REVIEW Simply put, Remy is the Mother of all Bombs!

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    Your truly, Down South Lover:

    My experience with Remy started with me contacting the ranch for another lady. To my luck, She was not available until later in the month of April 2018. Then I scrolled through the ladies on multiple sites with Dennis Hof's collection and I found Remy. Truthfully, I was not impressed or aroused by the first 4/5 photos on the site, and then I scrolled further in and found some real-positive hope. I navigated further, and there were some hot photo's. I contacted Remy, she answered back almost immediately, I was impressed.

    We arranged for a Friday for a few hours, we texted back and forth a little over the next few days. This way I could get a little idea of her personality, before I had requested more hours for a great relaxing Friday night. Her communication leading up during the week was very, very good.

    I got to the Ranch at 7:00 on a Friday night, Remy came out few minutes later and I literally could not believe what was happening. Remy was absolutely gorgeous, She had on a nice short skirt, heels, with bikini top and the full scale seduction was on. I had zero chance, we drank some Tequila shots at the bar for about 40 minutes. We went to the back she asked how I felt about an overnight in Reno at my hotel. That was that, she told me how much and it was a done deal!

    Took the limo to Reno, had a nice dinner, great conversation. During my time with Remy that night - I was the only thing in her universe. She paid attention to me, as we snuggled in the limo, dinner, held my hand, she listened and she shared. It was beyond great, it was like some dream date you only see in some movie.

    Back to suite at the hotel, our cloths were coming off in no time, it was late about 11:30Pm Next three and half hours was straight pure magic, plain and simple. Remy is smooth, she navigated with what I wanted, and it was like she knew before I did. We dozed off sometime in the night about 3:00AM. In the morning, I got up around 6:30AM and I could not believe how this beautiful lady was next to me and she said "hey"! She has this gorgeous smile. She just waited for me to do what I wanted, it was back to my home in the
    southern territories for the next few hours.

    Around 9:00AM we showered and the Limo was on the way to pick us up. Remy asked me for a referral of our overnight experience and I literally had to waited 3 weeks to clear my head. I was on a cloud for the first 14 days after my Remy overnight, I was seduced and I knew it. The last time this happen was 1988
    my brother took me see AC/DC in Concert and they blew the roof off the place. I never in a million years thought I could feel the way again, and for that! Remy, you are a living legend, a bad ass, who is 100% women, and I for one Salute you FOREVER!

    Of course, I already booked another overnight with the legend that is Remy for May 2018.
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    RemyMartin Cum get a sip!!!!

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    RemyMartin Cum get a sip!!!!

    No matter if you've spent time with me already or not, email me now to craft the Remy Martin experience of a lifetime, and lets share the treasured memories we make together!
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