Age: 23
Weight: 85 lbs
Bust: 32 C
Eye color: light brown
Body type: petite
Shoe size: 2 1/2
Height: 4”9 (without heels)
Bi sexual: Yes
Kiss/GFE: Light
Fetish/kink: Yes
Role Play/Cosplay: Yes
Couples: Yes
Virgins: Yea
Disabilities: Yes
Experienced with Autism: Yes
Erectile Dysfunction: Yes
And more
Email: [email protected]


Do you long to feel a genuine, intimate, long-lasting, connection with a young woman? Then allow me to properly introduce myself.

Welcome to your Teenie Tiny Escape. I’m a luxury companion here at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. My goal is to bring happiness into my clientele’s lives. I specialize in making unforgettable, erotic memories that will be more worth wild than a vacation.

Standing at only 4”9 without heels and 4”10 on a good day if I must say! With one of the smallest and cutest little feet you have ever seen! I am currently one of Nevada’s tiniest legal courtesan’s. They say the best things in life come in small packages. The only thing small about me is my size. My personality is big and bubbly! I’ve been told I can captivate a room and capture an audience.

I enjoy building connections with my clients and connecting on a more intimate and personable level than just sexual. I feel this is a vital aspect in order to have the most enjoyable experience ever. I love to bring good energy and to show you my sense of humor. Therefore lightning the mood and making you feel at home with me. I cater to my clientele to the fullest and provide nothing less than 5 star service given my over 5 years in this industry.

My ideal date would be to go to dinner together as I am a major foodie (Don’t let my small size fool you). Start the night by you picking me up with my favorite pink roses filling the air with romance. You have the reservations made and my favorite wine already picked out and chilled awaiting me. Then we head off onto dessert that I have already ready and prepared for you. I don’t kiss and tell so I’ll keep the rest for your imagination.

I am adventurous and love to go on excursions. Let’s go off and try new things together and make new memories! You wanna ride side by sides together and take on the sand dunes!? Well I’m your girl! I know so many great places in town. Also in love with Viva Las Vegas! Yes we can go to Vegas. Imagine a whole weekend or even week with me by your side as your arm candy.

I am currently in my 3rd year of college. I am majoring in sociology. As a former foster kid myself. I want to make a difference in children’s lives with a similar childhood as mine own. My goal one day is to write my own book on my life story and share it with the world. I am mature beyond my years and have an old soul.

I want to thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little more. I know after our first initial meet you will never wanna leave my side and I won’t want to leave your’s. My sexual aura is undeniably enticing. I look forward to showing you the FULL Teenie experience here at the Moonlight Bunny ranch. Come let me turn your deepest fantasies into a reality. I’ll see you soon my love…


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