Summer Sebastian

Summer Sebastian


Classy, Polite, Magnetic Personality
Petite Hourglass, Sexy Little Frame
Drink/ Smoke: No
Tattoos/ Piercings : No
Height:5’0” W/ Out Heels
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Dark Brown
Perfect Teeth
Bust: 34C
Waist: 24
Hips: 34
Email: [email protected]


Hello, I am

⭐️ Summer Sebastian⭐️

Your : “Sweet, Petite , Treat!

I am an American Girl ! 🇺🇸

I am 100% :







About Me:

I am a natural “switch,” . Born introvert but I know how to be the life of the party.

I am well versed in etiquette.

Well educated, and I can hold a conversation with “substance.”

I dress and cary myself very well .

I practice EXCELLENT hygiene!

I am health conscious- I take good care of myself , eat healthy , workout , etc!

I am experienced with:

Physical & Mental Disabilities

Gentle Kissing / Caressing

Erectile Dysfunction

Fetish/ Kink


Role Play

Girl -Girl




I can be of assistance to anyone “struggling,” with their sexuality for absolutely ANY REASON!

Some leading examples:

Pornography Addiction / Desensitization

Sexual Conflict / Confusion

Body Dysmorphia

This works on a case to case basis, as everyone is different. This is done by simply , “rewiring the synapses in your brain to your body,” through sensory perception manipulation.

FETISH: SUPER excites me, however this is not everyone’s “cup of tea,” so please inquire within for further details. 😈

I am a down to earth human being.

I am genuinely a NICE person .

I am very generous lover which is what makes me a GOOD lover.

I want to make you feel safe, comfortable & happy!

I am SUPER FUN! My whole theory is, if I’m having fun YOUR going to have fun w/me!

*My all-time favorite:

“Girl on Girl,”💕

*The greatest gift is love but also adding another girl to our party~*

Competition is a façade.

What differentiates the ladies here at the ranch, is : We are true to ourselves, while remaining confident in our individualities.

Besides, we are all “kissing sisters,” & the more the merrier!

🌟Champagne Party 🥂

Enjoy a complimentary, bottle of champagne, or wine of your choosing, when you book me and a friend in the champagne suite .

Allow us to bring you to ecstasy with a 4 hand massage followed by a splash in the jetted tub in the party sized hot tub!

We can then explore each other in the bedroom and let nature take its course !

Disappointment is NOT associated with me. I STRIVE for satisfaction!

You know what they say?

“curiosity killed the cat,… “😱

What they didn’t tell you is:

“SATISFACTION brought it back!”😻

We are all seeking the same thing.

A break away from the reality of a cold,

“demanding & routine world,”

-to relax, and just feel & BE satisfied!

I am extremely confident you will have a very pleasant experience with me , or me and a friend ,…or friends😉

Looking forward to your company soon!

Hugs & Kisses
*~Summer Sebastian~*



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