Let’s Travel Into The Great Wide Open Of Sex!

“I want to sleep with you in the desert tonight / with a billion stars all around…” (From “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” by Jack Tempchin, recorded by The Eagles in 1972.)

When you look into the night sky over Nevada, it really does seem like you can see billions of stars. It feels like you’re viewing a big slice of the universe at once, spread out like a curtain of purple, green, yellow, white, and red light. Nevada is a very big state—big enough to explore its mountains and vast desert spaces forever. My favorite activity is to go off-roading in the summertime, camping and fishing, because I’m an outdoorsy girl. See that dust trail in the distance? That’s this wild girl piloting a Jeep Wrangler at top speed. I’m petite, but I’m powerful—I control that 4 X 4 machine expertly, but you’d be surprised—and delighted—if you saw my driving costume: a bikini, a Stetson hat, and boots. I’m a small package, but hold me carefully: I’m explosively sexy.

I like making love anywhere, but doing it under the stars is so erotic because it’s like celebrating the awesomeness of nature by being au naturel with all those eyes in the sky watching me ride the rocket (a lucky guy’s cock, of course). When I go trekking in the outdoors on an outdate with—could be a guy like you—I like to take him to my favorite hideaway spots where we can spend a few days exploring, talking, laughing, skinny-dipping in a cool, isolated stream, four-wheeling up in the mountains, camping out lakeside or up in the trees, kissing, cuddling, fucking doggy style at sunset or sunrise so we can both enjoy the beauty of the falling or rising sun, dancing by a lake naked as our music blasts from a player—anything we want to do, by ourselves, in the great wide open.

When you go camping, of course, you’ve got to bring the proper equipment: a spacious, waterproof tent that goes up as easily as the dick of a guy who sees my pretty self walking slowly and swaying seductively when we first meet; a gas-fired portable cook stove (although a wood fire is okay too, because the smell of campfire smoke is so erotic and relaxing); a fully-charged-up music system (like we’ll be after a full day of tearing around the hills in my Jeep!); some appropriate beverages to keep us hydrated (because we’ll be engaging in a lot of, ahem, physical activities during our private vacation); a selection of steaks, chops, and chicken and veggies for frying or roasting; maybe some sweet treats (besides me) because we’ll be using up a lot of energy.

When you embark on an adventure into the wild parts of Nevada, it’s good to have a game plan, too. Sexy games that involve role-playing is what I mean, because out in the natural world we can let our imaginations run wild. After we set up camp and have some snacks and drinks after traveling during the day, it’ll fade into evening. After it gets dark, we could play the Beautiful Lost Girl game, where I act the role of a young woman who wanders into your campsite one night after walking alone for some days. You, my handsome rescuer, make us a hearty meal while I tell you about my journey. Of course, I am grateful to have found you, but as we chat, you discover that I’m not a victim of misfortune but a rather capable young lady. After all, I found my way to you! There I am, a formerly lost-but-now-I’m-found girl, in possession of essential survival skills, sexy and smart, and it turns you on like crazy. Will this girl turn out to have the kind of sexual experience that complements her woodland skills? “Take out your cock and I’ll start to show you,” I will say, unwrapping a condom to neatly glove you up for a “Thank You” post meal BJ under the vast stars above. Imagine running your fingers through my long, dark hair as I take you deep in my mouth and look up to you with my oval eyes. Let yourself sink further into the fantasy we’re sharing, thinking, “Wow, this girl walked all day to get here, she came out of the dark like a vision, and now we’re making love.” Have you ever fucked by the flickering light of a campfire? As you slide your slickened-up, condom-covered cock balls-deep in my pussy, you’ll get another surprise—I can do things with her that you’ve never experienced before with a woman. (Let’s say I’m very fit and flexible where it counts.)

And, if you’d like, we can reverse the roles on another day, where you play a guy whose truck broke down in a remote location with no mobile-phone coverage, and who’s spent a couple days walking out to safety, and it’s my camp he finds (lucky him!). It’s been a hot summer, and he’s worked up a sweat footing all those miles. There’s a gentle stream nearby where I lead him and in which I bathe him, my hands washing every part of his body. In order to complete this loving ritual, I’ve asked him to strip down, but I’ve removed my clothing too, so he won’t feel embarrassed. (I don’t have much on anyway.)

Remember when I said how important it is to bring the right supplies when you go camping? I also bring comforting liquid soaps, a selection of lubricants, latex gloves, and my own kit of sex toys. Hey, you never know when you’re gonna get a chance to take a nude back-country bath with a handsome man, Okay, back to the bath in the stream: Snapping on the gloves and squirting on the soap, I work over our manly hero’s every luscious inch, leaving him shiny and clean, smelling fresh, and giving me the six-inch salute from between his legs.

We’ve got to do something with his magnificent manhood, which I’ve shined up with soap; now, I apply a condom to his flagpole, and cover the rubber with lube, because I intend to give him a very artful hand job to relieve him of the tension of his long journey (and get him ready for all-night-long sex). (How many miles would any man walk for a great HJ? No one knows, but I guess at least a hundred.)

Another fantasy that stimulates me is playing the part of a 19th century wanted stagecoach lady robber on the run and in disguise. The guy I’m with pretends to be a Pinkerton detective who has “arrested” me, but is having second thoughts because he’s so fiercely attracted to me. He’s thinking with his dick for sure, but I’m successfully convincing him of my “innocence.” I’m such a bad girl, I show him my gratitude by letting him under my several skirts and petticoats and into my tight pussy. I can see that he’s cumming to his own conclusion rapidly, and he doesn’t care that I’m a wanted criminal. He’s been pumping me for a long time, but I can feel him slowing down before he shoots off massively in the condom. I cradle him in my arms all night.

Project your fantasies on me, let me be your guide to thrills; I’ll be your mirror. Or take me as I am, a sweet, sensible, sexy Midwestern girl who can give you the best head you’ve ever felt, cook a steak to perfection, establish a campsite like she’s been doing it all her life (and I have), knows lots of truly private outdoor locations and Jeeping back routes, and makes love with a heart as big as all outdoors. I’m Jenny Jade, and I’ll be your cowgirl, your backwoods lover, your everything! Contact me at [email protected] to book your trip to sexual adventure!

Jenny Jade

Jenny Jade

Hi there!! I am Jenny Jade.. All American, midwest girl! I’m a petite 5’2, 95 lbs. but…with a set of 32-Ds! I am the outdoors type. Whenever I get the chance you’ll find me fishing off a dock in just my bikini, or sneaking a skinny dip..I love to feel the water with nothing on at all! I’m a great sports enthusiast, growing up the only girl in a house full of brothers…I’m rough & tumble & I’d love to wrestle with you! When the sun goes down, you may find me with the lights down watching a scary flick.I’d just love for you to be next to me to grab onto when I get scared! Or, going for a 3 a.m. dip in the hot tub, under the stars, with a cocktail & you!! You know what they say, “Dynamite comes in small packages”….and I am a small package that will B-L-O-W your mind!! ( and all of your other 101 body parts!!)

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Keep Calm and Tell Me All Your Secret Sex Thoughts

People keep a lot of secrets to themselves. Sometimes the secrets run deep in their psyches, and they come to professional sex workers like me for help in expressing their “forbidden” erotic fantasies, because you can ask a courtesan for almost anything a horny mind can imagine. That’s why we’re here. Ordinary people just aren’t as experienced, skilled, adventurous, and nonjudgmental as we are.

One of the areas where I excel is in fulfilling my male clients’ fantasies through role-playing. I recently had an encounter with a young man I’ll call Randy, who presented me with an unusual request: He wanted me to employ all my feminine powers of persuasion not just to act out his sex dream, but to first discover the secret he was hiding. I didn’t know what we would ultimately do once I got him to reveal himself, but I appreciated the challenge. It turned me on.

I look good in high-fashion outfits, so I thought I’d dress myself up as the kind of mysterious, alluring female characters that you find in James Bond films. I’ve always liked the fact that Bond Girls are most often not only beautiful, but capable of matching wits with James himself or one of the many villains he faces. (Often, they save 007’s ass from death at the last minute.) Before I began, I opened my dress blouse several buttons down to show some cleavage, and dabbed a bit of scent between my breasts.

I set up a chair in the middle of my room, and ordered Randy to take a seat. I bent down, took him by the chin, and looked mock-sternly into his blue eyes. “This is an interrogation, my young man,” I said, with a forcefulness that surprised even me; I even threw in a kind of foreign accent of my own invention. “I will find out everything inside that handsome head of yours.” I leaned down next to his ear, and whispered, “One way or another,” then flicked my tongue against his earlobe teasingly. He shivered with excitement. I had his undivided attention.

I straightened up, opened my legs, and straddled Randy, settling my soft pussy mound right on his crotch. I felt him grow hard against my body—but I wasn’t ready to admit him to my holiest of holies yet. I rocked my body gently, rubbing myself against him slowly, enjoying our mutual body warmth. I haven’t had a dry hump since I was a teenager, but rubbing my coochie on his cockshaft through our clothing was unexpectedly thrilling. I even gave myself a quick, sharp climax, and had to slow down or I would have soaked my panty and pants with my pussy juice. As for Randy, he was stiff as a power pole.

As I continued doing the rocking-horse thing on Randy’s cock, I took his face

into my hands, drew his mouth to mine and kissed him ardently, holding the

kiss just long enough that when I broke contact, he was breathless. “If you tell

me the truth,” I said, “there will be many more kisses like that. What do you

have to say?”

“I can’t,” he answered, his voice breaking. “I’m too ashamed. And embarrassed. I just can’t tell anyone.” He looked as if he might burst into tears.

“I have seen much of this world, my friend,” I assured him. “Nothing surprises me. I have met many men, and I am here with you now.” I hugged his face into my chest, welcoming him into intimacy. His hot breath was making my nipples hard in my bra. I sensed that it was time to push for his full confession.

“Never fear, my love,” I cooed. “Whatever you have to tell me will never leave this room. You can trust me.”

“I haven’t had sex for two whole years!” he blurted suddenly. “Tons of girls have turned me down! What is wrong with me? I feel so… unmanly.”


I felt a rush of sympathy for him, and took a few seconds to search for comforting words to say to him. “Those girls didn’t know what they were missing. Do you like girls?” I asked quietly.

“I love girls so much,” he said. “The last girl I had sex with was so friendly and affectionate, and she just loved to fuck. Most girls scream when they climax. She would laugh, this big, sexy, womanly laugh,” he explained.

“What happened?” I asked.

“She had to transfer to a college in another state to get her nursing degree. We lost touch…” his voice trailed off sadly.

“Then you need to get back in touch,” I answered immediately. “Let me help.” I slowly dismounted from his lap, and knelt down next to the chair. “I am going to touch you, a little at a time, bit by bit, because you haven’t been touched in a long time.” (I also thought that unless I took special care taking his cock out of his pants that after two years’ frustration, it might go off like a fountain. I wanted to save that pleasure for him later.)

I pulled open his belt, unbuttoned the top of his pants, and, very slowly, drew down the zipper. He was wearing boxer shorts underneath, so it was easy to reach in through the front opening and extract his stunningly erect penis. It really was beautiful (and I see my share of male organs in my work). It had an elegant head, like something on a Greek statue, with a long, healthily veined shaft. I wondered which stupid girls had refused to suck and fuck this outstanding specimen of manhood?

I tore open a condom package, took out a clear rubber, and rolled it down the full length of Randy’s rod. I was about to give him a good, hard sucking, and I wanted to see that pretty dick of his through the latex material.

But first, I held his hard-on in my hand, squeezing it, massaging it, and admiring it. Looking up, I saw Randy crying with joy. Making people happy is the best part of my job.

And nothing makes a man happy like a playful, messy blowjob. I grasped his cock, which he was thrusting toward me hungrily, and slipped almost all of it into my mouth. I nursed at it; I grabbed it and took long, tight sucks, making a popping sound when it left my mouth, then fastening on it strongly again. After more than two years of waiting, I expected him to pump the condom in my mouth full of cum. But he didn’t, though he was moaning and fucking my mouth desperately. I appreciated his control, and decided that it was time to remount him, but this time, sans my dress jeans and panty.

I squirted some lube on the part of the condom fitting around the head of his dick, stood up, dropped my jeans and my panty, threw a leg over his body, aimed his cock at my vagina, and sat down firmly. “Whoop!” I uttered, feeling his formerly frustrated manhood penetrate me deeply.

There was no doubt about one important fact: Even after two years of enforced celibacy, Randy still knew how to fuck. I bounced on him, and he caught me with strong upthrusts as I rose up. We were rockin’ in rhythm. Eventually, we settled into a no-space-between-us method where the base of his cock stroked my clit as we rode back and forth. I squeezed him back with my pussy muscles, which are really responsive.

Just before we came together, we fell into a kind of trance that happens when two people fucking lose track of everything but the sensations their bodies are feeding them. The sexual tension was building up like mad. He was making the monkey face and I was making the cat face as we approached the end zone. Then we were grinding our genitalia together, uttering senseless words, laughing, howling, groaning, and finally, collapsed. My pussy was throbbing. I climbed off Randy, and saw that his condom was filled to be brim, as they say.

“That was some powerful secret you were living with,” I said to him afterwards. “But I hope I’ve helped you bring it out into the open, and relieve your distress.” Randy just smiled, but I knew I had made a new fuck-buddy.

If you’ve been working too hard and doing without sex, I’m here for you. If you’re getting enough sex but need an erotic tune-up, I’m here for you, too. If you’ve been contemplating a fantasy but have never realized it, my pussy is willing co-star with your cock in the hottest sexual drama you can imagine. Like any Bond Girl, I’m beautiful, sexy, smart, resourceful and versatile in bed. Contact me and let’s plan an erotic mission together!

Zoey Cherry

Zoey Cherry

Hey baby, I’m Zoey Cherry. I’m an energetic and easygoing young lady. Working in a place like sagebrush is something I have always wanted to do and I am finally able to live my fantasy.I can’t wait to help you fulfill yours.

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When You Grow Up Around A Legal Brothel, Sometimes You Just Start Working There

Legal prostitution was always in my life.  I grew up in northern Nevada, just down the road from several of the state’s best known bordellos.  My aunt worked at The Sagebrush Ranch, and some of my earliest memories are of riding with my grandmother to go pick her up from work.  She would call ahead from the car when we were about 10 minutes away, and the back gate would be opened up so we could pull up to the rear of the building.  We would go in through the kitchen, and all of the “working girls” would be covered up in their robes, always excited to see me.  While we were waiting for my aunt to gather her things, I would sit on a stool at the kitchen counter and drink a Shirley Temple while I dangled my legs that had not yet grown long enough to touch the ground from a chair.  The ladies would put cartoons on the television for me, and just like that, I would be a happy kid having a normal childhood experience in the back room of a  brothel (paging Richard Pryor…)  The girls would give me dollar bills and I felt rich.  That is the first time that I remember having a sense of the value of money, and that sense would serve me well once I returned to the brothels as an adult.
As I grew into my teens, I was seduced by HBO’s slate of late night adult programming.  Too young to watch by most parents’ standards (including my own), I had to wait until my parents had gone to sleep and sneak back in to the living room to tune in to the forbidden land of late night cable television.  Back in those days, HBO aired entire blocks of adult oriented shows, including “Real Sex”, “Taxi Cab Confessions”, and “Cathouse” (the reality show based around the business at Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch legal brothel).  While the other two shows were set in different parts of the country and seemed to a girl from Yerington, Nevada as though they might as well have taken place in other countries or on other planets, “Cathouse” was filmed just down the road from me, and I was fascinated with the idea that television magic was being created right in my own back yard.  I liked the girls on the show, and I especially liked Dennis, who was the central figure that the whole business seemed to revolve around.
Lots of people follow relatives into family businesses, and I guess you could say that I’m no different.  Where the difference lies, however, is that my family’s history of prostitution has been a legal one.  It’s always been safe, clean, and profitable.  Most importantly, it’s been fun.  I actually enjoy my job, and one thing that interacting with a variety of clients has taught me is that that is rarely the case for most other professionals.  The overwhelming majority of people work at their jobs so that they can enjoy life once they get off work…I go to work so that I can enjoy getting off, while I’m earning that living at the same time.  Do the math, and you’ll see that I’m living twice the life I would be otherwise, were I in a job that I hated, or at best tolerated.  
Life is too short to spend time doing things you don’t like.  Come see me at the Love Ranch Vegas, and let’s spend time doing something that we like together.
Paris Envy

Paris Envy

Best regards everyone! Men, women, couples, let me introduce myself–I am Paris Envy, in residence and loving’ it down here at the Love Ranch-Vegas legal brothel in southern Nevada. I’m that bombshell blonde that you see on TV, magazine ads, and hot porno movies! Long-legged and sex-hungry, believe me, you want me in your bed–now! I’m a funny, friendly young girl who is frisky and always horny! I love telling jokes and want to hear yours as well! I am very popular with everyone that knows me, and I want to be popular with you! And you know the best think I can do to make you really, really love me? How about my special “Porn Star Experience” party–PSE for short.

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How Having a Brothel Girlfriend Can Help you Find the Relationship of Your Dreams​

Are you looking for love at the Bunny Ranch? We can help you find it! You may think that seeing a professional courtesan in a legal brothel would not necessarily contribute to finding the relationship of your dreams; however, nothing could be further from the truth! Of course, don’t take this the wrong way: hoping your lady of choice at the brothel is going to fall in love with you is not the way to approach things. She’s a professional offering her services, after all! However, what you may never have considered are all the ways that seeing her can facilitate your pursuit of lifelong happiness in your real-world relationships.

Exploring your options while dating, before you are ready to settle down, can be complicated! Having a brothel girlfriend means you can still experience intimacy while proceeding to pursue your ideal relationship without complications or jealousy. She is there to provide wonderful experiences, not to compete for you against other women in your life. When you do find success in your relationships, she will be thrilled to hear things are going well for you in your personal life!

Having a brothel girlfriend can motivate you to take better care of yourself. If you are being intimate with someone, you ideally want to be in your best shape for your mutual enjoyment, right? The motivation to eat healthier and work out more so you are in better shape when you come to visit and spend time with her spills over benefits into the rest of your life. This will increase your attractiveness to women in the outside world. (Do you know that men in relationships are actually more attractive than lonely ones?) The happier and healthier you are, the more you will attract the woman you want!

Having a brothel girlfriend will improve your mood and prevent you from making poor decisions based on desperation. If you are sexually frustrated, you may seek out women who otherwise wouldn’t be up to your standards, and unintentionally embroil yourself in emotional tangles you had no intention of getting into. Knowing you have a gorgeous lady waiting for you whenever you wish allows you to be much more confident when choosing women to pursue in the outside world.

Having a brothel girlfriend allows you to practice your bedroom skills and expand your sexual repertoire. Because it is an emotionally neutral space, you can ask for and get real feedback from a courtesan which someone you are dating (or married to) may be afraid to give you for fear of hurting your feelings or causing discord. Women, of course, prefer men who are experienced and skilled in the bedroom, so this will go a long way in your future relationships! (Remember, you don’t save yourself for “the one,” you practice for “the one!”)

Think of your brothel visits in terms of therapy and self-care. Taking care of your needs will improve how you view yourself as a person and how you approach others. You deserve to treat yourself a guaranteed wonderful time that you have more than earned in exchange for all your hard work. Furthermore, seeing a professional means you are not going to waste time trying to hook up with women who may not be interested, who may not be as enthusiastic or skilled in the bedroom as you would like, or who may come with a host of demands far more complex than a clear-cut exchange of currency.

If you find it challenging to keep your emotions in check when spending time with a beautiful lady, another great idea is to mix it up a little. To make sure you don’t let your emotions get too far in control and that you keep the door open to receiving the real relationship you are looking for, it can be a good idea to see more than one lady. Threesomes are not only a great fantasy to fulfill, they help keep you from letting your thoughts get clouded by infatuation instead of focused on your goals and the pure enjoyment of the moment.

If you were unsure about visiting the Bunny Ranch because what you want is a real relationship, I hope this has assuaged your concerns and you now see just how many ways we can support your quest for love. May you find “the one” and live happily ever after!

Amelia Heart
Amelia Heart

Amelia Heart

A slender, all-natural brunette, Amelia Heart is a confident, compassionate, and open-minded woman seeking to share all the vitality and spirit of life, of which sensuality and sexuality are such important components. She is currently seeing clients at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat brothel near Reno, Nevada.

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Coffee with Alice Special Birthday Episode (Bunny Ranch Media joins in)


Coffee with Alice is a weekly tradition started by Alice Little to share her passion for conversation and caffeination with all her friends and followers from around the globe. Alice talks about anything and everything, and she doesn’t hold back with the conversations. This week, Alice asked Jessica Johnson from the Food Network, who is also a new Bunny, to help make food for her birthday celebration.

“It’s always a lovely time when we get to come together and share our thoughts,” Alice wrote. “Each week the topic changes; from the best sex positions for her pleasure, to my thoughts on consent. This week was extra special, as it just so happened to be my birthday! I’ve been gearing up for a special Harry Potter themed celebration for weeks, and I was so surprised this morning to find out the ranch wanted to make today even more special! I was joined by our incredibly talented Food Network Chef bunny, Jessica Johnson, for a special show featuring her vegan cauldron chili! Harper cox, another new lady, joined us for cooking shenanigans and lots of laughter!”

When I, James, learned about the Coffee with Alice Special Birthday Edition featuring Jessica cooking “Vegan Cauldron Chili” I knew I had to crash the party and film it. Armed with my camera, lighting equipment, and my iPhone to stream to the @BunnyRanch twitter via Periscope I showed up and surprised everyone. The girls were excited to see that Bunny Ranch wanted to feature them doing the cooking and also “Coffee with Alice.”


I quickly got setup and prepared all the equipment to get the show started. During the Live show lots of followers tuned in, both on BunnyRanch twitter and also Alice’s twitter: @TheAliceLittle.

Today is Alice’s birthday celebration at the Bunny Ranch starting at 4pm. It will be a big celebration and, of course, it will be Harry Potter themed.


“Today at the bunny ranch were celebrating the may birthday bunnies!” Alice went on to say. “Being a family company, the ranch loves to make everyone feel special – and of course, this carries over to our birthday celebrations. We have planned games, raffles, a Horcrux hunt, and even a magical piñata! It’s been so special getting to share today with Harley, Mercedes, and my dear friends here at the Bunny Ranch! Everyone helped to make it so memorable – from helping out with party decorations and thoughtful presents, to warm birthday wishes. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be for my birthday than the Bunny Ranch!”


Watch the edited version here!

Here is the Recipe for Vegan Cauldron Chili from Jessica Johnson

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 medium red onion, chopped
  • 1 large red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 large green pepper , chopped
  • 1 teaspoon salt,
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 3 tablespoons chili powder more to taste
  • 1 large can (28 ounces) or 2 small cans (15 ounces each) stewed tomatoes, with their juices
  • 1 large can (28 ounces) or 2 small cans (15 ounces each) crushed tomato, with their juices
  • 2 cans (15 ounces each) kidney beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1 can (15 ounces) chick peas rinsed and drained
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro, plus more for garnishing
  • Garnishes: chopped cilantro, sliced avocado, tortilla chips, sour cream or grated cheddar cheese


Click the links below to go to the Girls Profiles

Alice’s Bunny Ranch Profile

Jessica’s Bunny Ranch Profile

Harper’s Bunny Ranch Profile

Watch the Periscope version here!

Bunny Ranch joins Coffee with Alice

To watch all of the Episodes of Coffee with Alice Click the link Below.

Coffee with Alice (All Episodes)




James is the Media and Marketing Manager for the World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch and Dennis Hof's properties. In addition, James creates the profile videos for the girls in the Northern Nevada Brothels.

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My Overnight Callers Are Treated to Breakfast Next Morning On Me—And I Mean Literally—On Me

There’s a special service I provide to the gentlemen who spend the night with me. The next morning, I make them a sumptuous breakfast. Waking up to a beautiful woman making you a good meal is always a good thing, but it’s my method of presentation that makes the experience special.

I don’t serve the food on a regular table. I serve it on my naked body. Before you wake up, I will have showered and lightly powdered and scented my body because I’m a classy lady whose chief desire is to fill your nostrils with sensual joy. Men love it when a woman makes herself so elegant for them.

I will have these foodie delights waiting for you on a rolling cart next to the bed: pancakes precut into triangular sections, pats of soft butter, a pouring container of maple syrup; and a selection of fresh and colorful fruits: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, dried apricots, green, black, and red grapes, cherries, and banana. (I usually leave out prunes because they’re a little too sticky, and frankly, not as aesthetically pleasing to look at.) It’s up to you to decide how you would like to arrange all these lovely delectables on my body. Make me your live model of culinary art. (When you’re finished placing all the pieces of your creation, I have a digital camera and printer you can use to record and print out a visual memento of my food-decorated body that you can take home. Or, bring your own camera to shoot a photo.)

Delectible Cherry Lane from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada

For example, you could lay out the pancake slices in an exciting pattern around the mounds of my breasts, the points pointing at my uncovered nipples. That warm syrup can be tastefully drippled on the flapjack slices, which will make me feel so comfortable and sexy.

Some of my clients ask to slice up the pancakes into shapes of their own design. One man very creatively shaped the pancakes so they looked like the cups of a lacy brassiere, with some fringing at the bottoms. Another fashioned the flapjacks into smiley faces on my breasts, with my nipples being the noses. I thought it was rather sweet. Where we’re little, adults tell us not to play with our food, but when we become adults ourselves, we can do anything we want!

And now for the fruit platter. This time, for a maximum mixture of sensuality and vivid, bright colors, you could carefully position the sweet stuff all over my reclining body. Make me your living garden of fruit. I can lie still and level for long periods of time, so, for example, the green, black, and red grapes won’t roll off onto the carpet. One playful fellow used the grapes like marbles, and my stomach as the playing field. He’d flick one grape at another, and any that rolled out of the circle he deftly caught and ate until all the grapes were gone.

Considering the time and attention they pay to fashioning their edible “compositions,” sometimes I think my clients have artistic aspirations. Of course, away from the LoveRanch, a man could make a painting or drawing of a nude woman covered in fruit—and many have, of course—but isn’t it so much more fun to practice on a live nude model like me?

Here’s an idea that appeals to my love of colorful foods: Make a “belt” across my tummy with some strawberries sliced in half, matched with a “buckle” of blueberries arranged in a circle around my belly button. And here’s a variation: Because strawberries and bananas go so well together, the fruit belt could feature alternate placings of strawbs and banana slices. Or, you could slice a banana right down the middle, and position the halves under my breasts for a push-up bra effect.

Let’s not forget our raspberries and dried apricots. One client with a military background gently balanced the raspberries upside-down on the dried apricots, which he had lined up in neat rows on my rib cage, like soldiers awaiting a general’s inspection. After he finished setting up “the troops,” he stood up, placed his hands behind his back, and then walked around the bed, making serious faces as if he was a superior officer appraising the neatness of the lower ranks. When he completed his “inspection,” he ate each raspberry-and-apricot combination with great seriousness, saying things like “Thank you for your service” and “I’m proud of such fine fighting men!” I have such imaginative clients!

One of the nicest things a guy every did for me was to take a bowl of black cherries from the bedside cart and spell out C-H-E-R-R-Y L-A-N-E with them. And then he ate every cherry.

Most of the overnight visitors to whom I offer my special morning-after breakfast treat usually devour the food off my body bit by bit, but there are others who like to get wild and crazy after setting up the goodies, because they’re into sploshing, which is the messy spreading of food across the body to increase arousal. For such clients, I only request that they let me know that they’d like to splosh me so I can cover the bed with a plastic sheet and have some towels ready to wipe off the mess when we’re done.

When we’re ready to make a happy mess, fruit works so well and blends into such lovely colors. I tell my sploshing fans: “Take your palms and mash those fruits right into my skin. Smear them. Mix them together so they look like you’ve applied body paint. Spread that delightful fruity hodgepodge everywhere on me.” On my creamy skin, the mixed-up fruits make me look like a living abstract painting.

If you’d like to book an overnight stay with me, followed the next morning by the sexiest day-starting meal you’ve ever enjoyed, send me an e-mail at [email protected]. Let’s plan an erotic menu for our encounter!

Cherry Lane

Cherry Lane

Bubbly, fun-loving, and outgoing, Cherry Lane is a world class courtesan completely dedicated to the art of pleasure-giving. Her beauty, positivity, compassion, open-mindedness, and nonjudgmental nature make Cherry and ideal companion for men, women, and couples seeking the intimate encounter of their dreams.

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The Best Place In America To Have An Orgy

When I started working as a legal Nevada sex worker a few years ago, I expected to encounter many lone men looking for intimate rendezvous, but I was not prepared for the inpouring of couples and groups that regularly converge at Nevada’s licensed brothels seeking the ultimate in sexual celebrations: an orgy. Group sex is bigger and far more popular than I thought it was, and I’ve learned that Nevada brothels are definitely the best places in the United States to enjoy unrestrained sexual revelry with five, ten, or even over twenty sex participants.

Shortly after I began my career as a courtesan at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch, it became apparent to me that a lot of adults are interested in group sex. In many cases, however, aspiring orgiasts are apprehensive to give in to their epicurean desires because of the delicate logistics of setting up such gatherings, or they want to avoid the drama associated with friends and family members discovering that they’re engaging in non-monogamous sexual encounters. After all, not everyone lives and works in a sexually liberal atmosphere. For some people, it’s a social risk to invite a few coworkers over for “cocktails and group sex.”

Many people like to keep their sex lives private and discreet. But when orgies are your thing, and you need to gather other playmates to have some fun, it often makes setting up an enjoyable evening of debauchery stressful and precarious.

When you take this into consideration, it makes sense that Nevada brothels have become America’s top spots for group sex parties. Here are a few reasons why…


Safe Sex Partners

One of the primary concerns people have when they’re considering joining an orgy is the potential risk of contracting an STD as a result of having sex with multiple partners. Nevada brothels ensure that all sex is healthy, safe, and risk-free. All of the women who work at Nevada brothels are tested weekly by medical professionals to guarantee their clients have no chance of contracting any sexually transmitted diseases. Additionally, by law, all members of the orgy practice safe sex, so there’s absolutely no need to worry about health and safety when having group sex at a legal brothel.

We Don’t Kiss and Tell

A lot of people want to engage in orgies but they fear that their coworkers or certain members of their community will find out about their sexual exploits and perceive them differently. When you visit a Nevada brothel, there’s no need to have any privacy concerns. All activities that occur in the brothel are treated with the highest degree of discreetness. What happens here, stays here.


 It’s Drama-Free

I’ve heard stories of people who have been invited to orgies and have developed an inappropriate level of emotional attachment to one or more of the other members of the group. This sometimes causes drama that spills into the personal lives of the participants, resulting in an unnecessary amount of stress and uneasiness between members. At a legal brothel, the working girls are highly professional, and we won’t get inappropriately involved in the personal lives of our customers. Our business is your pleasure, and your private life is none of our business.

Unlimited Choices

I work at America’s Red Light District where four legal brothels can be found, three of which are within walking distance of one another. This means that there are literally hundreds of sex partners to choose from. Women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities, and talents are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The most difficult part of putting together an orgy for most people, finding the participants, is easy-as-pie at a licensed bordello.


Nonjudgmental, Sexually Experienced Lovers

The working girls of Nevada’s brothels are the most talented and experienced lovers you will ever get down with. I’m personally amazed when I think of what I’ve learned over the past few years and I’m more than happy to impart my knowledge to my sexual partners. An orgy with us will allow you to finally fulfill all of your group sex fantasies with nonjudgmental women who have the skills and compassion to truly make the orgy a memorable, sex-positive, and life-affirming sensual experience.

You call a wedding planner when you’re getting married, so why not contact the sex experts when you’re planning your next, or first, orgy? Let us set up your group sex party. We’re legal, safe, private, and we know our stuff!

Pictured: Alice LittleCasey CrossRoxanne PriceSarah James, & Shelby Star


Casey Cross

Casey Cross

Petite and passionate, Casey Cross is an elite companion in high demand at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch in Northern Nevada near Reno and Lake Tahoe.

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What Makes a Great Blow job?

Let’s face it. Sex workers have seen more penises than just about any other demographic, including physicians. As a licensed prostitute in a Nevada brothel, I’ve seen and serviced at least 1,000 men, and I’ve given blow jobs to most of them. To say that I’m a blow job expert is an understatement.

In my profession, fellatio is one of the most important skills a woman can have in her repertoire. Possessing the ability to give a client unforgettable head could mean the difference between a repeat customer and a man I’ll never see again. It is absolutely crucial to my profession that I’m the best cocksucker you’ve ever had, and that when you’re not with me, you’re dreaming of having my lips wrapped around your throbbing, raging member, sucking you fiercely as the erotic tension builds to an eruptive climax. 

But what makes a blow job truly great? After all, to paraphrase David Lynch, “A bad blow job is better than no blow job at all,” right? Well, sure. But what makes a blow job worth paying for? Why is a blow job from a woman like me better than just about any blow job any man will ever have?


What separates a spectacular blow job from a mediocre blow job?

She’s gotta be into it!

The first step to a great blow job, or great sex of any kind, is for both participants to be enthusiastic about it. So many women approach a blow job as something to “get it over with,” which is why so many men come to sex workers like me to experience a real blow job. If you’re with a woman who thinks that oral sex is disgusting or demeaning, or thinks that dick-sucking is an act designed only to give the receiver pleasure, you’re not going to get a good blow job.

During a truly sensational blow job, both the receiver and the giver should be enjoying themselves. I love cock. I love to touch it, lick it, and suck it. I love that your dick is hard because of what I’m doing to it, and that I’m so good at what I do that I’m going to give you an amazing orgasm. It makes me feel beautiful and sexy and powerful. I’m totally into your dick!

Don’t rush!

Every woman knows that they have the power to get a guy off quick, but rushing through a blow job is really doing a disservice to men. Good fellatio is slow and sensual, beginning with the slightest touch of my lips and tongue as my hot breath teases and tingles. When you’re rock hard and moaning for it, I’ll take your rigid cock into my mouth and start sucking and bobbing, first just with the head of your penis and then gradually taking in your entire shaft. I’m careful to not go too hard, too fast. It’s important to take breaks from the wet hot friction of my mouth and the tantalizing flicking of my tongue, so that I can let you savor your erection while I kiss and lick your shaft and balls. As you squirm with pleasure from my teasing and denial, and bask in the prolonged bliss of having your dick sucked deeply and thoroughly, I’m gauging your level of readiness to orgasm, and paying close attention to your verbal and nonverbal cues. When it’s time, I go hardcore on your cock. Taking you in deep and wet, faster and faster, as I finally release you. Your orgasm is intense and you come hard because I took the time to build up a truly climactic experience.


More than just a tactile sex act

A blow job doesn’t just involve the sense of touch. When my lips are wrapped around your dick, I want your eyes to see my tight body posed subserviently as my heart shaped ass moves up and down in tandem with my mouth. I want you to hear me moaning and gurgling in ecstasy as you pound my sweet throat. The sexy scent of the candles in my room. The taste of me,  should you decide to reciprocate by burying your face between my legs.

A blow job is an all-encompassing experience that operates on the psychical level as well. It’s important to understand the psychology of a blow job in order to make it truly engrossing. Men need to feel like they are the kings of their domain, like they are the masters of their destiny. A blow job is one way that men gauge their manliness. Every man wants to be in a true position of power, and nothing says “power” like having a beautiful woman kneeling before you with your dick in her mouth. A lot of women don’t understand that there’s a lot of role play involved in cocksucking. Some women don’t feel comfortable playing the submissive. A truly strong, sexually confident person like myself has no trouble begging for dick and being your mouth-slave when we’re together.    

These are just a few elements that separate a run-of-the-mill blow job from an oral adventure. Ultimately, a great blow job is all about being into it, savoring it, and making oral sex as engrossing an experience as possible so that the two of us can enter our own private world of naughty fun. No one gives a blow job as good as an expert, so if your cock finds itself longing for a wet and wild mouth, maybe it’s time to drop me a line…

Magenta Rose

Magenta Rose

A country gal looking for adventure, Magenta is a small town girl who understands the value of genuine companionship. With her unmatched sexual enthusiasm, Magenta is up for a wide variety of sexual escapades, including the Girlfriend Experience, Porn Star Experience, fantasy role-play, fetishes, threesomes, and all manner of naughty fun!

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Authentic Nuru Massage

The United States and Japan enjoy a very close relationship. We’ve been Military Allies since the 1950’s and our countries have exchanged tons of fun and exciting things in both directions for a very long time: Karaoke, Sushi, Kendo, cars, motorcycles, Go-Go Girls, movies, games – and even exotic sex techniques. You may have already heard whispers about one of these ultra-sexiful Japanese Specialties: Nuru Massage. What is Nuru Massage? Nuru was a super-secret Japanese Sex Technique created before the Internet existed. But today, thanks to the Net, you can see real Japanese Nuru Girls in action for yourself virtually anywhere in the world via Japanese Adult Videos (AV’s).

In Japan, we call Nuru “Lotion Play” or “Mat Play.” It is a specialized premium sexual service offered by Soaplands to customers who want the ultimate in intimate erotic encounters. To get started, we lay an ordinary air mattress on the floor of a specially-simulated bathroom, and then we cover it and our bodies with a lubricating lotion tailored for erotic sex-play. This lotion – or Nuru Gel – makes everything really slimy and slippery. In Japan our “Older Sisters” teach us how to make Nuru Gel from scratch, using closely-guarded super-secret traditional ingredients. Our Mamasan then teaches us how to apply it – and how to slide on top of the man’s body to bring him maximum pleasure. It doesn’t sound very difficult or sexy, does it? But once you’ve seen the shiny, squirming fully-aroused body of a girl straining to stimulate every inch of a starkly rigid fully-erect customer – live or in pornography – you will want to experience the real thing in person for yourself as quickly as possible.

Kiteh Kawasaki from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Historically, the prewar Japanese Turkish Bath evolved into what we know as modern-day Soaplands in the 1960’s. A decade later, Miss Hamada from Kawasaki City introduced Nuru as a new kind of full-service body-wash and massage for men. Hamada-Sensei began to teach the secrets of this new Art to others through apprenticeship and also via articles in popular Japanese sex magazines. While Nuru Massage may have originally started out as an innocent scrub-down to relieve dry skin, nowadays it is nothing less than an epic erotically-charged sexual performance loaded with titillating tricks and secret techniques refined by Japanese sex workers for more than four decades. Surveys say 90% of guys want to try Nuru, but only 10% have done it. Most people have never tried it even at home with their wife or girlfriend. Wives might say “How did YOU learn about THAT?” so guys are naturally afraid to ask. It’s always safest to try it out with a pro first. But I do have to warn you: it’s totally addictive. Why? The lotion itself – when made freshly with authentic Japanese ingredients – is loaded with slimy erotic excitement. It’s totally nasty. Japanese girls say it makes them “empty” and you’ll find out right away it makes us go completely nuts. Nuru girls transform into something utterly foreign, shiny, slippery and exotic. Our breasts, thighs, ass and erect nipples slide over you rhythmically with a steadily-growing chorus of mind-numbing erotic sounds. Before you’ve climaxed a properly-trained Nuru Girl will pull away with a sticky, sucking sound so you can see her body totally aroused and covered from head-to-toe with the gooey sexual lubricant. Nuru is all about tactile, auditory and visual stimulation. It smells like sex – and it tastes like excitement.

Kiteh Kawasaki offers authentic Japanese Nuru Massage

What you see in porn is totally different when you actually experience a real-life girl. You can feel her enjoying herself. You can taste the Nuru Gel in your mouth. She will wrap herself around you tightly, and you will be able to feel her slide you inside her over and over. The Nuru Gel will be everywhere by the time your session is over. That’s why we use a bathroom – and not the bed – for Lotion-Playing. Girls like to hug customers during sessions, because it feels good to them too. But it’s easy to fall if you’re not really careful on the Nuru Mat – and that makes it even more exciting. Experiencing real danger and real pleasure hand-in-hand brings out mutual tenderness and caring in both partners on the Nuru Mat. This strong feeling of mutual gratitude is what Japanese call “love.” It may look messy. But it feels so good.

Nuru Massage.
Nuru Massage is a wet, full-body massage using a slippery nuru gel concocted from all-natural ingredients

Authentic Nuru Massage forges a deep mutual trust, caring and compassion focused on shared pleasure and physical well-being. Even a brand-new girl can become comfortably relaxed and deeply intimate with you almost immediately. Because Japan has cultivated the arts of compassion and hospitality for many centuries, a fully-trained Japanese Nuru Partner will instantly bond with you just like a long-lost soulmate – and she will treat you like living Royalty. This is an experience you’ve got to try in person to really “get it.” Bathing at home or watching porn can’t even come close. Japanese Nuru is a living art that very few foreigners can ever experience even at Japanese Soaplands or at Licensed Geisha-Houses that cater only to Japanese. But thanks to Dennis Hof you can experience authentic Japanese Nuru right now – here in America – with the only Japanese National licensed to thrill by the State of Nevada. And I will enjoy every minute just as much as you do. Because I just can’t get enough of that stuff. Call me…

Kiteh Kawasaki

Kiteh Kawasaki

Exotic courtesan Kiteh Kawasaki is the only Japanese National currently working in the legal Nevada brothel industry. Well versed in numerous Japanese pleasuring techniques, Kiteh is a featured entertainer at Dennis Hof's World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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My Love Affair with Older Men

I love men. All men. Tall, short, thin, hefty, reserved, outgoing, conservative, liberal. I’ve enjoyed the company of a wide variety of gentlemen, each wonderfully unique in their personality and desires — and, as a premier courtesan at Dennis Hof’s world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch, I’ve completely satisfied the sexual and emotional needs of each and every one of them. But one type of male client holds a special place in my heart. In my time as a sex worker, I’ve found that I’ve developed a particular adoration for men who are twenty, thirty, and even fifty years my senior. To put it simply: I’m into older men!

When my colleagues and friends ask me why I’m turned on by more mature gentlemen, I usually share with them four characteristics of older men that make intimate rendezvous with these clients so exceptional.



I consider myself a very patient, gentle, and compassionate woman, and I enjoy the company of men with similar characteristics. During an erotic encounter, older men prefer to take their time and appreciate every moment of our time together. Mature men bask in the pleasure of foreplay and delight in teasing every inch of my tanned, taut body. They understand that sex is not something to rush through and get over with, but something to be savored and enjoyed, and built up to after an evening of stimulating conversation and carefree companionship.



Older men really do appreciate women more than men in their twenties or thirties. Mature people understand that life is ephemeral and quality moments between two human beings are rare and should be cherished. Older clients tremendously appreciate the time I spend with them, and this is reflected time and again in the generosity they’ve showed me, not just in monetary compensation for my services, but in the kindness and unselfishness these clients have exhibited throughout our lasting friendship.



I’m very successful in what I do not only because I’m a very desirable woman but also because I’m one of the best lovers any man will ever have. I’m a magnificent sex partner because I’m very attentive to the needs and desires of my clients. Older men make great bedmates because they are also very considerate during sex. Sex involves two (or more) people, and great sex occurs when both participants are sympathetic to each other physically and spiritually. I love to please and to be pleased, and older men either know exactly what I need to get off, or they know the right questions to ask to find out.



I’m an empowered person and a successful entrepreneur, but I’m also a woman. I’m not ashamed to say that I love to be swept off my feet in a whirlwind of romance. Flowers? Yes! Chocolates? Yes! A surprise weekend getaway in the Cayman Islands? Oh god yes! Romance isn’t dead and older men know how to make my heart skip a beat when they wine and dine me, and make me feel like the most special person in the world. I love to get carried away and older men bring the romance into an encounter like nobody’s business.

Let’s face it, age isn’t just a number. The longer we’re in the world, the more we learn to enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer. If you’re an older gentleman seeking to indulge in those pleasures, this blonde bombshell is eager to delight in them with you…


Caressa Kisses

Caressa Kisses

Legendary courtesan Caressa Kisses is a perfectionist in everything she does, and that includes all things sensual. Internationally renowned for her sexual prowess and flawless body, an encounter with Caressa Kisses is sure to be the apex of your sex life.

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