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  1. So how does it feel to be wanted all around the world...It seems as though Dennis has infiltrated homes everywhere and now all the soccer moms now want the "Big Daddy" of the Bunny Ranch!! I know I wouldn't mind taking a crack at him!
  2. You are too cute!!! Infiltrated.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Dennis, the soccer mom's of America have spoken...
  3. Dear Amber mae,
    And I am sure, Dennis would like to take a crackle at you also.
  4. I have never been a soccer fan, but as of this post


    Is this like th ethe MILF thing?
  5. Yeah I guess u could say that!! Just one of those housewives that long for the pleasure that we deserve and from what I've seen on your show and posted throught the chat rooms - you could teach the men a thing or two. I'm the one that emailed u about a week ago wondering where men like u were when I lived in Nevada and have never orgasmed with man -so you can see where the desire could come from.
  6. I remember the mail, how are you?

    You know your teasing me with the "never had an orgasm" don't you.

    You bad girl, be a pleaser, not a teaser. you will be bleesed with the big O.
  7. I'm doing well thank you. Just so that you know I'm not a teaser I've learned -very well I might add-how to be a pleaser! I guess I figured out that if I'm not going to orgasm someone should.
  8. Everyone should have a lot of orgasm's. The world needs more orgasm's.

  9. I agree- no fakes allowed. That can get slightly irritating. Try a vibrator if all else fails.

  10. Do you still use the one with the weed eater motor on it?

  12. Re: WEED WACKER?

    Be very nervous!!!!
  13. Well I guess I could - but I've never used one of those either.. Guess I figured that if the real thing couldn't do it then a vibrator couldn't either.
  14. Oh my...

    and pick up a vibrator my friend!!! I do not know of anyone who hasn't enjoyed playing with one.

    Many woman use a vibrator when they can't climax with their partner. You never know..... your husband/boyfriend may really enjoy watching you do it (and then he may learn HOW to give you an O) or he may get hot and horny by using it on you.

    Oral sex with a toy for penetration is incredible.

    I highly recommend it.

    Good luck and happy orgasm's....

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  16. I love it!!!! [smilie=hi ya!.gif] [smilie=hi ya!.gif] [smilie=call me.gif] [smilie=call me.gif] [smilie=call me.gif] [smilie=call me.gif] [smilie=call me.gif] [smilie=i love you1.gif]
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    Agreed hehe :lol:
  18. This thread is awesome. :)
  19. :lol: :lol: i Love this POST :mrgreen:

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