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    dateline March 15, 2016
    This reporter recently had th opportunity to sit down with Baron Rando Von Jackov to discuss his recent activities.
    Reporter: There is a rumor that you lost your brothel vCard recently to Caressa Kisses.
    Baron: I can confirm that I did indeed recently lose my brothel vCard to Baroness Kisses.
    Reporter: Why did you bestow the Baroness title on Miss Kisses?
    Baron: It was simple really after awarding her the Baron Lifetime Achievement Award for being the best I've had in my lifetime, I felt she was deserving of a noble title, thus I ordered that the title of Baroness be bestowed upon her.
    Reporter: I see, losing your brothel vCard to the Baroness is quite impressive.
    Baron: yes, she is!
    Reporter: What did you most like during your evening with the Baroness?
    Baron: Well, everything but especially the intelligent and interesting conversation, her passionate hugs and tender kisses!
    Reporter: Any special magic moments?
    Baron: Yes,, when our eyes first met across the room and that big Texas smile spread across her face. there is just something magical that happens when you look into those beautiful green eyes.
    Reporter: What would you differently if you could?
    Baron: I guess see her sooner, although by waiting, we were able to get to know each other beforehand which made the evening seem like we had done it a million times before and to really connect in intimate ways.
    Reporter: Well, that sounds great, if you could repeat one moment over and over like Groundhog Day, what would it be?
    Baron: let me think, can I say the whole evening? but if I have to narrow it down, I'd say that first warm embrace we had in the parlor.
    Reporter: Thanks for being more specific. Did you have a favorite position with her?
    Baron: Why yes, all of them but especially those where I could look deep into her eyes to see the passion brewing inside her, there was a very strong and intense passion inside which led her outside to share exceptionally strong and intense sensual passion with me
    Reporter: What recommendations do you have for others that might be considering a party with the Baroness?
    Baron: MATE, don't wait, don't hesitate, don't levitate, don't congregate, don't cut bait, don't trust fate, don't exfoliate, Don't migrate, don't mutate, don't be a lightweight, don't be a cheapskate, don't masturbate.... do go STRAIGHT to your computer or phone and book a DATE with this amazing lady
    Reporter: Anything else to add?
    Baron: Just that this was such a fantastic experience, Iwill going back to see her real soon! She really is the "full package"
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    Just want to let everbody know that I enjoyed my time with her so much that I'm going back to see her this weekend. More to follow... "Ground control to Major Baron.. are you still ok floating on that cloud?"
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    Very creative review. I liked it!
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    Love this review!
    Super cool lovie!

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