Why two houses?

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  1. Aren't the two houses relatively close to each other? Is it possible to big one big house for all the girls or is there some kind of reasoning behind it.
  2. This question reminds me of the opening line of Romeo and Juliet

    "Two Households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene"

    Valentine's version:

    Two cathouses both along route 50, in Carson City were we play and scream.

    Ok, I may not have answered your question but I think I nailed iambic pentameter.


    (I wonder if the Starbucks people got asked this question in the beginning...Perhaps Dennis would consider changing the name to Starf**ks :wink: )
  3. Cute valentine, real cute.
  4. Too cute, Valentine!!

    Can't wait to see you again!!

    Now here's my attempt to answer that question......
    It's like the bubblegum,
    Double your pleasure, Double your fun :wink:
  5. Thanks Anthony :wink: Can I interest you in a tall valentine latte?
  6. Thanks Brook :D I'll see your cute little booty next week :!:
  7. Michael
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    I'm just waiting for LPIN to be LP everywhere else so I can run Dennis' Southeast Operations since he will eventually be running business nationwide. Put a liberal in office and this will happen and the biggest spenders will be the conservatives. Irony - one big splice of life.
  8. why not? its like that old chinese/japanese finger trap. walk in to the bunny ranch then have a dabble at the ranch2 and your stuck. beautiful women on both ends of the spectrum. I would love to be trapped in between two bunnys, maybe thats a new position. chinese bunny trap. :p
  9. actually, good question.
    in 93 dennis purchased the moonlite bunnyranch and then about 3 years later he purchased kittys cathouse. we had so many overflow of beautiful ladies wanting to work at the moonlite bunnyranch we decided to change kittys to bunnyranch two. now we have two very successful businesses. there is enough fun for everyone.
  10. enlightening answer. Thank you Suzette.

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