wanna-be bunny coming for a visit!! question!

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  1. Hey, I was hoping someone could answer my question. I am interested in becoming a bunny babe and was going to come down to visit one weekend in the near future. My first question is, would that be okay. And my second question is, do you have rooms to rent or should I get a hotel. It would only be for a weekend, but I wanna hang out with the babes and get a feel for the place. Please let me know!! xoxo Tiffany
  2. very good question!!! i wanna know the answer to her questions too!!! visiting the ranch would be a blast!!
  3. Yes, it's ok to just go visit to meet some of the ladies and staff.

    However, I believe that they don't have rooms to rent, you would have to book a hotel for that. The rooms for overnight are for when someone stays overnight with one of the bunnies.
  4. yea

    that's what i figured,i just was wondering... thanks!!
  5. good to know!! :)
  6. i know you can come in for a free tour for sure, youd probably wanna go get a hotel room though.
  7. Check out the post about the Gold Dust hotel discount.
  8. Sure its ok, e mail me some pictures, your birthdate, you have to be 18 and a number, i will try to help you

    Daddy D

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