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Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Navydiver66, Sep 23, 2021.

  1. So it didn't take long with my addiction before I felt the need to return to the Bunny Ranch... I just couldn't get AF Amy out of my dreams. So.. after about two weeks I decided to make another trip but, there was something else I was feeling. This wasn't a need but a want... I wanted another threesome.

    The last time I was at the ranch Amy surprised me with Hannah... sweet Hannah. It did knock something off the bucket list but, I wanted more. I wasn't prepared that time... I was was going to be ready this time (or so I thought).

    I've been cruising the forum...y'all know... Looking for that perfect fit. My problem is I love women... all types, shapes, and sizes... Blue eyes, Brown eyes and even Green eyes like mine. The Ranch has them all... All the flavors. No, this time I was looking for something in particular. I was looking for something that you don't generally see in a picture. There is an aura or glow some women have that transcend the norm.

    I saw that in Amy...and I saw that in... Pantera. Now there are others... don't get me wrong. She was not the only one I identified with that gift. In fact I see it a lot in the girls at the Ranch but, Pantera's glow was almost blinding. I was mesmerized at her "take a bite" picture for so long, I didn't "come to" until after my computer went into sleep mode.

    I had to see if Amy would be willing to share her with me. In fact... if you look back you will see me pleading with my goddess on Pantera's post for a chance to be with her.

    Well, It didn't take long... I received a jovial message from Amy stating I was like a "Kid in a candy store"and agreed to start making the arrangements for a fun filled three day excursion. I originally planned the first day to be with Amy only but... there was a schedule conflict. Pantera would be introduced into the fray on day 1... Now I'm in trouble. No warm up for the Diver... your headed to the big leagues NOW.

    This is my review of Day 1 of 3 (Amy and Pantera):

    So I met Amy at the Ranch and we waited at the bar. Amy hadn't seen Pantera yet, I was early (as usual) so Amy and I chatted about things until Pantera showed up...then it happened. Pantera walked up to the bar and as Amy went to introduce me I froze. I'm not sure how else to describe it... This woman is absolutely gorgeous. I can't remember what all was said...I was stunned. I remember Pantera going to do something first and then she would join us... that's all.

    Amy noticed my distraction and took my hand to lead me back to her room for negotiations. Like a trooper she was keeping me on track. As usual the negotiation was settled and Amy was just giddy knowing I was about to have a great time. She knows me too well... she can work me up and calm me down at will.

    So just as I was starting to get comfortable and ready to go... in walks Pantera... and well I'm a bumbling idiot again. She entered the room in a short ..short black just covered her derriere and was mostly open in the front down to her waist were it was secured by a single knot. My eyes are glued to everything she has to offer. I am have feelings of unworthiness... how do I deserve this... my god... am I nuts?... Enter my savior once again... Amy. Realizing I have "locked up" she does the one thing to bring me back to reality. She calls me by name and as I turn my head what do I see... Amy is on the bed...naked...with her legs (and other things) spread and is gyrating her hips. The power that woman has over me is astounding (and scary). Well gentlemen with that maneuver the Diver was back in action and going deep. Amy and I had some fun... a little of this and a little of that... all the while Pantera was commenting on how well we are together... which was just the queue I needed to reorganize and bring Pantera on to the bed with us. Now this day Pantera did not get all the attention she deserved... that I hopefully made up for on day 3 but... I will tell you she tastes absolutely fantastic and fits so perfectly it was unreal at times. She even came up with a position that was so incredible that Amy and I tried it... and ended with the same result...WOW!!

    Now when Amy and Pantera doubled up on me I was in heaven. there were times I actually "whited out" where my pupils dilated and I felt sparks going up my spine. The endorphin rush was incredible with Pantera on my lower half and Amy smothering me with that magnificent "wonder pussy" of hers. Even when there was a "break" something was going on...Amy realized I was dehydrated (who wouldn't be) and blessed me with some "Pantera time" while she fetched water and red bull. Pantera played maid between sessions doing wipe downs and rubber change outs.Two full hours of being in the presence of these goddesses made me feel like a roman god myself.

    Now I could go on with more details but to be honest... writing about this has brought something up that needs to be taken care of...and in all reality.... Stop reading about this shit and go do it for yourself... Get up with Amy and Pantera and book them together. You will not regret it and it is worth it.... Do This one thing for yourself.

    If I deserved it... you damn sure do.
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  2. Ahhh @Navydiver66 you do wonders for women but ESPECIALLY for me! I am seriously actually having dreams about you at night, nice wet ones too. You have done a number on me baby! My last ride with you on day three was incredibly mind blowing! I have not orgasmed THAT far up inside my body for quite some years. The kind that leaves me contracting after that fact and curled up on the floor in the fetal position because all the contractions knotted up my insides so deeply. It takes quite a huge love muscle to get me to contract that deeply that strongly and unforgivingly amazing. Wowza baby!

    Day 2 in Virginia City was a real treaty for me to be sen with such handsome guy as you. Your kind gentlemanly ways left an etch on heart too!

    Butchie loves his cat toy and already destroyed the bird/mousy thing- it's dead. :cool: Thank you!:D

    I'm still chewing my Air Heads gum with a big ol shit eating grin on my face today. Thank you @Navydiver66

    Thank you my love, I can't wait to see were this wild ride goes next!

    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=hot over you.gif][smilie=i love you1.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=hot over you.gif]

    Thank you My Love!!
  3. You keep that up and you'll make my head swell... and not the one you like to play with... well ok.. both will swell.
  4. Well deserved praise my love. More than well deserved! You've swooned and smittened me. And left me giddy like a school girl and full of awestruck lust!
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    I don't deserve a party like this! :( It sounds like it was a good time! :)
  6. pantera
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    pantera Well-Known Member

    Omfg! I love this review so much!! So hot! I love how you remember every detail. I’m so glad you guys let me have fun with you. I’ll remember this party forever! Can’t wait til next time [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  7. Well I hope you like the next one too... I still got to write about Day 3. You are much more deserving than just what I wrote... You and Amy drained and refilled my spirit multiple times that day and I feel Day 3 was unbelievably better.[smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  8. I think day three was the last nail in the coffin named 'you wore me out in a good way". I can die happy now.... he he.
  9. Don't you dare die... I'm not done with you yet[smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  10. Duly noted my friend and lover! [smilie=happy.gif]:p[smilie=hot over you.gif]

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