Hello! I am Natasha Star, your squirting Starlet at Sagebrush Ranch. You have probably heard the terms “squirting” or “female ejaculation.” But have you ever experienced this amazing sensation, or wondered what it is? Well, read on my friends, as we explore this phenomenon together.


What is “squirting”?

Squirting is the warm gush of liquid a woman releases during sex. It is not always accompanied by a typical orgasm (although, in my experiences it often does), and it can even release practically unnoticed. The amount of fluid a woman releases can range from a trickle to a waterfall. Every woman experiences squirting differently, but to me it is the rawest form of sexual ecstasy, a feeling of energetic release and empowerment, and one of the greatest (and most sacred) pleasures for those fortunate enough to be involved.

Okay, but what is it?

The number one question—and often accusation—I get, is whether or not squirting is pee.

There is massive controversy over this. One reason for this controversy is that there is scant funding available for scientific research, and the research that has been performed is incredibly small and incomplete. The few studies also tend to contradict each other. (If this blog post garners enough interest, I am willing to go into these specifics in another article.) So the short answer is that science doesn’t really know what squirting is. But science also can’t fully explain the brain’s neural mapping and plasticity either, despite decades of research and countless studies. Humans are complex and interesting, and squirting definitely harbors those qualities!

Scant studies aside, everyone I know who has genuinely experienced this phenomenon agree it is definitely not pee. The fluid is not yellow, doesn’t taste or smell like urine, can be extracted in large amounts almost immediately after an emptied bladder, and often can be felt swelling to release inside the vagina. In my opinion, it goes beyond science’s current capabilities to measure and observe. It is one of the most amazing wonders in the world, experienced by millions of women throughout history.

The History of Squirting

Mentions of squirting—known as the beautiful word Amrita—dates back thousands of years, and is found in Tantric Yoga texts. In Sanskrit, Amrita means “sweet nectar.” It is said to be sexual energy manifested into physical form, the essence of divine feminine energy, and even an amazing medicine. Some believe this sweet nectar is sacred. A mystical experience. Drinking the liquid is like drinking the divine expression of the feminine.

Wait a minute … How does a tremendous wet spot arise from divinity?

To understand this we need to discuss the Kundalini. The Kundalini is a vital life force, represented as a slumbering, twin-serpent energy which resides at the base of our spine. When awoken through sex and various spiritual practices, the Kundalini travels up the spine, purifying the chakras, and aligning them with love.

Aligning and purifying chakras can cause complete-body, energetic orgasms. When the Kundalini touches a woman’s crown chakra—the two serpent bodies woven all the way down to the base of the spine—the snakes’ eyes meet around her brain’s pineal gland, and at this point the fluids of the two snakes flows down to the yoni (vagina), creating Amrita (squirting). The experience is often raw, powerful, meditative, and, yes, even spiritual. A gift from heaven to Earth.

From my own experience, I can attest that there is definitely an energy which arises with Amrita. This energy is deep and powerful and raw … almost feral.  My vocalizations often become low and guttural, at times almost animalistic, as if I am pulling the energy of every female ancestor before me. 

How Does a Woman Go About Releasing Amrita?

Amrita might expel from a woman’s body, but getting to the point of it’s creation is more mental and emotional than physical.  Squirting generally activates when the woman is 100% present within her body, is tuned into her natural-self, and understands self-love. I have found this to be true, and believe one reason I am so prolific with this gift is because I enjoy being present with all of my lovers, and adore the sharing of affection and compassion which accompanies our intimate connections.

Physical stimulation is also usually (but not always!) needed to make a woman squirt, and every woman will vary. I can gush from either penetration or clitoral stimulation alone, but combining both really gets me going—a practice I can teach you. Communication is key, and I am more than happy to guide you through this titillating experience.

People have tried to explain squirting, measure it, debate it, categorize and critique it. But words fail to describe this phenomenon. I mean, how can one accurately explain sexual divinity? Squirting—Amrita—is a wonder which needs to be experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated.

What about you? Have you experienced the amazing sensation of Amrita? Can you relate to the Kundalini explanation? Would you like to experience squirting firsthand?


I would love to be your partner in this sexually-sacred experience.

Please contact me at [email protected] or call 775-246-5683 so we can connect and experience this natural wonder together.






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Natasha Star

Natasha Star

Hello future lover! I can’t wait to meet and explore each other. I am Natasha Star, a 5’8”, slender brunette. As a natural healer, I believe sex and intimacy offer tremendous health and healing opportunities, especially in today’s world where technology and social pressures shove wedges between our much needed human-connection. Let us explore each others bodies and minds away from pressures and stigmas. I’d be honored to get to know you—the REAL you—in the discreet, nonjudgmental and caring environment of Sagebrush Ranch.

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I’m a Fitness and Fornication Fanatic

I love inspiring people and making them feel great. You might call me a sexual life coach, because I believe that good sex and good health are perfect together. All my life, I’ve felt that exercise is good for mind and body, because the combination of the two—a naughty imagination and a fit, toned body—makes for the best, happiest sex. Good sex is as necessary to a well-lived life as healthy eating, and it’s made me a firecracker in the bedroom. Whether you engage me at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch for afternoon delight or an erotic evening, take me for an outdate at a fine area restaurant (I’m a major foodie), or engage my company for a week’s worth of sex, fun, fascinating conversation, and adventure, you’ll enjoy an experience that you’ll remember forever.

Lana West from Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch
Lana West from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Have a look at my pictures and let your mind wander. Wouldn’t you like to play a few sets of tennis with a strong and confident New York City girl standing there in her flouncy skirt, coyly blowing bubble gum while she checks you out? You’ve watched lots of hot women tennis stars chasing balls around clay or grass courts on TV, and you’ve wondered, What would it be like to feel those muscular legs and arms wrapped around me while I plunge my cock deep into that tight, toned pussy? Well, that girl in the picture is going to make your daydream come true. Maybe she doesn’t have panties on under that short skirt that she’s teasingly lifting just a bit. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of her pretty bush as you play your game.


What she does have is a strong serve. She whacks that ball across to you, making you work up a good sweat as you and she hit back and forth, scrambling all over the court to catch and return that ball. You notice something happening to your body; you’re not growing tired from all the exercise, you’re getting more and more horny. It’s that agile beauty across the court from you. After you finish your tennis game, the sex games will begin. You hurry to complete the last set because it’s a little difficult chasing around with a stiff erection bouncing around your shorts. And then you get hornier, because that brunette partner of yours can see your bulge, and she likes it.


When you end your game, she crosses over to you, towels off your sweat and hers, and gives your bulge a gentle but definite squeeze. “I think we need to take a shower,” she coos, and you nod. After a short walk, you’re in her room, both of you tossing off your clothes on the floor, and entering the walk-in shower. You’ve still got your hard-on, because I, Lana, have a beautiful hard body—not an ounce of fat anywhere. “Looks like your buddy needs a good soaping-up,” I say, enjoying your penile praise of my nakedness.


I turn on the warm water, grab the handheld sprayer, adjust the flow to a fine mist, and aim it straight at your cock, running the water up the shaft, and soaking your pubic hair. Hanging up the sprayer, I squeeze some liquid soap into my palms, and slowly massage your tool from head to base. While it’s still soapy, I hug you close and French-kiss you deeply. You can feel my pussy rubbing your dick. You want to stick it in me so much—but not yet. I step back, rinse off your cock and balls, then bend down and slide your cock into my mouth for a deep-throat experience like you’ve never had in your life.


After a few minutes, I pop you out of my mouth, turn around, grab a wall handle, and bend forward. My pussy is spread wide open and ready for you. You clutch my thighs, aim, and slip that bad boy into me, to the hilt. So what’s it like to fuck a girl who keeps herself in excellent shape? Better than you ever imagined. My pussy is so fucking tight, and so supple that I’m able to massage the full length of your cock with its muscles. After a few minutes’ ecstatic pumping, I tell you to stick a thumb in my ass “because that makes my pussy grind on you even more.” You’ve never been fucked like this ever, have you?


Your howls of delight echo off the walls of the shower, and I’m screaming, too, as our climaxes approach critical point. Seconds before you shoot, I pull your raging member out of me, and jack you off all over my breasts. “Game, set, match, honey,” I say. “OOOOHHH,” is all you can manage to answer.


But don’t worry. Your time with me is just beginning, and there will be many more pleasures to follow, because I’ve got the stamina that a lifetime of sex and sports have given me. One thing’s for sure: You’ll never think of tennis the same way again.

Lana West

Lana West

A hot Los Angeles babe with class and sass, Lana West is the sex goddess that will take you beyond even your wildest wet dream. Miss West is currently a premier GFE companion at Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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Sports and Sex

There are many men today who can watch professional sports on TV and think back to a time when they weren’t watching that game from a couch. They instead remember that very amazing feeling of when they themselves were the ones on the field. That feeling is never driven by the games you didn’t win, but instead by that over-powering feeling of knowing that you, for a moment, dominated your chosen field and walked away with the lifelong memory of a sensational victory.

In this sense, a person’s sex life is a lot like a sport. The sexual conquests and intense love affairs we have throughout the course of our lives become some of our most cherished memories, and define our self-worth and sense of accomplishment as human beings. As a serious sports fan, and a legal sex worker at Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Ranch in Nevada, I’d like to take a moment to illustrate the similarities I’ve noticed between sports and the wide world of sex.

Ivy Mae sports her favorite jersey: Champ Bailey Denver Broncos

Watching VS Playing 

The couch is never a satisfying place to be when you have that itch to play. If you are fortunate enough to make it to a playing field, it will never compare to that experience of stepping in to a real stadium. A place where every blade of grass is perfectly maintained, a place where your name is on the back of a clean pressed jersey, a place where every teammate you play with is a professional. The same is said when it comes to sex. Sitting in a chair watching porn will never be enough satisfaction. Not when the thought comes to your mind that you could be the one playing the game with someone who could pull you off the bench and out of your amateur status and give you the chance to play as a pro. 

Ivy Mae is a big fan of fantasy sports leagues
Ivy Mae is a big fan of fantasy sports leagues

Amateur VS Pro 

The reason that you watch professional sports is because of the dedication and excitement. This is true because no one goes out to stadiums to watch amateurs fumble around with a ball with no real clue about what it takes to be the best. The players on any professional team have perfected their craft they have decided that simply nothing but the best will ever be acceptable. This reality is the same in the world of sex. The truth of this is that you could get dressed up, go to the bar, pick up a girl, and take her home, but she will likely never have the drive to be on the professional level that all men would wish she’d be on. The work you put in will be short of satisfying, because you never had the pro teammate you needed.

Ivy Mae from Dennis Hof's Kit Kat brothel near Reno, Nevada
Ivy Mae from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat brothel near Reno, Nevada

Losing VS Winning 

The world of sports can be unforgiving even for fans. As a fan, you feel the hurt of a loss so strongly that it can stay with you long after the clock has run out. That feeling is even more overwhelming when you were the one on the field, giving it your all, only to realize that despite your efforts you still must go home with your head down in disappointment. The feeling of a win, however, is virtually indescribable. Knowing that you worked hard, put every ounce of sweat you had in your body on the playing field — and you now get to walk away victorious.  This comparison is the same in the bed with a woman. There is a true disappointment that you can feel to your core when you have sex with someone and you make it to the point of climax only to be reminded that the whole experience fell short of what you had envisioned. That amazing and satisfying feel of a win comes when you find the professional teammate who also decided to play the game instead of merely being a spectator.

Sex is a body-contact sport. It is safe to watch but more fun to play – Thomas Szasz

Ivy Mae

Ivy Mae

A passionate, spontaneous, and sensual woman with a playful heart, Ivy May is the beautiful Polynesian Princess who will join you on exotic sexual escapades that you will never forget and cherish for eternity. She currently tours at Dennis Hof's newest licensed bordello, the Kit Kat Ranch.

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