Piper Rae

Piper Rae




“Locally Available, Fun, Bubbly, Sexy Young Woman!”

When picking a lady friend off our website, Many things are probably going through your mind. I could imagine it’s a bit nerve wracking, especially for your first time ever coming in for a date. So many pretty faces, So much to look at! Are they nice, Will we even connect? I’m stuck between this brunette and this blonde. How much is this all going to cost me? How could you ever narrow it down? Well, I’m hoping to help you make your decision. I’m Piper Rae! I would describe myself as a fun, bubbly and sexy young woman. I can guarantee you an intelligent conversation and I can promise a great experience, regardless of the budget as long as it is fair to the both of us. I started working at the World Famous Moonlight Bunny Ranch as soon as i turned 18 years-old. Turning 22 in a couple of months will have made it 4 years with this company and my great bosses and staff. I pride myself off of the fact that I work for a place that gives me such awesome opportunities and great experiences. My goal is to make sure that each and every one of my clients is satisfied. Growing up in the area, I went past the brothels frequently and as soon as I was old enough to realize what they really were, (it turned out to be way better than a bunny farm LOL!) the idea of working there always had intrigued me. My hope is to make many long-term friends of my clients, I also think this should be more than sex. The mind is the biggest sexual organ. I enjoy seeing my clients come back to see me, and i just enjoy making you happy! I am local, so I am always available–you can just call the office and get in touch with me. If you’d like to see me anytime other than when I’m in the brothel during my scheduled hours, you can make an appointment and leave a deposit with me through the BunnyRanch office. You can also reach me on my email [email protected]. So shoot me an email! Give me a call or however you’d like to do it. Get ahold of me! I’d love to talk! Let’s get to know each other! Tell me about your day and then let me make you forget everything–at least for the time being!




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