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  1. Well, by now all the superlatives have been used. So I've got to use some analogies. If you're going to party with Remy, you better just buckle up and tighten your seatbelt just like you would in a '63 vette because, my friend, you are in for one wild ride!!! With that sleek, stunning body just grab tight and hold on for dear life. This past weekend was no different. As usual, I arrived on Thursday - a day early so that I could prepare for what I expected to be -and boy was I right-another awesome weekend with Remy my ATF. The lady is so energetic, and full of surprises you just have to prepare because you never know where the ride will take you. As usual, she totally exceeded my high expectations. We had the entire weekend planned. So, I pulled up to the Love Ranch right on time with a bag of candy for the ladies. About two minutes later out came thr stunning Miss Martin. We were going to go to dinner in town, but decided to put that off to the next night. Instead, we decided to join the others at the Brothel Crawl. We enjoyed marching from house to house until we visited all four houses. We eventually made it to the Bunny Bar and enjoyed the festivities including meeting many people and enjoying the entertainment. After that it was back to te Love Ranch to really enjoy the rest of the evening and most of the early morning with Remy doing all sorts of naughty things to me. Well, Saturday night couldn't get here fast enough for me. With a 6:10 a.m. flight on Sunday, We decided to do an overnight at the Ranch. Again I arrived a little early. We went into Carson for a fabulous dinner with the absolute best company a man could possibly have. After dinner, it was back to the Ranch to change into our costumes for Dennis's party. Believe me, Remy was a knockout in her corset, booty shorts and fishnet stockings!!! I almost didn't want to go to the party. It seemed everyone wanted to stop and talk to this lovely lady!(it made me feel so lucky to be with her) Anyway it was back to the Ranch.On the ride, Remy had what turned out to be a marvelous suggestion - what about a two girl she said to me. I finally said "why not" Remy went to the phone and made a call. After a drink and about 10 minutes in came Entice from the Bunny Ranch. she stayed for about an hour, and really added to what was a great weekend. After he time with us, she left me and Remy to enjoy the rest of the evening - which I know I certainly did. I would really like to thank Entice for the time she shared with us, and Remy for making the suggestion which we all agreed to follow up on the next time we can all get together ( which won't be until at least March or April when Remy returns. All in all, I really enjoyed my ride in the vette, and certainly plan to do it again.
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    Wow, I must say I love the analogy!!!!
    I had a wonderful time with you to babe, as always, I look forward to our next adventure [smilie=heart fill with love.gif].
    Thank you @Entice Love for joining us [smilie=hot over you.gif], until next time[smilie=heart fill with love.gif].
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    No matter if you've spent time with me already or not, email me now to craft the Remy Martin experience of a lifetime, and lets share the treasured memories we make together!
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