What Happens During a Girlfriend Experience with a Sex Worker?

Posted by Sarah James on November 17, 2016

Prostitution has been cutting the BS out of dating since 5,000 BCE, so it was a little confusing when I arrived at Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch and came across clients that wanted to date a working girl like myself. While the single girl in me wanted to say Yes I would give you a chance, the business woman in me wondered How do I capitalize on this? To go over the mechanics of this situation I must explain that, yes, I do come across certain men in this profession that I would love to have a serious relationship with. However, we have certain house rules to abide by, such as not seeing our clients outside the Ranch.

This is where I should pause and say that it can be difficult at times to not mix emotions with business. Since I am single, the temptation is always there to snag a cutie that picks me out of line up all for myself. In situations like these I suggest the next best thing… The Girlfriend Experience. 

Sarah James offers the Girlfriend Experience at Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch

The Girlfriend Experience or “GFE” fantasy is just what it sounds like. Let’s not get confused, it does not entail you rubbing my feet and listening to me complain about my boss, (that is called the Wife Experience.) It does include me asking, “What would make your day?” This is where I would take the time to listen and offer up suggestions to create a lovely evening just for the two of us. Normally, with these types of requests I like to take my time, and, just like a real girlfriend, get to know you first. 

We could start off by chatting over drinks at the bar, shooting a game of pool or being silly by serenading each other with the karaoke microphone. Once we are emotionally comfortable with each other we would talk about being intimate. I usually do more listening, as I normally don’t have too many restrictions on my parties. You would set the pace as the night is all about you.

Like most girlfriends you probably have dated, it is my prerogative to make you feel like my boyfriend. I find it extra stimulating to kiss and caress your body, maybe lather you up with soap in the shower if you just came from work, or give you a sensual massage with soft music by candle light. I try to keep my parties light hearted by cracking jokes whenever I can. I feel it is the best way to take away some of the nervous tension.

Foreplay is big part of this equation. When it comes to oral, I love giving as well as receiving. To maximize, I would, at some point, suggest we indulge in the 69 position.  Since we are not concerning ourselves with anything else, I like to punctuate our time with more kissing and stroking. I like to get a little naughty and snap a couple pictures or record some of our action, so you can have something to remember our first time together.

VIP companion Sarah James

The Girlfriend Experience does not stop when the party is over. Most clients requesting the GFE usually become regulars. What I mean by this is we continue to chat over emails, texts and phone conversations throughout my time at the Ranch. We exchange daily photos and silly links to thing we are interested in.

The ultimate Girl Friend Experience is when we leave the Ranch to go on an outdate. I have been on some memorable outings here as Carson City has a lot to offer in the way of entertainment. My Favorite outdate was skiing Lake Tahoe’s Heavenly slopes. Any adventure seeker will tell you, there are few views that can compare to overlooking the beautiful lake at 10,000 feet on top of the Cascade mountains.

So why do gentlemen seeking the services of a sex worker want to get emotionally involved with one? The answer is simple, it’s because they are not getting enough of it in their regular lives and want the fantasy of being in a relationship, and the caring and sense of responsibility and loyalty to another person that goes with it. Most often in these parties it is not about sex but experiencing the passion of spending quality time or being in someone’s arms that makes for a more intimate night. I can truly say, the Girlfriend Experience is my favorite request because I get to take the time to form a deeper connection.

I have now hit my one year mark here at Sagebrush Ranch and have found lasting friendships in this place. I have loyal patrons that I can truly call on in stressful times. I am planning on extending my time here in Carson City and have room for a lot more long-term companionships. I look forward to meeting you whether it be just for the day or for years to come.

Sarah James

Sarah James

Sarah James is the sexy Girl Next Door you've been dreaming of all your life. Offering the authentic Girlfriend Experience at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch, Sarah is a compassionate VIP companion with a down-to-Earth personality and a deeply sensual nature.

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Sarah James

Author: Sarah James

Sarah James is the sexy Girl Next Door you've been dreaming of all your life. Offering the authentic Girlfriend Experience at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch, Sarah is a compassionate VIP companion with a down-to-Earth personality and a deeply sensual nature.

5 thoughts on “What Happens During a Girlfriend Experience with a Sex Worker?”

  1. Reading this blog, I could very easily fall in love with Sarah James.
    Going for the “The Girlfriend Experience” would be something I could dream of doing. I for one have alway had problems talking to women, I’m shy or I work with them and I have a rule of not dating where I work! I look forward to the day I have the pleasure of meeting Sarah in person. She, really seams to have all that I’m looking for and more. From being incredible sexy to having a very clean-cut style to her, I love it! She also has that little bit of country flair and the fun side to her willing to do things I could see my self doing with her like skiing, snowboarding or dancing to name some. All the other stuff is fun to, but I for one know I want to make a friend who I can connect with on more then one level.

  2. Brian,
    Stop dreaming, Sarah can make it a reality. I too like you was afraid to talk to the beautiful girls at the ranches, most are intimidating but a few will make you feel comfortable and will give you an experience you will never forget.

    While I won’t go into details, I will tell you Sarah did an excellent job. Her skin is as soft as silk, her legs, arms and entire body are toned. Her hair is soft and smooth, and her entire beauty (Touch, sight and smell) were outstanding. She made me feel relaxed (it was my first time with a courtesan) and the small talk helped make the encounter all that much more enjoyable. Sarah went over and above meeting all of my expectations. As she mentions in her blog, she loves oral I asked about oral with her and she quickly cleaned up and let me have additional fun with my tongue (hey it almost rhymes). She even put on some super sweet lipstick for me to give me a great GFE that I will not soon (or if I ever) forget. Although we ran out of time and I was not brought to climax (though no fault of Sarah as she did everything possible to get me excited). We cleaned up and chatted some more and walked out to the living room.

    Courtesan’s offering the GFE need a wide variety of talents. Sarah had top-notch social skills and the ability to intuitively understand body language; to respect the customer and was warm, friendly, and highly sexual. The GFE is probably one of the most difficult roles that a Courtesan encounters. In fact not all entrepreneurs will even offer GFE. Some only want the “Slam Bam, Thank you Maam” experience, or some have boyfriends or even husbands and remain loyal to that last intimate portion of their life together.

    Sarah was knowledgeable about everything from politics to pop culture. We talked about her adventures after college and her work and travel even religion was discussed and found the entire small talk to be intriguing. Sarah is much more than just a pretty next door girl. She is well schooled, and travels extensively. She is truly concerned to give you the best possible time. Like she says, when she does a GFE with a client they generally come back or at least in my case we chat occasionally during the month. I fully expect to see her in January (If she is still there) when I go skiing in Tahoe.

    Sarah made the experience authentic. Sarah really seemed that interested in meeting all of my requirements and helped me enjoy our time together. She made the whole experience like it was as real as real can be. While Sarah could have just been acting it did seem like she was giving everything and was emotionally involved in my experience, at least it seemed like she was enjoying the encounter. I only question why Sarah chose the name of a renowned adult video actress to be her alias. But… I understand the reason for an alias but would think something more unique to her personality would be more suited. While Sarah is a very beautiful fun loving lady, there is nothing enhanced or fake about her. In fact she looks the same today as she did in 7th grade (she did grow into a nice B cup) I do not think she would offer the PSE, (But I am sure she has all the talent to offer it) but if that is what you are looking for there are plenty of ladies at the ranches that would fulfill those request.

    The one suggestion I would make would be to get the tour of the ranch (any of the Dennis Hof properties will work) get as many entrepreneurs as possible to give you a tour and make Sarah your last tour. I say this as you will see how the other ladies take care of the customers. I am sure you will find Sarah as one of the best.

    Best wishes to Sarah and welcome back!

    1. Joe Carbols,
      I have made plans to visit Sarah, in December and I really looking froward to getting to spend time with her and get to know her as a friend and a lover. I think she is amazing and even more so after your post! So thank you! I also like that she is not enhanced. To quote you “Sarah had top-notch social skills and the ability to intuitively understand body language; to respect the customer and was warm, friendly, and highly sexual.” So I see some great conversation with her as well as other things. I’m not looking for a woman to have a “Slam Bam, Thank you Maam” experience. So again thank you for your post.

  3. Has anyone ever paid for you to do the girlfriend experience for another man who did not know he was with a professional who earned her living doing this?
    Some men are so shy that their anxiety stops them from getting really turned on sexually.
    We live in a society where we must make believe we don’t have genitalia to be respectable, so some men are so polite that they never learn how to hit on a woman. In order to acquire the confidence one needs to suggest any sexual activity with a woman, a man has to score at least once. I think such a man needs to meet a woman who will make the first move, and the second move, and keep going until a one night stand has been completed.

  4. Even though Sarah is good looking she is easy to talk with. She accepted my date offer easily. i agree with all the other guys that Sarah is a wonderful and experienced lady to date. She can do it all. The best time I have had in a long time. Her pictures are good but in the flesh she is a knockout. You cannot go wrong with Sarah.

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