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    2nd Meeting:

    I got home and couldn’t get this experience out of my head so I decided to look at the BunnyRanch website and then read about what the BunnyRanch was about and I also looked at Remy Martin’s bio. Then I looked at all the experiences she provides – one such experience was the Outdate. As I believed the experience to read was something I wanted to try to again gain additional experience with a woman that would be unjudged but still personal enough to feel comfortable in the setting of a date like atmosphere.

    I wrote more of a thank you email to Remy and inquired about an Outdate. After many emails and misunderstood emails, we scheduled an Outdate. I did ask Remy for any recommendations on things to do on our outdate. (Tip – Remy is extremely knowledgeable on things to do and places to stay – follow her recommendations).

    Few months past (as stated previously many emails and misunderstood emails – mostly mistakes on my part and trust that Remy really was the person responding to the emails…. I found out later that Remy does read and respond to all of her emails), and the date/time of arrival was set.

    I showed up a few minutes early and again the same nervousness/tension that was upon me the 1st Meeting was there on the 2nd Meeting. A lady again greeted me at the door and I stated that I was there to pick up Remy Martin. The lady walked to call Remy and returned stating Remy emailed me earlier in the day and pushed our date two (2) hours back. I did not check my email that morning and had already plans for a boat ride that was to start in 1 ½ hours. So, I told the lady at the front door my dilemma on plans and expected this was not going to happen today. The lady at the front door said please let me check with Remy again – the lady came back and said Remy will rush and be here in 15 minutes. (I found out later that Remy had to do a doctor appointment and she had a few people ahead of her, so that is why she tried to push our time back.). Remy arrived at the bar noticeably bothered and rushed and I was in fear of missing the boat ride. What a way to start out a date.

    We drove from Carson City to Lake Tahoe and did arrive on time to catch the boat ride. So, previously I stated follow Remy’s recommendations – tough lessoned learned I took the recommendation from the hotel I was staying at on boat rental and let’s just say boat in concept old 1950’s boat ride sounded cool but let’s just say a “little small” and more than a “little sketchy”. Regardless off we went in the boat. During the boat ride, I had to take a business call. So now let’s put this in perspective…. Remy has been rushed to get started, with an insensitive man with regards to schedule, on a sketchy boat, and now this man takes a business call. We are riding and I’m still on the call and let’s just say I am getting a little irritated with the situation – I have my back to Remy and all of a sudden, I feel her hand rub my back. After all that has happened or happening to her today – Remy is trying to console me. That is Remy Martin – she puts the needs of others before her needs.

    The boat ride actually turned-out great! Remy blocked the water from splashing on me (she picked the spot not me). She turned into a pumpkin half way thru the ride but I will say the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen. We learned a little history of the area, Emerald Bay, and, the Castle. (Remy was spot on that I would have a good time with a boat ride however I feel I should of took her recommendation on where to rent the boat – again Remy is one smart cookie or pumpkin…).

    After the boat ride, we sat and talked for a few hours (she showed me how to open a Bottle of Wine and Champaign). I enjoyed the conversation with Remy. She is a strong passionate woman that loves her food and travel. Quite frankly both things I like but her knowledge and passion for cooking is second to none. I loved just talking to her about her recipes however I would like to try the product before granting her with the title of “Best Mac N Cheese”.

    We went to dinner at an “OK” restaurant but boy were those floor to ceiling windows great….. I enjoyed Remy’s conversation again with regards to description of all the ingredients that were in all the dishes that we were eating and the knowledge of 1980’s and Looney Tunes.

    We went back to the room and again had a very nice experience and I passed out. I woke up and Remy was sleeping with her hand on my arm. Just a very nice feeling. Later that evening before I went back to sleep while Remy was sleeping, I put my hand on her hand and briefly believed her to cup her hand to hold my hand also. Another nice personal touch by Remy.

    In the morning, I was respectful of Remy’s wishes the night before where she explained to me that she may or may not be a morning person so I understand that to mean “No Hanky Panky”….. What is funny is I wasn’t upset. At that point, I realized a lot about what I really was looking for in this experience and a companion.

    Morning came and Remy taught me how to make Coffee (although I think it was Expresso) without coffee grinds floating in the cup….

    We packed up and as I left the room, I can’t confirm Remy’s intentions but hoping to believe she sensed my sadness that our time was over and she again rubbed my back as we were leaving. Just a very nice gesture from Remy Martin.

    I have rambled in my experiences with both the BunnyRanch and Remy Martin. I sought out thinking that I needed experience to reach the goal of the ever-sought understanding and affection of a woman and what I was taught is I really am just looking for a companion to share little moments like traveling, holding hands, talking about each other’s life experiences and passions. It appears having the same hobbies and affection will overcome any inexperience or physical shortcomings.

    I hope to someday to be able to open up and share my feelings with Remy Martin of the experience I had with these two meetings, perhaps get to try the BEST Mac N Cheese, and I could serve her a cup of coffee in the morning.

    Thank you.

    The Nervous One
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    I love reading you awesome review!!! Well written. Book you party with @RemyMartin today with many memorable experiences to cherish!!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  3. Remy is definitely a remarkable woman. Very respectful and amazing all she does!
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  4. Wow the compassion and sweetness here is palpable. It's so important that you leave feeling loved and appreciated - a simple rub on the back after is all it takes to send someone home with a warm feeling sometimes. That was such a special experience for you, I can tell. I'm glad you got to experience her

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