Legal Sex Worker Supports SESTA

Posted by Tiara Tae on March 26, 2018

I’m Tiara Tae, a legal prostitute at The Bunny Ranch brothel in Carson City, Nevada, and I’m emboldened to see that the evolution of thinking in recent decades that has brought my profession out of the dark shadows of criminality is taking a giant step forward in the halls of The United States Congress.  The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) has now been been passed by both the House Of Representatives and the U.S. Senate with overwhelming support, on it’s way to becoming law.  

The bill seeks to crack down on the illegal sex trade by holding website operators accountable for posts that advertise illegal sexual activity.  We’ve all heard the horror stories of “Craigslist” type ads that were historically thinly veiled solicitations for illegal and sometimes underage prostitutes that put both the girls and the clients at risk of violent crime and disease, while providing an electronic black market trading place for street pimps and international human traffickers.  Many ads of that ilk have flowed through similarly unregulated personal ad sites for years, giving rise to a problem of epidemic proportions that, until now, has never been properly addressed in the internet age. 

Tiara Tae from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Some sex industry activists are offering misplaced objections to these regulations, claiming that illegal prostitutes will be “forced onto the streets” if they can’t be electronically offered for sale while working out of apartments and hotel rooms.  Their thinking is misguided on several levels.

The primary problem with this mode of thinking is that the sex workers opposing SESTA are fighting to remain criminals. Instead of advocating for the legalization of prostitution throughout the United States, and campaigning for a situation where willing, adult sex workers can service clients in a safe, legal environment, those challenging SESTA are defending a website owner’s ability to make money from the marketing of illegal prostitution while taking no responsibility for any criminality that occurs on the website owner’s platform. Personally, I’d much rather work in a proven legal system, like the time-tested Nevada brothel industry, than be a slave to a website owner that takes advantage of my desperate need to promote an illegal business, while not caring if people using the platform are coerced, underage, or a victim of violent crime.  The opposition often counters with the “slippery slope” argument, by saying “Where do they draw the line? If we crack down on this, what’s next?” 

How about we draw the line between what is and isn’t a crime? The passage of SESTA isn’t going to curb anyone’s first amendment right to protected free speech, but it will police the law as it pertains to online criminal enterprises, no differently than a publisher being held accountable for hosting an ad that offers the illegal services of a loan shark or a contract killer.

If prostitution was legalized in every state, all adult sex workers can come work as I do in a safe legal brothel environment, free and protected from the danger of criminal elements. They would hold a government issued license (as I do) that will be issued to them after an application process that will conclude that they are free of sexually transmitted diseases and criminal records.

if sex workers can’t meet the qualifications for licensing, they won’t be “forced out onto the streets”. They may be forced into another line of work, but that is no different than a public transit operator who gets convicted of a DWI and is “forced” into a profession that doesn’t involve operating a motor vehicle.  Should we not have driver’s licenses because anyone who can’t pass a driving test will be “forced” to walk to work? I don’t think anyone in their right mind would suggest a highway full of unlicensed drivers, because everyone regards that regulatory process as necessary for the public’s safety.  

So too is the long overdue need to prosecute a crime that is committed electronically, just as it would be if it were committed without the anonymity of the internet. Passing laws to combat online fraud came to exist as internet commerce became a common element of each of our daily lives. The SESTA bill is simply catching up to the world’s oldest profession in the modern age, by making sure that that which cannot be practically eradicated can in fact be safely and legally regulated.  

Sex work, as it is practiced by women like me who make such a decision with our own bodies, can be both lucrative for the principle and beneficial to the general tax base, but only with sensible and effective legislation like SESTA in conjunction with the legalization of prostitution throughout America, so that well-meaning adult sex workers can practice their trade free from prosecution — and criminal sex traffickers, and those that support them, can be easily punished.

Tiara Tae

Tiara Tae

Breathtaking blonde bombshell Tiara Tae is the drop dead gorgeous playmate of your dreams! Join her in her personal playground, Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel near Reno, NV and Lake Tahoe.

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Tiara Tae

Author: Tiara Tae

Breathtaking blonde bombshell Tiara Tae is the drop dead gorgeous playmate of your dreams! Join her in her personal playground, Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel near Reno, NV and Lake Tahoe.

6 thoughts on “Legal Sex Worker Supports SESTA”

  1. As long as sex workers are free to advertise and promote their services independently, and where they may choose when, where, and with whom to work, and for whom, entirely without intervention or interference, and where nobody else demands nor expects any share of revenues from their work, then legalization is both appropriate and necessary. 🙂

  2. While I whole heartedly agree with you that Legal Brothels should be allowed nationwide, I have read the text of the SESTA legislation and find it sorely lacking on specifics. It is so loosely written as to allow for an overzealous prosecutor to have sex workers arrest, fined, and even jailed under it’s wording. Were it was clearly MEANT to stop the advertising of the type of sex trade we all hate, I.e. child sex, sex slavery, Street pimping, it is so broad as too likely lead to the shutting down of advertisement on virtually any media for sex acts even by legal SWs in legal brothels.
    It includes only ONE saving line stating that:
    “Affirmative Defense.—It shall be an affirmative defense to a charge of violating subsection (a), or subsection (b)(1) where the defendant proves, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the promotion or facilitation of prostitution is legal in the jurisdiction where the promotion or facilitation was targeted. ”

    NOTE these words: “defendant PROVES, by PROPONDERANCE of EVIDENCE”, and of course the kicker
    “Promotion is legal IN THE JURISDICTION where PROMOTION… was targeted”.

    AFTER you have been charged, they will let you TRY to defend you actions under these VERY exclusive conditions. Appears that “facilitating” sex in a legal brothel is fine!

    BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch out for how and where you advertise!

    In other words, You advertise in the town in Nevada where you work at a brothel, then you can PLEED your not in violation of the act. If you advertise in Las Vegas or worse, some other state!
    You are violating the “Affirmative Defense” clause of the law and could have at least your accounts shutdown, and maybe arrested by an out of state, or federal jurisdiction where your ads were seen via the internet.

    Please call your congressional representative and ask for an amendment to clean up this MAJOR flaw in the law.

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    At this stage of life, I have enouggh love in my heart that I can share some of it with my lover there (once that happens) without diminishing in any way, my love for my sweetheart here.

    That’s not to say I’d shove it her face. To do so would be unkind. No reason exists for unkindness. Go Tiara, continue with your work on behalf of your sisters in the profession. #Organize

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