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    REVIEWS 2011
    ❥McLovinLong - Wed May 04, 2011 If you could take three of the most amazing nights of your life, I am positive my time with Jade Capri would have capped that time I spent with her. With sensational eyes and a sexy accent, nothing can compare to the compassion, warmth, and beautifulness I felt with her

    ❥Jade's #1 Fan - Sat Jun 04, 2011I've meet Jade a few times now and I have to say she is simply amazing. There was Jade! So classy so sweet very classy and amazing beauty, blue eyes blonde hair beautiful smile!

    ❥Central Ohioian - Tue Jul 12, 2011 Like most older virgins it was difficult for me to start this process due to the embarrassment and shame that goes along with holding that classification into your early 30's

    ❥redwood - Fri Jul 15, 2011 Jade doesn't post photos of her face, but trust me she is very very beautiful and has such a warm and friendly personality...she was waiting for me when I arrived. She gave me a hug and kiss like we had known each other for ever

    ❥Praxis - Tue Jul 19, 2011 I truly believe some people (women) have a gift for the sensual touch and an aura while others, well, not so much. That little force that makes your vision go blurry and time just fade away to a stand-still

    ❥Sighkai - Sat Jul 23, 2011 This whole experience was a whirlwind of unexpected events that culminated in very unforgettable evening with Ms. Jade. I am definitely looking forward to our next time together, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    ❥georoc01 - Mon Jul 25, 2011 Jade came over and chatted with me and I was hooked enough to go see her. So the next Afternoon I stopped in and requested her. We went back to her room and she basically offered to do the party

    NY_Mike - Mon Aug 01, 2011 I wont give details, but her negotiation tactics are completely unfair. It's hard to think straight with a gorgeous curvy girl laying on top of you. She is passionate, sensual and completely nasty in all the right ways

    marv316 - Sat Aug 13, 2011 Then it hit me, there was an accent there, a Portuguese one I recognized from watching years of UFC. I introduced myself and added "I'm marv316." At that point she got up and hugged me.

    ❥K and T - Mon Aug 15, 2011Being with you was fantastic! We're giddy and giggly all through dinner after our time with you.
    Fulfilling this fantasy with you was more fun than I'd ever dreamed. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable, safe and allowing us to have so much fun in a non-threatening way

    ❥KSsocal - Thu Aug 18, 2011I had the pleasure of spending time with the beautiful Jade Capri this past Wednesday. But my experience with Jade exceeded expectations and prior experiences

    ❥OSU Mike(Frmrly CO) - Tue Aug 23, 2011 Jade has shown to be a friend to me in the truest sense of the word…thank her for helping me as much as she has and show her the appreciation she deserves for going far above and beyond in making my first true intimate encounter truly special

    ❥Sighkai - Mon Sep 05, 2011 I just have to say that this Brazilian beauty is awesome personified. This is a woman that you don't want to write a review about because you don't want others finding out about her... her great personality shines through her posts and responses and will have anybody reading intrigued

    ❥scilian.stud - Wed Sep 21, 2011 My encounter with the Brazilian Bombshell was nothing short of fantastic. This Lady is very sexy and knows how to leave you asking for more


    ❥Swimmer02004 - Sun Oct 02, 2011 My heart begins to race from nervousness. There are times I want to run back to my car and bolt out from their lot… I haven't done my research about the ranch, but heard about it from a friend of mine. I explained to Jade that this will be my first time and my first time ever

    ❥KSsocal - Sat Oct 08, 2011 I had partied twice before with Jade and what can I say but that she is quite a lady! Our last party in August in the VIP room was beyond description. So what do we do
    for an encore? Jade and I had discussed the possibility of a two girl party

    REVIEWS 2012

    ❥ JustAverage - Tue Mar 20, 2012 I threw myself into Jade's arms and bed. I managed to find some sort of energy reserves I didn't know existed, and charged ahead into my second encounter. What followed next was very good - and completely unscripted, flowing as we both needed. Jade's tanned body was soft and firm, and she was

    ❥ Belair57 - Thu Mar 22, 2012 Not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside too. Cool, easy going, open to many things. An experience I'll never forget

    k-rocker - Sun Mar 25, 2012 It is difficult to say something about this amazing woman that has not already been said. I will describe my own experiences with her, and hope that yet another more-than-satisfied client will convince those with an extremely high threshold of how incredibly wonderful Jade Capri is! She has a fantastic figure

    OSU Mike(Frmrly CO) - Thu Apr 05, 2012 Jade Capri really proved herself to be a true friend to me and one of my loudest and most intense cheerleaders. She stood by me through some very very rough times and anyone who is willing to stand by me in the bad times pretty much meets my definition of a “True Friend”

    ❥ TahoeGuy - Apr 05, 2012 So after a little research on the boards I decided to book an appointment with Jade and I couldn't have been happier with my choice. This was my first time at the Ranch and by no means a regular visiting these places so I was a little nervous when I first got there

    ❥ TahoeGuy - Apr 21, 2012 Was even better than the first! I couldn't of have imagined a better friday night

    ❥ Atlfan - May 03, 2012 She has curves in all the right places, voluptuous, tan, and firm. If you are concerned because she does not show her face in her pictures don’t be you will not be disappointed. I looked for a flaw but I could not find one. I could not have lost my v-card to a more attractive woman

    Szuniga - May 13, 2012 I have had the pleasure of partying with Jade and she is not just beautiful but has the nicest personality. Her personality is what attracts you to her and much more

    ❥jshusker - May 19, 2012 She is a wonderful lover and a great kisser guys you should definitely see her if you can

    ❥Swimmer02004 - June 3, 2012 I had fun with Jade, 1st and 2nd time, 3rd time is a charm with her. you have this amazing skills that makes you feels at ease. for Me I think its her personality, her eyes and especially her smile

    redwood - Sat Jul 07, 2012As a lot of board members know, I am partial to the Love Ranch

    ❥EvenSteven - Sat Jul 14, 2012I joined here and went through the reviews, it became clear to me that Jade was the perfect one for me. What a truly nice woman. She was so kind to me and ALWAYS responded to my messages

    OSU Mike(Frmrly CO) - Tue Jul 17, 2012(This is not much a review as it is a very heartfelt note from a friend) Which is why I am so very appreciative of Jade for reaching out to me and offering encouragement and for being a sounding board for my frustrations

    ❥EvenSteven - Wed Jul 25, 2012 What can I say, Jade never ceases to amaze me. Like I said in my previous review, she is a very beautiful woman who is even more beautiful on the inside. I wish I had Jade's internal and external beauty

    ❥torontoral - Fri Jul 27, 2012 In person, she's as warm and earthy as she appears on the Net or on the Board; a genuine pleasure to be around, and her sense of style...impeccable. d shoulders

    ❥Sasha1620 - Fri Jul 27, 2012 WOW! It says it all. My guy and I visted the Ranch and met with Jade after a previous date had to be postponed. Jade is as warm and genuine as she is beautiful and sexy. Both of us had such a great time with her

    ❥ranger61a - Fri Aug 03, 2012 Ranger is Sasha's boyfriendHad a awesome time with you, because you rock!!! From thbe moment we walked in the door, the drinks, the conversation, and the rest of time together u exceeded our expectations

    tonytgun - Sat Aug 04, 2012 I met Jade last year during an annual trip to the Love Ranch and fell in love with her immediately. From her accent, to her command of multiple languages to her alluring beauty I knew that I had found someone truly special.

    ❥redwood - Thu Aug 16, 2012 I have had several parties with Jade over the last year. I won't go into details, but they get along extremely well and provide a guy everything he could want, need or fantasize about during a party

    Ankou_Reaper - Thu Aug 23, 2012 Jade has a sexual energy to her that is really quite amazing. She knows what to do, how to do it, and exactly what gets a guy going. She kisses, nibbles, and everything inbetween to get you ready

    ❥exene - Tue Aug 28, 2012 My husband and I were lucky enough to plan our anniversary with Jade, she is wonderful, she made our day one of the best ever

    ❥BennyB - Fri Aug 31, 2012 The experience next I can only describe as absolutely mind-expanding! Jade is absolutely wonderful!

    ❥BennyB - Sat Sep 01, 2012 How I got to and from Jade is worth its own review.
    Love Ranch North and the Bunny Ranch have an awesome sedan service, which really doesn't get talked about enough!

    whterbt - Sat Sep 08, 2012 I chose to have an overnight party with her. We began when she picked me up at my hotel. I felt like it was prom night or something…our dinner date where we had some excellent sushi and great conversation

    ❥KSsocal - Sep 09, 2012 The reason that I will return to see this Brazilian Beauty is because she is such a warm and wonderful person. "WOW" seems to be the only utterance

    jestr - Mon Sep 17, 2012 Then we chatted for a while and i enjoyed listening to her wonderful accent. She introduced me to a couple of board members that were there and some other ladies that I had talked with on the boards. I said that I was up for that and we discussed the plan

    ❥Crock_Harker - Mon Sep 17, 2012 Imagine…You and your spouse/partner/lover wake up, share a little breakfast… romantic evening together. You go out for a nice, candlelit dinner; share some delicious drink; listen to a little live music; dance a little; and then head home...for some of the most intimate, intense, sensual, lovemaking you have ever had in your entire life!

    ❥piglet - Mon Sep 24, 2012 I write this review with mixed feelings because part of me wants to keep Jade a secret but if you are looking for a positive person to change your perspectives and have an unforgettable time with there is only one woman to do that her name

    ❥Crock_Harker - Wed Oct 03, 2012 Our second "date" was every bit as amazing as our first...even more so because we were looking forward to spending more time together. Our time together is meaningful, passionate, intense and also fun

    Ankou_Reaper - Wed Oct 10, 2012 Jade and I had amazing parties back in August, and I knew we had to reparty. So When I decided that I was heading back to the Ranch, there was one lady that I had in mind

    ❥tahoeGuy - Wed Oct 10, 2012 Before my party on saturday I realized damn, this will be my 6th party. Wonder if I have a problem and that I need to go to JA (Jade's Anonymous) or I might have to move further away? she treats you like a true friend but once the party starts its passion

    ❥Thunderstorm - Mon Oct 15, 2012 Eventually, Jade walks into the room and it is like the air left the building. Jade is absolutely stunning! I don't think I said anything beyond hello and these flowers are for you, until we arrived on Jade's room

    TT - Tue Oct 16, 2012 Well for one I don't remember how the bed was due to the attention that Jade paid me. As always she is unique in the way that she puts you at ease and treats you with respect and compassion. She already knows what you want long before you know it. It was a truly amazing experience

    redwood - Wed Oct 24, 2012 Over the last year and a half I have had several parties with Jade. I finally decided to break my last rule and invite Jade on an overnight outdate

    ❥whterbt - Fri Oct 26, 2012 This party is one for the history books, I can hardly imagine one that would top it

    ❥spanky1234 - Fri Nov 02, 2012 Jade was very nice and she gave me great party price which was very nice. I had a very great party with Jade. She is a great kisser and a great lover. She has so much energy to offer.

    ❥thunderstorm - Thu Nov 01, 2012 The ultimate party! TWO CURRENT BUNNIES OF THE MONTH! Jade was wearing a matching peach and white lace, garters, panties and bra, tan thigh highs and a black skin tight dress and black heels

    ❥desert65 - Wed Nov 07, 2012 Jade is fantastic, beautiful and funny! Just the kind of girl that I like. It has been so nice to have a sweet, beautiful woman to help me through this process. The only thing hotter than having a party with Jade is seeing her do things to another girl, knowing that you are next!

    origlegman - Thu Nov 08, 2012 A lot has already been written about Jade's excellent skills behind closed doors and, I am here to say they are all true. Jade is one of the most caring, loving and compassionate woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing

    ❥tahoeGuy - Mon Nov 12, 2012 After spending so much time with her has made the time we hangout in the parlor just as special as the physical side of things we do behind closed doors. She is really a wonderful person. Every party has been different from passion to intense

    ❥tonytgun - Tue Dec 04, 2012 Jade of course met me at the door and was as always, meticulously dressed and looking absolutely gorgeous. We spent some time at the bar talking about various subjects and after a bit she mentioned that she was hungry. We placed an order for dinner and I rolled out to downtown Carson City to retrieve dinner

    ❥tosh fan - Thu Dec 06, 2012 This is my first post and what better way to pop my cherry, than to share with you my AMAZING time with Jade. I made a trip to the ranch and had done my homework before visiting. I chose Jade and am very glad I did. She responded quickly and answered every question I had

    ❥redwood - Mon Dec 10, 2012 So, as some know, during his recent Ustream session from the LRN, Dennis generously offered a foursome with Jade, Nikki and Kimberly for half-price. I have partied many times with Jade

    kdp - Mon Dec 10, 2012 When I first joined the board last year I already had an idea of what I was looking for, needless to say Jade far exceeded my expectations. You hear all the time about how beautiful, intelligent, sexy, their right for she is a great all around person

    ❥Ankou_Reaper - Thu Dec 13, 2012 Jade Capri. I could go on about how amazing she is before the party. How she spends time getting to know the gentlemen in her life. About how she makes you feel like the only person she cares about and goes out of her way to check on you. If you're on this site, you know she's amazing

    ❥atlfan- Fri Dec 14, 2012 This was my second date with the girl of my dreams Jade Capri. What impressed me the most is that Jade’s priority is my happiness, and not booking as many dates with me as possible. Even though I have booked two dates with her this year I never felt any pressure from her to do so. She knows I can get lonely and she never took advantage of me

    ❥bigalyl99 - Sun Dec 23, 2012 Jade is a magnificent person and not to mention...Gorgeous. In person, she is a sight to behold. Jade spends her time to get to know you and makes light of the situation for visitors. The experience is worth it. Jade is a very sensual person and puts in the effort to make the GFE feel so real

    crumbie- Sun Dec 30, 2012 After over a year of emails and PM's, I walk into the Love Ranch North. A couple of minutes later, she walks out in a drool worthy little black dress. I guess I don't really need to say that her photo's don't really do her justice

    REVIEWS 2013
    Hunt13 - Sat Feb 23, 2013 Jade is an intelligent and educated business woman. Like any other business, this is a very important quality to have in the brothel business. Jade understands that a happy customer is a returning customer. She will work a little harder, be a little more creative and give that extra effort, all in an effort to make her customers happy

    ❥John N Ga - Mon Feb 25, 2013 I was super excited to finally having playtime in her room! Love Jade in yellow! After some amazing long kisses, Jade removed her bikini! Jade is SMART, FUNNY, TECH SAVY, a BUSINESS WOMAN

    ❥jshusker - Wed Mar 06, 2013 I had a wonderful Wednesday afternoon with Jade it is hard to described a party with Jade she will live you speechless also guys ask Jade about her special lipstick

    Ankou_Reaper - Sun Mar 24, 2013 Jade Capri. How can I even begin to review this amazing lady I can't, so I guess I will just talk about her. Jade is more than a Lover. She is a great friend

    tahoeGuy - Wed Mar 27, 2013 When I finally made it to the ranch I requested Jade. When she finally came out and tapped me on the shoulder I turned around and looked at her the the blood immediately started flowing to certain parts. I was thinking to myself this is a special lady and I was luck to have crossed paths with her

    Polycarbonate - Wed Mar 26, 2013 I was a virgin, so I wanted to choose someone that seemed like she would give me a good first party and first time experience. Luckily, I had lurked the boards and found some positive reviews and praise for Jade.This was the best experience of my life, and I'm so glad I chose Jade. She worked to make me as comfortable as possible, knowing I was a virgin. I appreciated her extending the party of her own volition

    ❥johnrecover - Mar 30, 2013 THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. This was my first time of many to come with Jade

    SonnyJosephson+3 - Fri Apr 05, 2013 I had the most fantastic opportunity to enjoy a foursome. She is a very attention to detail oriented and will satisfy your EVERY need. And one of the most fantastic bodies I have ever laid eyes on. That beautiful backside is worth the admission alone

    ❥redwood - Tue Apr 09, 2013 I was blown away by how unbelievably sexy she is and the incredible sex we had together, but the more and more time I got to spend with her, the more I became enchanted by Jade the lady. She is the best! She will be dressed impeccably in a beautiful, sexy dress. You will find that she pays attention to every detail

    ❥atlfan - Thu Apr 11, 2013 I decided I wanted to see Jade a few days in a row. Even if I had to work a couple weeks longer, I wanted to have her by my side for as long as possible. I really like spending time with a woman who appreciates my sense of humor and who I can laugh with. I feel like a kid again

    Belair57 - Thu Apr 11, 2013 I have been seeing Jade for over two years now, and I can honestly say that Jade is the most incredible lady I have ever met. She has a perfect body and face of a Goddess. And this incredible beauty is not only limited to the outside. Jade is kind, sweet, intelligent, and fun to talk to. She has an aura about her that puts a guy at easy

    bcs1977 - Mon Apr 22, 2013 Jade Capri definitely has the nicest ass I've ever seen and I do mean ever!!! I can see why she was elected "The Best Ass" at the Ranch... The whole experience was simply mind blowing

    ❥UNCOStudent950 - Tue Apr 23, 2013 Jade is a truly priceless gem that anyone would have to feel a sense of luck and gratefulness for just getting that chance to meet her one. I have finally realized that you need an unlimited budget to really get to see all that Jade has to offer.

    ❥johnrecover - Sat May 18, 2013 Jade has the amazing body I have seen and I decided that she was going to be my first. What Jade does for me no one else can do. Her compassion and understanding of a man's needs goes far beyond

    ❥chrisgo - Fri May 24, 2013 She was very friendly and forthcoming, adding to the experience of meeting her in person. Her pictures were great, but she's even better in person. She understandably hides it for privacy, but she has a beautiful face, a pretty smile and gorgeous lips. Jade was easy to talk to, a good conversationalist, and has a very calming personality

    ❥slickderic - Tue May 28, 2013 Jade Capri and I gotta say she's beautiful in person. I had a drink at the bar with her and we spoke for a few minutes as it was good to finally meet after speaking online here and there

    ❥jestr - Thu May 30, 2013 They continued some of the fun in the parlor and I had to ask them if they were starting the party without me, lol. We agreed on a threesome party and everyone was looking forward to the fun. They really get along with each other and that came out in the party...everyone more than ready to party, which was more amazing than I could ever have imagined

    ❥Ankou_Reaper - Sun Jun 02, 2013 If you've ever seen a three way porno, thats alot like what this party was lie! We kept going from position to position! Everyone wanted a chance to enjoy everyone equally! It was o much fun!
    The craziest part is when me, Jade , and Ally did "the Oracle" It was a position I had seen in porn but never thought id get to try. All three participants are giving and receiving Oral at the same time...

    ❥Ankou_Reaper - Mon Jun 03, 2013 I could tell you the sex with Jade was amazing as always. I could tell you we actually STILL tried new positions. I could tell you that Jade treats you like a long time friend, and not a source of income.

    ❥John N Ga - Wed Jun 12, 2013 After being with them separately, and becoming super friends with both of them, I knew I wanted to get these two HOT LADIES together.The chemistry between these two is amazing and has to be experienced in person to fully appreciate the HEAT!!Jade looked STUNNING in a white form fitting dress

    ❥Bobby - Fri Jun 21, 2013 I had such an amazing time that this review HAD to be made. I was planning this trip for over a year and it was well worth it!! It is impossible to put into words my experience. I'm sure my jaw dropped, and I knew immediately that I made the right choice. I was shaking my head in disbelief the entire time...

    ❥kingstannis99 - Sun Jun 23, 2013 It began in february when I decided I wanted to go see Miss jade Capri on my birthday...After a couple of minute of waiting in came the most beautiful women I have ever saw in my life Jade Capri. A kiss and drop the robe to the ground and song that was playing in my head was...All I can say is wow

    Wesley702LV - 3 weeks ago I cant even Compare anyone else. Even the Best Girl before Jade didn't take Care of me the Way Jade Does. ALL i can say is that she is very Sweet & Caring...

    ❥Wesley702LV -Thu Jul 04, 2013 Jade Capri Is Like No One Ive Ever Met Before In this Industry. ive Been Around this Industry around 9 Yrs.I Live In Nevada & take Advantage of Everything Nevada has to Offer me.

    ❥Hunt13 - Sat Jul 13, 2013 Let’s just say that Jade found various ways to satisfy me over the next several hours. No one should ever question Jade’s skills and abilities. Just when I thought I had nothing left to give Jade managed to get more out of me. For those of you that have not yet had the pleasure of sleeping in a bed with...Jade also has one fabulous way of waking a guy up in the morning

    ❥atlfan - Tue Jul 16, 2013 My weekend with Jade was filled with new adventures, experiences, good advice, support, honesty, and most importantly fun. Jade taught me how to further refine myself as a man and how to continue to take more baby steps towards complete and utter sexiness. She even gave me some nuggets of wisdom that I can apply on future dates and romantic situations

    atlfan - Sun Jul 21, 2013The party was very pleasurable and fun. I felt very confident and relaxed with a sexy ass lady on each arm. I think we all had great chemistry and the flow of the party felt very natural. Jade and Jordan worked very well together. I loved kissing/licking one girl while only being able to hear and feel what was going on elsewhere. I am still grinning

    KSsocal- Tue Jul 16, 2013 "IT" means her amazing
    ability to make her clients feel special as if they were the only one for that particular time. And she does this with a grace and charm that I have found to be truly unique and intoxicating. That is why after a couple of years, I still find her as addicting

    Tony Dark- Wed Jul 24, 2013 Jade Capri I wish I was a Virgin.I had my first party with Jade and it was Very Sensual. Everyone knows Jade is a caring person she worked with me and gave me a very Sensual party. WOW that never happened to me before but it was all Jade

    2dots- Fri Aug 02, 2013 It being my first time at the Ranch, I wasn't sure what to expect. As I rang the buzzer at the gate, a thousand thoughts went through my head. Would I be nervous? Would she be as beautiful in person? Would her personality match that beauty?

    JustAverage - Tue Sep 03, 2013 I was set on having a slightly longer party with Jade, having remembered how she was before...and it was the same again, some very intense sensations and some very intimate moments. You know what I also remember? I remember amused and caring laughter we shared. I’m STILL a heck of a nervous guy in the bedroom ...and there was instead just smiles

    Ankou_Reaper - Mon Sep 09, 2013 Jade and i have now done 8 parties, and we STILL are trying new positions! Ive learned to love this one were we sit face to face . Its very sensual and I could tell Jade enjoyed it too

    Wesley702LV- Wed Sep 11, 2013 No other Woman Compares to this Overnight w/ Jade. She Is the ULTIMATE GFE since Ive Met many Women in my Life. Jade is a TOTAL Sweetie, Her Brazilian Culture Must Be Part of the Reason.

    scrt_sqrl - Sat Sep 14, 2013 Let me just say, Jade kisses so well that her kisses would be worth the price of admission alone!! It felt like we were two long lost lovers who hadn’t been together in years! Whatever great things that you read in her other reviews are totally true! My friend Jade is truly something special

    Robert - Tue Sep 17, 2013 She is exceptional. Her photos are beautiful but she is even better in person. I can't say enough about her personality either. She is warm, friendly and very easy to talk to. I felt a genuine connection

    ❥piglet - Tue Sep 24, 2013 But I think the best thing about any time with Jade is her ability to listen to you when you need to talk. Her stunning kindness and her almost supernatural ability to know what you need before you even realise you need it. Her patience is legendary

    ❥Youngblood- Fri Oct 11, 2013 Jade Capri: the virginity cure. To anyone considering a visit to jade, STOP CONSIDERING IT AND GO ALREADY! matter how nervous you may be, she can, and will, bring out a side in you that you don't even know you have

    ❥Robert - Oct 13, 2013 If you already know Jade, you know how easy she is to meet and talk with. In spite of a very busy life, she takes the time to make you feel special. She instantly puts one at ease and helps you overcome any nervousness


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    Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡


    This is the second part of my reviews. It turn out that a post can have 60k characters and I ran out of space. So here is is my newest reviews.

    Thank you so much everyone for making me run out of space hehe, LOVE YOU. Jade [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

    REVIEWS 2013

    ralphy323 - Nov 06, 2013 I have been asking myself since the party ended....WHY THE HELL HAVEN'T I SEEN HER SOONER!?! I have no good answer for that. Jade Capri is truly an amazing woman all around and I will for sure be back very soon...

    blackhawk - Nov 14, 2013 Jade is stunning beautiful , intelligent, and courteous .
    We had a fantastic time in bed , with time to cuddle and talk "Brazilian " soccer !!...

    Hunt13 - Nov 16, 2013 Continuing dates that I have had with Jade Capri. As good as the actual sex is it wouldn’t mean as much without the basic affection that Jade gives. From the first day I went to see Jade, at the ranch, she has continued to show a sincere interest in my comfort and well being...

    new2bayarea849 - Nov 19, 2013 I was a virgin till last weekend, not anymore. I wanted to have a great first time experience and I started looking for that special someone. She eased off my nervousness by telling about how her first time was etc. Negotiation took hardly 30 seconds she made sure it was not an awkward experience...

    Wesley702LV - Nov 19, 2013 It Was Very difficult to say Good By to Jade after such an incredible 2 Nights w/her. But I Was Looking Forward to the Next Time I Saw Her which was Only in 2 weeks….

    atlfan - Nov 30, 2013 Due to my limited time in the area and unforeseen events, I decided to roll my two appointments into a hot-ass threesome at my home-base LRN. I kind of feel like a pioneer discovering a new land for the first time.

    redwood - Dec 02, 2013 Everything seemed to move effortlessly and fully involved all three of us in the fun. Lots of kissing, lots of touching, lots of playing and lots of fun.

    Threesome_209 - Dec 02, 2013 At first I was bummed that none of her pictured showed her face, but assumed she was just protecting..., but still decided to make an appointment. The entire drive up, we were both extremely nervous and full of anticipation. As soon as Jade walked up, we were speechless. Her body from head to toe was simply perfect, and she had the gorgeous face to match! very accommodating (in terms of budget), very respectful...

    atlfan - Dec 04, 2013 As long as Jade is at the LRN, I think its safe to say the Carson City area will be the hottest place in North America. Jade, thank you for being my sexy therapist. I had a lot on my mind and I'm glad I didn't hold anything back...

    John N Ga - Dec 12, 2013This was my third party with the Brazilian Beauty!!!! Anyone sitting on the fence about meeting or making an appointment with Jade, sould wait no longer!! She will melt your heart, as well as any nerves one might have about being with her!...

    ACW - Dec 12, 2013 So, I had just turned 30 and was still a virgin. Several years ago, I had decided that if I was still a virgin when I turned 30, I would go to one of the ranches. So as a birthday present, some family members offered to help pay, knowing how bad I wanted this. Jade is the PERFECT lady to give your V-card too. She’ll teach you, make sure you leave satisfied

    JCinNC - Dec 17, 2013 After a very short wait Jade finally met with me in the parlor. What a beautiful woman! I know you have seen the many pictures that Jade post for us and let me tell you, they are only the beginning to how beautiful this woman really is...You will be hooked. I know I am.

    BF ;) - Dec 20, 2013 I had a good laugh at that one. I realized what a great sense of humor Jade has. She has unlimited energy... Why did I wait so long? I don’t know but I won’t wait that long again to party with Jade. I found a new friend and an amazing lover...

    jadecapri - Dec 28, 2013 ╚ ❥ JADE CAPRI - ❥ ❥ READ VIRGINS REVIEWS HERE ❥ ❥…

    mbaileyh - Dec 31, 2013 You can tell she looks great, you can guess she feels great. She does! Both of us agreed, Jade smelled, sounded, and tasted FANTASTIC as well. That's all five senses! We discussed what we wanted, and she was engaged and creative in giving us.


    REVIEWS 2014

    jadecapri - Jan 06, 2014 There was amazing interaction between us. I found out that this was the fist time Jade and Corynn played together. That blew my mind, the natural chemistry between them ...

    zediego74 - January 20 2014 Jade is a trip to the heaven. She was so friendly and patient and never rushed...

    Tyr - Jan 25, 2014 Jade is a fantastic teacher in the sensual arts. I learned a great deal in our brief time together. My first time couldn't have gone better...

    redwood - Feb 08, 2014 She is always up for anything and brings a lot of enthusiasm and creativity to any situation! The Nuru Massage party is definitely one for the menu!

    Éros - Feb 06, 2014 Jade I love you for who you are and for bringing such light and confidence into my life. Once I contacted Jade, she was very personable and honest. Through the whole process I never felt pressured or even nervous. Jade you have such a calming effect...

    tonyazitshot - Feb 19, 2014 I could write for days explaining my experience from beginning to end. But to keep it simple, my memories with her will forever be burned into my brain (Memory Burn). I can’t stop thinking about it. From the first email, to the initial introduction, to the last kiss goodbye. Jade is attentive to detail. She cares how you are feeling at all times. I did not want it to end.

    tonyazitshot- Feb 27, 2014 or those of you who are looking for your first visit, I strongly recommend Jade Capri. If you maybe had a not so good experience elsewhere, I strongly recommend Jade Capri. You will be treated with respect, courtesy, and self worth. She is truly there for you. I know she was for me. I am forever...

    Hunt13- Mar 02, 2014 There is just no end to her talents and abilities. Of course I also must admit that everything taste better with Jade.I truly believe that Jade has a genuine care for all people. I see this in the other reviews written about her as well as how she conducts herself....

    CapriPetra - Mar 04, 2014 She set my mind at ease with a grace and graciousness uncommon. The finest experience of ones lifetime awaits the bold…

    felixr0se - Mar 19, 2014
    ...her sexy Brazilian accent when she said “Hi, it’s nice to finally meet you.”..Her physique is truly a masterpiece

    Cigarsmoker - Mar 23, 2014 I had this party planned out in advance so she wanted everything to be perfect, and let me tell you it was perfect...

    kyle12255 - Apr 28, 2014 I was a virgin before I arrived at...a review of the most amazing, important, unforgettable day of my life... I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy in my life as I was in those moments during and after my intimate time with Jade. It may have been “only” a few hours, but in that time I made love to one of the sexiest, sweetest women anyone could ever meet...

    review - May 01, 2014 After months of saving money and finding the time to go to Nevada, i browsed the love ranch website ( to find the perfect woman who would help me lose my virginity...I chose the lovely, exotic Jade Capri! ...

    bberger1 - May 02, 2014 The ultimate triple play for me was Jade - LRN...

    MNSam - May 03, 2014 There was some time left for discussing various topics, including dating and relationship advice I won't forget. I wasn't totally over my shyness, but making progress. We kissed a lot, which was heaven. Caressing her beautiful body as we kissed was just plain fantastic....

    origlegman - May 05, 2014 She is one of the sweetest and most compassionate women that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Whether you are a Newbie or a Seasoned Veteran, she will do all within her power to ensure that her client receives the best party possible...

    offroadram - May 08, 2014 Not only did i really enjoy myself thoroughly, but she also showed how down to earth of a person she can truly be. Jade was really understanding and helped work out a deal to make it all happen...

    ❥TiredFrog - May 19, 2014 Skin so soft and warm and then the unexpected. Jade is the most passionate and incredible kisser I've ever experienced.Negotiations were easy and exactly what I expected…

    bberger1 - May 12, 2014 If you ever get the opportunity to spend time with this beauty, you will never forget it…

    TiredFrog - May 19, 2014 Skin so soft and warm and then the unexpected. Jade is the most passionate and incredible kisser I've ever experienced.Negotiations were easy and exactly what I expected

    tonyazitshot - May 20, 2014 Most spontaneous thing I ever did in my life..The best way to describe what I was feeling was in the movie Shaw Shank Redemption. It was when Red got on that bus to go see his friend Andy. That was the feeling I had. ...

    nationalgreg - May 25, 2014 Well, Jade was everything I could have hoped for and more. Jade truly embodies the term "passionate lover"...

    BigO - Jun 06, 2014 Her Brazilian body was perfectly shaped and I will be having dreams for a long time about her...

    jshusker - Jul 11, 2014 Jade give one of the most sensual pleasurable parties you can imagine!!!...

    John N Ga - Jun 12, 2014 My Toe-Curling Honeymoon Overnighter. If anyone is thinking about a GFE, outdate, or overnighter....look no further than Miss JADE CAPRI !!!...

    tmacdon1 - Jul 15, 2014 Jade is a beautiful woman with an amazing personality along with her beautiful curves. She is a can't miss party! She goes well beyond the call of duty and she makes it her duty to make sure that you are comfortable and at complete ease...

    kmn1234 - Jul 15, 2014 i had a great time with jade and can't wait to come back for some more...

    A very sweet note from...
    I just wanted to write you a thank you note for your help last Friday. It has been a long time since feeling an intimate touch. I know our time was short but in that time you showed me passion that has been missing for a while. I will probably never have the opportunity to have your company again so I just want to say thank you and truly good luck in your future. In the mean time, keep living life the best way you can.
    Best wishes, K... August/12

    cms - Jul 19, 2014 I can only say this jade was everything I hoped and more she's so kind and caring, her kisses are genuine and good, plus I mean she's got a hot Brazilian body. Jade will not rush you...she'll go out of her way to make sure you are comfortable....

    Sejc3 - Jul 29, 2014 There are so many things I would like to say about her but I will sum it up in one word AMAZING! Abou a year ago my husband and I started talking about having our first threesome, we talked about everything from what we find arousing to fears. If you are thinking of trying something special with your spouse she would be most recommended. We were already planning our next meeting ...

    Cerebral palsy boy - Aug 09, 2014 the age of 28 and still a virgin jade was kind enough to open her heart and show me that everyone is created equal she looked at me as no different as anyone else for years i was teased abut my short falls due to being in a wheelchair my hole life but jade saw no different she welcomed me with open arms and…

    scrt_sqrl - Aug 16, 2014 The kissing started almost immediately, and you can call me old fashioned, but there is nothing hotter that some good old fashioned passionate kissing! We had been planning this evening for a while and…

    jiggs - Sep 08, 2014 ...She is so beautiful and smart. Her body is a wonderland. We partied for an hour before I had to leave. It was so good, that I came back for a second party two days later just before I left…

    Puckfan79 - Sep 17, 2014 ...I decided that I had waited long enough to discard the old V-card. While there are some great pics of Jade posted if anything they understate the impact of her lovely curves, but even that is outshone by her great personality. Jade was extremely patient, gentle and willing to provide direction and made what could have been a stressful process a great memory…

    nap3283 - Sep 18, 2014 ...Jade has a terrific body that most women would die but it is her personality and sense of humor that no one can match. Jade made the whole trip worth it in the end and I would go out of my way in a heart beat to see her again.…

    MNSam - Sep 29, 2014 ...Jade is a Dream Date. The afternoon was amazing. I'm still not sure if a bluebird flew into the room and out like an X-Rated Disney flick or it was my imagination - either way a moment to remember…

    spanky1234 - Oct 05, 2014 ...I had met and partied with Jade on my first trip to the ranch 2 years ago. She has been my LRN bunny friend, I learned by paying attention to the woman’s needs. Jade is very honest and she take good care of clients…

    dpw70 - Oct 18, 2014 I was searching for the perfect lady for a girlfriend experience (GFE) party. It did not take long to decide that Jade was the one that I wanted to experience this with. I thought I would be nervous with seeing her in person but the completely opposite happened as I was comfortable with Jade from the second I laid eyes on her…

    dusty - Oct 22, 2014 May I say Ariana and Jade made my dream if having a two girl party. come true. these two woman are the bet. they now how and what to do. to make me feel so much like I was in heaven…

    tonyazitshot - Oct 27, 2014 ...Well, feeling me up was just one of several surprises she had in store for me. The best surprise however, was she had a threesome planned for me. Jade had drawn a hot bath prior to the start of the party. after our 1st hour, we took a short break and got in the tub sipping some wine. It was my first chance to get to know Lana. Meaning, we got to speak to one another.…

    Ankou_Reaper - Nov 03, 2014 Jade and I have partied alot before and have done a bunch of different parties. I had an idea of having a foreplay only party- no oral and no sex. Just kissing and touching.…

    Ankou_Reaper - Nov 03, 2014 Jade and I have been doing this now for two years so it's hard to review her. She's such a good friend I feel like there's no words that can do her justice. Jade's inner beauty is ten times better than her outer beauty and she's a 10... So her personality is a 100! Seriously you'll never meet a more sincere person than Jade…

    Ankou_Reaper - Nov 03, 2014 Oh boy what a party! The sex with these two amazing blondes was intense, everyone got off at least once. Jade was temporarily paralyzed by Bonnie's first ever delivery of a female orgasm. Jade then sat and watch Bonnie and I exchange very intense orgasms! .…

    cms - Nov 09, 2014 ...So there I am sitting waiting for Jade she comes out in a very sexy outfit (hardly appropriate for a restaurant) we go back to her room to talk since the lounge was loud. She starts seducing me and tells me she thought maybe we could have some fun prior to dinner I'm like alright then (like as if I would have said no to that offer :twisted: ), we took care of the business side first in the office and then we got into it. I mean she couldn't have surprised me in a more pleasant way than to do this before dinner…

    dusty - Nov 11, 2014 Jade I hope that you had the best BDAY ever. I so wish that I was able to book you on your day but if I know you there was not even time on your clock…

    dusty - Nov 12, 2014 Jade you have made so many of my dreams come true. you made my TWO girl party come true. and I'd love to tell you that I still dream about that day. there is not a day that go's by that I wish that I was in your beautiful arm's. I still remember our first date I seen you and my heart just melted.

    nationalgreg - Nov 16, 2014 I have the honor to party with Jade Capri for the 3rd time. She continues to amaze me. She has the deepest eyes, gorgeous smile, smoothest tan skin, softest lips, beautiful breasts & perfect butt…

    dusty - Tue Nov 18, 2014 I can see us arm and arm on a dance floor slowly dancing arm and arm's. I will and I hope that you will make this dream come true for me. just like all the other dreams you have made come true for me. thank you for being my friend I love you so much JADE.…

    Jac Bat - Tue Nov 18, 2014 Returning home after an awesome trip to the Love Ranch North and of course wanted to share some thoughts on parties with the Lovely Jade Capri ! Its always awesome to book a party or two or three or four with Jade ! She is a can't miss party who is lovely, sensous , sweet wonderfull woman that will make your heart pound with passion and a feeling of extasy from the moment you

    GA011 - Nov 28, 2014I've spent a lot of hours trying to understand why Jade makes me feel the way i do. The perfect answer is i can't explain it…

    clementine84 - Wed Dec 17, 2014 I decided it was time to explore one of his ultimate fantasies…a threesome... it was an AMAZING night! My husband and I are still arguing over who got the most attention…

    handjobnut - Fri Dec 26, 2014 Since I saw photos of Jade Capri and Ally James, I fantasized about having a party with both of them. We all communicated a few weeks before our party, and every communication was more erotic than the… My heart pounded as I entered the Love Ranch North…

    REVIEWS 2015

    Ankou_Reaper - Thu Jan 08, 2015 You had three very beautiful and very unique ladies in this one. Jade and I had done two girls before but Nikki and Roxanne were joining us for the first time. None of the three if them had played before so it was an interesting party as we didn't know if there would be a ton of chemistry…

    Ankou_Reaper - Thu Jan 08, 2015 I feel like all of these have been said over and over, by a lot of other reviews. So I'll say this. Jade is the lover of the year again because she's everything you need her to be and more. I don't have enough words for how amazing she is…

    dusty - Sat Jan 31, 2015 you make me feel like I am the only man in this world. you have done things for me I will never ever forget.…

    frozen - Fri Mar 13, 2015 Whether your new to this sort of thing or not you definitely would not regret meeting this woman. She aims to please and surpasses that constantly. As fair as her personality goes she's a ten, as for her appearance goes shes an 11 out of ten.…

    Chef - Sun Mar 15, 2015 A few moments after I arrived Jade appear and was even more gorgeous in person then her photos. We sat in the parlor and talked a little bit before going back to her room to discuss our party plans. My time with Jade was a fantastic experience, because she is such a classy, sweet, intelligent, and HOT beauty…

    cms - Tue Mar 17, 2015 It just so happens I messaged Jade and said in these exact words “So if I were to coincidentally be in Reno for the next couple of days what would you think of that” She thought I was kidding but when I told her I was already here she was shocked. She was like well what did you have in mind I was like I was wanting to do like an hour…

    B - Thu Apr 09, 2015 ( He had to delete his account for personal reasons) Great review B!!! Jade is everyone's 'EXECUTIVE SECRETARY" !!!!…

    piglet - Sun Apr 19, 2015 She is caring passionate and patient (God knows she has to be with me :oops: ) and so generous with her time even outside of the party environment she is a dream come true and bought to life. She is the secret I wish I could keep all to myself…

    dusty - Sat May 16, 2015 you are one very special lady. you came in just to party with me when you needed to be somewhere else. this truly mean a lot to me you taking out of your time to party with me...

    blackhawk - Fri Jun 05, 2015 Seven LONG months ago my doctor advised me to undergo curcumsision surgery. Jade in spite of how busy takes the time to be an understanding and caring friend . She told me to take my time and heal…

    John N Ga - Jun 28, 2015 Watching Jade undress is like no other experience!! She is a walking ,living,GODDESS!! We hugged, kissed, caressed till the anticipation couldn't go any longer! Jade always delivers a QUALITY, SATISFYING, SENSUAL party!…

    TheMarioGreymist - Sat Jul 11, 2015To be blunt, if I had a virgin son, I would take him to see her on his 18th birthday.That is not her only talents. From our discussions she can do more than that…

    chyrh - Jul 18, 2015I have to say that I made an awesome choice because the new lady was Jade Capri! I couldn't be happier now that I met and spent time with Jade! Jade was really easy to make a connection with. This really does make for a tremendous experience because it feels so natural and like you are making love not just having sex…

    tahoeGuy - Aug 03, 2015 I was telling myself damn why did I wait so long to come back and see this and I knew I was going to be in for a good time and she didn't disappoint!…

    em4nrop - Aug 25, 2015 she had on will be an image of beauty that I will never forget as long as I live! She truly made me feel like she cared about my pleasure and satisfaction. For the duration of our party, she was the perfect lover! Jade was the perfect choice for my first time…

    TiredFrog - Aug 26, 2015 Jade is just incredible at putting you at ease and making you feel welcome.
    I had brought dinner for us which we shared. Jade is soft, firm, sweet and kind, just the most incredible woman ever. Her kisses melt me and her touch

    redwood - Aug 27, 2015she said she would go get a couple of things that might help me feel better and drop them by my hotel. Jade is so caring and so nice. Not too many ladies who would do this for a client! …

    jshusker - Sep 08, 2015Jade is such a beautiful person it is truly a pleasurable experience to be with such a amazing woman it's no surprise that she gets lover of the month every month she really does care about her clients…

    zediego74 - Sep 08, 2015Besides her appearance, her inner beauty also attracted me. She treated me just like I am her beloved one and I felt very confident. She spent time chatting with me, listened to my story, and shared my feelings. She was so friendly and patient and never rushed…

    texdrifter - Sep 22, 2015How can I describe an evening with Jade in one word? Absolutely phenomenal. Okay so that is two words. She posses a positive energy that permeates the room and gets under your skin. From the moment she begins to speak she can put one at ease…

    dpw70 - Sep 22, 2015Jade the most beautiful female specimen of a human being that I have ever met. I thought I would be nervous with seeing her in person but the completely opposite happened as I was comfortable with Jade from the second I laid eyes on her…

    GA011 - Sep 22, 2015I've spent a lot of hours trying to understand why Jade makes me feel the way i do. The perfect answer is i can't explain it…

    kmn1234 - Sep 22, 2015I had the pleasure of meeting jade and let me just tell you will not be disappointed. an amazing body and a drop dead sexy smile…

    Edmond Dantes - Sep 22, 2015I didn't think it possibly could. But I was wrong. My time with Jade was better than I imagined. Jade is a beautiful and easygoing woman. She has a beautiful smile that you can get lost in.…

    Rooster - Sep 22, 2015 The whole time is not enough, but provides a peek at how a wonderful woman should feel. You will have this with Jade, a remarkable woman who I am forever grateful for…

    COUPLE OR - October 06 2015 We have been married for fifteen years and have been contemplating a threesome for some time but were unsure of the best way to go about it. We talked extensively about our fears, fantasies, and boundaries and knew that we wanted …

    Review - Oct 07, 2015 I never thought I would ever visit a brothel, let alone meet the girl of my dreams there. I also never thought I would return (it was supposed to be a one time thing) but I am already about to embark on my third trip…

    blueoval - Oct 10, 2015 Jade is fun to talk with and makes you feel comfortable right away. Everything went fantastic and can't wait to see her again…

    cpb - Oct 13, 2015 This was my fist trip to the Love Ranch and the first time I had ever had sex. Normally I am rather awkward around women but Jade managed to put me at ease immediately…

    Max Wood - Oct 13, 2015 This was my fist trip to the Love Ranch and the first time I had ever had sex. I was tired of going this long without having sex and decided to take matters into my own hands. A couple months before my trip, I contacted Jade and she responded and we began emailing back and forth. I made all the arrangements for my trip and finally the weeks went by and I flew out to Reno for my party. Jade only shows a few photos of her face, but let me assure you she was more beautiful in person.

    Avatar - Oct 14, 2015 When I arrived I met Jade Capri for the first time and I was instantly struck by how amazingly beautiful she is. Jade absolutely took all my stress away; I was even able to fulfill one of my favorite fantasies
    which made the party even better…

    FriskyJimmy29 - Oct 18, 2015Jade is a very kind and giving woman who truly appreciates and values her time with you. She is a giver by nature and has a big heart and will do the best she can to ensure your time with her is magical and unforgettable…

    cpb- Dec 8, 2015 Recently I had the good fortune to meet up with Jade Capri over at the LRN. We hit it off right away. She is smart, very astute, the consummate professional, and a genuinely lovely woman. Jade is at least as hot as she appears in her pictures, is in excellent physical shape, and has the finest booty I've ever seen.

    new2bayarea849 - Dec 17, 2015 I have been talking to Jade since long time now, but not so much after my last trip couple of years ago. This time it was rather a sudden trip. I did not have any plans and was being all by myself for the halloween weekend. On saturday afternoon suddenly I thought I would visit ranches for some fun because its been a long time.

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    JadeCapri Genuine•Embracing•Assisting conquer inadequacies

    AndyinReno775 - Jan 4, 2016 I'm a Carson City native, who has been frequenting the local ranches for almost 15 years. In that time I've had parties of all types, some amazing and some not as much. Tonight, I can proudly say that I've had the best party yet with Jade Capri. I've partied with her once in the past, which was quite the time, but I always wanted to have another longer party when I had a good opportunity. I'm moving out of the area soon, so wanted to have one more nice adventure at The Love Ranch before I left town. Fortunately enough, Jade was available.

    Broadhildt - Feb 26, 2016 Jade is a very established and well-reviewed courtesan at Love Ranch North. My words here will add little that is new except to provide another hearty endorsement of her services. I’m 41 and sexually very rusty. I chose Jade for several reasons. Obviously she’s very beautiful, with curves to please any man. But beyond that I liked what she has written about helping men like me.

    bamabert111 - Mar 30, 2016 i had met jade,one of the first times i started coming to ranch,she was so gorgeous then and is still gorgeous to this day,i was very nervous about talking to jade about partying,cause i thought a hot girl like jade wouldnt party with me,but me and her kept in contact,so finally i worked up the courage to party with her,im so glad i did

    ❥JohnGa - April 3, 2016 After deciding I would attend St Pats 2016, I contacted Jade that I would be attending and wanted to spend quality time with her. Time quickly passed and I was on my flight to Reno! After landing I texted Jade that I had arrived. We had planned an outdate to hike in Lake Tahoe.

    ❥Justthe2ofus - April 3, 2016 My wife and I have talked about having our first three some for years now and it just had never materialized for one reason or other. We’ve had threesomes in the past with other people but this would be our first as a married couple. We talked about our fears, concerns, and about our desires and what we wanted out of the experience.

    Crimson - Jun 3, 2016 In my previous encounters with Jade, I had found her to be a generous kind-hearted woman with an amazing supply of patience. She loves to laugh and to make others laugh with her. I've also enjoyed some rather amazing parties with her. Jade is rather creative, enjoys experimenting with different positions and has a touch of kink...

    allen65 - Jun 4th, 2016 I have so many good things to say about Jade Capri I don't know where to begin but I also want to say a few words to anyone out there that may be having trouble deciding to make their first visit.

    ❥ dreamscometrue Oct 1, 2016 You are a wonderful human being, a very strong person, and greatest person I have ever known.

    Pridefc1 - Oct 28, 2016 they were my two naughty strippers! And we'll they both have multiple talents that wore me out!

    SATISFIEDWIFE - Dec 8, 2016 I have never kissed or had any experience with another woman, before Jade that is! Listen up ladies, if this is one of your husband’s fantasies, to watch you with another woman and to experience it together, Jade will make you feel completely comfortable and connected.

    Todd - Dec 29, 2016 I would recommend Jade 110% if you are looking for a great lady to spend time with.

    ❥ CLAYTAHOE - Jan 5, 2017 Intimate and marvelous on every level. I highly, highly recommend her and can’t wait to go back

    ❥ Couples Review - Jan 10, 2017 My wife and I have talked about having our first three some for years now and it just had never materialized for one reason or other

    ❥ SatisfiedWife - Jan 10, 2017 Listen up ladies, if this is one of your husband’s fantasies, to watch you with another woman and to experience it together, Jade will...

    ❥ RUSTY1 - Jan 26, 2017 What a woman ! Kind, caring , beautiful and sexy as hell. Jade made my 1st trip to Love Ranch memorable in so many ways.

    ❥DesertRose - Feb 10, 2017 She's so gorgeous. I was so excited to get to taste that shhh, don't tell her I told you that.

    ❥ MysterMark - Feb 15, 2017 Jade a more angelic, dream-like appearance as the song "Hallelujah" played in my head… and then it became “Oh Yeah” from Ferris Bueller. It was almost like a scene from a movie, except without the slow motion.

    ❥ jakester - Feb 21, 2017 What went on afterward was a little bit of a blur but she directed me at certain stages and suggested activities which I was happy to "follow

    ❥ SDJ, Mar 11, 2017 It's a challenge to say something unique or insightful about Jade at this point. "Va-va-voom" is terribly undignified and "classy and elegant"

    ❥ Broadhildt - Mar 11, 2017 A form of virginity I didn't know I had, there’s some room for a friendship and level of interpersonal comfort. I feel I’ve found that with Jade and I’m grateful. She’s an incredible asset to the ranches.

    ❥ John N Ga - Mar 20, 2017 We slowly met at the foot of the bed , kissed one another, caressed tenderly. I then placed my face between four of the best boobies!! Afterward, we laughingly climbed on the bed to begin our fun.

    ❥ NtdFsu - Mar 28, 2017 and you think your prepared to met her from seeing all her pictures, but guys when she walked out to meet me she was even more breath taking beautiful in person I was stunned she is so charming and sweet and elegant.

    ❥ John N Ga - Apr 1, 2017 Soon, we were in the middle of one of the most intense sessions I can ever remember having with her.

    ❥ Aaronob31 - Apr 15, 2017 Jade offers an experience that can seldom be matched...rather it only exemplifies my point when I say that very few hold a candle to Jade Capri

    ❥ Nonpoint Apr 13, 2017 I came in asking for a "girlfriends experience", but I believe that "best of both worlds" sums up this party more accurately. Jade and Ruby are more than just a couple of pretty faces.

    ❥ Sakaki, Apr 18, 2017 But most importantly she has a great personality she is joking and funny and she is very nice and generous

    ❥ Handjobnut Apr 21, 2017 I knew that my birthday celebration needed to begin with three of the most amazing and beautiful ladies I have ever met at the Love Ranch. I have partied with Jade, Casey and Ruby previously, and shared my ultimate birthday fan..

    ❥ lover5 Apr 29, 2017 We had a explosive time that both of us will remember for a long time. She is all that and then some Thank You Jade you are a sweetheart and anyone who has not seen her do yourself the favor


    ❥ MeanColMustard,May 13, 2017 Her body is an extravagance, but her smile is warm and approachable. I had asked Jade essentially just to walk me through the basics, as I had been out of the dating game for a good long while.

    ❥ shyguy1969, Jun 5, 2017 I decided right away that I would treat myself to a what I hoped would be an unforgettable sexual experience at a brothel with a true professional.

    ❥ dreamscometrue, Jun 19, 2017 8th We took our time waking up and we went did, the fun started all over again. Again, it was an amazing time. Last night was perfect. Utterly perfectly perfect.

    dreamscometrue, Jun 19, 2017 7th ...her arms again and feeling was like something that no word can possibly describe.

    dreamscometrue, Jun 19, 2017 9th I swear, we get to talking and neither one of us has the ability to shut up and I love it!

    ❥ Grand Dad Gone Wild, Jul 14, 2017 All I would like to say is Miss Jade exceeded All My Expectations very generous with her time

    ❥ Just Another Guy, Jul 15, 2017 She has all the features that makes her have something ideal for any man's taste- beauty, ass, breasts, curves...the best part of Jade is that she really did give me the complete experience

    ❥ FriskyJimmy29, Jul 21, 2017 Jade is a sweet, giving and kind hearted woman who remembers her clients well.

    ❥ Spartan Fan, Jul 26, 2017 As good as I instinctively knew it would be, it was so far surpassed by the reality of what it turned out to be.

    ❥ JC04978, Aug 5, 2017 She makes you feel so comfortable and is a genuinely a great person. If you are thinking about partying with this beautiful young lady, do so.

    JC04978, Aug 30, 2017 Jade has always been awesome and this time was no different. She has an amazing body and is a perfect lover.

    ❥ spanky1234, Oct 8, 2017 I have known Jade as long as I have been visiting the ranches. She has the curves of a beautiful woman...sweet personality and always sweet with everyone.

    ❥ LuvUShortTime, Nov 12, 2017
    I will say that Jade is calming yet energetic, passionate, adventurous, intuitive, caring, instructive, and all-around masterful in bed.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
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  4. JadeCapri
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    JadeCapri Genuine•Embracing•Assisting conquer inadequacies

    Keeping this post for future updates :)

    Last edited: Sep 20, 2017
  5. Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    Great idea! Thank you !
    [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif]
  6. Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    As we say in Midwest farm country, "She's good people".
  7. JadeCapri
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    JadeCapri Genuine•Embracing•Assisting conquer inadequacies

    Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    You are very welcome OG :D
  8. JadeCapri
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    Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    :D :D CNS
  9. JadeCapri
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    Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    That is something I will look forward to. [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  10. Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    You know Cas, its one of the most fascinating things about Jade. Through out the course of the time leading up to my trip, whenever I told other ladies I'd already booked with Jade, the response was always "Jade, I LOVE Jade !!" and their response to the V thing "I'm so happy for HER !" (how does one respond to that ? Yeah, too LOL !!).

    Granted, all the ladies are respectful of each other and if you tell them you've already booked they are good about wishing you well and inviting you to stop & say hi.

    But for her coworkers to consistently give that kind of enthusiastic endorsement of a lady its really unusual.

    But if you go there, you'll see why. Jade kind of plays big sister to all the ladies and the way she watches out for them, checks on if they are okay, gives advice to the younger girls, she's pretty doting.

    Frankly, if you didn't know any better you'd think the rest of the ladies really were her sisters. She just cares a lot about people and has a big heart.
  11. Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    Jade sure is amazing, especially when we did our 2 girl party together, it was incredible. She is one exotic women.
  12. JadeCapri
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    JadeCapri Genuine•Embracing•Assisting conquer inadequacies

    Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    You can say that we are like sisters. We do stay long period of time here so it's like a big family... Although my sister wouldn't agree 100% with you or the ladies :mrgreen: :lol: . I am pretty though with them. But it's all out of love. I just want the best for my own sisters and for my borrowed sisters here. [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] [smilie=i love you1.gif]
  13. JadeCapri
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    Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    Cindi you are so much fun to play with!! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  14. Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    That sounds like a FUN party !
    [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif]
  15. JadeCapri
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    JadeCapri Genuine•Embracing•Assisting conquer inadequacies

    Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    It was was [smilie=hot over you.gif]
  16. nataliaqing
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    nataliaqing Well-Known Member

    Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    Agreed they are sweet and beautiful!
  17. nataliaqing
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    nataliaqing Well-Known Member

    Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

  18. Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    Coolio ! As a legislative political staffer at the state level, wheelin and dealin was what I enjoyed most and the word "Agreed" was music to my ears. Time to call the Speaker and tell him to pound the gavel, we just came to a consensus LOL !!
  19. nataliaqing
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    nataliaqing Well-Known Member

    Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    Agreed it does sound like a fun party!
  20. JadeCapri
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    Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI REVIEWS ♡♥♡

    awww....thank you Kimberly!!! You are awesome too. Even though we won't have a review of our party I would like to mention it. You are super hot and he was very very happy, Thank you. [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  21. nataliaqing
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    nataliaqing Well-Known Member


    Great idea to put all your reviews in one place.

    I've had fun poking around and reading your ranch reviews for the past few days. I'm not surprised they're all good ones.

    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

    Having met Jade in person I cannot say I am surprised at this either Jill. I was not able to sleep last night so I started reading through reviews on both of you and it confirmed with I've begun to suspect for some time now.

    While the you and Jade might have been born in different hemispheres, you are very much cut from the same quality material. You both believe in treating people the right way, you both have a genuine concern for people, you both help the other ladies, and you both are all round beautiful people.

    Where it not for the fact that it would ruin the fantasy for me if true, I would half wonder if you were sisters LOL !!
  24. JadeCapri
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    JadeCapri Genuine•Embracing•Assisting conquer inadequacies


    I have to say the same thing about yours Jill. I have read and see quite interesting things about you.

    jade your so cool:)
  26. JadeCapri
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    Re: ♡♥♡ JADE CAPRI COLLECTION OF REVIEWS ♡♥♡ ruin fantasies here Mike :mrgreen:
    I will take this comment as a compliment. She is one of a kind. [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

    Thanks for your kind words, Mike. Jade is awesome and I'm flattered to be compared with her!

    NP, I just call it how I see it. You two's personalities so bright, I gotta wear shades to be in the same room with you.
  29. JadeCapri
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    JadeCapri Genuine•Embracing•Assisting conquer inadequacies


    He is not the only one one Jill to find similar things about us. I am also flattered.
  30. JadeCapri
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    JadeCapri Genuine•Embracing•Assisting conquer inadequacies


    I have shades for you Mike. No problema. :twisted:
  31. nataliaqing
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    nataliaqing Well-Known Member


    Love your reviews, Jade! You take such good care of each gentleman and it shows with all of your positive reviews! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] [smilie=i love you1.gif]
  32. JadeCapri
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    Thank you so much Natalia. I think we all here outdo our self at the Love Ranch. I love that people feel so comfortable and welcome here. You know that you have treat people right when they want to make their way back and this is rewarding for me to see an feel it. Thank you all so much for coming back. You are here to see me or any one of the ladies, make your self at home. [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

  33. JadeCapri
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    Thank you Malika. I do have loyal clients. It make me feel good that they want to come back. [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] Nice pic btw.
  34. JadeCapri
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    Some pictures for you [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]



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