D & The Bunnies in Chicago

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Chicago....

    Hey Dennis,

    I didn't know you were going to be so close to my home.......I wish I could see you while your out east........

    Hope to come back soon......

    Lexi Jay......
  2. ??

    Well, how are you doing so far away from home? We miss you and can't wait till you get back... It's never the same without you Big Daddy :twisted:
  3. Re: ??

    It will wils as hell tonight, you know how the Bunny's do it.

    See you noon tomorrow.
  4. chicago party tonite

    I just got off the phone with bunny and she was getting ready for the party tonight in chicago. have fun bunny, brooke and savanah. see you bunnies real soon.
  5. Hope you are all having fun in Chicago. We miss you a lot!
  6. ??

    Everyone is going to be home for the 4th of July aren't you? I miss you, hurry back.

    Licks and Kisses,
    Mia Morgan
  7. It was great to meet you and the grrls Dennis, while you were here in Chicago. Thanks for all the hospitality. U sure know how to throw a wild bash.
    Can't wait to cum out and be a BUNNY.
    Melissa aka americanhotgrrl
  8. ??

    Wow, your going to be a "Bunny". Hope to meet you soon... 8)
  9. hoppin with the Bunnies in Chicago

    Hey there, Dennis and the Bunnies are welcome back to Chicago ANYTIME!!! It was wild, fun and hot partying with you guys.
    Can't wait to see you again, maybe I'll be out to the Ranch sooner than later!!
  10. What a party!!

    The club was huge and it was packed with people.

    We even ran into amhotgirl and she hot and fun as hell.

    My Bunnies knocked themselves out. They were all dresses in corsets and booty shorts and every guy and half the girls in the club had a yard-on, its like a hard-on but bigger.

    Bunny Love was her wild crazy self , dancing her ass off and smiling like always.

    Brooke Taylor looked so hot in her new lean tight summer bod, her ass was making everyone nuts and The Brookinator actually learned to shake that fine ass, OMG.

    Savanna Rae looked so good, Bunny & Brooke took her to Victoria's secret and dressed her like them, it was so hot triple Bunnies. I was thinking about my new fantasy, triplets.

  11. My boss even showed up and doesn't even drink or party ever..He just wanted to meet the King Pimp Daddy of pimp daddies and the reason I took off early on a friday night. The grrls did look hot those outfits. were so cute. Those grrls can dance. Dennis of course was the center of it all...All the grrls were trying to get his attention and ALL boys were salivating over the Bunny's and yes i have to admit half the grrls 2. Can't wait for part 2.
    You guys have a great 4th.
  12. Thanks baby!

    You are to much fun and smoking hot, come play with me and the bunnies.
  13. had a blast :)
  14. RemyMartin
    Chat with Me

    RemyMartin Cum get a sip!!!!

    OMG, you all were in Chi Town, and didn't look me up. You've been very naughty bunnies.....Time for you to lay across my lap and get Spanked!!!!
  15. I love the pic of the outfits!!! They are always dressed so cute ;-)!! Can't wait to party with you girls... I think I should be back out there on July 20th ;D
  16. I had HO much fun in Chicago with you, Savanna and Bunny!!!

    Thanks again for everything, Daddy!! ;)
  17. That description sounds so hot.
  18. It was to much fun!! Be ther enext time.
  19. Hey D, long time no talk..I have been swamped with work out here..I'm doing a calender and Dr. mark has been working hard to give me the perfect smile! I'm now being booked here with my partern kelly (who just got the best boob job ever) as the hotest wildest two grrl show!! we r now doing fisting and the black and decker drill..The rest of the trik are top secret because we don't want the stolen. I want to come up and spend Jan. and feb.
    4 sure. I'm booked with promo company

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