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  1. My two cents: smoking is a major turn off. Therefore, I have avoided bunnies that I have seen smoking in the lounge area.
  2. It really depends. I don't mind it as long as I don't leave smelling like an ashtray. Some girls can cover the smell and taste very well. Some don't.
  3. I am a non-smoker and do not like to be around cigarette smoke. However, I have partied with ladies that do smoke, but it is not my preference. I guess if the chemistry is there, I can party with a smoker as long as she does not smoke in the room.
  4. I am a non smoker and cater to the non smoker, but also don't mind if my clients smoke, as I have an awesome air filter in my room!!!

    xxoo ashley bootie
  5. I am a smoker... should I hide ?
    I am well educated and I am a social person so I usually don't smoke on social event and I think the only thing that can make me smoke during a visit at the Bunny Ranch would be the first timer risk of nervous breakdown ! :lol:

    So being a smoker that would not smoke, I would like the bunnies to do the same. But nobody is perfect and I would not blame them if they do (maybe because I hope they won't blame me if I do :mrgreen: ).
  6. Right on, Thomas... I hear you.... lol... we all have our

    there are less and less smokers here at the ranch over the last year or so....and yes, clients do smoke here when they don't smoke other places....either, as you mention out of nerves or because this is the place they can do things that are considered sinful or bad elsewhere <big grin>

    I have to confess, I always enjoy hanging out and smoking a cigar with Dennis in the parlor myself......true confessions....wink

    ash mash xxoo
  7. You know - I was pissed off when California made all the bars non smoking.
    However, except when the cats and dogs are falling out of the sky, stepping outside to smoke really isn't that big of a deal.

    I now never smoke inside, even at my own house - and my clothes / electrical equipment / etc. are the better for it.

    If the ranch went to restricting cigarette smoke to a designated outside - or a smoking room inside with a ventilation system separate from the main ventilation system, it probably wouldn't be a bad thing and he may even get a break on fire insurance.

    Not saying he should do that, I've never even been there, but for me anyway, stepping outside to smoke really isn't a big deal.
  8. Hey dennis,

    Smoking is a deal breaker for me...

    When I come to a place where i expect to see sexy classy ladies,, I damn sure don't want to see them smoking..

    Nothing classy about that...will not date or kiss any female that smokes....

    Might as well lick an ashtray...

    And if they did not allow smoking in the bar area would be great too...

    go outside to smoke if its that important to you...

    It makes my clothes ,hair, furniture ,,etc....stink...

    Thanks for the opportunity to voice our thoughts.....

  9. kevinz0071
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    I've partied with girls that smoke and they take pretty good care of themselves I didn't notice anything and we got pretty close
  10. I do not smoke and am, in fact, asthmatic. On one of my five trips to the Bunny ranch, the level of smoke was too high for my comfort. When Lexi Lovelace left the level of smoke seemed to go down noticeably. New it has crept back up.There seem to be more and more smoking bunnies. I wish they didn't smoke and that MLBR were smoke-free, but I know that's not possible.

    My favorite bunny smokes, but I have had no problem partying with her.

    The verdict: I'll keep coming unless the smoke gets bad enough to make me sick.

  11. Very interesting thread. Thanks for posting Dennis.
    XXX Kalli morgan
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    Because I live in the Bay Area (California), I take for granted that smoking is prohibited in public areas. I have never smelled smoke at the Ranch, but if I smelled it in the parlor, I'd walk right out. I don't want it on my clothes, my hair and I certainly don't want it in my lungs. It's also a turn off when I smell it on a woman - especially on their breath or hair.

    I would much rather smell the sweetness of a beautiful girl on myself as I walk out of the ranch.
  13. Thank for your input and I agree with you regards girls smelling good.

    I spent 10k last year installing a new system that sucks all the smoke out of the parlor 8 times an hour.
    Because I enjoy a good cigar with the guys from time to time, I put a super exhaust right above where i smoke, it sucks it all out in ten seconds

  14. I need one of those! for my mom, Shes Definitely a chimney haha.
  15. I have to admit that seeing a hot woman smoke is a turn on for me. I don't particularly enjoy the smell; however watching does it for me. I guess I may have a little fetish on this one!
  16. I want a Bunny who is smokin, not smoking.
  17. tinybartender
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    If your lady smokes after sex, you should slow down and use a lubricant.

    Kidding aside, my father has smoked Camel non-filters for my entire life so far, and I used to have asthma so smelling cigarette or cigar smoke is a strong turn off for me. Strangely though, pipe tobacco often smells good. But I still don't see the attraction of intentionally lighting something on fire and inhaling it. Fire consumes oxygen, which I rely strongly upon to survive.
  18. I think seeing an attractive woman putting anything in their mouths is sexy. That was my only focus.
  19. i dont smoke but i know a ton of the bunny do. a couple of the bunnies have told me they smoke at the ranch but not so much at home, why is that?
  20. I suspect it is the environment. Same reason a lot of people smoke while they drink, or if they are in a bar.
  21. From what I've heard I think the most common reason is a combination of idleness and the need for stimulants. The typical shift is 12 hours in a day! There's also quite a bit of red bull consumed there too for similar reasons.
  22. As bad as it is, I was a smoker since 13. Luckily, after repeated failing attempts, I finally kicked the habit this year. I have noticed that after quitting, I have grown a sense of disgust towards the scent. I currently live with my ex and ever time he steps out for a cig I get grossed out and find myself trying ridiculously to hold my breathe or cover my nose until the smell fades.
  23. The smell of cigarette smoke is extremely objectionable.
    I'm sure it contributes to a lot of potential business being lost
    in the parlor where patrons should be made to feel comfortable and at "home."
    If selection and negotiation don't happen in short order, the smell and haze can
    drive customers outside.

    Why the parlor/bar isn't non-smoking is confusing in the otherwise
    overly friendly Bunnyranch. It is beyond logic. Smokers are a shrinking
    minority in the workplace in general. Eventually, The B.R. will have
    to designate a smoking area AWAY from the bar and parlor, not soon
    enough for many as judging by reading this thread.

    Here in Oregon, almost all businesses including bars and restaurants
    are like CA., non smoking. Nevada will eventually see the light.

    Have a cigar/smoking room off the parlor with glass doors and
    a humongous exhaust fan. Those wishing to pollute their bodies
    can go in there. The only smoke I want to bear witness too is
    from too much skin rubbing together. What a foul habit cigarettes are!!!
  24. With certain women it can be kind of sexy, no idea why that is though. Must be because it's suppsoed to bad or something.
  25. no smoke!
  26. Very helpful responses!
  27. JadeCapri
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    I don't smoke but if someone want to smoke it's fine. I just rather not in my room :D [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

  28. :lol:

  29. I like this one, what a great answer, thanks so much for the heads up...
  30. I don't care for cigarette smoke. I don't mind if people want to do it where it doesn't affect me. I am put off by the smell of smoke, though. So, if a lady smelled like smoke, I would not party with her.
  31. Yeah but what if a girl doesn't smoke and the parlor has smoke in it then it gets on her clothes and she smells of it, then what? Just asking sweets, that would be very helpful. Can't wait to hear from you. Hugs and Kisses
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    Haha nice
  33. I don't smoke, never have or will. Doesn't bother me though if the lady I'm with smokes (Sexy woman is a sexy woman), though I would rather smell her perferfume or natural essence. If I'm sleeping, dear god, don't smoke around me, probably kill me. I damn near hibernate when I sleep so airborne stimulates awaken me all dazed hehe.


  34. Natalia with anything in he mouth is hot, very hot!

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