The Sandi Benks - Remy Martin experience - unforgettable!

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  1. In the Spring of 2019, I had an incredible experience with the beautiful Sandi Benks and the gorgeous Remy Martin. I had seen Sandi before, and she had talked about how much she loved Remy – they even have a few forum postings here about their incredible 2-girl adventures!

    Sandi is a sultry 5’5” brunette, with a great body, perfectly proportioned. Remy is a beautiful, exotic ebony goddess – she’s only 4’11”, so her amazing boobs look even bigger than they are – and she has an amazing hourglass figure with the most scrumptious booty!

    Remy had recently moved from LoveRanch (where Sandi is) to BunnyRanch, so they hadn’t had many recent opportunities to play together. I had a party with Sandi scheduled on her last day of her tour, so I contacted Remy to see if she wanted to join us as a “surprise”. Remy was all-in! I arranged to be in the LoveRanch parlor with Sandi when Remy walked in looking super-classy in a red velvet dress that hugged her curves (Sandi had greeted me earlier in a long beautiful slinky black dress that made my mouth water) – I was in heaven!

    Remy and I then “sprung” the surprise to Sandi who was ecstatic! She could hardly believe it – she practically dragged both of us into the VIP suite.

    We started in the Jacuzzi and celebrated our new-found 3-way friendship with some champagne, and then, after awhile, the real fun began. My plan was to allow Remy to do whatever she wanted to do with Sandi – and vice-versa. I really enjoyed myself watching them bring each other to climax. Remy even brought one of her special toys that Sandi just swallowed up whole (if you know what I mean). Her orgasms rocked the bed. They then finished me off before we had to say goodbye to Remy.

    Both of these gorgeous ladies are amazing by themselves, but together, the sex was white-hot! Both ladies are in their late 30’s and proud of it, and their experience is readily apparent. If you are a young guy and want to REALLY learn how to pleasure a woman, go see Sandi or Remy – or both! They will teach you how to make any woman melt in your arms! And if you have a few grey hairs (like I do), you will genuinely appreciate the talents of these two incredible women and they will melt you!

    The Sandi-Remy experience – something not to be missed!
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    It was an absolute dream being a part of the experience with you both!!! I hope for many more in the future!!!
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