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Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, May 12, 2006.

  1. Ck out the

    Truth be told post.

    I am always curious about this

    Should a small amount of negativity be allowed on the Bunny Board?

    My rule has been not to have any, should we allow some drama to spice it up or just say no.

    This is an important issue for me, share your feelings.
  2. i heart dennis :lol:
  3. well... seeing how I was targeted with some drama a few months ago on false pretenses... I would have to say it sux... but you do see true colors during times like that. Also Dennis if it hurts your business in anyway I say that crap has to go. Like me and my women pix... I stil cant believe tards came in looking for these women... and I said these were chix I hooked up with...even though it did stroke my ego !! :twisted: :twisted: damn im smooth!! But that was way unintentional..
    Drama comes and goes its entertaining at times.. but when it gets to personal attacks thats just wrong. my buddy Dean1980 isnt comming on the baords anymore cause of it. And thats another subject of drama in of itself. thats pretty easily debunked. Its kinda like a Jerry Springer show sometimes... What ever you decide Dennis I personally will stand behind it.
  4. Its all up to you...yet when its on i think certain ppl need to fess up to what they did. No reason to start acting psycho just because attention was lost on that certain individual. There is enough love on here for everyone and some. Thats all i have to say. THERE IS ONLY ONE OF ME....DENNIS YOU KNOW THAT!
  5. While I tend to be a lover not a fighter, I can understand the your point of not allowing negativity on the board Dennis, however, I think trying to prevent the negativity could lead to problems such as overmoderation, favoritism towards certain posters and the like. I think when there's negativity between two or more people in a thread/post, it should be allowed to play out up to the point of either resolution, or things get so out of hand (threats against a person as an example) then the thread needs to be locked.

    The people here are all adults, regardless of whether they act that way or not. As adults, they ought to have learned by now how to intelligently debate a point, have a constructive disagreement with another person, and ultimately, realize that you can't agree with everyone everytime on every subject. Were it me, I'd keep an eye out and let people settle things amongst themselves before stepping in the middle and solving it for them.
  6. Dennis,
    While the drama threads r fun to read and check back on..I prefer them to center on someone coming in and being an ass. It really bothers me when they attack the Bunny's. (this is not the case in this thread)
    Being in the adult entertainment business is hard enough (family issue, moral crap, society) with out having to come on line judging you and your life choices..just saying
    Not sure what this one was about. Or why people are pretending to be another (if this is what happened)
    Ultimately the choice is up to you and the bunny's who post on here..
  7. Dennis.......

    First ...I am glad you initiated a separate much as I had an urge to drop in on the 'Truth be told post'....with things of a personal truly is none of my business....unless something is directed at ole sweet William....

    And I notice that none of this negativity surfaces when you are involved..unlike another board we know and love....and Bunny Board Bob.....equally commands respect....he is I believe working hard with this board....and you....are paying for it...

    I have been around this board earlier than most..and remember when we just had email....and I think I have garnered a small smidgen of respect here...

    I don't participate in a lot of the topics....but find all of them of value and worth.....and funny, and sometimes sad(in a good way), when people need support here..but when feelings are hurt intentionally or untruths spread....and certainly this does become obvious....that is unfortunate

    And you, Bob, I and others know why this board was established.....and I certainly want more participation by the bunnies and posters so that I can come to know them better....and have fun...

    And some drama does electify the board..along with the other topics....but......

    And I don't know how much is too have kept a pretty level hand....

    But.......I costs money to provide this board....your money

    It is always your decision......I just wish the names and personal attacks would end up in the PM arena....if that is necessary...

    Anyway.....I will see you soon...and hopefully will be at Bunny Love's party June 2.....and hope to have dinner with you.....

    My two cents.....

  8. D,
    This is a Marketing Tool for your Business.There really is no room for excess Drama.I think I know a bit of the back story but as your Friend I'm not going to get involved as I graduated 6th Grade long ago(well,after 2 years).It's a bit like Disneyland allowing People in the Park to pull Mickey's Dick or tell Minnie that Goofy is Fucking around on Her..........
  9. I don't know Dennis, I would hate to see this board get as crazy as the BOB board is. That site is nothing but asses & elbows 24/7 LOL. You allow all that negativity on this board & the haters will start coming out of the wood work. Then again it's your board to do with as you please what do you think ?
  10. Big D - I'm glad you created a thread for this.

    All of the negative posts bother me, and I occasionally have to take a break from the board when things get out of hand. But if you "outlaw" negative posts, then things can go the other way, and people might feel hesitant to post things that may be misinterpreted or offend somebody. I would suggest letting the board stay as it is - but having a stronger presence (not necessarily you yourself, but a designate) to keep things from getting out of control.

    And if someone does have to get the boot, make it public, otherwise people may just think that they left of their own accord. Next time someone gets out of line - make an example out of them. Feed them to Frank!!!
  11. Frank will eat the mean ones!!


    This is a board the bunnies feel protected.... lets leave it that way.
  12. I have read some negative posts on here and they don't phaze me too much unless I'm involved.

    I think people need to read the TOS (terms of service) more closely before they even post here on the message boards. I, myself am a moderator for another message board, and an administrator for another, and I don't put up with the b.s.

    I think it should work like this:

    Cause any negativity on the board-get a warning

    cause any negativity on the board again-another warning and/or possible ban from the message boards depending on the severity of the situation.

    cause yet more negativity-ban
  13. truth be told

    to tell you the truth because you want the truth to be told, if we let any negativity in, even just a little, it will snowball into a big huge snowstorm that no one will be able to see thru. so the answer is NO. leave that stuff at bobs.
  14. Re: truth be told

    I agree with mum
  15. Re: truth be told

    Yep,just like I said.Pulling Mickey's Dick.(Is that what you meant,My Dear?)
  16. I agree it kills me when someone makes a nasty remark.

    I am very protective of the girls, if someone makes a remark it public they will have their hands full.
  17. Re: truth be told

    I always agree with Mum.


    Fun wins again.
  18. I dont think so, just simply because people like to come to the internet and message boards to get away from the drama in real life. People come here because its fun to chat with the bunnies and with you and just relax. Its like having a cup of coffee with friends you dont always have to talk about the drama in life.
  19. We so agree, I don't want negativity in my life, I hate drama and will not be around people that bring it into my world.

    What people don't understand is this, they think they can hide behind a handle or ip and not be made accountable for their words, I have and will prove otherwise again.

  20. chronic smoke

    i dont think you should piss off or upset any of your hot ass bunnies cause if somebody is saying something negative about them its probably bullshit anyway
  21. I suck...
  22. In your case I think that is a positive.

    The only thing negative about you sucking is that your not sucking me, NOW!!

    Give a guy a break its mother's day, I could use some.
  23. chronic smoke

    dennis hook me up with that smoking girl simone sinclaire
  24. Re: chronic smoke

    She is much hotter than her pics to.

    This is a must party, two thumbs up.
  25. Tell D to come home, FUCK FRAMA AND HATE.

    ask him to pm or call me I want to hear more.
  26. Yes, Princess...but I believe you'll outgrow it...

    ...on the other hand... :p

    Milspec :D
  27. Yay! I'm a princess here too!
  28. Good for you!

    Dennis, it's nice to know the girls are safely in your hands! :)

    Milspec :D
  29. It is a huge positive... :lol:

    Have you ever gotten head from a Princess before?
  30. There is no doubt that the Posting Ettiquette should be followed by our posters and enforced by our moderators. Why have moderators if they aren't going to enforce proper ettiquette? There is never any call for personal attacks on this, or for that matter any other, board. A personal attack is childish in its nature. It shows that an individual lacks the intelligence to properly express their opinion and accept a dissenting viewpoint.
    As for adversarial debate, I believe that is a good thing from time to time. It forces an individual to use their intelligence to support their position on a topic and if done so properly, will enhance the intelligence of those who follow the debate. Disagreements are very natural. The key is to know how to disagree respectfully, showing the other party the same level of respect and courtesy that you require receiving. Just because someone disagrees with your position on a given subject, it does not mean they are wrong. It does not mean you are wrong either. The differences in each of us are to be embraced and celebrated, not rideculed and attacked. Consider this scenario. If all of the bunnies were the same in every manner, looks, size, shape, intelligence, beliefs, ideals, how much business would the ranch really have? Variety is what makes the ranch successful. We need to enjoy that same variety in our fellow posters on the board.
  31. You're a princess anywhere...sweetheart! :)

    I just miss the dramalama... :p

    Milspec :D
  32. The dramallama is with me always... Not to worry...
  33. You have said this the best I have seen and I totally agree with you.

    I will copy this and send it to the mods.

  34. It makes want to teach the World to sing and buy it a fuckin' Coke.........
  35. Sound like its Bunny Banging time again for you.

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