The Girlfriend Experience

The girlfriend experience, known as the GFE, expands on the traditional transaction for sexual services available at a legal Nevada brothel like the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. For all our other sexual entertainments, you and your courtesan(s) stay within the limits of the brothel; with a GFE, under certain rules you can take your girl out for a date off-premises to a restaurant or show of your choice, and then back to your hotel for an overnight stay. The idea of the GFE is to open up the relationship between courtesan and client to deeper, even more emotionally intimate levels. Of course, men love to make love to beautiful, sexy women, but sometimes, what they enjoy is the fun of getting to know a new person, of feeling companionship grow, or the sense of erotic anticipation, of savoring the idea of eventually sleeping with your new female friend.
In the world outside the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, when a guy asks out a woman who turns him on, he may spend several dates and lots of $$$$, only to find out she and he don’t “fit” as potential lovers. When you enter into a GFE with a Moonlite Bunny Ranch lady, a happy ending is guaranteed—and so is a lot of fun beforehand. Since we began offering the GFE, some clients have selected a favorite woman to date over and over again, someone whose sense of humor, favorite activities, and personality aligns with their own. Although none of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch courtesans is “exclusive” to any one client, it is possible to make an appointment to have your favorite lady waiting to provide fascinating companionship and sexy fun for you all night and into the next day.