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Posted by Roxanne Price on December 1, 2016

Hello everyone, Roxanne here! Over the time that I’ve been working as a legal prostitute several of my colleagues have asked me, “Do you have any tips on how to gain traction on social media?” This is a great question, so I’d like to share my thoughts on the subject of marketing yourself as a sex worker. I’m a Millennial, so using tools like social media comes naturally for members of my generation. Knowing how to brand yourself on the internet goes hand in hand with being a successful sex worker. If you’re not on the grid and active online, you’ll have much less business, so it’s important to let people know that you’re out there. With Legal Prostitution in Nevada all the top providers that I’ve met work on their computers, iPads, and smart phones daily. Their success is achieved by staying focused and consistently incorporating marketing into their job as a sex worker. If you ladies are interested in maximizing your business, stay tuned because I’ve got some tips for you…


Have you ever wanted to be on the front page of the internet? Well that’s what Reddit is all about! Basically Reddit is made up of all different kinds of subreddits that consist of different topics with their own unique communities attached. Be mindful of the “reddiquette,” people are looking for content-rich or informative information and media when they surf Reddit, so quality over quantity is imperative. Once you create an account you’ll be graded by Karma points that reflect the quality of things that you’ve shared over time, Karma shows your status of how active you are on the site, so someone with high Karma would be viewed as a valid source of information. Someone with low Karma is most likely posting spam, or invalid information. Any post that you make on Reddit can be up voted or down voted and more up votes equals better Karma! I hosted an Ask Me Anything in the /r/IamA subreddit and the results were greater than anything I could’ve anticipated. Many sex workers have their own Ask Me Anything threads on Reddit, it’s a great way to clear up common misconceptions and the extra exposure is invaluable. /r/IamA isn’t the only sub-reddit sex workers can utilize for getting themselves out there, so be sure to create an account and start posting in the subreddits that are relevant to what you do.

Roxanne Price from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch


That little blue bird that you see everywhere is kind of a big deal! Twitter is the best social media platform to use if you’re an adult entertainer because X-Rated adult content is pretty much allowed there. It’s ranked one of the top ten social media websites for a reason and sex workers from all over the world post their content there to gain a following. You can customize your profile, follow people or be followed, Direct Message potential clients or people you’d like to stay in touch with, and you can also post 140 characters of text with the option to attach pictures and videos – and that’s what you’d call “Tweeting.” As a top ten website, Twitter is also used as a search engine where you can type in key words to look for whatever it is you’re interested in. The search icon also shows you what hashtags are trending, i.e. #RenoEscort would be something that I’d want to attach to my tweet so when someone types that specific hashtag or term into the search bar I’ll be the first to show up.

Message Boards

While they may seem archaic to many tech savvy communicators, forums, message boards, and the like are still popular places to participate in a variety of discussions about sex work. Dennis Hof’s girls use the Bunny Ranch forum to post their threads, whether it be pictures, frequently asked questions, biographies or interactive threads where you can get to know someone’s likes/ dislikes. You can private message your clientele, which is always a great way to keep in touch! The Bunny Ranch forum has it’s own media section where anyone can create an album for the public to view and there’s also the Real Life Ranch Reports category where customers can post their reviews about ladies they’ve partied with. Typically forums have their own trophy/ point system, so when you look at someone’s profile you can see how many posts they’ve done along with whatever trophies they have earned.


Your own Website or Blog

Once you have written enough about why your experience is unique and you have a variety of pictures to use, you should consider designing your own website or hiring a professional to do it for you. A personal website is the perfect place to archive any content that you’ve created and you can link it to just about anything! You could take things a step further and create a store on your site where you can have merchandise with your brand, like calendars, coffee mugs, sex toys, used panties (big seller), or signed posters of your photo sets. Sarah Greenmore and Air Force Amy from the Bunny Ranch are two examples of sex workers with killer websites.

Videos and Podcasts

Most people have smart phones nowadays, with that device alone you can record a short clip of you being your cute self or stream your experiences live with an application like Periscope! Videos are a wonderful way to show your audience who you really are, no editing or Photoshop included. This is a useful tool for sex workers to use because when a potential client is looking through your information, a video is the best visual aide you can give them. You can always record them directly form your device and post the clip anywhere on the internet or you could use apps like Snapchat or YouTube if you’re interested in a video sharing social media platform. Podcasts are also a popular way of marketing yourself as a sex worker, several girls from the legal brothels have group podcasts where they get together and talk about a specific subject. Voice clips are easily shared on the different platforms that I listed above, so have fun with it!

Thanks for reading, I hope that my tips on using social as a sex worker could help out! If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below and I’ll be sure to answer them.

Roxanne Price

Roxanne Price

Lovely and curvaceous, Roxanne Price is an elite courtesan who prides herself on providing the “authentic girlfriend experience.” An empathetic woman with a genuine sensitivity to her client’s sexual needs, Roxanne provides transformative erotic experiences to men from all walks of life.

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Author: Roxanne Price

Lovely and curvaceous, Roxanne Price is an elite courtesan who prides herself on providing the “authentic girlfriend experience.” An empathetic woman with a genuine sensitivity to her client’s sexual needs, Roxanne provides transformative erotic experiences to men from all walks of life.

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  1. Great job, Roxanne. You excel in this at the Love Ranch North & I’m glad you are willing to share you’re opinions, thoughts & success stories to help our team here as a whole. Nicely done!

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