Sexy Feet

What is the attraction of a woman’s sexy feet? For one thing, in the summertime, many women like to wear open-toed sandals or go barefoot on the beach or in the fields. What’s exciting for men about this is that they’re getting to see one part of a woman that’s fully naked, and it stirs the imagination for a guy to imagine the woman entirely naked. And if a woman has particularly well-turned ankles and pretty feet, a man can imagine rubbing his dick all over them, telling the woman what a goddess she is as he spurts cum all over them. And if her bare feet are a little dirty from walking along the street, and she’s wearing sexy, fringed, cutoff jean shorts and a loose blouse, the innocent-country-girl-turned-slut effect can be sexually overwhelming. Some men get turned on by sucking a woman’s naked toes or massaging her feet. And don’t forget: Our courtesans are so skilled that they can wrap their agile feet around a man’s shaft and jerk him off without touching him with their hands!