Audrey Allen


Height: 5’2″
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Sable
Eyes: Chocolate
Measurements: 34B-22-34
Loves: Flowers, Perfume, Books



Salutations, lovers and friends. I’m honored that you decided to get to know me. I appreciate your time.

People are my passion. Thus, I double majored in English Literature and American History with a minor in Philosophy. I’m a third generation Italian American, born and bred in Boston.

I’d love to treat you like my boyfriend during our time together at the Ranch. Don’t worry, I’m not jealous. My personality has been described as effervescent.

My HBO Cathouse star feature was titled “A Very Classy Lady.” I want to connect with someone on all levels, building a caring relationship. Also, I love to laugh.

My ideal date is starting with dinner at a nice restaurant, then going to a show, comedy club or dancing. Day trips are a joy as there’s so much to do here, from a tour of Virginia City, a drive around Lake Tahoe or a dip in the local hot springs. A dress and heels or jeans and a sweater, I’m game.




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