email protected]

Edu. & Qualifications | Sacred Intimacy / Tantric Encounters:

* Completion of Indigenous & Foreign Cultural Training in ‘Holistic Decolonization of Spiritual Cultural Practices”
* Ongoing under study under Embodied Bangladeshi Sex Guru & Yogi
* ISTA Level One Completed Training
* Tantric Practitioner Certification/Training received under:
* Lourdes Starshower – Tantra Healer and Educator, Sacred Sensuality Coach EMDR Therapist & Ordained Shamanic Minister,
& Aaron Klienerman
* Tantric Coach, Facilitator, Author & Male Embodiment Expert.
* Active NALI Multicultural / Diveristy Awareness Certification
* Completed courses in WORLD RELIG 120, 130, and 170, Philosophy 120 and Sociology 120 at Grossmont College.
* USIDHR Human Rights Certification

Lastly, all holistic | cultural encounters do include a variety of authentic products from the native homeland of origin. A portion of all contributions for encounters are dedicated to #HelpAgeIndia & #YoshikiFoundation.


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