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  1. Ms. Monday Jones, more then just a sex-worker ...

    This cheeky Mistress has openly lived a queer, kinky, taboo, unconventional lifestyle in the realm of BDSM and non-monogamy before having words for it. Monday has a lifetime of experience, knowledge and education in the world of holistic techniques that she has developed into her own style of somatic therapy. She blends bodywork, Reiki, Sexology, lifestyle coaching, plant medicine, tantric, holistic hip & pelvic care, talk therapy, fitness, psychic empathy and Female lead BDSM as a Somatic Practitioner & Shamanatix.

    Monday expresses her esoteric craft not only through her somatic practice but also in an array, of artistic mediums as an adult entertainer and producer. Owning her own production company; Hard Point LLC has given an outlet to publicly share her photography, short films, written erotica, and host events as a public performer.

    Monday has willingly provided specialized counsel to the community with one to one and group settings, offering hands-on and virtual sessions and/or teachings as a professional for over the last 12 years.

    Ms. Monday Jones is truly a modern day renaissance woman and talented light & shadow worker that does not ignore the element of sex and utilities it as a tool for ultimate transformation.

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    randyryder Pure heart with a dirty mind!

    Thanks for sharing! I love the video

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