Sexual Adventures

Sarah-Jane Hamilton, the British-born fiery redhead, who became legendary for featuring as one of the first porn actresses to orgasmically squirt, once told a writer for a the now-defunct magazine Orgy who she would invite to her own personal gang-bang: historical figures like the American poetry and mystery writer Edgar Allen Poe; the British poet and freedom fighter George Gordon, Lord Byron; and a selection of male and female world celebrities. The setting: A re-creation of a an ancient Roman bath, with Sarah swimming underwater to orally service not only Poe and Byron but everyone floating nude, with all participants returning Sarah’s favors in every one of her orifices until the water was cloudy with cum—hers and theirs.
Ms. Hamilton certainly had a wild imagination, but so can you. And at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, you can realize your personal sex fantasy with the help one or more of our courtesans. And bring your girlfriend or wife—or even both—along with you as fellow players to make your sex dream come true! You can play a king romping with his concubines (it’s good to be the king!); a cowboy fresh into town after a hard cattle drive and needing the tender attentions of dance-hall girls; a rock star bed-playing with eager groupies; and even a being from another world who is discovering the pleasures of human women—the man who fell to Earth and got fucked. Our ladies are very creatively minded, and will play any sexy role you desire.