Women Seeking Bisexual Encounters

Are you a woman who’s always lived the “straight” life sexually, but has frequently been curious what it would feel like to experience making love with another female? Maybe you experimented by sleeping with a girlfriend in college—cuddling naked under the covers, stroking each other’s soft bodies, kissing, finger-banging or bumping pussies together, even using sex toys or strap-on dildos on each other if you were really adventurous and creative. Remember those sweet times with a favorite friend or friends? Some women have married conventionally and had children with her husbands, but then their marriages have ended, but their bi-curiosity persists. Come visit the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, and let one or two of our courtesans help you explore the delights of girl-on-girl fun. Don’t worry if you’re shy: our ladies are gentle and patient. They’ll show you how exciting a girls-only party can be!