LiLith Noir

LiLith Noir


Age: 26
Height: 5’1″
Breast size: small, perky, and pierced!
Shoe size: 5.5 us w



Petite, sweet, and ready to meet you!

I love adoring, cuddling, and getting to know people on more meaningful levels. I am always a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh with. I’m new to the brothels, but very experienced with fetishes. I specialize in water sports and all things fetish. I will never flinch at your secret desires. I’m also available for vanilla if that’s your thing.

Hobbies: Writing (ask me about my first publication), reading, painting, dancing, and gaming (RPG, TTG, and TCG).
Interests: Occult studies, history, etyomology, cultural studies.
I absolutely love all things art, I grew up in the bayous of southern Louisiana in Vince and now I live in the French Quarter of New Orleans. My favorite activities include watching street performers, live jazz bands, and wandering through art galleries.

My favorite painters you can find there are Dennis LeBecq, Katerina Nevolina, & local street pop-up BSL! If you know any of these, you’ll see my favorite color is true red (fun fact true red doesn’t exist naturally).





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