Why You Should Have Sex with an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

Posted by Brooklyn Beach on December 4, 2017

If you are on the fence about booking a party with a professional companion, allow me to convince you. Whether you’re hesitant because of shyness or your own body image, I can relate. As a plus sized girl, I understand all too well the concerns many of us have regarding the way we’re perceived by others. I also believe that these concerns are mere fabrications of the society we live in. Who is to say we should be ashamed? Who is to say what we should look like? No one. And besides, plus size is more fun. Especially in the bedroom. 

When I started as a companion, I struggled with ideas that society has about body image. I was worried no one would accept me for who I am and that I would never get to share my compassion with anyone. I was so nervous and scared that I would never be accepted. I can relate to anyone else that feels this way. As someone with a little extra to give, I can guarantee that I offer more than my less Rubenesque colleagues. 

My philosophy is that I hold no judgements. And if I did, how contradicting would that be? Instead, I can relate. Presenting your body to anyone can be a scary endeavor, I know. Like showing the whole table your deck of cards and worrying that everyone will judge you. I have learned to embrace the hand I was dealt, and I’ve never been happier. But why should you get naked with me? Once you are over the hurdle of your insecurities and learn to embrace them, what can you expect with a plus size girl?

Brooklyn Beach from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada

My Body is a Wild Ride

My body is like an amusement park. With dips and hills, a big booty and large breasts, the ride is exhilarating. My butt, breasts, hips, and thighs are all areas that, when touched erotically, arouse my sexual energy. And yours too. Unlike plus size girls, skinnier girls can’t use their breasts in sex like I can, if you know what I mean. If you haven’t tried “breast sex,” you can only find it with a plus size girl. With what my body has to offer, our foreplay experience will raise to higher peaks and deeper valleys.  

I Arouse Your Deepest Instincts

I’m a firm believer that men are instinctively attracted to plus size, despite what society thinks. As a man, whether you realize it or not, you are visually stimulated by nature. By mountains, hills, valleys, peaks, crevices, and any other natural structure. Also, the sex appeal of a woman is dependent on her ability to bear healthy children. As a curvy woman with larger breasts, wider hips, and a juicy booty, I will trigger your instinctual attraction and desire to procreate. Let’s use our bodies like nature intended! 

I Know How To Laugh

A girl like me knows how to laugh, and I must say – I’m pretty good at it! I love to crack jokes and I’m not easily offended – share your dirties joke with me. I’m not a perfectionist and I don’t take life too seriously. I know how to have a great time and live in the moment – because my hair and nails aren’t most important things to me.

Better Foreplay

As a curvy, plus sized girl, I offer more after sex too. I’m a great cuddlier. I have a unique sense of humor, and, like I said before, I will never, ever judge you. If you’re worried about choosing a companion based on your own insecurities, look no further than me. I’ll make you feel more relaxed than anyone else. You can contact me and we can set up an appointment. If you’re ready for a wild ride and an awesome experience with a curvier girl, I’m your woman.   

Brooklyn Beach

Brooklyn Beach

From the heart of the American Midwest, Brooklyn Beach is the embodiment of everyone's Girl Next Door fantasy. She currently offers a superlative "Girlfriend Experience" as a featured courtesan at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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Brooklyn Beach

Author: Brooklyn Beach

From the heart of the American Midwest, Brooklyn Beach is the embodiment of everyone's Girl Next Door fantasy. She currently offers a superlative "Girlfriend Experience" as a featured courtesan at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

6 thoughts on “Why You Should Have Sex with an Imperfectly Perfect Girl”

  1. Brooklyn, you blog is such a great insight into how society frames our perception of beauty. I know that you are the living embodiment of the Goddess Helen of Troy! I can’t wait to visit you at the ranch where I’m sure you are ruling the house! Thanks for being so amazing!

  2. You have unique talents that you can bring to the table. And you can be yourself. Just think about what the ladies at the Alien cathouse have to go through. They have to dye themselves green and figure out how to do a Vulcan salute. If a client says “nga’chuq chaq vIneH”, they have to run it through a Klingon translator – or is it Elvish? Then again, it could be Dothraki or even Na’vi. I have all the constructed languages mixed up in my mind.

  3. I really like the fact that other women like me I’m thick also but have a hard time to show my body you actually are right why be ashamed some men like women with curves and thank you for making me feel confident ,,,,

  4. My ex used to be part of an adult picture site. Because of this she had access to things on the site that let her know which other ladies made the most money. Not a single one was what most people would call attractive if you asked them. Bottom line is that when men look at a lady no matter what she looks like SOMEONE out there will find her attractive. I for one am not a fan of skinny women, but I can appreciate beauty, sexuality and confidence in all shapes and sizes. Be the best you, you can be and ignore all the judgemental people. Chances are they are just jealous.

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