Skye Monroe

Skye Monroe


Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Bust: 32 DDD
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 130
Body Type: Curvy
Bisexual: Yes
Virgins: Yes !!!!
Email: [email protected]



I see I’ve peeked your interest.. well allow me to introduce myself. I’m the ultimate Cali girl born and raised and I carry myself with that laid back, spontaneous vibe. I enjoy experimenting with my look sometimes, currently I have jet black hair and blue eyes that hypnotize. Standing at 5’2 120 lbs I’m small and submissive with curves in all the right places. I enjoy a nice girlfriend experience in and out of the bedroom. Dressing up for each other, going on dinner dates, out to the movies, or even something more spontaneous. Don’t be afraid to show me your vulnerable, sweet side. Opening up to me, sharing your thoughts, or even showing up with flowers are all ways you can openly express that side of yourself to me. I love spending time in the room together as well. Watching Netflix, giving and receiving sensual massages, bubble baths and of course more adventurous stuff. Let’s use our imaginations together and create your ultimate experience with me.