The Value of Kissing

Posted by Brooklyn Beach on August 8, 2017

Why is kissing so important? As a professional companion at Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch, I get asked all the time if I allow kissing in my sex parties — and in a lot of cases it’s a deal breaker if I don’t. Well, not only do I allow it, but I sincerely enjoy it. Why? To me it’s like speaking your own unique sexual language with someone. It tells me, without a single word, how you like to be treated in bed — and it sets the tone for how we will be spending time together. Sometimes it can be difficult to put into words just exactly what you need from me. Once your lips hit mine, I have a better idea. It’s the most intimate form of communication between two people, and it’s a universal language. By kissing someone on the hand, you’re expressing a form of admiration and flattery. On the forehead, it’s a simple expression of how deeply you care about someone. 

I find it fascinating how most of us have some sort of fantasy or a particular sexual act we enjoy based almost solely on the use of our lips and mouths, involving some kind of kiss one way or another. Oral sex, foot fetishes, and nipple play just to name a few. When you think of sex without the use of our mouths, it boils down to just the act in itself. That is not a bad thing, but as humans we crave intimate connections that are much deeper and more intense. Therefore, it’s no surprise why kissing is requested so often. It’s just my nature to be nurturing and to make everyone feel important and special. 

Brooklyn Beach from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada

My specialty is the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) because I prefer to just go with the flow and do what feels right in an organically romantic environment. When you kiss me, your kiss speaks for you, so it helps me tailor our time together to your every desire. How? Well with your lips pressed up against mine, I can feel your energy, I can taste your thoughts, and I can hear your breathing as your heart rate increases. As an experienced lover, I’m able to recognize all of your erotic cues and pace the rhythm of our lovemaking so that our time together builds to an amazing climax, and makes for a truly complete and satisfying experience that you will remember for a long time to come.


I enjoy all kissing languages. The Extended Smoocher — where it’s just our lips, giving a free pass to our hands in the meantime to slowly explore and caress each other’s bodies. The deeper we go, the heavier it gets. While you breathe out, I breathe you right in. Going back and forth as our pleasure intensifies. This tells me your a sensual lover who is not selfish, and pleasing your partner is just as important to you as meeting your own sexual gratification. You like to take your time and enjoy every moment.


Then there’s the French Kisser. This can be one of my favorites — because the exchange of tongues says “hey, I really trust you” and, in my opinion, it’s the most erotic and personal form of kissing. Because of this, I’m very selective when it comes to French Kissing because oral hygiene is super important to me and plays a huge role in being able to be comfortable and relax in order to really get into the act itself. I love the taste of fresh minty breath while exchanging tongues. I love to suck your tongue in my mouth, tightly gripping it with my lips and going up and down — Just like I would with other parts of your body. Then taking my tongue and rubbing it gently on yours as we begin to faintly moan in delight. Now, at this point, I’m so hot and heavy I breathe a sigh of pure enjoyment and pleasure right into your mouth. When my wandering hands come across something hard- it’s never a surprise. It’s my kissing language I’ve spoken to you, and I’ve told you with my mouth exactly what I like, and plan on doing. You have obviously understood entirely and gladly accepted. It sets the tone for our time together. 

No two pair of lips are the same, and I always enjoy learning new ways to kiss and engage each other. What’s your language?

Brooklyn Beach

Brooklyn Beach

From the heart of the American Midwest, Brooklyn Beach is the embodiment of everyone's Girl Next Door fantasy. She currently offers a superlative "Girlfriend Experience" as a featured courtesan at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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Brooklyn Beach

Author: Brooklyn Beach

From the heart of the American Midwest, Brooklyn Beach is the embodiment of everyone's Girl Next Door fantasy. She currently offers a superlative "Girlfriend Experience" as a featured courtesan at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

8 thoughts on “The Value of Kissing”

  1. Oh my. Incredible. I would luv to spend some time with you if I could. Too complicated to explain here. You are gorgeous and I love your frankness.

  2. Brooklyn, this was so freaking hot!

    You’re right – we DO crave deeply intimate connections, and kissing is so wonderfully intimate. Thanks to the ranches, I’ve been able to experience wildly passionate, wet, and deep French kissing as well as long and gentle presses that were incredibly meaningful. Thank you SO MUCH for this.

  3. Thank you Brooklyn for writing a blog on this subject. Prior to coming to the ranch I’d always assumed kissing was part of being a GFE and was surprised to learn that not all GFEs kiss. It’s good to know of other GFEs who share my passion for kissing.

  4. Brooklyn, that was an amazing post. I couldn’t agree with you more on the intimacy of kissing while you are with your partner! I can only imagine how amazing it must be to feel your sexy red lips pressed against mine and to have you sucking on my tongue! God that is so hot!

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