Is it a sin for a single man to go to a brothel?

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Is it a sin for a single man to go to a brothel?

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  1. carlitoalex
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    carlitoalex Well-Known Member

    Is it a sin for a single man to go to a brothel? Some people tell me it is, but I don't think its a sin. What do you guys think?
  2. Perseus
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    Perseus Well-Known Member

    Depends on what you mean by sin. If you use the acronym from one of the "other boards," then SIN = sex in nevada. Thus going to a brothel in Nevada = sex in nevada = SIN , so yes, otherwise no.
  3. TN_MAN
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    TN_MAN Well-Known Member

    I don't feel like or will I judge another persons moral compass!
  4. I guess it really depends on who you ask honestly!
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  5. lol I really like how you put that!!
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  6. A sin ? Hardly. Some Scandinavia government social programs —Provide — professional courtsans for the ill, handicapped, disabled ect..
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  7. Sins mean nothing to me...I'm gonna do what I want
  8. LoverOfWomen
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    LoverOfWomen Well-Known Member

    I feel that's a No ! If your single why not have some Fun !!! :cool:[smilie=happy.gif][smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  9. Lunch Buffett
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    Lunch Buffett Well-Known Member

    Money is the root of all evil, yet I work all week to get money to pay for useful stuff like shelter and food. If you think about it, pretty much everything is locked down due to moral reasons. Sex. Drugs. Rock and roll. Prohibition doesn't work and makes things worse, but it's like catnip for law and order politicians. You could be a monk or you could be yourself. It's your choice.
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  10. Money or sex aren’t evil, it’s how someone LIVES is EVIL ( note live backwards is evil)
  11. Air Force Amy
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    Air Force Amy Best in the Biz! and Most Bang 4 Your Buck!

    I think that a person's ultime truth is their own, no on else can change what you know in your heart to be true. [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  12. LexieJames
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    LexieJames Anything and everything you desire...

    I personally believe as long as you live your life honestly and treat everyone with respect amd don't pass judgement, you are living a good life. All the "moral restrictions" religions impose have so little meaning because all that matters at the end of the day is being a good citizen of this world.
    Now everyone is different in their views so its really all about how you feel in your heart and soul. If you are seeking an answer from courtesans and their supporters, you're not going to get an unbiased opinion.
  13. I've been telling people this for years
  14. Air Force Amy
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    Air Force Amy Best in the Biz! and Most Bang 4 Your Buck!

    With the holidays coming up, isn't it time you gave yourself the gift of Air Force Amy?
  15. Broadhildt
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    Broadhildt Well-Known Member

    Hi, @carlitoalex - this is a subject rather close to my heart. Since your friends think pay-for-play is a "sin," I assume they have some religious beliefs that speak to what people should and should not do sexually.

    If you just ask the question from within the context of most churches, they're going to say that yes, it is a sin, because the only "right" way to have sex is between married people. There are several reasons to see this as a modern notion, not necessarily the way God sees things (if you believe).

    One is simply the notion of religious authority. Who has the ability to tell me what I must and must not do with my body or the body of my partner? For the religiously observant, this authority is vested in either 1) the present church and its set of rules; 2) the Bible or other ancient document; 3) a combination of both. Now, 2) is suspect, because it should be obvious (although it isn't) that the Bible is a human product. This does not mean it cannot be considered "sacred," only that people (not God) wrote it. And the message about sex within the Bible varies. In ancient Hebrew culture, polygamy was fine. Women were the property of their husbands. Rahab the prostitute was a hero in the story of the Israelites conquering the Promised Land. In fact, she's listed in the genealogy of Jesus in one of the gospels. In the New Testament, St. Paul had a lot of ideas about sex and warned his church members to "abstain from sexual immorality." But what exactly did that mean? It's not well defined. Jesus was celibate, from what we can tell. In fact, a sect of the early Christian era, Gnosticism, considered the fleshly body corrupt and sinful and encouraged its adherents to avoid sex and reproduction, if memory serves. Perhaps not surprisingly, the movement died out

    There is an idea from later in church history that sex must be "natural," or "as God intended." For some, that means it must be only for procreation and not for play. In fact, in the Middle Ages, religiously observant couples were taught that the only "natural" position for sex was missionary. Sexual pleasure was carnal, wicked - it hearkened back to the original sin in the Garden of Eden. Therefore sexual pleasure was something to be repressed. Note that these are interpretations by the church - and that church happened to be the one that "won out" among a bunch of different sects right after the time of Jesus. "Orthodox" Christianity is in good measure the product of Roman Emperor Constantine's promotion of Christianity as the religion of the empire (political power) and insistence than the leaders (bishops) of the church come together and state something they can all agree on in terms of religious dogma (the Nicene Creed). It's also due to the thought leaders of the early church - and among them was St. Augustine, someone who actually did successfully sexually repress himself, and he had a lot to say about sex - not much of it very fun from our perspective.

    The point of all this is to say that the church is a very human institution. There's nothing "magic" about this church or that church. No one church, creed, faith (or lack of faith) has all the answers. God, it seems, has gifted (cursed?) us with the opportunity to figure stuff out on our own.

    Insisting on sexual "purity" before marriage can lead to problems. Atheist author Christopher Hitchens wrote in his book God is Not Great that dangerous sexual repression is both a cause and a result of religious belief. It is frustrating to bottle up natural desires. Some are liable to a deep sense of shame and a repetitive cycle of sexual expression, then remorse, guilt, self-flagellation, and quiet, only to repeat the cycle all over again when arousal comes. Moreover, two religiously observant people who have never had sex, who wait until the knot is tied to have sex, can find themselves in a very awkward position (no pun intended!) if they turn out to be sexually incompatible for some reason.

    If someone wants to be as absolutely conservative as they possibly can be with regards to sex, and if they can abstain from all forms of sexual expression, good for them for following their conscience...and being strong enough to do it. But very few persons are that purposeful, committed, and strong. It's like a Buddhist I heard speak years ago who ate once a day as a religious discipline. Admirable and honorable, but not realistic for most of us.

    Furthermore, sexual mores are inevitably tied to our desires to manipulate God or ward off what we assume is deserved punishment from God for not doing what we should be doing. Although personally I like church and still attend regularly, I've also stopped seeing the afterlife as the big point of (Christian) religious observance.

    Some have expressed the (wise) logic that "if it feels so good, how can it be a sin?" After all, God gave women a clitoris for one reason only - their own pleasure.

    Side note: my avatar is taken from a medieval book of Psalms used as a devotional. Very often in those times there would be artwork in the margins: gnomes, people, angels...and look - here in this religious text, someone drew the act of cunnilingus!

    The main thing in taking care of your own sexuality is respect and care - respect sex workers at all times, and don't hurt anyone you're in a relationship with (now or in the future) by your acts of sexual expression.

    Finally, have fun. :) Play! The ladies I've met at the ranches have been not only my lovers but my friends, and I'm grateful to them every day.
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  16. randyryder
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    randyryder Pure heart with a dirty mind!

    I think its MORE of a sin to NOT visit a brothel when your SINGLE! Come on down! Get your feet wet! XOXO
  17. Deadpool
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    Deadpool Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna be THAT guy and reply with the brutal honesty everyone is thinking: What idiot voted yes?
  18. Spartan Fan
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    Spartan Fan Well-Known Member

    I think the lyrics of a Jimmy Buffett song best reflect my feelings on the topic.

    From the song Coastal Confessions:

    Forgive me father as I have sinned. Given the chance, I'll probably do it again!"

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    ROADRUNNER J Well-Known Member

    I'll go with the immortal words of Billy Joel ( by the way, I grew up in a Catholic household and attended Catholic school all 12 years, including high school in an all boys school). :)

    "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.... the sinners are MUCH more fun! Only the good die young." :D
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  20. Broadhildt
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    Broadhildt Well-Known Member

    LOL, good song lyrics!

    Below is a country song I heard when visiting family. I SO snickered to myself and thought, "If only they knew!"

    Hello Mrs Johnson, you self righteous woman
    Sunday school teacher, what brings you out slummin'
    Do you reckon the preacher would approve where you are
    Standin' here, visitin' with a back-slidin' Christian in a neighborhood bar

    Well, yes, that's my bottle and yes, that's my glass
    And I see you're eyeballin', this pretty young lass
    It ain't none of your business but yes, she's with me
    And we don't need no sermon, you self-righteous woman just let us be

    The Lord knows I'm drinkin' and runnin' around
    And He don't need your loud mouth informin' the town
    The Lord knows I'm sinnin' and sinnin' ain't right
    But me and the good Lord's gonna have us a good talk later tonight

    Goodbye, Mrs.Johnson, you self-righteous biddy
    I don't need your preachin' and I don't need your pity
    So, go back to whatever, you hypocrites do
    And when I talk to Heaven, be nice and I'll put in a good word for you

    The Lord knows I'm drinkin' and runnin' around
    And He don't need your loud mouth informin' the town
    The Lord knows I'm sinnin' and sinnin' ain't right
    But me and the good Lord's gonna have us a good talk later tonight

    - Cal Smith
  21. No it is not a SIN to just go to a brothel, the UPS and Fedex drivers go there all the time as do maintenance workers. Some would say throwing out food that is not eaten is a SIN or being self centered and greedy is a SIN.

    Ok but truthfully those that tell you it is a SIN need to look at the mirror at themselves first. No one is perfect and going to a brothel isn't going to make someone more or less perfect. Take it as an opportunity to network and connect with others. Many ladies who work in brothels are nurses, hospitality workers for example back in their community. Many of these ladies people who have never been to a brothel would not even know these ladies are/were sex workers.

    What you do at a brothel is up to you some ladies have non-sexual activities. If going to a brothel and chatting with a lady at a bar is a SIN to someone well I guess millions are sinning everyday at bars, restaurants, libraries, dating websites etc.

    Take it as a positive and use it as an experience to better your communication and skills. I was once confronted with someone who viewed sex work negatively until he realized she was also a volunteer firefighter risking her life to save others. That got him quiet real quick.
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  22. RoxyGold
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    RoxyGold Girl With the Golden Touch


    I couldn’t resist... :)
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  23. pantera
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    pantera Well-Known Member

    Umm.. the people telling you that probably come into brothels all the time...
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  24. Look here I'm gonna say not a sin. Cause I'm starting to save money so I can visit this next September and December and plan on it throughout this life. This way I won't get heartbroken. plus Bible says it's better to put a seed into a belly of a woman married or not than on the ground[​IMG]

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  25. I mean Abraham had 10 wives.
    Moses had plenty of wives

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  26. You tell me if anyone went to hell. I mean look at it this way whether you to a brothel or married. Still paying either way. Pay for vacation motel or cabin. Still buying gifts either way. So seriously not much different between brothel n marriage except paper and rings

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  27. ....and to add on the difference between Brothel & Marriage, from a quote from a Courtesan: You get the companionship without the Drama & Boredom

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  28. :D :D:D:D:D Here's some of them now! :cool::cool::cool::cool::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::p:p:p:p[smilie=happy.gif][smilie=happy.gif][smilie=happy.gif][smilie=happy.gif]:):):)lol!
  29. I don't tell anyone anything. Look here what I say. God have y'all ladies here for a reason. So whoever calls y'all whores are just wrong. Y'all have e alot of class stay clean and y'all care alot and have a heart. Plus y'all connect on a personal level and on the boards. A regular whore as they say wouldn't do that. I don't even like the word whore. Just a disgusting word. If God didn't want this going and see it's so damn evil the he would have shut the ranches down a long long time ago. So don't go throwing stones unless you have a perfect stone House with the scripture all over it

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  30. I mean it's like saying God says we can't have intercourse or enjoy companionship. And most of enjoy life and be happy. Ain't one Christian I ever met was perfect. Hell my daddy wasn't. But he had good values and went to church on Sundays after cussing out Alabama crimson Tide on Saturday when they mess up. But you know what. I'm still here breathing n smiling and being me in God's grace.

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  31. And I'm far from perfect but I got new motivation that's gonna make me a better man this next yr on out

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  32. thunderstorm
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    thunderstorm Well-Known Member

    My initial thought is yes, it is a sin, but in thinking a little bit more, I recall, that visiting a sex worker is not mentioned as a sin in the bible. It is a profession that is frowned upon. The 10 commandments are the only guides to living that God really tells us about. They are:
      1. You shall have no other gods before Me.
      2. You shall not make idols.
      3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
      4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
      5. Honor your father and your mother.
      6. You shall not murder.
      7. You shall not commit adultery.
      8. You shall not steal.
      9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
      10. You shall not covet.

    Prostitution as a sin isn't a law of God, but of mankind. The words of the bible and other holy books are really meant as a way to guide mankind and teach us how to treat each other and our environment.

    Next issue is the Seven Deadly Sins, of which Lust and Envy are the only real "Sins" that apply to this situation. Evny in that you want someone and an experience, and Lust is an excess of sex. If you are in moderation, then Lust isn't really applied to this situation.

    The Seven Deadly Sins are another man made concept. They are just another tool to guide us in how to behave and treat each other, God never mentions this concept in the Bible. The concept was put forth in the 600s AD. If anyone would like to read more about them, here is a nicely written link:

    Last point, @Broadhildt and @sportslover0503 you guys wrote really well, thank you.
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  33. I don't know..."a sin"?? I guess that depends on your moral compass or your religious convictions. I see nothing wrong with it whatsoever. I would reserve "sin" for a lot of other things, but not consenting adult actions between two (or more) adults.
  34. Well said, and perfectly articulated! ❤️❤️❤️
  35. Hahahahaha!!!! Love it! Hilarious ❤️❤️❤️

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