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Posted by River Song on March 20, 2017

While the term bucket list came to national notoriety with the Rob Reiner 2007 film of the same name staring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, these lists have been around for as long as most can remember.  Many women have a travel list containing places like Paris and the French Riviera. Others an experience list like learning to play an instrument or sitting alone watching the starry night sky.  I am here to tell you men usually have a much different list and it almost always involves SEX.  It’s really no secret why.  Men think about sex all the time.  Larry Miller once said “If women knew what men were thinking they would never stop slapping us”  There is some comfort in knowing that here in the Red Light District, we wont slap you, unless you want us to.  Come see us and we can help you start checking of your Bucket List items.  Below you will find some of the Bucket List items your brethren have come to us with in the past.  Add them to yours, if you like…

River Song from Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch
River Song from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch

1 The Multiple Girl Party

Almost every guy’s list starts with “Threesome,” some increase the integer, but it all come down to many women and one lucky guy.  This may involve many girls showering you with attention, or you watching as they please each other in a mind-blowing show of passion.  Regardless of your preference the multiple girl experience should be on your list.

2 Water Sports

Just like the little green men at Roswell and the great hairy Bigfoot of the pacific northwest, many men have come to believe that “The Squirter” is a fairy tail.  The good news gentlemen is that “The Squirter” exists. She is not as elusive as you may think. You see squirting is an art and the art of the squirt is a skill learned over time.  Patience, practice, and the proper coach are a big factor in mastering this ability.  The best part is a great number of the ladies (including myself) in the red light district have perfected the art and are waiting for you to help us let lose.


3 The Cougar

As my previous blog post The benefits of Sex with an Older Woman details, there are numerous reasons to get with “the Cougar”.  Not every younger gentleman has this on his list.  I can tell you the ones that do not are missing out.  When “The Cougar” is finished with you, you may have trouble walking to the door.  Come see us; we have many MILF-tastic vixens to chose from.

4 The Lolita

And on the other end of the spectrum you have “the Lolita”. When a man reaches a certain age and admires the sensual beauty of a young fit woman he is often reminded of the hot times he enjoyed with youthful, taut women.  Your alive and full of the sexual desire that a beautiful young woman arouses in a man.  Don’t turn away from this desire.  Come to the Red Light District.  We have dozens of young beauties just waiting to fulfill those fantasies.

5 Sub/Dom Play

While not for everyone, the experience of having another human in total control of your sexual pleasure can be intoxicating.  There are many genres in the field of BDSM.  The experience could involve anything from handcuffs, to rope, to leather bindings.  However deep down the rabbit hole you would like to go, we have many experienced ladies waiting to show you the path.


6 The Video Experience

What’s better than having great sex? Having great sex and then watching yourself have it over and over again on video. Okay, that idea can be absolutely terrifying for many men, too, but for those who aren’t camera shy, making a sexy home video is often very high on the list.

7 Ethnic Diversity

Let’s face it.  Most of us have spent the entirety of our adult lives in our own ethnic dating pool.  Where is the fun in that? Don’t they always say “variety is the spice of life”?  Here in the Red Light District we have ample variety.  You can check off as many ethnicities as you like…

8 The “10”

Every man has his own definition of what constitutes a 10.  He has been dreaming of her for years.  He sees her in magazines and on billboards.  He has trouble sleeping at night when he thinks of how he would ravage her perfection yet he feels she is out of reach.  Au contraire, we have so many beautiful women here in The Red Light District.  Surely one of them matches your definition of the “10”.


9 Role Play

When you get your yearly physical, you may not think of the nurse too much.  But when you see the campy porn video, you go wild with the thought of the sexy nurse in her six inch heals helping you to produce the fluid sample needed for your test.  Regardless of your role play fantasy we have the right girl for you here in The Red Light District.

10 The Porn Star

This is the end all be all of many men’s bucket list fantasies.  That woman who is so experienced, she may just make your mind explode with all the wondrous things she does to your body while at the same time writhing in her own intense pleasure.  I have an interesting fact for you.  Many of the ladies here in The Red Light District, myself included, are in the adult film industry.  So what do you say? Are you ready? Let’s get together and start checking a few items off your sex bucket list!

River Song

River Song

River is a vibrant, thirty-something, southern belle excited to make your acquaintance. This Simply Extraordinary legal courtesan, exclusive to The Sagebrush Ranch, will take you on a sexy trip through space and time.

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River Song

Author: River Song

River is a vibrant, thirty-something, southern belle excited to make your acquaintance. This Simply Extraordinary legal courtesan, exclusive to The Sagebrush Ranch, will take you on a sexy trip through space and time.

5 thoughts on “The Nevada Brothel Sex Bucket List”

  1. Your suggested bucket list items are so much better than mine. Can I use some of them? My current list is 1) learn to crochet, 2) watch every movie on Netflix while crocheting, 3) use crocheted oven gloves while baking a cake and 4) visit Golva, North Dakota. Although, I think I might skip #5 on your list. Having another human being in total control of my sexual pleasure sounds too much like church. I can’t even masturbate alone in the dark without having one of them church going busy bodies complaining about it. Anyways, great post!

  2. How many bucket lists would be left undone without a safe environment to explore in? My list has definitely gotten longer…orgie is on there among others great post

  3. now if Bill O Reilly would have just read this and stopped making moves on girls at work,,,,and actually had his fantasys come true at the ranches—he still would be on Fox……I always knew that he was a true pinhead….

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