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Moonlite Bunny Ranch:
America’s #1 Sex Destination

Dennis Hof’s World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch is the most popular and most respected sex destination on Earth. At the Bunny Ranch, beautiful women offer unparalleled sexual adventure in a legal, safe, and nonjudgmental environment where men, women, and couples can thoroughly explore their deepest sensual fantasies.

Located near Reno and Lake Tahoe in beautiful Carson City, Nevada, The Bunny Ranch is celebrated internationally for being Nevada’s finest legal brothel and the very best place to engage in pay-to-play intimacy in all the world. With dozens of gorgeous women available 24 hours a day, the Bunny Ranch is a one-of-a-kind pleasure palace with a full-service bar, luxurious rooms, numerous VIP suites, and lush sex bungalows.

Since entrepreneur Dennis Hof purchased the Bunny Ranch in 1992, the brothel’s popularity has grown at an astounding rate. Hof has single-handedly changed the perception of prostitution in America, proving that legalized, regulated sex-for-money tremendously benefits the customers, sex workers, business owners, and community by providing a safe and healthy way for people to partake in the world’s oldest profession. The subject of the long-running HBO series Cathouse, the Bunny Ranch is now a household name and a top Nevada vacation spot for sex tourists and curious travelers alike.

The working girls of the Bunny Ranch are unequaled in their beauty, empathy, professionalism, and sexual prowess. Coveted by men and women, these courtesans are the most sought-after sexual partners on the planet, offering literally every sexual activity imaginable, from the addictive ‘Girlfriend Experience’ to every conceivable sexual fetish. If a sexual desire exists, there’s a courtesan at the Bunny Ranch that caters to it.

Legal Prostitution in Nevada

Prostitution has been practiced in Nevada since the mining boom of the 1850s, where brothels sprung up to service the sexual needs of the droves of miners seeking their fortune in the Silver State. While these sex dens were tolerated by local governments, they were far from the legal businesses they are today. The legalization of prostitution didn’t actually occur until the early 1970’s when ordinances were passed providing for the licensing of houses of prostitution and sex workers.

As a result of Nevada’s groundbreaking legislation, participating in a sexual encounter at the Bunny Ranch is the safest way to have exceedingly satisfying sex with a stranger. All of the breathtaking courtesans working at the brothel are required by law to be tested weekly for sexually transmitted diseases, and they all practice safe sex. There has never been a case of a customer contracting an STD of any kind as a result of an encounter with a Nevada brothel sex worker.

Moreover, a Bunny Ranch encounter is entirely discreet, taking place in a private environment where the deepest, most intimate secrets of clientele remain confidential. There is no chance of getting caught in a police raid and suffering reputation damage or criminal charges, as prostitution at the Bunny Ranch is entirely legal and sanctioned by the County and the State of Nevada.

There is no place like the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, America’s sexual retreat, where people from all walks of life can give in to their desires and let the planet’s most captivating women show them the time of their lives. In the words of Dennis Hof, “it’s not just sex, it’s an adventure!”

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