Abigail Rhoads


💋Height: 5”04
💋Weight: 110 pounds
💋Hair Color: Brown
💋Cup Size: 34 B
💋Shoe Size: 8
💋Lingerie Size : Small
💋Cane: Yes 👩🏽‍🦯😘
💋Gifts: Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Dark (no nuts)
Flowers: Red, White or Pink Roses, Plants, Dream Catchers, Massage Gift Cards, Grocery Gift cards
Twitter: @gunzandrosasx
Email: [email protected]


Hello dear adventurer, I’m Abigail, you can also feel free to call me Abby Rhoad 🙂 if you are also a Sergeant Peppers or Yellow submarine fan too. I would describe myself as a bubbly and free spirited California Girl with a big smile and a whole lotta love, to provide. I welcome you to our soulful discreet space of intimacy here together. And I am ready to hear your deepest desires and needs.

A little about me, my heritage, is that of the Akimel O’odham Natives. And I am currently a student of the International School Of Temple Arts learn the practice of Tantra. In addition , I am also receiving my Education to be a somatic healer and Medicine Woman recognized by the Lakota Sioux Tribes . Music and Spiritual intimacy are big parts of my life and very grateful for this path.

Before Moonlight Ranch, I was as an Actress on Playboy TV’s “News Uncovered”. I attended college in San Diego, California and my personal hobbies include making music and and learning guitar. I absolutely love classic rock and roll, and attending music shows. Some of my biggest musical inspirations include The Beatles, Robert Plant, Dolores O’Riordan, Pink Floyd & David Bowie (I strongly believe Bowie’s music and art had many healing qualities for his audiences and I could only dare to dream to inspire people as he did. 🩶

Experiences below include…

My personal Girlfriend Experiences are for the someone who desires to fully experience the joys of each others beings and deep intimacy. Those seeking to be kissed, pleasured, and sexually stimulated couples with lively conversations. Together, let’s undress each other, & sensually play to stimulate each others minds and body’s with affection. I do love dinner dates with a boyfriend, should we go on one? I love feeling like feeling like your woman and companion to travel together and have new experiences and even to call Eachother and see how each others doing. As your companion you will take notice notice I do love food so be forewarned! After all, it’s not a true girlfriend experience without hearing me say “I’m hungry!” 🙂 . I also am a Twilight Mini Golf Zone Queen and love to play! Playfulness is the joy of life and why we are here for love and adventure. I’m here for you and I’m here for us living life to its absolute fullest. Whether it be a date to beautiful Lake Tahoe, Downtown Reno, Virginia City or Las Vegas. I’m here and ready for our adventures!

Please note! Las Vegas is absolutely one of my favorite places in the whole wide world and I truly love romantic getaways and creating unforgettable intimate memories there! I’m a Vegas Girl for and it always makes me smile Lots of kisses always welcome as we walk that glittery town together. Truly a dream come true with you. Shall we?♥️

Viva Las Vegas!

Sexual Healing, Girlfriend Experiences:

It is from my experience that the greatest healing comes from gratitude and being able to fully embrace life’s timeless moments. Enjoying and embracing each others body’s, minds, flaws and souls taking everything in as one is what it truly means to be human. Together we will kiss and make love in a variety of ways to invigorate and stimulate eachother with many orgasms ! In these parties we let go of both of our performance anxieties, live in the moment just as two souls that found eachother.. in pure magic and bliss!

The ancient writings of the Dhamapada states “if a man is disturbed; he can never find knowledge.” Do you feel this way? And by “disturbed” I mean.. internally overwhelmed about something you are currently dealing with?

Note: if you are an INTJ or an INFJ personality and are feeling you are suffering from “analytical exhaustion or burnout” and it’s beginning to affect your energy levels and health, this experience may be for you. Through shadow work (complementary take home shadow workbook provided) and sexual healing together we can explore other shadow personally types you can explore and possibly move into if you feel the weight of your personality structure feels too heavy to carry. Although wonderfully charming & intellectual, INTJ personalities are highly prone to “emotional or physical burnout” usually leading feelings of exhaustion and anguish. Did you know the shadow personalities of intj and infj is likely ENTP and possibly others? .

* please email me for more details on this if you are interested in this experience

Note Cont: Are you a business owner feeling “in touch with the numbers side” of your business empire, however are “looking to explore new paths to connect in new, professional & possibly holistic ways to your business? If so, our experience here at Moonlight together; coupled with my personal list recommended spiritual retreats for business owners is highly recommended. Many spiritual retreats and services in recent years , are witnessing an influx of business owners seeking education in holistic business guidance .* please email me for more information if this is something you too would like to experience 🙏🏼

Tantric Experiences

Are you, or perhaps you & your partner ready for a Tantric Awakening? If so, you are in the right place!

In the past, Tantra has been known to attract significant amount of attention. Mostly in the form of Yoga, however Red Tantra or Tantric Sex is also an experience to marvel. From artists Jimmy Page , of Led Zeppelin, Sting & Trudie Styler, to even Will Smith & PDiddy; Tantric Sex has been a refreshing passionate, transformative spiritual experience for people to access their higher selves, intimately connect with their partners and manifest their wildest dreams and possibly go hours long if you please! (Definitely Google some of the lengths! )Tantra, however, is not new and is actually an ancient practice that dates back to 6th century India. Initially emerging as a rebellion against the colonization and firmly rejecting ideas that sexuality should be renounced in order to reach enlightenment.

Through conscious breathing, mantras, meditation and of course Sex! We can awaken this orgasmic life force inside and connect deeper to our own bodies and worlds all while upholding your comfort, desires and boundaries .

Couples Experiences

For Couples desiring a Non- Tantric Experience,

This encounter, focuses solely on both of you and your partners sexual desires, fantasies, fetishes and boundaries all while creating memorable steamy, spicy experiences together . “Steamy Spicy Female on Female Only Films “ also available! * please email to know more on this experience!

* This Couples Experience includes your choice of Edible Arrangements & a bottle of bubbly Champagne (Non-Alcoholic Champagne also available).

Other Services & helpful info:

* NDA Friendly Yes🩶
* Neurodivergent Yes🩶
* Disabilities Yes🩶
* Fetish Yes🩶
* Role Play Yes🩶
* Nuru Massage Yes 🩶
* Yoni Massage Yes 🩶
* Pictures & Video Yes🩶 (solo female or G x G content only. Yes you will own the footage.)
* Photography Release Forms signed by me Yes🩶
* BJ Yes (only with GFE)
* Hand Job (only with GFE)
* Kissing Yes 🩶
* Oral SX Yes🩶
* Anal Tease Yes🩶
* Anal No❌
*Pornstar Experience No❌
* Two Girl. Yes 🩶
* Multiple Orgasms Yes🩶
* Military Specials Yes🩶
* Short/Quickie “Only Hand Job or Only Blow Job Parties” No❌(Full GFE experiences only)
* BunnyBank Vacation Payment Plans Yes🩶
* All Genders/ Identities Welcome🩶
* 🐦15% Early Bird Deposit Specials Yes🩶 (email me!)
* Deposit Appreciation specials
* Picture friendly & PDA friendly 🩶 (*please email me on specific picture rules)
* Wigs & Cosplay Yes🩶

Truly looking forward to getting together here at The World Famous Moonlight Bunny Ranch!

💌To reserve our encounter please email me at: [email protected]

Please allow 24-48 hours for responses, just in the case I am traveling! 🙂 Once you reserve our appointment we can call absolutely call each other to talk and plan our encounter!Truly looking forward to spending time together and creating amazing memories! Many blessings to you, until then!!

Personal Education & Qualifications for Sexual Healing/ Tantric Experiences :
* Completed Indigenous & Foreign cultural training Requirements in ‘Holistic Decolonization of Spiritual Cultural Practices’ to ensure our intimate healing experiences along with Tantric Experiences are rooted in cultural appreciation, community reciprocity and mindful reverence.
* Active Student of Renown Bangladeshi Sex Guru and Tantra Instructor (free special educational gift included in EVERY Tantra Experience or 3+ Hour Sexual Healing Experience )
* ISTA Level One Training
* ISTA Level Two Training (Coming February 2024)

Completed Education focusing in:

* RELIG 120, 130, 170 – Grossmont College
* Philosophy 120 – Grossmont College
* Sociology 120 – Grossmont College
Lakota Tribe Native Medicine Woman Training & Initiation, Hawaii. ( Coming December 2023)


– All Holistic encounters include a variety of products and/or educational gifts or materials directly from native homelands or countries of origin. In these experiences, you are helping support the people in these beautiful communities.
– All Instrumental music enjoyed within our Holistic encounters will include a variety of handpicked playlists that Support Local Independent & Global Independent Music Artists / Musical Groups