what is Class & How does Italia Apply it?

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    Class meaning to be indifferent when placed in a category with similarities due to kind type or quality; or showing stylish excellence.
    My last title based word chosen for many reasons; starting with the fact that I believe each and every gal should take pride in the class she presents to society as a woman. When providing the service as an elite companion or even behind closed doors; formality is always a plus .
    Legs crossed, chest out, & awareness of posture is what I’d consider to be my motto when stepping out. Always exchanging eye contact through our conversations making you aware of my attentiveness. You can find me always greeting those who seem to take any interest in thee italia sights down at the SageBrushRanch or even out & about; with a kind greeting and bright smile. I enjoy exchanging a few enlightening questions prior to me leading my client to my room with a fierce walk to be aroused by my “Class &Seduction”.
    Your sexy Friend ItaliaSights.XOXOXO
    Schedule: 5pm-5am

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