REVIEW Compilation of Baron's Reviews on Caressa Kisses

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    Here's a compilation of the Reviews I've put together on Caressa Kissses


    This may be somewhat unconventional, but I am inspired by some of Caressa’s latest reviews, to chime in with my own review, even though I have yet to meet Caressa and all my contact has only been by email or messages.

    From our first contact where I explained to her my special needs (I'm disabled), she has been very sweet, kind, caring, and accommodating. Though I initially contacted her due to her gorgeous pictures; my attraction quickly changed to admiration of the beautiful soul that dwells within. I believe her to be genuinely sweet, caring, understanding, and passionate.

    I am neither naive nor easily swayed by words alone, and understand that Caressa’s job depends on her ability to sweet talk a gentleman into becoming her client. While her talk was ever so sweet, I felt it to be entirely genuine in coming from her heart.

    As we continued to communicate and I threw various monkey-wrenches into the process of seeing her (mostly due to personal reasons related to my health and disability), she was very understanding and bent over backwards to accommodate my needs- she did not have to do this, each time I gave her a graceful way to bow out, she chose not to but rather responded with class, grace, and kindness. I believe this to be a reflection of who she truly is as a person.

    Fellas- Do not be intimidated by her external beauty, but trust that the beauty inside her will treat you with understanding, kindness, and the respect you deserve. So if you have been mistreated in the past by beautiful women, do not be afraid that she might do the same; if you treat her with respect she will return it with equal or greater respect and kindness. I strongly recommend that you contact her and be amazed by the journey she will lead you on. I am eagerly awaiting continuing my journey with Caressa.

    While I am sure that many of the other ladies at the ranches are also kind and caring, I believe Caressa to be unique. Caressa is one of the most beautiful and remarkable human beings I have ever been in contact with.

    BaronRandoVJ, Jan 4, 2016

    Lost my brothel V card to Caressa- How glorious it is!!

    Finally made the trip to my first brothel, the Bunny Ranch, to see my muse, Caressa. she was a vision in red when she greeted me in the parlor with a big Texas smile and a twinkle in her eye. When our eyes met across the room my heart skipped a beat or three. She quickly made me feel right at home... And soon thereafter took me to lose my brothel vCard in glorious fashion. Still floating in a cloud of her sweet smell, taste, and touch.

    Guys, if you are nervous about visiting a brothel, let Caressa be your hostess. You will not regret letting her be the one to take your brothel vCard. waking this morning with a great big smile to let y'all know how glorious it is to know that Miss Kisses was my first. Let her be your first, she is guaranteed to leave you with the biggest smile and sweet memories that will not soon fade

    Caressa, my love bug, you are the best!

    This was just a quick review as I just couldn't wait to convey my delight in my first with Caressa. more to follow...

    BaronRandoVJ, Mar 10, 2016

    A conventional review- or is it?

    dateline March 15, 2016
    This reporter recently had th opportunity to sit down with Baron Rando Von Jackov to discuss his recent activities.
    Reporter: There is a rumor that you lost your brothel vCard recently to Caressa Kisses.
    Baron: I can confirm that I did indeed recently lose my brothel vCard to Baroness Kisses.
    Reporter: Why did you bestow the Baroness title on Miss Kisses?
    Baron: It was simple really after awarding her the Baron Lifetime Achievement Award for being the best I've had in my lifetime, I felt she was deserving of a noble title, thus I ordered that the title of Baroness be bestowed upon her.
    Reporter: I see, losing your brothel vCard to the Baroness is quite impressive.
    Baron: yes, she is!
    Reporter: What did you most like during your evening with the Baroness?
    Baron: Well, everything but especially the intelligent and interesting conversation, her passionate hugs and tender kisses!
    Reporter: Any special magic moments?
    Baron: Yes,, when our eyes first met across the room and that big Texas smile spread across her face. there is just something magical that happens when you look into those beautiful green eyes.
    Reporter: What would you differently if you could?
    Baron: I guess see her sooner, although by waiting, we were able to get to know each other beforehand which made the evening seem like we had done it a million times before and to really connect in intimate ways.
    Reporter: Well, that sounds great, if you could repeat one moment over and over like Groundhog Day, what would it be?
    Baron: let me think, can I say the whole evening? but if I have to narrow it down, I'd say that first warm embrace we had in the parlor.
    Reporter: Thanks for being more specific. Did you have a favorite position with her?
    Baron: Why yes, all of them but especially those where I could look deep into her eyes to see the passion brewing inside her, there was a very strong and intense passion inside which led her outside to share exceptionally strong and intense sensual passion with me
    Reporter: What recommendations do you have for others that might be considering a party with the Baroness?
    Baron: MATE, don't wait, don't hesitate, don't levitate, don't congregate, don't cut bait, don't trust fate, don't exfoliate, Don't migrate, don't mutate, don't be a lightweight, don't be a cheapskate, don't masturbate.... do go STRAIGHT to your computer or phone and book a DATE with this amazing lady
    Reporter: Anything else to add?
    Baron: Just that this was such a fantastic experience, Iwill going back to see her real soon! She really is the "full package"

    BaronRandoVJ, Mar 16, 2016E

    My second encounter with Caressa-pillow talk!

    For those of you familiar with my previous posts, you know that I attempt to be witty or at least somewhat humorous. For this review, though, I want to put on my best poker face and be a little more serious and write straight from my heart. So bear with me please.

    It is always great to be greeted by her sparkling smile! As it was again this time. We had booked a longer encounter this time as I really wanted to get to know her even better. We quickly picked up where we left off after settling in to her amazing room. She brought along some toys to play with based on the list of activities ?i'd like to try, which turned out to be a lot of fun. So long story short- absolutely amazing sex with this beautiful woman. Then - surprise! Pillow talk! She snuggled up next to me with my arm around her and her luxurious body pressed tight to mine. We exchange a bodacious amount of passionate kisses. Then we start up a conversation on a wide range of topics, she is an intelligent and interesting conversationalist. We share some personal stories learning a little more of each other, we laughed, we giggled, we talked sometimes about nothing at all. It was magical, I can still picture her lying close to me engaged in an interesting conversation just watching her luscious lips move so sensually as she spoke and then reaching down to kiss her forehead. I loved our pillow talk time. Like my first encounter time flew by and ended much too quickly but as "they" say, "all good things must come to an end" I hate "they" but I know that I will see her again, so it's not the end but a continuation of a magical journey!

    Another memorable moment is when she walked me out to my car. When it was time for me to leave and slip behind the wheel she reached up wrapped her arms around my neck and gave a long passionate kiss. It was the kind of kiss your girlfriend would give you to say; "I had a wonderful evening, I can't wait to see you again". I drove off floating on a cloud.what a wonderful way to say goodbye.

    For my most memorable moment, it's a toss up between that goodbye kiss and the pillow talk. Bottom line, a longer encounter with Caressa is not only very sensuous with amazing sex but a great way to really connect with this amazing woman.

    Ok, poker face off, I have to inject some humor. A quick joke:

    Question, What do a good fisherman and a good hooker have in common.

    Answer, they both follow the "catch and release" policy.

    A good fisherman will cast out his bait, reel in his catch and at the end of the journey will release his catch into the wild.

    A good hooker, flaunts her "bait",reels in her client and ends his journey with a wild release

    So there it is after my two encounters with Caressa, I am so happy that I have spent the time to get to know her. she is truly amazing!

    BaronRandoVJ, Mar 26, 2016
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    Thank you so much for putting these together! It is so wonderful to read from before we met to after our first and second encounters! I love them and they hold so many memories!
    Kisses Caressa
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    yes, it has been quite the journey!
  4. caressakisses
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    It has been quite the journey and the best thing is that it isn't over! I look forward to many new parties and new reviews...
    Kisses Caressa
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    BaronRandoVJ Well-Known Member

    Yes, we have many wonderful times ahead of us and I look forward to writing about them all!
  6. caressakisses
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    Baron we are looking forward to all our time together and all the reviews you will write!
    Kisses Caressa
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    nice review! Thanks for sharing!!!
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    Baron you have such a way with words! Our encounters together have such a hot time and I love reading all about them, such great memories!
    Kisses Caressa

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