The Sybian

Without a doubt, the Sybian is a marvelous sexual invention—the best ride your wife or girlfriend may ever enjoy (except on your Johnson, of course). It is the ultimate vibrator—very powerful. Unlike traditional wand-like vibrators, the Sybian is designed to be straddled by a naked woman. Electrically powered and controlled by a remote control, its vibrational plate can be run from 0 to 6500 rpm. (It also comes with penetration attachments that allow the woman to insert a vibrating knob into her pussy.) Want a great anniversary or birthday present for your lady love? Bring her to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, where we’ll be happy to show you both how to bring her from a quiet state to a screaming climax with just a twist of the control knob. After her ride on the Sybian, your lady will be crazy-horny, and you’ll be thrilled at the porn-star qualities the Sybian has awakened in her. She may even try to suck you off during the ride home. Drive carefully!